Best AR-10 Accessories List – 2024 Review Guide

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September 19, 2023

Not sure if you have the best AR-10 accessories? If you’re looking for something to upgrade your current AR-10 rifle or if you’re in the process of building one, finding the best accessories is essential for optimal performance and reliability.

Even with factory stock accessories, your rifle’s performance may not be the best. Why settle for something that’s low in performance and not so great in quality when you can find the best accessories on the market that will give your AR-10 better reliability and better accuracy? You might become the talk of the range or a force to be reckoned with out in the hunting field.

We’ll be taking a look at seven of the best accessories that we recommend you’d upgrade if you’re considering such a thing. If you’re building your AR-10, these parts are also what you’ll need to make your rifle as reliable and accurate as possible right out of the gate.

Comparison Chart of the Best AR-10 Accessories

  • Exceptionally lightweight.
  • Can handle either .308 or 7.62x51 rounds.
  • Available in three different lengths: 16, 18, or 20 inches.
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  • Built from high-quality materials.
  • Multi-coated lenses for better light acquisition.
  • Large magnification and lenses for a wide field of view.
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  • Made from high-quality polymer.
  • Available in two different colors: black or flat dark earth.
  • Has three adjustable angles for all kinds of applications.
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  • Available in matte black or stainless steel finish.
  • Includes gas ports, with the exception of on the bottom to prevent dust kick up.
  • Machined from stainless steel for durability and resistance to heat and corrosion.
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  • Fits most rifle-length receivers.
  • Made from high-quality materials for durability.
  • Adjustable in numerous positions for better comfort and usage for every shooter.
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  • Easy to install.
  • Compatible with M-LOK systems.
  • CNC-machined from high-quality aluminum.
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  • Easy to attach to your AR-10 rifle.
  • Available in four different colors.
  • Adjustable for any shooter, regardless of size.
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Perks of Adding a Few Upgrades

Let’s face it, stock or factory accessories for your AR-10 rifle are not going to cut the mustard. Such accessories will wear, tear, and not last you as long as you want them to. It’s better to get upgraded accessories so you can be able to use your AR-10 for as long as you want without worrying about having to upgrade them frequently.

Here are some advantages that you’ll enjoy should you choose to upgrade a few accessories to your AR-10:

Better Reliability

Reliability is something that every gun owner holds to a high standard. It doesn’t matter if they own an AR-10, a 1911 pistol, or a Mossberg 500 shotgun. You want the best in reliability whenever you need it most.

A great example of increased reliability is when you upgrade to a high-quality magazine that will feed your shots without any issues of jamming. Also, a good trigger that will allow you a light, crisp trigger pull for quicker shots is always a great accessory for a better and more reliable AR-10 rifle.

Jammed magazine (Source)

Better Accuracy

Aside from reliability, accuracy is another aspect that AR-10 owners hold to a high standard. Hitting your targets precisely right where you want them is an impressive feat, no matter how far the target is situated.

When you’re out in the field, accuracy matters when you want to land a kill shot and drop a big game target in one go. In competitive shooting, accuracy matters if you’re looking to beat out the competition with each shot. The better you hit the bullseye, the best chance you have of winning the contest.

A good barrel is a great place to start when you want the best possible accuracy for your AR-10 rifle. Also, other accessories that are bound to increase your accuracy are also the ones that are designed to give you a reduced amount of recoil.

There are several accessories that will actually aid in the ability to reduce the amount of felt recoil you’ll get from your AR-10. These include but are not limited to buttstocks, muzzle brakes, and even forends.

Of course, let’s not forget the addition of a good old fashioned optic or scope. While it may not reduce recoil, it will do its job in giving you a more accurate and precise shot. The more necessary accessories you have, the better.

More Customization

Some AR-10 accessories that you upgrade with may also have the ability to give you more customization options. For example, if you were to find a handguard for an AR-10 that has a Picatinny rail, it will give you the opportunity to customize your rifle fully.

The most popular choice of accessories that rifle owners attach onto the rail is either scopes or optics. Regardless, they are easy to install because they are compatible with the rail itself. Plus, they take little time to install.

If you’re more apt to customizing your AR-10 rifle into a beast, then finding the right accessories that allow for better customization is a must.

Accessories Perfect For Your AR-10

We’ll be taking a look at seven of the best accessories that we believe are essential to upgrade. Whether you have a currently existing AR-10 or if you’re building one from the ground up, having these accessories are essential for the rifle’s overall performance. We’ll be taking a look at each one and will give you a brief explanation of why each accessory is important.

We’ll also give you our best recommendation on what to choose for an upgrade accessory. Read each of these carefully, as they have some unique features that could check off some items on your wishlist:


A great barrel is one of the most important accessories for your rifle. One major reason why you need an upgrade: better accuracy. A barrel with a good twist ratio that accommodates your rounds will no doubt dictate how accurate your AR-10 will be right out of the gate. These will also come at certain lengths and will be ideal for certain gas systems.

Choose a barrel based on your needs and personal preferences. As a rule, the longer the barrel, the better the accuracy and velocity. Also, your gas system will dictate how long of a barrel your gun needs to be (i.e.--rifle length gas systems have barrels that are 16 inches or above).

Best Barrel: 
Criterion Barrels Inc - 308 AR Chrome Lined Barrels


  • Accuracy is outstanding.
  • Barrel has an excellent finish.
  • Profile isn’t heavy, which is a good thing for most shooters.


  • May need to check headspace prior to use; this may result in possible adjustments.

Our choice for the best overall barrel for an AR-10 is the Criterion Barrels .308 AR Chrome Lined barrel. These barrels are available in three different lengths: 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch. No matter which length you choose, you’ll get an excellent amount of accuracy from a tough-built, lightweight barrel that will complement your rifle perfectly.

If you have a .308 caliber or 7.62x51 rounds handy, then you’re going to love this barrel, as it will have the ability to handle either round. At the same time, this barrel is compatible with different patterns of rifles.

So you get the best in not only accuracy but also versatility. If these two things are exactly what you look for in a barrel, then the Criterion barrel might be the best choice for you.

This barrel might also serve you in the long run if you’re shooting from long range. These barrels will have the ability to help reduce wind drift so your bullets travel better. If you’re a long-range shooter, then this might be the barrel that will up your distance game.

Bottom Line

As far as we know, this barrel is as close as you’re going to get to the perfect AR-10 barrel. The ability to handle all kinds of different rounds is what stuck out as the most impressive feature. Another thing that impressed us was that you can use this barrel for any type of rifle pattern.

If you have a Remington AR-10, then give the barrel a try on that. Regardless, you’re looking at a great barrel that’s worth the investment and worth the upgrade if you’re looking to improve your rifle’s accuracy.


A great scope is what you’ll need to not only make your shots more accurate but also more precise as well. It is important to find the right optic that will allow you the opportunity to acquire your target and be able to hit it in one shot. Even better, you can hit the target right where you want it regardless of the light conditions.

At the same time, a great scope will also improve the long-range ability of your rifle considerably if you so choose. Even a scope that’s great for mid-range shooting will suffice if that’s more of your thing. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the scope that we believe might be best for your AR-10:

Best Scope: 
Nikon M-308 SF 4-16x42mm Riflescope

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  • Turret adjustments are quick and easy.
  • Optics are clear and have a quality that’s hard to beat.
  • Can hit targets from more than 500 yards out accurately.


  • Does not come with an owner’s manual.

If you’re familiar with scopes and some of the brands that make them, you know for a fact that they’re best known for a thing or two. With the Nikon brand, they’re best known for having the clearest optics quality.

In fact, we dare say that they are second to none. And that’s part of the reason why we’ve decided on the M-30 SF riflescope. The oversized lens is measured at 42mm, giving you a wide field of view and perhaps the fastest target acquisition.

Plus, they are just at the right size if you’re using them on a heavy duty rifle. The lens themselves are multi-coated to ensure that you get the clearest, crispest optics, period.

On top of that, you’ll be able to see your targets and easily recognize them in low light conditions. No matter what time of day it is, you have a scope that you can rely on.

This scope is not only great in terms of optics but is also great as far as construction and durability go. This scope won’t fog up, can withstand water (especially bad weather), and can handle a great deal of recoil.

If you want something that is all-around tough and can give you the best clear image quality, this scope might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Bottom Line

This scope is by far the best for an AR-10 rifle. Not only are the optics the best, but it’s as tough as it gets too. If you’re looking for something like that, your search for an upgraded AR-10 scope might be over with your choice of the Nikon riflescope.

The oversized lens and objective are perfect if you want to use your AR-10 for hunting purposes. But that doesn’t mean that it’s useless for all other applications. The target acquisition is fast and the eye relief is pretty decent. Overall, it’s an excellent scope that is worth the investment.


Having complete control over your rifle is very important, as having better control over it means less recoil. Of course, that also leads to better accuracy as well. A good grip will allow you to hold on to your rifle, even when it’s raining cats and dogs outside.

Also, if your hands tend to sweat a lot, then a good grip will help you maintain the hold. Here’s our choice for the best grip for your AR-10 rifle:

Best Grip: 
Hexmag Advanced Tactical Grip


  • Construction is solid; no reliability issues.
  • Includes everything needed for installation.
  • Very durable and easy to grip in almost any condition.


  • None available.

For our choice for best overall grip, we’ve chosen the Hexmag AR15 Advanced Tactical Grip. This is available in your choice of black or flat dark earth. Of course, the color you choose will be based on your personal preferences.

But what’s more impressive is the ability to adjust this grip into all kinds of angles. No matter what situation you’re in, you can adjust the grip to a certain angle. For example, in a CQB setting, you can adjust it to a 17-degree angle.

For long range shooting, it can go to the maximum setting of 33 degrees. The standard angle degree setting is 25 degrees. No matter what the purpose, you have an angle to set it at.

The grip is made from reinforced polymer, making it strong and very easy to grip. Especially when the weather suddenly goes bad or if your hands profusely sweat, you’ll still get a good amount of grip no matter what.

If you’re looking for a grip that will give you better control no matter the conditions and will give you a lot of adjustments for any situation, the Hexmag Advanced Tactical Grip might be the best possible option out there. In fact, there might not be a grip on the market that can touch this.

Bottom Line

An excellent grip, to say the least. The material is probably the best to withstand all kinds of abuse. It’s also proven to give you a better grip. Plus, it’s quite comfortable as well. Of course, let’s not forget the adjustability this has.

If you’re in close quarters or shooting long range targets, you’ll know exactly what to set it to. No guesswork required at all. If you want a grip that will work hard and will be easy to use, then look no further than the Hexmag Advanced Tactical Grip.

Muzzle Brakes

At this point, you’re probably getting tired of the word accuracy. But we’ll be using it again, especially when we talk about a muzzle brake. Its purpose is to help reduce recoil considerably so you will have better accuracy with every shot. Your shot groups will be tighter and will probably be sub-MOA.

At the same time, a great muzzle brake does a good job rerouting the gas that propels your rounds. This way, it will come out at other directions rather than right in front of your face. Now, let’s take a look at the best muzzle brake for your AR-10 rifle:

Best Muzzle Brake: 
Precision Armament - AR .308 M11 Muzzle Brake 30 Caliber


  • Easy to install.
  • No muzzle jump at all.
  • Offers excellent recoil reduction.


  • Side blast does occur, which may not be range-friendly.
  • Might be a little too loud for those in the surrounding area.

Our choice for the best muzzle brake is the Precision Armament AR .308 M11 Muzzle Brake. One of the major reasons why we chose this muzzle brake is that it won’t kick up any dust. And that’s the reason why you’ll notice that there is no gas port located on the bottom of the muzzle brake.

The last thing you’ll need is dust kicking up and blowing right in your face (along with the gases from your rifle). On top of that, you don’t want dust or dirt clogging up your gun to the point that it is rendered useless.

If you want to keep your gun clean and don’t want to eat a whole lot of dust, you’re going to want this muzzle brake. This muzzle brake has gas ports that will reroute gas so it won’t end up in your face; rather, it will end up out on the sides of the muzzle brake.

At the same time, this puppy will considerably reduce recoil and will make muzzle rise disappear. Just apply this to your AR-10 rifle and you will be amazed by how much it will change.

Don’t be shocked if your shots are more accurate and dead on precise. That’s exactly what you’re aiming for (no pun intended) in your rifle, right? This muzzle brake is CNC-machined from high-quality stainless steel to ensure that it’s durable and resistant to any kind of heat or corrosion.

Overall, it’s a great muzzle brake to have for your AR-10. If you agree, then you’ve probably found your muzzle brake right here.

Bottom Line

This muzzle brake from Precision Armament does a pretty good job reducing recoil and getting rid of the muzzle jump. Once you tack this on, you’re not going to want to take it off. You’ll have the best in accuracy and overall control over your rifle.

There is nothing else quite like it. So if you’re looking for a muzzle brake that’s tough and does what it's intended to do, then the Precision Armament is your best choice.


An excellent buttstock is worth the investment. Especially when you want to have superior control over your rifle. Most buttstocks these days are made from polymer, which means they’re durable and can handle a lot of heavy duty recoil that is produced with AR-style rifles.

On top of that, these stocks are impervious to all kinds of weather conditions. They’re even impervious to damage that can be caused by oil or cleaning solvents. Here is our best choice for an AR-10 stock that you can fit easily on your own rifle:

Best Stock: 
Magpul Industries PRS GEN3 Precision-Adjustable Stock


  • Extremely durable.
  • Great for long-range shooters.
  • Very easy to adjust for many shooters.


  • None.

Next, we’ll be taking a look at the best overall stock for an AR-10. Our choice is the Magpul Industries PRS GEN3 Precision Adjustable Stock. This stock is an adjustable stock that will work best to fit with all kinds of shooters.

Whether you’re short in stature or big and tall, there’s always a position that you can adjust to so you can be able to use your AR-10 without any issue.

Plus, you can easily fit this with just about any rifle-length receiver (including AR-style rifles). You’ll have all kinds of adjustments to work with so you can be able to make adjustments that will make you the most comfortable.

The stock is made from high-quality materials, making it durable and more likely to absorb a lot of the shock that is associated with recoil. And best of all, you get the best in overall control for your rifle. And that means better accuracy for every shot you fire.

Plus, you’ll have a stock that won’t get damaged by weather or any cleaning oils and solvents. If you want a stock that is easy to adjust and is tough all over, the Magpul stock might be the best option for you.

Bottom Line

This Magpul stock is exactly what you’ll need if you’re looking for overall comfort and a perfect fit. We don’t know if you’re tall, short, man, woman, or what have you. All we can say is that the best AR-10 rifle will always have an adjustable stock that will fit perfectly with any shooter that uses it.

Plus, you don’t have to struggle with the potential issues that are brought on by most “one size fits all” kinds of stocks.

Picatinny Rails

The Picatinny rail is one of the most popular rails on the market. They are measured consistently between spaces and ridges, which makes it easier to install all kinds of accessories on your rifle if you so choose.

This type of rail will make your AR-10 easy to customize. So if you have additional scopes or optics, these might come in handy when you can easily install them on a rail like this. Now, let’s have a look at the Picatinny Rail that we chose for this review:

Best Picatinny Rail:
Timber Creek M-Lok 9-Slot Quick Disconnect Picatinny Rail


  • Easy to install and disconnect.
  • Allows for easy customization.
  • Super durable and can withstand a good amount of abuse.


  • One reviewer complained about the blocks on both ends of the rail.

Our choice for the best Picatinny Rail is the Timber Creek M-Lok 9-Slot Quick Disconnect Picatinny Rail. This rail is as tough as it gets thanks to the material that it’s made from. The material is high-quality billeted aluminum that is compatible with AR-10 rifles, including those with M-Lok systems.

This rail is designed to allow you the opportunity to customize your rifle with accessories of your choice. So if you have a scope or an optic that you've been dying to try out and it’s compatible with Picatinny rails, then you’re going to want a rail that will fit perfectly with it.

Tough as nails and allows you the ability to customize—that’s exactly what you’ll need in a Picatinny rail. On top of that, it’s also easy to install. No gunsmithing skills required at all.

Bottom Line

A good Picatinny rail is what you’ll need if you’re looking to customize your AR-10 rifle. This rail is easy to add and easy to remove, so you can use it at any time you wish, especially when you’re testing out a new scope or optic.

Some may say that a Picatinny rail might be for looks. But for you, it might be an opportunity to trick out your AR-10 rifle and be the envy of the range.


Sometimes, you’re going to hate the idea of carrying around your AR-10 rifle all day long. Your hands will be full most of the time and it might seem uncomfortable at best. You may even want to use your hands while you’re either out in the field or on the range.

For the best hands-free solution in carrying your AR-10 rifle, there’s a sling that will give you the best fit and overall comfort all while you’re using your hands to use other pieces of equipment or if you’re dragging a deer or elk back to your truck. With that said, here’s our best choice for an AR-10 sling:

Best Overall Sling:
Magpul Industries AR Rifle MS1 Sling


  • Very durable and won’t easily fray or tear.
  • Can adjust to any size, no matter how tall or short you are.
  • Very lightweight; doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to your rifle.


  • Quick detach or clip adapters will need to be bought separately.

Lastly, we’ll be taking a look at the best overall sling for an AR-10. Our choice for this is the Magpul AR Rifle MS1 Sling. This is a two-point sling that is easy to attach and tough enough to handle the weight of an AR-10 rifle.

This is also a good strap that you can adjust easily to fit your frame. So whether you’re big and tall or on the short side in height, you’ll have an adjustment that will work to fit you perfectly.

This is what you’ll need if you plan on being out in the hunting fields all day. Besides, you don’t want to carry an AR-10 rifle in your hands all day, do you? Probably not. The straps are comfortable and won’t be much of a hassle if you’re walking around all day.

These are also available in four different colors: black, grey, coyote tan, and ranger green. The color you choose is up to you.

Bottom Line

A sling like the Magpul is definitely a must-have if you’re planning to carry it around while venturing the outdoors or rough terrain while hunting for big game or varmint. And it’s the one sling you’ll need since it is easy to adjust and will have the ability to work with any shooter.

Instead of a one-size kind of strap, get something that’s adjustable and can fit all.


The best AR-10 accessories are out there for your rifle. Upgrading your rifle over factory stock parts is the smartest decision you’ll ever make. And the overall performance will show it once you’re able to install them and put them to the test.

Likewise, if you’re building an AR-10 rifle, you’ll want to build it using nothing but the best parts available. Either way, your rifle should be the best of the best in terms of performance and quality. If you want a rifle that you’ll love for a long time, then you should find the best accessories for it so it’s reliable for years to come.

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