Best .224 Valkyrie Magazines of 2022 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: December 30, 2021

The 224 Valkyrie is the answer to getting better ballistics, weight, and range compared to the standard .223 Rem round of the AR-15.

The magazines among these are interchangeable, along with a few other calibers.

But here, we’ll be talking specifically about 224 Valkyrie magazines and their whereabouts. 

Comparison Chart of the Best .224 Valkyrie Magazines

  • Made in the USA and covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Fully welded construction for extra reliability and internal space
  • Spring and feed lips have been tempered for outstanding hardness
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  • Includes an advanced anti-tilt and self-leveling follower for superb reliability
  • Tough engineering, battle-tested in many of the harshest combat environments
  • Ten-round capacity provides a perfect balance between lightness and firepower
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Factors to Consider Before Buying 224 Valkyrie Magazines

224 Valkyrie magazines are not that hard to find. But there are a few factors that must be kept under the light when choosing a magazine.

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Use Dedicated Magazines Only

The 224 Valkyrie is a necked down 6.8 SPC cartridge. There are a variety of calibers that can fit inside standard 5.56 NATO magazines for the AR-15. Although that’s a great feature for some dire situations, it is always better to use dedicated 224 Valkyrie magazines for reliable feeding and optimal capacity. Additionally, factors like rib depth, rib placement, feed lip design, and angle will also vary. 

Don’t Buy Too Many at Once

Yes, all the mags reviewed on our list have been widely appreciated for performance and trusted by many users. But you must find out what mag suits you the best. So refrain yourself from purchasing a lot of the same type/manufacturer magazines. Test the ones you like and see if you want to continue with them or not. 

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OAL Potential

OAL here refers to the overall length. Many shooters prefer magazines with a slightly generous OAL to ensure flawless cycling with reloads. This also helps slightly with the interchangeability of cartridges and also helps a tad with feeding. Although the evidence on the latter may not seem very conclusive, it’s still a perk. 

Check the Metal Feed Lips

It is almost always recommended to use magazines featuring metal feed lips. Especially for heavier bullets. A 224 Valkyrie magazine with metal feed lips is a great option. But sometimes you may encounter problems with metal lips scratching the bullet tips. 

Some mag lips have a slight cutout on the front to eliminate this issue. Whereas others require a ‘Dremel fix’. So you customize the feed lips to create more space. Some mags have lips too tough to be worked with. 

Texture, Material, Witness Holes, and Capacity

These mags can be found made from polymer or metal. Due to the thickness of the case, the walls of the mags will mostly be thick. There are a lot more metal options than polymer, but it comes down to your personal preference. Either are good. 

Some mags will offer a textured surface for better grip, whereas some will offer a matte self-lubricating finish. It is also important to evaluate the exact capacity you need. If a mag allows you to track the number of rounds left (witness holes), that can also be a useful feature. 

Review of the Best .224 Valkyrie Magazines

There are a lot of choices out there so it can be confusing to find the best .224 magazine for you. We have done the research and testing so that you don't have to, simply follow our guide for the best .224 Valkyrie magazines available today.

Best Overall and Best from Magpul:
Precision Reflex, Inc. - AR-15 Magazine 6.8/ 22 Nosler/ 224 Valkyrie


  • Made in the USA and backed up by a lifetime warranty
  • Feed lips and spring have been tempered for maximum hardness
  • Fully welded together for outstanding reliability and interior space


  • May be considered heavy

These mags are made from very tough hardened steel. The composite nylon anti-tilt follower made by Magpul is stamped with “6.8”, but the mag works great with the 6.8's daughter case the .224 Valkyrie. These mags come in 10-, 15-, or 25-round capacities.

The spring and feed lips are tempered for hardness and reliability. All of the edges on the mag have been rounded off for comfort. The welded construction, as opposed to folded steel, gives you extra room for longer cartridges using longer, heavier bullets. If these mags seat into your lower a bit tightly at first, don’t fret, they will break in soon.

The floorplate has been engineered for easy disassembly and cleaning. These mags have been recently redesigned to cut down on spring noise and follower drag. In addition to .224 Valkyrie, these PRI mags work with 6.8 SPC and .22 Nosler, in case you have an MSR or an upper for either of those calibers in the safe.

The 25-round mag is 7.2 inches long, the 15 round mag is 4.7 inches and the ten is 3.7 inches. Take away 1.9 from these numbers to find out how far each mag extends beyond the magazine well at the rear. The 15- and 25-round mags are designed with a slight curve like that of a Kalashnikov mag.

Bottom Line

These mags from Precision Reflex are some of the most robust on the market today. The design gives you an additional bit of space for extra-long loads. The 'made in America' quality is supported by a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind when buying. This is a classic case of buy once, cry once. We're sure you won't regret it.

 E-Lander Magazine 6.8 Spc 10 Rounds Steel


  • The ten-round capacity gives you a perfect compromise between low weight and firepower
  • The rugged design has been battle-proven in some of the most demanding conflict scenarios
  • Comes with a highly refined anti-tilt and self-leveling follower for the greatest in dependability


  • Not made in the USA

If there are special forces of any country that you can rest assured are equipped with the best, most functional equipment, they are the special forces of Israel. These mags have been produced in the holy land specifically for supply to the Jewish state's most elite military units.

E-lander has been in business for over six decades. Their recently-built production facility is a cutting-edge, environmentally friendly compound. As they are used by the IDF, you can rest assured that these mags have proven their salt in some of the harshest live battle conditions you are likely to imagine.

As a business, E-lander's concentrates almost entirely on state-of-the-art magazines. They have developed their own technologically advanced anti-tilt self-leveling followers. These are used in all of E-lander's top-quality steel-body magazines. The followers are available in your choice of a variety of colors. These include black, white, red or green.

E-lander has also developed its own salt-spray test. They claim that, against this test, their proprietary coating for the mags' steel body can withstand 96 hours of constant spray. The floorplates of these mags feature a highly refined, reinforced design.

Bottom Line

If you want a ten-round .224 Valkyrie mag that will hold its own in the toughest conditions, this option from E-lander is a great bet. The top features of this magazine are the high-tech follower and rugged steel construction. Ten-rounds is a reasonable magazine capacity for nearly every realistic civilian use, at least until SHTF.

3. C Products - AR-15/M16 6.8 SPC Magazines


  • Manufactured in the USA and backed up by a lifetime warranty
  • The Magazine bodies are built of stainless steel with a Teflon coating
  • Additional interior space back to front accommodates loads longer than usual


  • Available in a 28-round option rather than a nice, round 30

C-Products has come out with a solid design with this mag, which works with either the .224 Valkyrie or with its 6.8 SPC parent case. These stainless-steel magazines are Teflon-coated for durability, smooth functioning, and the elimination of glare. C-Products is proud of its adherence to ISO-9001-2008 standards, a calling card of the highest level in manufacturing.

These magazines accommodate rounds with an overall length up to 2.295", exceeding the specification. This is ideal for performance-enhancing hand loaded cartridges. As you would expect, these mags come with an anti-tilt follower and top-quality springs. The capacities on offer include 5-, 10-, 20-, and 28-rounds, giving you the perfect size for any task.

Double-check your state laws before ordering high-capacity mags. These magazines from C-Products would not have made it the top of our list without being manufactured in the USA and covered by a lifetime warranty.

Bottom Line

C-Products focuses exclusively on producing magazines, and they are one of the best in the game. These top-grade mags give you great value for your money. The Teflon-coated stainless steel will never corrode or rust.

These mags are ideal if you hand load your own cartridges or just need a heap of action-ready mags in your bug-out kit. If you need a large number of ultra-reliable magazines for little money, you won't find anything better than these.

4. D&H AR-15 6.8 SPC Magazine 25rd


  • Incredibly affordable for a 25-round mag in a new and uncommon caliber
  • Twenty-five rounds make for a high-capacity mag that is not as unwieldy as a 30-round mag
  • Solid steel body with a Magpul follower provide you with outstanding reliability and durability


  • Might not fit a few unconventional AR lowers

D&H supplies OEM mags for rebranding by some of the country's biggest online retailers of guns and firearms components. The fact that that such companies trust D&H enough to put their own name on its mags shows how reliable their products are.

This is a cost-effective steel USGI-style 25-round mag for .224 Valkyrie chambered modern sporting rifles. This second generation magazine has been completely redesigned to provide flawless feeding. Besides its steel body, it features an anti-tilt follower from Magpul, one of the most reputable brands in the field of modern sporting rifle components.

Twenty-five rounds are the perfect mag capacity if you need a lot of firepower, but want a mag that is a bit less cumbersome than a 30-round model. This makes it easier to shoot from prone, for example. Magazines for modern sporting rifles in unusual, new calibers can cost a pretty penny, but this quality mag is a cost-effective high-capacity option.

Bottom Line

Palmetto State Armory definitely knows how to make a great mag, and shooter satisfaction with this second generation mag has been outstanding. Its best features are the rugged steel build, the Magpul follower, and the considered choice of capacity. The cost-effectiveness of this magazine makes it a perfect choice no matter what your budget is.

Editor's Pick:
PSA D&H 6.8 25-Round Magazine GEN 2


  • Exceptionally affordable for a 25-round magazine in an unusual caliber
  • Rugged steel body and a Magpul follower give you outstanding durability and reliability
  • Twenty-five-round magazine gives you high-capacity without being as obtrusive as a thirty-round mag


  • May not fit every lower receiver or lower

Palmetto State Armory is one of the nation's largest online retailers of firearms and firearm components. As such, they have a wealth of consumer data on exactly what shooters want from their mags and other components. Based on that research, they have produced this affordable steel USGI-style 25-round magazine for your 6.8 SPC chambered modern sporting rifle.

This generation two mag has been redesigned to function flawlessly. Besides the steel body, it has an anti-tilt follower from Magpul, one of the most reliable names in modern sporting rifle accessories. The steel floorplate is stamped with Palmetto State Armory's company name.

25 rounds is a great capacity if you want a lot of firepower, but want a mag that is a little less obtrusive than a 30-round unit for shooting prone, for example. Components for modern sporting rifles in an unusual caliber can be very expensive, but this magazine is a great affordable high-capacity option.

Bottom Line

Palmetto State Armory really knows what it's doing, and user satisfaction with this Second generation .224 Valkyrie / 6.8 SPC magazine has been excellent. The top features are the rugged steel body, the advanced Magpul follower, and the shrewd choice of capacity. The cost-effectiveness of this magazine makes it the perfect option no matter how much you have to spend.

All you need to upgrade your AR to accept the .224 is a new BCG, barrel, magazine, and a box of shells. We hope our guide to the best .224 mags on the market helps you find the perfect magazine.

Perks of Having Spare Magazines

The benefits of having extra magazines are endless. For example, if you're going to spend the day at the range honing your marksmanship skills, why waste valuable shooting time reloading mags?

If, like any experienced shooter, you want to try a variety of loads to see what works best for you for a given use case, having mags for each load can save time and confusion. If you are at all prepper-minded, you will see the benefit in stockpiling a stash of mags for a rainy day. Besides, different magazine sizes are better for different applications.

What’s a Good Mag Size for the .224 Valkyrie?

The right magazine size depends entirely on your intended use case and the local laws regulating firearm capacity. For hunting, the smaller the mag the better. You're not going to get off more than a couple of shots on your prey anyway, and the smaller the mag the handier the firearm.

In tactical situations, large capacity mags are very much in fashion. The right magazine size for target shooting is largely a matter of preference. Many shooters like to go with as large a capacity as possible, while others prefer a less cumbersome appendage on their rifle.

How to Choose Magazines for Your .224 Valkyrie

The most important thing to look for when choosing a magazine is that it has been produced by a reputable manufacturer. Veteran-run companies with large military contracts are probably best.

Next, you must choose the material. Almost all mags are made of either steel, aluminum, or polymer, in order from heaviest to lightest. Metal magazines are more crack and shatter-proof than polymer ones, but polymer mags are not liable to denting like metal mags. If you choose a polymer mag, look for steel feed lips to prevent eventual wear. Polymer mags can also be translucent, allowing you to check how full they are.

Easy disassembly of any mag is important to aid in cleaning and maintenance. Springs should be non-corrosive and followers should be anti-tilt and self-righting. As the .244 Valkyrie is a necked-down 6.8 SPC, mags for the latter round will work for .224.


The great thing about the modern sporting rifle is the endless variety of options for customization available to you, including in magazines. The .224 is an exciting new round and picking the right mags and other accessories can be tough, but we're sure that you will have found the right magazines for you in our guide.

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