Best 6.5 Creedmoor Muzzle Brakes of 2024 – Powerful Top Picks

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September 28, 2023

A muzzle brake is an easy upgrade that any shooter can add to a compatible rifle. Not only are they a visually attractive accessory, but they also offer shooters the benefits of reduced felt recoil and reduced muzzle rise.

These benefits can lead to increased accuracy and quicker follow-up shots. Scroll down to check out the best 6.5 Creedmoor muzzle brakes available today.

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What to Watch For When Buying a Muzzle Brake for Your 6.5 Creedmoor Build

Not every muzzle brake is made equally. Differences in design and mounting style can have a big impact on performance. Keep the following knowledge in mind as you search for a muzzle brake and you’ll be sure to settle on the best option for your 6.5 Creedmoor rifle.

Your Shoulder Will Thank You

It isn’t just a myth. Muzzle brakes really do reduce the felt recoil from a rifle. They accomplish this by redirecting the gas escaping from the muzzle of a rifle during a shot upwards and to the sides. Without a muzzle brake, all of that energy is absorbed by the shooter’s shoulder via recoil.

This might not seem like a big deal if you aren’t a high-volume shooter, utilize a recoil pad, or shoot a gun with heavy recoil. The 6.5 Creedmoor certainly doesn’t have the hardest hitting recoil among rifles, but it still pays off to reduce it via a muzzle brake.

Your Targets Won’t

Whether you are a hunter or a target shooter, the accuracy (and precision) benefits of adding a muzzle brake can’t be ignored. Now, no muzzle brake is going to substantially shrink your five shot groups or anything like that.

However, one will boost accuracy in other ways. The reduced side-to-side and upwards movement of the rifle will allow you to get back on target more quickly for a fast follow-up shot. Another advantage is to be able to see the bullet’s impact on the target. This helps to make shot adjustments more quickly.

There is also a mental benefit to muzzle brakes that can help improve shot placement, precision, and accuracy. Even the most seasoned of shooters can develop a flinch at the prospect of recoil. Even a tiny flinch can negatively affect accuracy which becomes magnified as shot range increases. A muzzle break can help ease the fear of recoil impact and improve both shooting form and accuracy.

It's Not All Good News

Drawbacks tend to go hand in hand with the benefits of any piece of shooting gear. This happens to different extents and muzzle brakes are not immune. The main drawback of a muzzle brake is that they are very loud. It goes without saying that you already have hearing protection on while shooting, but the increased volume may affect others at the range and so is something to keep in mind.

The other main drawback is that a muzzle brake will add a couple of inches to a rifle’s overall length. While certainly a minor drawback, this could possibly make storage and transportation more challenging especially if you must take off the muzzle brake in order to have your rifle fit in a range bag or gun safe.

MK218 MOD 1-M Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor (Source)

Comparison of the Best 6.5 Creedmoor Muzzle Brakes

  • Best overall on the market today.
  • Comes with bead blasted stainless steel or black nitride finish.
  • Crafted from heat-treated stainless steel for excellent durability.
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  • Wrench flats on top and bottom for easy install and removal.
  • Comes in a DLC matte black finish or stainless steel in-the-white finish.
  • Machine CNC’d from high strength stainless steel that is resistant to heat and corrosion.
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  • Best for the money.
  • Comes in steel with Parkerized finish or a stainless steel matte finish.
  • Multiple venturi expansion chambers that redirect gases for effective recoil control.
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  • Includes crush washers.
  • Comes in a black nitride or stainless steel finish.
  • Jet nozzles for downward force to ensure that it counteracts recoil.
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  • Weighs 0.29 pounds.
  • Fits ⅝-24 TPI threaded muzzles.
  • Comes with an all-black or bead blasted stainless steel finish.
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Review of the Best 6.5 Creedmoor Muzzle Brakes

The following are five of the best Creedmoor muzzle brakes available on the market. We’ve hand-picked these for rifle owners in particular that are looking for a decent muzzle brake. You’ll learn why each one is the best based on their unique features. It is important for you to look through each one carefully as it may be a potential choice for you. If you see one that sticks out as one of your favorites, be sure to dig up a bit more information on that model in particular. Without further ado, let’s get started:

Best Overall:
VG6 Precision - Gamma 65 Muzzle Brake


  • No rearward kick.
  • Very noticeable reduction in recoil.
  • For being the best on the market, it’s quite affordable.


  • May not fit with all Creedmoor rifles.
  • Some have complained about issues regarding the crush washer.

First up, we have the VG6 Precision Gamma 65 Muzzle Brake. This model just so happens to be a hybrid of a muzzle brake and a compensator. If you happen to see this as part of a product’s description, that’s always a good thing. This means that it has been designed with precision techniques that will eliminate recoil and lessen movements dramatically.

The VG6 is machined with optimal performance in mind. This features both breaking and compensating to inspire confidence and allows for faster follow-up shots. The VG6 is crafted from 17-4ph heat treated stainless steel with your choice of a black nitride or bead blasted stainless steel finish. This also includes a crush washer.

If you're looking for a lightweight muzzle brake, you'll be quite happy with the VG6. This means that you won't have added weight that will make the rifle heavy. If you’re looking for an excellent muzzle brake for your Creedmoor rifle, then you should consider the VG6 as one of your possible options.

Bottom Line

The VG6 has proven itself to be the best on the market for good reason. It has proven to reduce recoil, despite the fact that Creedmoor rifles have a reputation of having a reduced amount of recoil to begin with. If that’s what you’re looking for, it won’t hurt for you to consider the VG6 further.

Precision Armament - M11 Severe-duty Muzzle Brake


  • Very easy to install.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Zero recoil reported with the Creedmoor.


  • Some have complained that their model came without crush washers.
  • Some have complained about not seeing a reduction in recoil with their rifle.

Next up, we have the Precision Armament M11 Severe Duty Muzzle Brake. This is superior recoil management with a minimal dust signature. This muzzle brake is designed for tactical application, has a massive symmetrical blast baffle, and is combined with two compensated front baffles.

The PA has the ability to redirect gas to the sides and upwards. This ensures that you’re getting reduced recoil with every shot. At the same time, this also reduces muzzle rise and ground disturbance. This muzzle brake is designed with high tolerance class-3 threads that are machined in the same operation as the bore aperture, ensuring perfect concentricity.

The PA is precision CNC machined from high strength HTSR 400-series stainless steel bar for superior heat and corrosion resistance. The PA is available in an ultra-resistant DLC (or diamond-like carbon) matte black finish or a stainless steel in-the-white finish. This product also has wrench flats on the top and bottom for easy installation and removal.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a muzzle brake that is easy to install, you won't go wrong with the PA model. This is a well-designed brake that many users have been happy with in terms of the reduction of recoil.

With the material it's made from, you know that this will be the kind of brake that will take countless beatings. So, don't be surprised if this one in particular will last you longer than expected. In fact, this could be the last muzzle brake you buy for your Creedmoor rifle for quite some time.

Best For The Money:
Vais - Muzzle Brake 6.5 mm


  • Very durable.
  • Considerable recoil reduction.
  • Does a great job redirecting gas and preventing blowback.


  • None

If you’re looking for a good muzzle brake for your Creedmoor, but seem to be running into models that are a bit pricey, you’ll be happy to know that the Vais muzzle brake is the best one on the market for those on a budget. So, how does it stack up for the budget conscious gun owner? The Vais has an incredible maze of gas dispersing holes that limit the muzzle rise with no increase in the muzzle blast itself.

The multiple venturi expansion chambers disperse and redirect gases for effective recoil control while limiting blasting effects. The unique design features attenuating holes that are both horizontal and perpendicular to the centerline of the bore to disperse gas and sound equally to all sides. It is available in steel with a Parkerized finish or stainless steel with a matte finish.

Bottom Line

For a budget muzzle brake, all we can say is… not bad at all. The material it is constructed from is strong enough for this to be a tough customer that lasts you a great while, which is better than spending money on a cheap model that will eventually get damaged after just a few hundred rounds. You don’t deserve that and neither does your wallet.

So, if you’re looking for an excellent muzzle brake without having to break the bank, get the Vais muzzle brake for your Creedmoor rifle.

Best ⅝-24 Muzzle Brake:
Lancer Systems - Viper Brake 6.5 Caliber


  • Reduces a great deal of recoil.
  • Fits great with most Creedmoor rifles.
  • Looks very good and is aesthetically pleasing.


  • Might be a bit pricey for budget-conscious rifle owners.

Next, we have the Viper Brake for the Creedmoor rifle from Lancer Systems. Everyone knows that the Creedmoor is without a doubt one of the best rifles for long range shooting. This is due to their enhanced ballistic capability and their reduced recoil. If you want a muzzle brake that will further reduce that recoil, you’ll want to consider something like the Lancer Systems Viper Brake.

This is built using a blast chamber and four jets designed to direct muzzle blast in a direction that reduces the recoil impulse and muzzle rise of the rifle. The jets are located at the top of the brake and give it the downward force it needs to counteract recoil. This is available in black-nitride and stainless steel finishes.

There are crush washers that are included in this brake for easy installation. The Viper Brake also ships with 12 separate jet nozzles with different sized openings for users to fine-tune the amount of gas used to depress the muzzle.

Bottom Line

Less recoil means more control. We know that for a fact. With that in mind, if you want zero recoil in your Creedmoor rifle, you’d be hard pressed to find something as good as the Viper Brake from Lancer Systems. This is the best muzzle brake to have if your Creedmoor has a ⅝ x 24 TPI threaded muzzle.

Best For 308:
Aero Precision - Lambda Prs65 Precision Muzzle Brake 6.5


  • Easy installation.
  • Will stay on and never fall out.
  • Very durable as it is crafted from heat treated stainless steel.


  • None

For our final muzzle brake review, we come across the best one on the market for a .308. This is designed for the Creedmoor owner that is getting sick and tired of dealing with a muzzle brake that won't stay in place.

If you're looking for a muzzle brake that won't hassle you, consider the Aero Precision Lambda as one of your best choices. Because of the innovative design of this device, you won't have to worry about your muzzle brake falling out ever again. This is built with a two-piece, four-chamber design the Aero Precision Lambda requires no tools for installation. So, this will be easy to install.

Never again will you have to rely on a jam-nut to help keep your muzzle brake in place. If you're looking for something that will essentially eliminate recoil, this is exactly the kind of muzzle brake you'll need.

Bottom Line

Yes, we all have at one point dealt with the struggle of keeping a muzzle brake in place on our gun. With the Lambda, that is a thing of the past. If you're looking for a muzzle brake that is guaranteed to stay in place while you're shooting off hundreds of rounds, get the Lambda. Not only will you get a strong muzzle brake, but you also won't have to deal with a great deal of recoil either. So, it's a win-win.

Pros and Cons of Adding a Muzzle Brake

Adding a muzzle brake to your Creedmoor rifle does come with its own set of advantages, but not without its share of disadvantages as well.

Here are some of the pros and cons you may deal with when adding a muzzle brake to your own Creedmoor rifle:

Reduction in Recoil

With the installation of a muzzle brake, you’ll notice a reduction of recoil. In most case, the reduction rate will be right around 50 percent. These are important for guns that are being used by individuals that are short in stature.

Allows You to Shoot a Larger Caliber

If you’re hunting for big game, sometimes it requires shooting a gun that is a larger caliber. Because it is a larger caliber, you’ll also experience a more powerful recoil. As mentioned above, a muzzle brake can reduce the recoil. It will even make the rifle much easier to use.

It Can Be Noisy

One of the major drawbacks for a muzzle brake will be the noise. When the propellant is vented, it will increase the volume of the bullet leaving the gun. If you’re shooting with a muzzle brake equipped, then it would be wise of you to wear the proper protection for your hearing. In fact, you should wear protective gear for your ears while shooting a gun anyway.

It Can Kick Up Dust

This can happen at the end of the barrel. A muzzle brake can kick up dust at the end of each shot. When air is expelled through the holes in the muzzle brake, the elements nearby will be blown around with such great force. There will be holes on a muzzle brake and will be positioned dependant on whether or not they are non-indicated or indicated muzzle brakes.

How to Spot a Quality Muzzle Brake

The question you have to ask yourself is how can you distinguish a good, high-quality muzzle brake from a cheap, low-quality one? There are several major factors that will influence your decision in finding the best one for you. The following are a few factors that may help you make a decision in finding the best quality muzzle brake for you:


Most muzzle brakes will be made from materials like steel, to ensure that your muzzle brake will be durable enough to take a beating with each use. At the same time, you'll need to find a good muzzle brake that is resistant to heat and is stressed for maximum durability. Your muzzle brake will sustain a lot of wear, depending on how often you use your Creedmoor rifle.

It Fits Most Rifles

There are some muzzle brakes that will fit most Creedmoor rifles, and there will be some that won’t. A good quality muzzle brake will fit well with most rifles, especially with little to no installation required.


Notice that the holes placed on a muzzle brake are used as outputs for the gas that is expelled from your rifle. This design is beneficial in preventing gas from blowing back towards your face. If you need to find a good quality muzzle brake, find one that will allow the gas to redirect from the top or side of the brake itself so it won’t blow back.


Finding the best 6.5 Creedmoor muzzle brake is easy if you know exactly what to look for. You’ll want to improve your rifle in the best way possible so you can take pride in shooting it each time you get a chance. Even better, you’ll enjoy little to no recoil at all when you have one equipped to your own rifle. 

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