The Best 22lr Ammo for your 10/22 Rifle – 2019 Buyers Guide

People have different views on what kind of ammo works best for a 10/22. There are a lot of options available in the market. But you must figure out which one works best for your rifle. Here we’ll learn about the desirable qualities which make one type of ammo preferable over others. You’ll also learn about the top ammo brands available on the market for your Ruger 10/22.

Comparison of the Best Ruger 10/22 Ammo


Our Rating


1. CCI Mini-Mags 36gr

cci minimag ammo for the 10/22

2. CCI Stinger 32gr

cci stinger for the 10/22

3. Federal Gold 40gr

federal ammo for the 10/22

4. Winchester 555 36gr

winchester 555 rounds pack for the 10/22

5. Sellier and Bellot 38gr

sellier and bellot 22 caliber LR rounds

What Makes Some Ammo Better Than Others?

There’s a lot of variation among different types of ammo available in the market. The primary differences include centerfire vs. rimfire ammo and steel vs. brass casings.

The Standard Ruger 10/22 uses .22 Long Rifle rimfire ammunition. The primary difference between rimfire and centerfire ammo is their use and cost.

Rimfire ammo is used for plinking and building up skills. It can also be used for small game hunting and shooting competitions. Rimfire ammo is quite cheap, where you can buy a box of 500 rounds for $20. Your Ruger 10/22 is a rimfire rifle and it uses the same type of ammo.

Centerfire ammo, on the other hand, is more powerful and can be used for distant shooting. While a rimfire has an effective range of 100 yards, centerfire rifles do well beyond that. Centerfire ammo is quite expensive. You’ll have to shed $20 for just 50 rounds.

Don’t be distracted by a comparison of steel vs brass casing ammo. It’s not relevant for your 10/22 because their basis is reusability. Steel casings can’t be reloaded whereas brass casings can be. However, your 10/22 uses rimfire ammo, which is non-reloadable either way.

There are brands of ammunition available on the market which are also termed as dirty ammo. It’s not a term any brand is going to use for itself! Dirty ammo is a type of ammunition which oftens and leaves behind a lot of grime in your rifle. You’d have to clean your rifle after every 50 rounds or so. That’s where the name comes from.

22 bullet comparative sizes

Dirty ammo is pretty cheap, and people who love plinking usually don’t mind the fouling. If you clean your rifle after every shooting session anyway, it might be something you’re willing to put up with.

Ammo differs based upon its effective range (accuracy), fouling and the cycling of rounds. For example, the .22 short rifle ammo in some cases fails to cycle because it is a low-power, subsonic round which fails to provide enough blowback force for reloading.

On the other hand, high-velocity ammo has been reported to damage the action rifles by putting too much pressure on the bullet setback.

Frankly speaking, the type of ammo which works the best is different for every rifle. Yes, every single one of them. There’s no consensus on the best, and slight differences between your .22 might make it take one ammo better than another for that particular gun.

What’s the solution? Trial and error, mostly. You’ll have to buy different types of ammunition to try. Around 50 rounds each will help you figure out which works best for your individual 10/22.

It’s almost like the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Some fans of the .22 say that UMC ammo is junk, while some say it's the best. The same holds for most brands. Clearly, it depends upon your rifle and how you use it.

Quick Take - The Best 10/22 Ammo

These are our recommendations for the best ammo for the 10/22:

  1. CCI Mini-Mig 36gr
  2. CCI Stinger 32gr
  3. Federal Gold Metal Ultra Match 40gr

Review Of The Top 5 10/22 Ammo

Now let’s take a look at some of the types of ammo that generally work well with the Ruger 10/22.

1. CCI Mini-Mags 36gr .22LR Ammo

cci minimag ammo for the 10/22

The CCI Mini-Mig is probably the most renowned .22LR ammunition on the market. It features a 36-grain projectile, which is the best for shooting up to 75 yards. If you love plinking, this ammo is for you.

Priced at a reasonably low rate compared to its counterparts, the CCI Mini-Mag provides tight grouping at short distances. It has a copper-plated hollow point (CPHP) bullet which leaves the muzzle at 1260 fps. It’s great for varmint hunting, and you can burn hundreds of rounds without any considerable fouling. Available in a box of 100 rounds, the CCI Mini-Mag ammo is quite clean for the 10/22.

2. CCI Stinger 32gr .22lr Ammo

cci stinger for the 10/22

A high-velocity round from CCI, the Stinger is known for its speed. It is a 32-grain bullet which leaves the muzzle at 1640 fps.

Ruger suggests that these hypervelocity rounds should not be used too much with your 10/22. That’s because these rounds travel at high velocities. In turn, this generates a higher blowback stress on your action, resulting in wear and tear on your receiver. They also recommend not using the Stinger ammo at all with some of its models, such as the takedown version.

This ammo features a copper-plated hollow point bullet with a teardrop cavity for complete disruption. These rounds are perfect for hunting, especially for bigger varmints, because of the high velocity which offers deeper penetration. The CCI Stinger is quite inexpensive, and clean burning, keeping your action cleaner.

3. Federal Gold Metal Ultra Match 40gr .22lr Ammo

federal ammo for the 10/22

This is a nice addition to the Gold Medal product line of Federal Ammunition. These 40-grain rimfire rounds feature lead bullets. These rounds are optimum for target practice and competitions. As a matter of fact, the Gold Medal line of ammo from Federal Ammunition is renowned for target and competition shooting.

At 40 grains, these bullets are subsonic and highly accurate. They providing tight groupings, especially beyond 100 yards. If you’re into competitive shooting or target practice, this is the best type of ammo for your 10/22. The 50 round box has been priced a bit higher than other brands, but the desired use of the ammo justifies it.

4. Winchester 555 36gr .22lr Ammo

winchester 555 rounds pack for the 10/22

Winchester doesn’t need an introduction when it comes to firearms. These 36-grain .22LR rounds are a unique choice of ammo for multiple uses such as plinking, hunting and target shooting. The round is a copper-Plated hollow round(CPHP) bullet which claims to reduce fouling due to the copper plating. The bullet has a muzzle velocity of 1280 feet per second, placing it in the average range for .22 shots.

This ammunition is available in boxes of 333 and 555 rounds. Its price won’t do much damage to your wallet.

5. Sellier and Bellot High Velocity 38gr .22lr Ammo

sellier and bellot 22 caliber LR rounds

Lead hollow-point bullets have been around for more than a century now. These are among the most-loved and widely-used rounds for the 10/22. The Sellier & Belliot High Velocity ammo features a hollow point lead bullet weighing 38 grains. The round has a muzzle velocity of 1230 fps. These rounds are perfect for hunting and plinking. The ammo comes packed in a box of 50 rounds. The price is pretty comfortable when compared to its counterparts.

The only drawback of using this LHP ammo is the fouling. Lead rounds are known to cause heavy amounts of fouling in rifles. Apart from that, hollow point and lead bullets are also banned in some places. So be sure to check local regulations if you’d like to use these rounds for hunting.

Is It Good To Stick With One Type Of Ammo?

Maybe or maybe not. Regrettably, there’s no clear answer for this one, either. As mentioned above, every rifle seems to have its own “preference” regarding type of ammo. It depends upon what use you are putting your rifle into.

The best way to check is to purchase different types of ammo and burn through 50 rounds of each. You should then measure the accuracy, recoil and fouling to decide which one is the best. Your own preferences then come into play. For instance, you might not consider fouling a huge factor, because you’re going to be cleaning the rifle anyway.

The primary factor you should test with your rifle is the grain of your ammo. Grain refers to the weight of the projectile. The mass of bullets is measured in grains. Seven thousand grains equals one pound. Bullets can range anywhere between 15 grains such as the 17HMR to 750 grains for the .50 Cal BMG.

Ammo with a heavier grain is slower (generally subsonic). Bullets with lower grains - lighter, in other words -  have a higher velocity for the same caliber.

For instance, the CGI Mini-Mag 36 grain works best for shooting up to 75 yards, and the Winchester wildcat 40 grain is good for shooting beyond 100 yards.

If you want to use your rifle for plinking, the grain of the ammo is not going to matter. However, if you plan to use your 10/22 for competitions or hunting, you need to consider checking different grains of ammo. That’s because the weight of the projectile is going to factor in alongside wind, velocity, penetration and a ton of other things.


No brand of ammunition is a perfect fit for all Ruger 10/22 rifles. To check out what works best for your rifle, you ought to buy some rounds of each type of ammo and test them on the range.

This is the best way to find out what ammunition your rifle likes the best. The performance of each type of ammo differs according to the conditions and desired usage. So it’s best to check what works best for you.

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