The Best Trigger Guards for the AR-15 Rifle

A trigger guard is probably the most unnoticed and neglected part of a rifle. A lot of us don’t even consider learning about its uses and how it came into use.

Here we’ll be talking about the importance of a trigger guard for your AR-15 rifle and will help you in choosing a suitable option from some of the best trigger guards available in the market.

Quick Take of the Best Options

Here are the top three AR-15 trigger guards:

  1. Magpul AR-15 Trigger Guard
  2. Molin Labe Laser Engraved Enhanced Trigger
  3. Troy Enhanced Rifle Trigger Guard

What Purpose Does A Trigger Guard Serve?

The simple and straightforward answer is “Safety”. A trigger guard gives you a place to place your finger while you’re not ready to fire a shot. A trigger guard fits well in line with the safety Rule #2 of handling firearms - that is, never place your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot.

A trigger guard prevents any accidental discharge of the weapon while you carry or place it. They are especially useful in situations like combat and hunting, where you don’t want to shoot anything accidentally. That’s especially important when you might be suddenly surprised by any stimulus, or risk banging your gun while moving.

Trigger guards are also helpful while you operate your weapon with gloves on. A trigger guard can be placed around or away from the trigger (such as in arctic conditions), whichever placement is best for the environment.

Apart from all this, trigger guards give the shooter a tactile point of contact to locate the trigger in situations like rain, snow and darkness. This means you don’t have to look down and find the trigger every time you want to fire.

What To Look For In A Trigger Guard?

There are three major factors you must look for in a trigger guard before buying - durability, comfort and ease of installation.

A trigger guard must be durable enough to withstand any pressure or unexpected ‘blows’. Guards manufactured from steel and high-grade polymers are readily available in the market. It should be resistant to heat, cold and moisture so it doesn’t break or rust with time.

Another important factor to consider is the comfort of using a trigger guard. Sometimes you might want to use your AR-15 with gloves on. A trigger guard must be wide and spacious enough to let you shoot and re-acquire the trigger easily. It must also have smooth and ergonomic edges to protect your trigger finger from bruising and wounds. Of course it shouldn’t rough up your glove, either.

A good trigger guard must be easy to install with your rifle. The pins should be easy to peen out and must get installed with a light hammer push. A trigger guard is normally a flat or curved piece of stamped aluminum which can be easily installed using two pins. Easy installation means easy removal and thus less hassle.

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Magpul AR-15 Trigger Guard

Molin Labe Laser Engraved Enhanced Trigger

Troy Enhanced Rifle Trigger Guard

Hunter Select 6061 T6 Operator

Dead on Arms LLC Oversized Trigger Guard

Reviews Of The Best Trigger Guards

As already mentioned, trigger guard must be durable, comfortable and easy to install. We’ve outlined some of the best AR-15 trigger guards available in the market to help you make a buying decision.

Magpul AR-15 Trigger Guard

This trigger guard from Magpul has been manufactured from a high- grade polymer which is durable and resistant to temperature and moisture. The polymer construction also makes the guard scratch-proof and retain its color.

The guard features a “V” shape, which provides extra space to shoot comfortably with gloves on. The guard or lower receiver doesn’t require any alterations for installation.

Molin Labe Laser Engraved Enhanced Trigger

Manufactured from high-grade aluminum, this trigger guard has a US Flag laser engraved over its base. It can be installed easily to the lower receiver with a light tap using roll pins.  You probably want to cover the guard with tape or a cloth while you use a hammer to tap in the roll pins. The guard has been designed to fit all mil-spec models so you can use it for guns other than your AR-15, too.

The engraved US Flag looks amazing and will help show your patriotic sentiments. Molin Labe offers a huge number of other possible engravings in many great patriotic designs as well as other symbols.

Troy Enhanced Rifle Trigger Guard

This trigger guard features a large, curved design to let the user shoot easily even with large gloves. Manufactured from high-grade aluminum with an all-black finish, the trigger guard doesn’t have any sharp edges to protect your trigger finger from cuts and bruises.

The guard comes with a roller pin for the rear end and features a built-in spring loading detent for easy installation and removal. It’s perfect for people who have thick fingers or like shooting with thick gloves.

Hunter Select 6061 T6 Operator

A simple drop-in trigger guard manufactured from high grade aluminum. The guard has a roller pin slot on the rear and a spring loaded detent with push button installation in the front.

The guard has a large opening for gloved hands. The aluminum body is rust proof and resistant to temperature along with being durable. The inexpensive price and the mil spec compatibility of this product makes it more desirable among AR-15 platform owners.

Dead on Arms LLC Oversized Trigger Guard

This guard from Dead on Arms features an innovative new design which eliminates the need to hammer roller pins into the lower receiver. This reduces the chances of doing any damage while you install it. The spring-loaded roller pins can be slid easily into the intended holes for quick installation.

The billet aluminum construction is durable and weatherproof. The exposed surfaces have been rounded off to prevent any damage to the user or other components. The oversized space allows the user to shoot with large gloves under harsh conditions.

It’s also got a great price that will be light on your pocket.


The benefits of using a good trigger guard have often being ignored. A trigger guard adds to the safety of your AR-15 and provides you a point of reference for locating your trigger

A good trigger guard must be durable, comfortable and easy to install. Safety should be of prime importance when using firearms, and a trigger guard is a minor yet important part of it.

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