April 2018 News Roundup

Another month has flown by and as always, there's a lot of news to share. Here's some of our own top review articles as well as hot news from around the web.

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Deer season is months away in large parts, or even most, of the country. But it's good to start studying earlier. Outdoor Life looks at some of the false assumptions we have about whitetail movement. Good tips for helping us plan better for where and when to set up!

It doesn't really take much to have a complete tool kit for working on your Black Rifle. Check out the key items you'll want to have when you're building from the ground up, or even if you're just making a few key changes.

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So close ... and yet so far? Just when it seemed like everything was in place for the Marine Corps to move to a new rifle in an intermediate caliber, everything seems to have fallen apart. More M16's were ordered and plans for a 7.62 were shelved. Delay's gonna be a bit longer than expected, apparently.

A BCG upgrade can make a big difference. Is that your next step? Learn more about them and what to look for in terms of weight, materials and testing. It'll serve you well to make the change!

shooting illustrated

The NRA's Shooting Illustrated looks at a great selection of new AR models. They run the gamut in terms of caliber, barrel length and other features. A great guide if you're looking to purchase this year!

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Enjoying your classic Mosin? Or looking into one? Honestly, they still shoot mil-surp ammo great. But it's got it's drawbacks too. Find out what they are and what modern ammo will work well with this older rifle.

task and purpose

The H&K G11 sure did look like something from the future. Definitely not a standard military firearm! But it came close. Why was it attractive, and why did the Army finally reject it?

Building your own AR-15 is not only fun, but it also helps you understand and appreciate your rifle more. Check out what to look for in a build kit, whether it's a good or bad choice in your case, and some of our recommendations for the top kits.

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If you're the proud owner of an AK, you of course want to keep it in tip-top condition. Proper cleaning should be done regularly and with care. Check out this illustrated guide to help you through the process.

A laser sight is amazingly helpful. And a flashlight can help you out not only when you need to see where you're going, but also by blinding your adversary. Check out some of the great alternatives and varieties available.

guns magazine

Dave Workman looks at Mossberg's awesome new bolt action rifle. I haven't been able to get my hands on one yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to it after reading this review!

Even if you're using a scope, having a set of BUIS is always ideal. Most are available in fold-down models now, making them even more convenient and less likely to be in your way. Here's a look at just a handful of top models.

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Just - wow. I can stay still enough for hunting, but what's called for in a sniper is beyond me. And snakes? They don't send me running, but I'm not likely to remain completely still if one slithers by. Have a look at the photo in this article from Business Insider.

speed loaders ar15

Saving a few seconds per magazine might not seem like much, but it adds up. There's a lot of types of speed loaders that can save you time and lead to less stress on your fingers. Check these out!


Be sure to browse around the site and see other news and reviews! And let us know any top stories we should have included but missed here, too. 

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