The Best AR-15 Magazine Grips – Buyers Guide [2019]

Magazine grips stand among the most debated topics when it comes to AR-15 aftermarket accessories and upgrades. Here we’ll be talking about the pros and cons of using a magazine grip and how it affects shooting. We’ll also outline and review some of the best magazine grips available on the market.

Quick Comparison Chart of the Best Magazine Grips for an AR-15


Fab Defense Mojo Grip

  • Tactical Grip With 60 Degree Insertion Angle
  • Sassy Design With Lifetime Warranty
  • Attaches Quickly and Easily Without Permanent Modification
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Mako Magwell Grip

  • Offers a Vertical Grip for Better Control
  • Ergonomic Design Does Not Strain Your Fingers or Palm
  • Durable Design and Facilitates Intuitive Changing
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Command Arms ACC AR-15 Magazine Well Grip

  • Simplistic and Lightweight Design
  • Two Removable Covers for Pressure Switch Mounting Channels
  • Two-Piece Design Secured by Hex Screws
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What is a Magazine Grip?

As the name suggests, a magazine grip is a kind of replacement or substitute for the foregrip of your rifle. Often called ‘magwell (magazine well) grip’, a magazine grip is installed on the lower receiver of your rifle to provides you with a grooved grip to place your offhand closer.

A vertical grip is attached to the base of the barrel using a Picatinny rail or a new barrel cover. The vertical grip provides more control over the rifle and helps the shooter in handling recoil and arm fatigue more efficiently. However some people like to hold the rifle in a more compact fashion and thus grip the magazine.

An M4 carbine, showing a pistol grip and a vertical foregrip that converts to a bipod

Do I Need A Magwell Grip?


Honestly, supporting an AR-15 with the magazine while shooting has some serious drawbacks. Gripping the magazine while shooting might look cool but it actually can have dire consequences. Holding the magazine with your support hand erodes the slope of the magazine as well as the rifle’s mag well. As you press forward on the magazine, the magazine actually tilts downward. Over time, this may cause problems with feeding due to the distorted arrangement of the magazine mechanism. That means case mouths or bullet tips could get hung up on the edge.

A more severe concern of holding the rifle through magazines is if the rifle explodes. It’s a very rarely reported accident, especially with AR-15 rifles. But holding your rifle through the magazine may in extreme cases be a cause of such an incident. The tilt  from with prolonged usage of mag support causes cartridges to choke or not feed properly.

Holding a rifle with a foregrip designed and mounted for the purpose improves accuracy and target acquisition in situations like 3-gun competitions or combat. However, during longer sessions, the forearm does get fatigued. Holding the rifle through the magwell is a good idea when you have to shoot in sprints because of the more compact stance. On the contrary, using a magwell grip is a good idea because it lets you feed magazines easily. Some people even claim it’s easy to do without looking at the receiver.

If you do insist on holding your AR-15 through the magwell (due to longer shooting sessions or your preference), you should consider buying a grip. It can help eliminate the load on your mags while giving you a soft, compact and good grip over your rifle.

A Word Of Warning

Before using a magwell grip, there’s one very serious possibility you must consider. In case of a blowout due to a faulty/mislead cartridge, the easiest vent for the exploding gases and fragments to come out is the magwell. Holding your AR-15 through the magazine might cost you some skin, fingers or your supporting hand in extreme situations.

Blowouts can be a result of faulty receivers, unremoved suppressors, dirty barrels or other flaws.. If you’re still inclined to hold onto the magwell, be sure to buy one with a durable and sturdy design. Be careful not to wrap your fingers over the ejection port as it may cause blockage or you might get hurt.

Quick Take - The Best AR-15 Magwell Grips

These are our recommendations for the best magwell grips for the AR-15:

  1. Fab Defense Mojo Grip
  2. Arredondo AR-15/M-16 Magazine Well Grip
  3. Mako Magwell Grip

Reviews of the Best Magazine Grips for an AR-15

Let’s take a look at some of the top magwell grips on the market.

If you like customizing your rifle and are looking for something really cool, the Fab Defense Mojo Grip is surely what you need. Manufactured from ultralight mil-spec reinforced polymer, the Mojo grip offers six different customized masks replacing the finger grooves.

The grip comes as left and right shells which can be assembled using 3 screws and an Allen wrench (included in the package). This magwell grip has been manufactured in Israel, as it is known for its supreme weapon tech. The grip has a 60 degree magazine insertion angle, and allows you to change mags under low to no light conditions.

It’s compatible with all standard M4/AR-15 receivers. This is probably the best magwell grip you can buy.

Arredondo offers this two-piece magazine well manufactured from lightweight polycarbonate to assist you with feeding your mags. The magwell offers a wide mouth to perform lightning fast mag changes without looking at the receiver even under stressful situations.

This grip doesn’t have finger grooves but it still helps with holding the rifle with ease.

This magwell is not compatible with Bushmaster/Tangodown mags.

Manufactured using reinforced mil-spec polymer, the Mako magwell grip is a durable accessory for your AR-15. It helps prevent pressure on non-free floating handguards to offer you a more compact stance with improved accuracy.

This grip functions as an extended magazine well to offer quick reloads.  It opens up into two fragments and can be installed on the lower receiver using three screws and a hex wrench. The finger grooves are suitable for hands and fingers of every size. It may require some grinding for use with PMags.

The magwell grip has a window so the serial number of your AR-15 is clearly visible, just to help keep you out of legal trouble.

Built using reinforced polymer, the ACC Magwell Grip installs on the lower receiver of your AR-15 in minutes using an Allen wrench. The grip features an ergonomic, curved design with three textured non-slip finger grooves. That helps reduce arm fatigue while you hold and shoot your AR-15 for longer intervals.

If you are using an oversized trigger guard, you will need to made some modification (sanding etc.) to the grip.

The black color looks aesthetically pleasing and the product offers good value for money.  


Magwell grips are a good way to improve mag changing times even under low or no light conditions. They offer a more compact stance to relieve your supporting hand from fatigue compared to the foregrip.

These grips are great for stressful and competitive situations where you need to change mags quickly and have a compact stance for improved accuracy. However, using them has some related risks for your magazine feed and for yourself, so you might think deeply before buying one.

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