Best 9mm Snap Caps – Ultimate Top Picks Reviewed

| Last Updated: December 30, 2021

Snap caps are handy little mock-cartridges designed to keep your weapon's firing pin safe during dry firing.

There are dozens of choices on the market, so knowing what to buy can be tricky. Follow our guide to the best 9mm snap caps on the market today.

Comparison Chart of the Best 9mm Snap Caps

  • Anodized for easy identification and a longer service life
  • Aluminum body will last a lifetime no matter how many cycles
  • Synthetic primer cushion for endlessly repeated firing pin strikes
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  • The rim is brass so that it will not wear down
  • The plunger style primer cushion will last despite endless strikes
  • The plastic body is light and easily identifiable against live rounds
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  • Covered by a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind
  • The spring-loaded primer cushions will outlast the heaviest use
  • Aluminum construction will give you a practically endless service life
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  • Comes in packs of five for loading and feeding drills
  • The spring plunger primer cushion will probably outlast your firearms
  • Precision manufactured to precise SAAMI specifications for smooth functionality
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  • Anodized in a bright blue to make them hard to lose
  • Comes in packs of five for feeding and loading training
  • The polymer primer cushion can withstand heavy use and abuse
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What is a Snap Cap and What Are They Used For?

Snap caps closely resemble dummy rounds. They are designed to have the exact same dimensions of a real cartridge and are often made of materials like polymer and aluminum. The key feature of a snap cap is that, instead of a primer, they have some feature for absorbing the impact of the firing pin.

A-zoom - Ammo Snap Cap Dummy Rounds is machined, aluminum body with synthetic, cushion primer withstands repeated cycling.

This can be either a rubber or similar material or a spring-loaded plunger where the primer would usually be. This allows you to repeatedly dry-fire any gun without damaging the firing pin. Dry firing is useful for perfecting your trigger pull or testing the function of a firearm.

Snap caps can also be used to practice loading and unloading a weapon in a completely safe manner. This is great for children or firearms safety courses for new shooters.

How to Choose a 9mm Snap Cap

As I never tire of repeating, the best way to ensure that you buy the most reliable firearms accessories and components, including snap caps, is to go with long-established, reputable manufacturers and proven models. The most common materials used for making snap caps are polymer and aluminum. Many polymer snap caps run the risk of getting broken when trod on, but generally, they are tough and a lot lighter than aluminum ones.

If you plan to do a lot of loading and unloading drills, aluminum snap caps will probably handle a lot more like real cartridges. However, aluminum snap caps often come with some sort of soft rubbery material where the primer would be. This material will wear down after a few hundred pin strikes; they will then require replacing. Snap caps with a spring loaded plunger will last far longer.

Review of the Best 9mm Snap Caps

It can be tough knowing which 9mm snap caps to choose. Luckily, as usual, we've got you covered. We have done the research and testing, so simply follow our guide to the best 9mm snap caps.

Best Overall:
A-zoom - Ammo Snap Cap Dummy Rounds


  • Anodized finish gives you easy identification and a long service life.
  • Synthetic primer cushion works great for constant firing pin strikes.
  • Aluminum body will last a long time no matter how heavily it is used.


  • Slightly smaller than spec.

A-Zoom has been around since 2000, but the brand joined the respectable Lyman family of shooting accessory brands two years later. This relationship brings them a wealth of expertise on design, marketing, and research & development. These are top quality aluminum snap caps with a black hard anodized finish.

These are perfect for safety training new shooters, testing the function of your firearm or decocking your weapon safely and without damaging its firing pin. They are CNC machined from aluminum billet to precise specifications. The anodization gives them extra-smooth function and a longer service life.

The primer cushion is synthetic and able to endure repeated cycling. These snap caps are shaped just like normal rounds, which make them perfect for practicing loading and feeding. This is a great item to improve your shooting skills and gun handling, especially trigger control for the most accurate shooting possible. In fact, these snap caps are slightly smaller than spec, either to aid extraction or due to variances in hard coat thickness. Nevertheless, this is a great, long-lasting choice.

Bottom Line

These are by far the best snap caps on the market today. The best features of these items are the tough anodized finish, the synthetic primer cushion, and the long-lasting aluminum body. This is a no-brainer option that any shooter will love.

Tipton 5 Pack ACP Pistol Snap Cap


  • Rim is made of brass so that it will not wear down despite heavy use.
  • Plastic body is light and easily identifiable when compared to live rounds.
  • Plunger-style primer cushion will last a long time despite constant firing pin strikes.


  • Your extractor may chip the rims of these snap caps.

Tipton is a part of the American Outdoor empire of shooting accessory brands, which is owned by Smith & Wesson,  the nation's biggest name in handguns. If you want products from a company that really knows handguns inside and out, this is it. These are handy and affordable snap caps that are perfect for any task that you ask of them.

They come in a pack of five, which is great for many loading and feeding drills. These are nice, light plastic snap caps which are easy to pack around without adding any extra bulk or weight to your shooting bag. The rims are brass for a little extra resilience against rigorous use.

The primer cushion is a spring-loaded plunger, perfect for nearly endless use without failure. These snap caps come at a pretty great price and make an excellent stocking stuffer or promotional gift for any avid shooters in your personal or professional life. Keep your firing pins safe and get in all that extra practice in loading, feeding, and trigger control that you need to shoot your best.

Bottom Line

The top features of these snap caps are the brass rim, the plunger style primer cushion, and the light plastic body. This is a great option.

Best for the Money:
Carlsons - 9mm Snap Cap Dummy Rounds


  • Aluminum design will give you a nearly endless service life.
  • Spring-loaded primer cushions will outlast even the heaviest use.
  • Backed up by a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind when ordering.


  • Not the cheapest option on the market.

Carlsons is a little company out of Kansas. One of the best things about them is that their products are all covered by a lifetime warranty, taking the stress out of pulling the trigger, pun intended, on any order. These are another option for very affordable aluminum snap caps.

They come two per package, but you will probably want to stock up on more if you plan on using them for loading drills. One of the best features of these snap caps is the spring loaded primer cushion. This gives you the best of both worlds, an aluminum snap cap body that will last forever and a primer cushion that can stand up to endless strikes from a firing pin.

These snap caps will help prevent damage to your gun and extend the service life of your gun's mainspring. They have been machined to precise SAAMI dimensions for a perfect fit. The primer cushion is made of material the same hardness as a standard cartridge to guarantee the safety of your firing pin. The aluminum soft metal body is also ideal for preventing damage to your chamber.

Bottom Line

The best features of these snap caps are the spring-loaded primer cushions and the aluminum body. The warranty is also excellent.

4. Traditions Snap Caps Pistol 9mm 5 Per Package ASM9


  • Ships in packs of five for loading and feeding drills or other training exercises.
  • Spring plunger primer cushion is likely robust enough to outlast your firearms.
  • Precision formed to exacting SAAMI specifications for flawless function and extraction.


  • Plastic body is not the most robust.

Traditions is a company from Connecticut that specializes in snap caps and training cartridges. These snap caps are precision designed and manufactured to adhere to all SAAMI specifications. Even the weight is equal to that of live ammunition.

This makes them perfect for loading and feeding drills because they will feed and cycle just like real cartridges. The brass rims will also function equally well as real ammo, without getting chipped or worn as plastic ones might. The primer cushion has a spring plunger design that practically cannot be worn out over time.

These snap caps are great for storage. Simply load one up, pull the trigger to drop the firing pin and put the gun away to relieve the stress on your mainspring. These come in units of five per pack, which is great for loading drills.

No matter what your needs are, these are outstanding snap caps for any drill or storage application. The bright red colored plastic also makes them harder to lose. This is an excellent option from a great little American company.

Bottom Line

These are excellent snap caps. The top features are the spring-plunger primer cushions, the tight specifications and the five per unit packaging. You will love these snap caps.

5. Strike Industries Aluminum Dummy Rounds-9mm - 5PK


  • Ships in packs of five for feeding and loading training exercise.
  • Polymer primer cushion can withstand a high number of firing pin strikes.
  • Aluminum body is anodized in a bright blue to make them hard to lose or confuse with live rounds.


  • Not the cheapest option on the market, but you get what you pay for.

Strike Industries is a Californian company and a big player in the firearms market. Their aluminum dummy rounds have been precision machined from aluminum billet to give you a perfectly proportioned tool for training drills and firearm care. Strike Industries has anodized these dummy rounds in a bright blue to increase the distinction with live rounds and to make them harder to lose.

The primer cushion is made of a flexible polymer that is designed to work well with heavy use. These dummy rounds come in packs of five. The caliber info is not only printed but engraved on so that they will always be easily identifiable.

Overall, the specifications of these dummy rounds match those of live rounds. They are particularly useful for ball and dummy drills involving feeding and extraction.

If you live in a state with a magazine lock restriction, these dummy rounds can be used as a safe tool for bullet-button type mag locks. This is much safer than using a live round because repeated use may seat the projectile deeper in the case, creating dangerous pressures.

Bottom Line

The best features of these dummy rounds are the quality, the blue anodization, and the polymer primer cushion. They don't disappoint.


No matter what your preferences are when it comes to snap caps, we're sure you have found what you're looking for in our list. Snap caps are a simple yet very useful accessory to have for training purposes. The more you train, the better shot you will become. Shoot safe and have fun!

People Also Ask

A wise man once said, there are no stupid questions, only stupid people. We're here to help you not be one of those. Here are some of the most common question new shooters ask about snap caps.

Can You Reuse Snap Caps?

Yes. Unlike normal cartridges, snap caps contain no single-use components like primers, powder, or bullets. Snap caps don't last forever, but you should get thousands of trigger pulls out of them. They are easy to lose, however, so having extras is usually a good idea. They also make great stocking stuffers for your gun-happy kith and kin.

What Does Dry Fire Mean?

Dry fire means pulling the trigger on a firearm that does not have a live round in it. It is usually done for training purposes as trigger control, and is one of the most important factors in accurate shooting. Each trigger is different and takes getting used to. Dry firing is also important for ensuring that your firearm functions as it should.

Does Dry Firing Damage a Gun?

Most modern center-fire guns will not be damaged by dry firing them, but better safe than sorry. Rimfire guns like those chambered in .22 LR and older single-shot rifles can easily be damaged by dry firing.

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