Best 6.5 Creedmoor Build Kits – 2022 Review

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August 16, 2023

Are you in search of the best 6.5 Creedmoor build kit? If you are, then you’ve got quite the search ahead of you.

Building your own Creedmoor rifle is an exciting, but often challenging task. But finding the best kit for your project will determine whether or not the project will be a success or a complete waste of time.

We’re going to delve into five of the best build kits currently on the market. We’ll also briefly talk about the different types of build kits that you can find for your Creedmoor building project.

Comparison of the Best 6.5 Creedmoor Build Kits

  • Safety Selector Assembly
  • Comes with PA-10 Bolt Catch Assembly
  • Front and Rear Takedown Pins, Springs, and Detents
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What Should You Know Before Prior To Your Build?

As mentioned before, building your own Creedmoor rifle is no easy task. If you have some gunsmithing skills, it may be a little easier compared to someone who has little to no skill. Most of the kits that we’ve listed will be easy to install kits, so the building process doesn’t have to be as complicated. You may need a gunsmith in some cases if there are some parts of the rifle are too complex to install (i.e.--triggers, barrels, etc).

As for tools, you’ll need some wrenches that will be used for the purpose of tightening nuts and bolts. These include Allen-style type wrenches or flatheads. You may need some screwdrivers (specifically flat heads) to tighten any screws that come with your parts kits.

Types of Build Kits

There are two types of build kits needed to build a Creedmoor rifle. These are the upper receiver parts kit and the lower receiver parts kit. Each comes with its set of important parts that will allow the Creedmoor rifle to function properly. You may want both of these as you move farther along with your project (if sold separately). Let’s go into more detail of what is included in each and why they are important for your building project:

Upper Receiver Parts Kit

The upper receiver parts kit is what we’ll be looking at first. The parts in this will obviously include some pieces like the forward assist, the spring that goes with it, and the retaining pin. Also included will be the dust cover, the rod that is associated with it, and the spring. Lastly, you can expect an upper receiver parts kit to include the barrel nut, the washers that go with it, the forend grip retainer (plus the spring).

Other upper parts may include a barrel, a bolt carrier group (BCG), or a Creedmoor upper. There are also dozens of parts included that will also be essential in holding the upper half of your Creedmoor rifle together.

Lower Receiver Parts Kit

A lower receiver parts kit will consist of parts that are used to help the lower half of the Creedmoor rifle function. These include firing groups, pins, springs, and even parts for the magazine that will allow it to fall freely without you having to deal with any jamming issues. Some of these may include a trigger.

This may be a convenient thing for some Creedmoor enthusiasts looking to build their own rifle (especially those on a budget). It is also important that your kit includes all the pins, nuts, and washers that are needed to hold each part in place. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a rifle that will completely fall apart and render itself useless.

What Makes a Great 6.5 Creedmoor Build Kit?

Not every Creedmoor build kit will be the same. While most will consist of the basic parts that need to be included as part of the project, some of the styles will be different (i.e--stripped vs. regular lower kits). Here are a few things that might make a build kit for your Creedmoor rifle the best compared to cheap, low-quality offerings:

Parts Included

Depending on which kit type you choose, there are some parts that might be included already so you won’t have to spend time or extra money finding the specific part itself. For example, in some lower kits, the manufacturer may include a trigger. The addition is convenient for most. But the trigger may not perform well as expected. Over time, you may need to upgrade certain parts in order to make operating your Creedmoor rifle easier for you.

The Brand Name

As a rule of thumb, if you buy a lower parts kit from one manufacturer, then the smart thing to do is to buy an upper parts kit from the same brand. For example, if you choose a lower parts kit from a brand like PSA, then be sure to find an upper parts kit that will most likely work in unison with each other.

The Price

Whether you’re on a budget or have some breathing room financially, the price is something that needs to be taken into consideration. Keep in mind that there are some decent sets for under $100. Before you come across one online, it is important to do your due diligence. That’s because a kit sold at a low price may not be good in quality. But that doesn’t mean that every lower or upper kit under $100 will be like that. Consider customer reviews and visit gun forums as your possible sources for additional information.  

Review of the Best 6.5 Creedmoor Build Kits

Below are the five 6.5 Creedmoor build kits that we've hand-picked for this review. Before you consider purchasing one of these, please take the time to carefully look through each of them. You might see a unique feature or part that you're looking for that will perhaps give you the edge in making it the one you'll want to use for your Creedmoor rifle building project.

Pay close attention to the pros and cons as well. If there is a kit that sticks out as one of the best possible options, be sure to do some deep digging and learn more through other customer experiences via customer reviews and forums. Without further ado, here are the Creedmoor kits that we believe are the best:

Best Overall:
 DPMS - 308 AR Lower Parts Kit W/Trigger


  • Trigger is Very Smooth and Has No Creep
  • Parts Are Very Durable and Nicely Finished
  • Many Users Were Happy to See the Parts Free From Burrs


  • Some Have Complained About the Mag Release Being Too Long
  • One User Had Some Issues With the Front Detent but Made a Few Adjustments

In the previous review, we mentioned that the PSA lower build kit is considered to be one of the best in terms of affordability. But what if your budget doesn’t have a good amount of breathing room? No need to worry, because there is an option for your project that you can get without ever having to break the bank. This DPMS might be your kit of choice. In fact, we consider this one of the best and most affordable sets out there.

So what makes DPMS the best for the budget shopper? This has the parts that you need for a fully functional lower half for your Creedmoor rifle. The fire control system complete with a trigger, bolt catch, retaining pins, magazine catch, and a magazine release button will allow your Creedmoor magazines to fall free without any issues with jamming. Also included is an extra weight hammer for positive ignition for your Creedmoor ammo (and also for .308 ammo).

For the moment, this is the best on the market for under $100. This is not only perfect for a Creedmoor building project, but it’s also ideal if you want to restore an old rifle that is capable of firing Creedmoor cartridges. Regardless of your intent or purpose, you should consider the DPMS lower build kit if you’re strapped for cash but can afford a set like this. If this is your first time building a Creedmoor, this may also be the ideal starter set for you.

Bottom Line

For an option below $100 (and the best overall, too), most people aren’t complaining about this kit. The fact that comes with a trigger is a good thing because, for those on a budget, that would mean buying a trigger separately.

In the case of the DPMS kit, you don’t have to do that. So we give it extra points for adding a trigger that has a creep-free, crisp pull. The addition saves you a lot of time and money. So if you’re looking for a lower kit but don’t want to spend extra for a separate trigger, then you’ll want this product for your Creedmoor project.

2. CMMG - 308 AR Lower Parts Kit


  • No Installation Issues
  • Easy to Assemble and Install
  • Trigger Had Little to No Creep


  • Bolt Stop May Require a Little Fitting
  • Trigger Pull May Be a Little Heavy for Some

Next on the list, we have the CMMG 308 AR Lower Parts Kit. If you're looking to build a Creedmoor lower receiver outright or if you have a Creedmoor rifle that needs some restoration, this may be the item to consider. It consists of high-quality parts that are designed to work together and make the operation of your Creedmoor rifle as smooth as possible.

 To ensure that you know which is which, the parts come color-coded. This way, it will be easy to assemble and you'll never have to waste any more time wondering what goes where. Also included is a polymer A2 grip that will allow you to maintain control of your Creedmoor rifle.

The better you control your rifle, the better your overall shot will be. Plus, it will help you keep the rifle steady and prevent muzzle jump associated with recoil. This also has a mil-spec trigger with a service rifle pull weight of 6 to 6.5 pounds. If you want a good Creedmoor rifle that will have a nice mil-spec feel to it, the CMMG will probably be the perfect choice for you.

Bottom Line

This lower kit comes equipped with a trigger. This might be a convenient thing for those worried about finding a good trigger that will fit their rifle. If anything, they can give this trigger a whirl upon initial use.

If they don’t like it, they can always find an upgrade. But with that in mind, the CMMG is a decent enough set for you to use for your Creedmoor building project. Once again, this is a good choice for those who want to waste little to no time trying to find a trigger separately.

3. PSA PA-10 Classic Lower Build Kit


  • Easy to Fit and Install
  • A Great Choice if You Want Something That is More of a Bare-Bones Model
  • Great Quality Parts. Even Some Users Report to Having Extra Springs and Detents for the Takedown or Pivot


  • Some Have Had Issues Regarding the Trigger Pin
  • One Complained About the Stock Fitting Too Tight
  • Some Have Complained About Missing Parts. However, Issues Will Quickly Be Resolved by PSA’s Customer Service

The next build kit will be looking at comes to us from Palmetto State Armory (or better known as PSA). This PA-10 Classic Lower Build Kit comes will all kinds of "fixins" for the lower part of your Creedmoor rifle.

These include accessories like a mil-spec style fire control group, takedown pins, springs, and detents for both the front and the rear parts of the lower build, grip assembly, carbine spring, a short buffer, and a whole lot more. These parts are essential to building a great long range rifle that will fire Creedmoor cartridges.

These will mostly be compatible with all PSA PA-10 parts, so for best results find whatever PA-10 parts to work in conjunction with this lower build kit. With that in mind, if you’re looking to build a Creedmoor rifle that will perform with excellence out in the field, it starts with a lower build kit. This is a great choice if you’re looking good quality parts like this.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for something that is easy to install and will include the necessary parts for your Creedmoor project, the PSA PA-10 Classic Lower build kit might be what you need. Plus, if you do have some parts missing, PSA will have no issue with sending you the parts you need.

Just make sure whether or not if these are going to be of no cost or otherwise. With that said, if you need a good upper kit to complement this, you might want to consider a PSA upper kit to go along with this.

4. PSA PA10 MOE EPT Lower Build Kit


  • Easy to Install
  • Very Good Quality
  • An Excellent Product at a Surprisingly Good Price


  • Some Have Complained About Loose Parts
  • Some Complained About the Bolt Catch Sticks a Bit
  • One Reviewer Complained About Some of the Pins Not Being Long Enough

Next on our list, we will stay with the PSA brand. This is the PA-10 MOE EPT Lower Build Kit. Included in this kit are a few of the usual bits and pieces expected in a quality set, including front and rear takedown pins, springs, and detents, fire control group, buffer tube, and so on.

Some of the other parts included are the magazine and bolt catch assemblies. This also includes a Magpul brand grip and stock. This is the kit for you if you want the lower receiver of your Creedmoor rifle to have a stripped kind of look on it.

Bottom Line

The PSA brand has a reputation for manufacturing quality products, mostly at affordable prices. For a lower build kit like this, this may be the best both for those who might be on a budget and may have a bit of breathing room financially.

At the same time, this is an easy to install product that is ideal for building a stripped style Creedmoor rifle lower. If that’s your goal for your Creedmoor project, this is the product you might want to have for your project.

5. PSA 20" Rifle-Length 6.5 Creedmoor


  • Barrel Provides Exceptional Accuracy
  • Excellent Shot Groupings With Most Creedmoor Rounds
  • Fits With Most Uppers, Especially PSA Uppers and Lowers


  • Some Have Had Issues About an Empty Casing Sitting on Top of the Magazine

Lastly, we have the PSA 20” Rifle Length lower for the 6.5 Creedmoor. This comes with a rifle-length barrel of 20 inches. The barrel has a stainless steel finish and comes with a rifle-length gas system, which means that the cycling will be reliable and the velocity of your shots will be faster than most.

This comes with a bolt carrier group (or BCG). If you’re looking for a barrel and a BCG to go with your Creedmoor building project, you might want to consider this item from PSA as one the kits for your shortlist of possible choices.

Bottom Line

As we wrap up with yet another PSA brand offering, we believe that if you need a barrel for your Creedmoor project along with something to include the upper half of your rifle, this is the barrel and BCG that we recommend. In fact, this is close enough to a decent upper kit for your Creedmoor project.

It is important to find something that will complement this (like a lower build kit from PSA) so you can have a fully functioning, high performing Creedmoor rifle that you can show off out in the field or on the range.


Finding the best 6.5 Creedmoor build kit will take some time to track down. But for now, figure out what is best for your project idea. What would your ideal Creedmoor rifle consist of? What are the intent and purpose?

These are some of the things to keep in mind while finding your ideal build kit. Most of these are easy to assemble and install. But if the idea of building a Creedmoor or installing some parts intimidates you, you can always consult the services of a professional gunsmith.   

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