.458 SOCOM Magazines – Honest, Tell All Review 2019

Spare magazines should be at the top of every gun owner’s shopping list, and it’s no different for the .458 SOCOM. But not all magazines are the same and our guide will help you determine what magazines to look for and provide the best options available now.

Best .458 SOCOM Magazines Comparison Chart


Our Rating


Magpul - AR-15 30rd Pmag Gen M2 Moe Magazine 223/5.56

Best Overall

Lancer Systems - AR-15 L5awm Magazine 30-rd

Best Lancer .458 Socom Magazine

Lancer Magazine – 7 Round

Best .458 Socom 7-Round Magazine

AR-15 - .458 Socom - 30rd Drum

Best .458 Socom Drum Magazine

Lancer Magazine – 11 Round

Best .458 Socom 11-Round Magazine

How to Choose a .458 SOCOM Magazines

What makes a great magazine? There are a number of factors, including:


Truly, it is better to have one spare magazine than none. Likewise, it is better to have one additional round rather than no additional rounds. But having a range of capacities allows you to reduce your need to swap magazines.


Though those accustomed to having spare magazines may beg to differ, they are not a necessity. If you’re on the fence about purchasing spares, you should be aware that many of the best are perfectly affordable if you know what to look for. Those on our list are high-quality and affordable.

Magpul - AR-15 30rd Pmag Gen M2 Moe Magazine 223/5.56


With features like corrosion-resistance and self-lubrication, the magazines on our list provide great durability so you’ll encounter fewer problems with feeding.

Better Grip

With an improved texture, the tactile surface of aftermarket magazines are often greatly improved.

Quick Take - The Best .458 SOCOM Magazines

Review of the Best .458 SOCOM Magazines

Now that you know what to look for in the ideal .458 SOCOM magazine, let’s take a look at the best products on the market. While all are excellent choices, stick to your needs and watch each for features that appeal to you.


  • Superior Grip Surface
  • Self-Lubricating and Corrosion-Proof
  • Smooth, Curved Design Stabilizes the Stack
  • Withstands Intense Heat for Prolonged Periods
  • Incredibly Rugged Construction From a Single-Piece Polymer


  • Not an Extended Magazine

Our top pick for a spare magazine is hands-down this offering from Magpul. This is in no small part due to the rugged design which you can comfortably leave fully loaded without fear of performance concerns. It is self-lubricating, corrosion-proof, and made of one single piece of molded polymer with fiber reinforcement. Owing to this design, it has no joints or spot welds that may adversely affect the follower.

Additionally, the design is a slick curve for smooth movement while an anti-tilt follower helps to stabilize the stack and prevent any nose-diving or bolt-over-head type of failures.

It’s designed to last, too. Heat-treated and built with a stainless-steel spring with stress relief, it can fully withstand prolonged exposure to intense heat. When dealing with the .458 SOCOM, this is a dire necessity to last a long time.

Additionally, the magazine is equipped with exterior ribs for superior grip and a catch notch instead of the typical hole ensures that debris and dirt stay away.

You’ll easily grasp the ledge on the floorplate when you extract the magazine from pouches or holsters, and it removes from the magazine easily for a quick clean.

Finally, it is available in black as well, for those who want to keep themselves completely stealthy or simply match their rifle’s finish.

Bottom Line

An incredible magazine from Magpul all around, this unit is affordable and beautifully designed to ensure constant top-notch performance.

Best Lancer .458 Socom Magazine:
Lancer Systems - AR-15 L5awm Magazine 30-rd


  • 30-Round Capacity
  • Superior Grip Surface
  • Fits Standard Mil-Spec Pouches
  • Corrosion, Heat, and Drop-Resistant
  • Excellent Construction From a Combination of Polymer and Steel


  • 30-Round Capacity May Be Excessive for Some

Those looking for an extended magazine will enjoy the 30-round capacity of this rugged magazine from Lancer. Importantly, the design is not only durable but designed to be lightweight, as it is made from a combination of molded polymer and steel. A 30-round magazine can easily add some serious heft to your build, but here, you’ll have minimal additional weight.

Meanwhile, it’s ready for extreme conditions, as it is heat-treated to withstand the high temperatures of full-auto fire. Additional corrosion resistance ensures long-lasting performance.

Wrap-around lips are permanently attached and made from a single piece of hardened steel to promote firm but smooth ammo movement and won’t deform even when the magazine is kept stored with a full load. Additionally, it has been tested to survive drops from five feet high onto solid concrete with no impairments.

The exterior is both non-reflective and composed of an enhanced texture to promote a solid grip, but won’t impede a free drop from any mil-spec magwell.

Despite its 30-round capacity, there are plenty of aftermarket pouches, as it is a standard US-GI spec.

Bottom Line

For those looking for a large capacity magazine, the rugged construction of Lancer’s mag provides the strength you need to keep your rounds safe and functioning properly.

Best .458 Socom 7-Round Magazine: 
Lancer Magazine – 7 Round


  • Reflection-Resistant Matte Black Finish
  • Resistant to Drops, Corrosion, and Heat
  • Modified for a Range of Ammo By Tromix.
  • Improved Grip Texture for Any Conditions
  • Smooth Function With Minimal Feeding Concerns


  • Might be Unnecessary for Some Users Who Just Want a Basic Magazine

Tromix has taken Lancer 5.56 magazines and re-machined them for optimum versatility and performance. As such, you’ll enjoy all the great features of Lancer magazines, which include corrosion resistance, protection from drops of up to five feet onto hard surfaces like concrete, and a reflection-free black matte finish.

As with any Lancer magazine, the combination of polymer and steel provides minimal heft but smooth operation and consistent function. An improved grip texture from ribs and stippling ensures a constant hold in any conditions, with gloved or bare hands.

What Tromix has done is allow for even your most flat or blunt-nosed .375/.458 bullets to properly feed. This magazine is capable of handling 30 rounds of 5.56/.223 ammunition or 11 rounds of 458/375 SOCOM ammo. You should note before getting carried away, however, that these magazines are not built for handling .450 Bushmaster ammo with full capacity.

The only thing that we would caution is to not try to get experimental and stick to what Tromix recommends. While you may find that they accommodate rounds that are not specified, we would encourage you to respect the longevity of your rifle.

This versatility is truly remarkable, but then again, that’s why we always love Tromix. Not only have they taken an already-great, durable magazine and added a lot of extra life to it, but they’re asking a shockingly low price, too.

Bottom Line

Those looking for something particularly unique will love what Tromix has done in adapting Lancer’s already great magazines to a more versatile option.

Best .458 Socom Drum Magazine:
AR-15 - .458 Socom - 30rd Drum


  • 30-Round Capacity
  • A Rare Opportunity
  • Excellent and Smooth Feeding
  • Enhanced Maneuverability Versus a Solid Magazine
  • A Design Trusted by Law Enforcement and Military When Performance and Maneuverability Are a Must


  • Likely Not Available for Long

Sometimes, the best extended magazine is actually a drum, as in the case of this 30-round capacity drum for the AR-15. While it’s a unique option that many gun owners actually never try out, if they even have access to them, it’s definitely worth it for both the experience and the enhanced reliability.

There is a reason that drums are used by the highest levels of law enforcement and military when a high round count and perfect performance are a must. It begins with the fact that feeding is exceptionally smooth and virtually error-free thanks to the tight but low-pressure storage. Additionally, the unique shape of the magazine ensures that a magazine of this size does not add difficult-to-control height to your weapon.

The result is a combination of a 30-round capacity and consistent shooting with increased maneuverability. This, on top of the improved performance, makes drums a real work-horse for anyone who wants lots of shots but retain the ability to stay mobile and not weighed down.

While the drum itself does add weight—and necessarily, the rounds do, too—it is certainly easier to stay nimble with a drum than a long stick.

Opportunities to use a drum are exceedingly rare as the demand among most gun owners is quite low, which is unfortunate. That said, this item will probably not last long due to its novelty as well as its demand from the few who are in the know, so we strongly urge you to not delay!

Bottom Line

Using a drum magazine is a unique experience that everyone should try at least once, if they can. In addition to improvements in performance and nimble operation, it’s a novel feature few will take advantage of.

Best .458 Socom 11-Round Magazine: 
Lancer Magazine – 11 Round


  • Reflection-Resistant Matte Black Finish
  • Resistant to Corrosion, Heat, and Drops
  • 11-Round Capacity When Holding .458 Caliber
  • Repurposed for a Variety of Ammo to Provide Versatility
  • Excellent for Standardizing Your Magazines for Multiple Builds


  • Might Be Unnecessary for Those Looking for a Simple .458 Magazine

Once again, we look to Tromix, who has repurposed an excellent Lancer product. As with all Lancer magazines, this item starts life as a combination of steel and polymer for rugged durability that is at once corrosion-resistant, safe from drops of up to five feet high onto hard surfaces like concrete, and withstands intense temperatures for long durations of time, even when on full-auto.

It is given a black matte finish for resistance to reflections to keep you stealthy anywhere, while the surface has been enhanced with stippling and ribs to ensure you have a solid grip.

What Tromix has done here is once again re-machine the magazine so that you can use any of your flat or blunt-nosed .375 or .458 rounds, and they will feed properly without any errors or jams.

These magazines are fully functional when equipped with 30 rounds of 5.56 or .223 ammunition in addition to 11 rounds of your .458 or .375 ammunition. As with their other entrant on the list which is a repurposed Lancer, this provides excellent versatility for those who have a variety of builds for different occasions or want to hunt in groups where either ammo type can be used.

That said, don’t get too carried away by the versatility and stick to Tromix’s guidelines. They recommend it not be used with .450 Bushmaster ammo at full capacity. Additionally, they do not ship with Tromix brand feed followers or base plates.

Bottom Line

Tromix repurposed this Lancer magazine, meaning you can have great versatility in what you choose to use it for, in addition to the durability of the base Lancer mag.

Why Spare Magazines Are A Must

If you’re still on the fence about stocking up on extra mags, you should bear in mind the following advantages that you simply can’t have any other way:


If you encounter a problem with an existing magazine, you’ll either need to address the problem right then and there or feed a new magazine. If you don’t have a spare, you don’t have the latter option, simple as that.

Extended Capacity

If you want to carry more rounds without having to reload as often, you’ll want another magazine. Having a variety ensures that you’ll be equipped for as many rounds as the occasion calls for.

More Shots

With or without an extended capacity, simply feeding a new magazine means not needing to deal with the hassle of a manual reload. This time-consuming process can mean the difference between catching your target or letting it get away.

Improved Grip

If you’re using a stock magazine, you should be aware that the improved grip you’ll get with additional mags will greatly enhance your feeding experience.


Spare magazines are always a great idea. With the .458 SOCOM, having a durable magazine that complements your shooting needs is critical, so use our guide to understand what to look for and pick from our reviews to ensure you get only the best.

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