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Best .224 Valkyrie Rifles – 2022 Complete Review

Finding the best .224 Valkyrie rifle might be a challenge. But you need a reliable and high performing rifle that will be capable of firing such rounds like those of the .224 Valkyrie. Instead of having to wade through all the poor-quality rifles, we’ve decided to give you a starting point on where to find one for your own.

Lucky for you, we’ve selected six rifles that we believe are the best .224 Valkyrie rifles on the market. It doesn’t matter what your intended application is, we want you to find the best rifle that you will be happy with for a very long time.

Before we dig into our list of six rifles, we’ll talk about the best uses for a Valkyrie rifle and some of the unique qualities it possesses. We’ll also give you a quick guide to help you along in your buying process.

Comparison Chart of the Best 224 Valkyrie Rifles

  • 18-Inch Barrel
  • 28-Round Magazine
  • Polymer Stock for Shock Absorption and Recoil Resistance
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  • 22-Inch Barrel
  • “Pepper pot” Muzzle Brake for Lesser Recoil and Muzzle Jump
  • Picatinny Rail and Handguard Designed for Additional Accessories and Customization
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Best Uses For The .224 Valkyrie

There are a few good uses for when you’re using a .224 Valkyrie rifle.


Of course, one of the most popular applications of choice is hunting. This is possibly one of the best hunting rifles of choice if you fancy yourself a hog hunter or even a big game hunter (like deer or elk). In fact, this is probably the best choice if you want to nail a kill shot from a long-range distance.

Deer hunting with .224 Valkyrie (Source)

Target Practice

Another great way to use a Valkyrie rifle is while you’re out target practicing. When you’re testing it out for the real deal (like hunting or competition), you’ll be in awe of how far a .224 Valkyrie round can travel. This is a round that will usually rival those of a .223 or a 6.5 Creedmoor round.


Lastly, this can also be used for competition shooting. If you’re a long-range competitive shooter, there is no doubt that the Valkyrie can stand up to the likes of a Creedmoor or a .223 round.

While we’ve listed these three as our best uses, we’re not discounting the home defense application by any means. Some long-range rifles like the Valkyrie can also be used for self-defense purposes.

How Accurate is the .224 Valkyrie?

While the .224 Valkyrie is quite impressive for a long-range round, the question is how accurate can it be? When compared to such rounds as the 6.5 Grendel, the .224 Valkyrie remains supersonic at about 1300 yards. The 6.5 Grendel falls short of 100 yards in terms of that.

In fact, the Valkyrie is about 25 percent more accurate than the 6.5 Grendel when both rounds were tested to hit targets at about 1000 yards out. When fired in a 10 MPH crosswind, the bullet drop for the Valkyrie is significantly less than that of both a 6.5 Grendel and a .223 Winchester.

How to Choose a New .224 Valkyrie Rifle

If you’re looking for a new .224 Valkyrie rifle, chances are you’ll need to determine what your final decision will be based and determined on. If you’re a first-time buyer, we stress that the smart thing is to do your homework before making a decision on which rifle you should buy.

The reason being is you shouldn’t pick up the first Valkyrie rifle you see off the shelf and call it good because the performance may not be what it’s cracked up to be. That’s why you need to consider the following factors below that will play a vital role in your final decision. Here’s what to look for:


If you’re on a budget, nine times out of ten you are likely going to consider price as a defining factor. Look, we get it. It’s not cheap to buy a rifle. Especially one that has the capability of shooting long-range rounds.

But there will be a rifle out there that will perform much better than expected and be affordable for most budgets. Don’t settle for a rifle just because it’s cheap. Pay close attention to the quality and performance before you buy.

Intent And Purpose

Are you using this rifle for hunting? Are you a competitive shooter? While some rifles can be used for almost any purpose, there's always going to be one that will stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of the desired application.

If you're looking for a good hunting rifle that uses Valkyrie cartridges, a good place to start would be a rifle with a barrel that's measured at around 18 to 20 inches in length. The reason for this is that it's low profile and won't stick out as much, should you use vegetation as cover.

What’s Else Is Included?

What you’ll probably notice with some rifles is that there might also be other accessories added onto the rifle for one purpose or another.

For example, some of these Valkyrie rifles will have a muzzle brake or compensator built into the rifle. This will be designed to reduce recoil and at best, eliminate any muzzle jump that may throw off the accuracy of your shot if it’s not under control.

Review of the Best .224 Valkyrie Rifles

Below are six of our handpicked Valkyrie rifles considered the best on the market. You should read through each review carefully as it will list a unique feature or two that may be considered a top priority on your wishlist.

No matter what application you'll be using your rifle for, you'll want something that will deliver excellent performance and be a dominant force out in the field or at the range. Here are the six rifles to look at right now:

Best Overall:
  Mossberg - MMR Pro 224 Valkyrie


  • Lightweight
  • Best Valkyrie Rifle for Competitive Shooters
  • Muzzle Brake Included Allowing for Reduced Recoil and Less Muzzle Jump


  • None

You're probably asking yourself: "Does Mossberg make Valkyrie rifles?" Believe it or not, they do. The manufacturers that are best known for their shotguns have also manufactured their version of a Valkyrie rifle. This rifle, in particular, is considered to be a competitive shooter's best friend.

This has a barrel that is measured at 18 inches with a twist ratio of 1:7. If you're looking for a rifle that will deliver reliable, accurate performance, the Mossberg Valkyrie rifle might be just what you'll need. This has a stainless steel barrel topped with a suppressor-ready muzzle.

If you have a suppressor that is suitable for AR-style rifles, you'll probably be able to easily attach it to this rifle, in particular. Also included in this rifle is a 28-round magazine that is probably one of the most needed accessories of any competitive shooter. When you’re caught up in the heat of intense competition, you want to keep going and worry less about reloading your magazine.

To save you time and give you the edge against your competitors, 28 rounds might just be enough for you. If you’re looking for a rifle that will help give you an advantage in your next long-range shooting competition, get the Mossberg .224 Valkyrie rifle.

Bottom Line

While most Valkyrie rifles are designed for many purposes, this Mossberg rifle is considered the best choice among long-range competitive shooters. For a manufacturer that is best known for making one of the most reliable shotguns in the world, we’re quite impressed that they’ve manufactured a long-range rifle that delivers the same reliability.

Make no mistake, this puppy is accurate and will stand up to any other long-range rifle that dares to challenge a Valkyrie. If you want a rifle that will make the competition feel a little nervous, get the Mossberg Valkyrie rifle and take home the next top prize in the competition.

Best for the Money:
 Radical Firearms - 22" 224 Valkyrie M-lok Match Barrel


  • Easily Customizable
  • Excellent for All Kinds of Applications
  • No Muzzle Jump to Speak of, Thanks to the Muzzle Brake. Plus, Recoil is Reduced Considerably


  • Some Have Complained About the Muzzle Brake Being Misaligned
  • One User Complained About the Rail Being a Little Loose Upon Receiving it

If you fancy yourself a fan of the Picatinny rail, this might be the rifle you’re probably going to love. The Radical Firearms Valkyrie rifle has a Picatinny rail that you can use to add on any additional accessories like scopes.

If you want to add on more accessories, you’ll also have a handguard that will allow you easy customization. If customization is your favorite thing, you’ll probably want to consider the Radical Firearms as your rifle of choice.

This has a 22-inch barrel made from stainless steel and is equipped with a “pepper pot” style muzzle brake. This means that you’ll be dealing with a lot less muzzle jump and recoil.

This, without a doubt, will save you a lot of money from having to purchase a muzzle brake of your own. If that isn’t convenience, we can’t tell you what is.

If you’re looking for a Valkyrie rifle that can be best used for any purpose, be it hunting or home defense, you’ll probably won’t need to look any further than the Radical Firearms Valkyrie.

Bottom Line

The Radical Firearms Valkyrie Rifle is the one you’ll want to have in your arsenal for a couple of good reasons. One, you’ll already have a rifle with reduced recoil right out of the box. You won’t have to worry about finding any additional accessories at all to reduce any more of it.

Secondly, you can customize it to your heart’s content with accessories with the Picatinny rail and handguard. If these are causing you to feverishly check off all kinds of boxes on your wishlist, then it’s safe to say that you might have found your dream rifle in the Radical Firearms Valkyrie.

3.  J P Enterprises - 224 Valkyrie 22" Magpul Prs Stock 10-round


  • Less Recoil With Compensator in Place
  • Best Suited for Those Who Prefer Lesser Rounds
  • Excellent Valkyrie Rifle for Hunting and Home Defense


  • None

For our next .224 Valkyrie rifle on the docket, we’ll be taking a look at the rifle from JP Enterprises. At this point, we’ve already gone over rifles that have well over 20 rounds in the magazine. But what if you just want fewer than 20 rounds? What if ten rounds are more suitable for you? Thankfully, you’ll have a Valkyrie rifle with that kind of capacity.

Aside from being able to hold ten rounds, the receiver set that comes with this rifle is constructed from high-quality aluminum for superior durability.

This rifle is designed to give you superb performance. It doesn't matter if you're using it for home defense, tactical applications, or if you're hunting for varmint or small game, this rifle is perhaps the best possible choice if you're looking for something that is reliable in almost any situation.

This comes with an adjustable gas system and a compensator that is used to help reduce recoil and lessen the amount of muzzle jump. If you're looking for a rifle that will provide excellent sub-MOA accuracy, then the JP Enterprises Valkyrie rifle might be worth a closer look.

Bottom Line

Whether you're in law enforcement, military, or are a civilian, this Valkyrie rifle by JP Enterprises will fit almost every application. Right out of the box, you have a rifle that won't have a lot of recoil or muzzle jump. That, of course, is an added blessing if you want complete control over your rifle so you can fire accurate shots from mid to long-range with consistency.

If the idea of using 20 or more rounds doesn't impress you, but you still want a rifle that will be a dominant force in your hands, the JP Enterprises Valkyrie rifle deserves a much better look.

4. PSA 20" 224 Valkyrie 1/7 SS M-Lok MOE STR Rifle


  • Very Accurate
  • Trigger Pull is Light and No Creep to Speak of
  • The Rifle is Surprisingly Lightweight for Something That's Considered a Long Range Rifle


  • Some Say That While the Finish is Good, it’s Not 100%

For our next product on the list, we have the PSA 20-inch .224 Valkyrie rifle. To begin, you’ll notice that this is a tough-as-nails machine that dares any other long-range rifle to challenge it. The barrel of this gun is a 20-inch long barrel with an impressive barrel twist ratio of 1:7. To note, a barrel twist like this will mean that the rifle will be super accurate.

This will also depend on the kind of .224 Valkyrie cartridges that you’re using. The receiver is crafted from high quality 7075 aluminum, making it a tough-looking unit that can hold the rest of the rifle together.

What makes it even better is that the buttstock is available in six different positions. If you’re concerned about whether this is a “one size fits all” kind of rifle, then fear no more. This will fit you perfectly and give you the best possible reach depending on which adjustment you’re comfortable with.

This rifle comes with a magazine that can hold up to 30 rounds, which means you’ll have less worry about reloading your gun when you’re spending a day out on the range or out in the field. No matter what the purpose, this PSA Valkyrie rifle will get the job done if you’re looking for something that will be impressive in accuracy and durability.

Bottom Line

This PSA rifle is definitely worthy of being on our list. This performs exceptionally well for a long range rifle. Plus, the barrel is at a decent enough length for hunting, target practice, and even home defense purposes. You can expect a barrel of this length to help make the rifle a long-range beast when it’s out in the field or on the range.

With that said, if you’re looking for a Valkyrie rifle that is considered pne of the best, the PSA could very well be the next rifle you buy (or the first if you’ve never bought one before).

5. PSA 20" Rifle-Length .224 Valkyrie 1/7 M-Lok MOE CTR 2 Stage Rifle


  • Incredibly Accurate Rifle
  • Buttstock is Easy to Adjust
  • 30-Round Magazine Saves You Time Reloading


  • None

Next on the list, we will be staying with the PSA brand. This time, we bring you the 20-inch, rifle-length .224 Valkyrie rifle. Like our previous rifle, the barrel is measured at 20 inches in length.

The barrel twist is 1:7 and is designed to do its part in making this rifle really accurate with a lot of .224 Valkyrie rounds. The upper and lower receivers are made from high-quality aluminum for super strong durability. On top of all this, the rifle has a gas system that is low profile and aids in reliable cycling. This means your shots will be smooth and won’t give you any issues.

The buttstock is adjustable for all kinds of shooters. There are six adjustable positions for the stock, so you can always find the adjustment that will fit you best. This also comes with a 15-inch long, free-floating handguard. If you’re looking for a reliable long-range rifle that can get the job done, then this PSA rifle might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Bottom Line

Whether you choose this PSA rifle or another product from our list, you’ll get a reliable Valkyrie rifle. But what’s the difference between these two? One major difference is the style of the buttstock (CTR vs STR).

Having said all this, this is an easy to adjust rifle that can fit just about any shooter no matter what they’re using it for. If you hate the idea of getting a rifle with a one-size-fits-all stock, you’ll probably want this Valkyrie rifle from PSA as your own.

6. Savage MSR15 Recon LRP 224 Valkyrie Rifle


  • Super Accurate
  • Best .224 Valkyrie Rifle for the Money
  • Excellent for Hunting and Target Practice


  • May Not Fit Most Shooters Since the Stock is Not Adjustable

First, we're going to take a look at the Savage MSR15 Recon LRP .224 Valkyrie Rifle.

One of the things you'll notice while using this rifle is that it has a two-stage trigger. This type of trigger is designed to provide an extra layer of safety so it won't fire as easy as single-stage ones. If you're a fan of these types of triggers, you might like this rifle in particular.

The barrel length is measured at 18 inches with a barrel twist of 1:7. The length and twist are considered ideal for those who place a high standard on accuracy. The rifle itself weighs around 7.5 pounds, which is perhaps considered to be lightweight for a long-range rifle.

The magazine capacity for this rifle is 25 rounds. This is ideal if you want to spend a day on the range or out in the field on a hunt. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about reloading your magazine every few shots. That many rounds alone might just be what you need to ensure a successful hunt.

Whether you need that many rounds or not, this rifle might be just what you need to help you land a kill shot or a bullseye on your target from long-range. And yes, it is possible to find a rifle that can do this without ever having to break the bank.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a Valkyrie rifle on a budget, then you might find this Savage rifle to be one of the best of the bunch. If you’re a hunter or a competitive long-range shooter, this rifle proves to be a worthy investment.

Aside from the features listed above, you get an adjustable gas block and a free-floating handguard to ensure that your rifle will perform as if it were top-of-the-line and on the higher end.

On top of that, you’re getting a rifle that will be excellent in terms of accuracy and velocity. If you hold those two things to a high standard, then the Savage rifle will probably be your go-to rifle.


The best .224 Valkyrie rifle is out there. It’s a matter of knowing what to look for and figuring out if it’s best for your personal needs or your budget. Before making a final decision, be sure to do some deep digging on whether or not the rifle you want is actually worth the investment.

Aside from customer reviews, you can also consult the various gun forums available on the Internet. Those who comment on these Valkyrie guns are experienced users and are willing to give advice to those who may be first-time users. Once you have all the intel you need, choose the rifle you want and be ready to be amazed by the impressive power of a .224 Valkyrie. 

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