The Best Mini 14 Scope Mounts of 2022

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The Mini 14 is a very controllable, fast-shooting, and lightweight semi-auto rifle that shoots the popular .223 cartridge.

It is widely used for hunting, varminting, self-defense, and even by some LEO’s for occasional use. A useful and often important add-on for this rifle is a good riflescope. Which in turn requires the rifle to have a good and stable mount. Due to its design and a variety of aftermarket options, choosing a scope for it can be tricky. 

However, to tackle that, we’ve come up with a handpicked collection of the best Mini-14 scope mounts in a variety of designs.

Comparison of the Best Mini 14 Scope Mounts

  • Fits most rifle scopes
  • Picatinny rail style mount
  • Made from high-quality material
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  • Clamps to the Receiver Notches Without Alterations
  • Long Scope Mount for Providing Versatility for Mounting Options
  • Machined Relief Cuts on the Underside Ensure Unimpeded Cartridge Ejection
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  • Low Profile Tactical Style Base Mount
  • Clamps Directly to the Barrel for Added Stability
  • Features a Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny Rail
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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Mini 14 Scope Mount

Before you buy a scope mount for your mini 14. Remember that there are many options out there and not each of them will be compatible with your rifle’s model. Plus, a few more factors to look out for. 

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Is it a ‘ranch model’?

The Mini-14 ‘ranch’ model was introduced in 1982 and featured an integral scope mount machined on top of the receiver. Along with a folding rear aperture sight. Mounting a scope on this model is easier due to this. 

However, if you have an older model, it will require some additional machining or improvisation-based add-ons to mount a scope. The 580 serial prefix and up rifles (the recent models) are the easiest to work with when it comes to mounts and scopes. 

The Mini-14’s manufactured earlier to the ranch models were not intended to have a scope. Hence they ejected more vertically. So, some people who’ve mounted a scope on such models sometimes experience the spent brass hitting the windage knob of the scope.

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Removing the Rear Sight

Some mounts may require you to remove your rear sight. It is always better to refrain from such models because you never know when you’re gonna need irons for backup. 

Eye Relief and Profile

The Mini-14 is a popular scout rifle. Where the mount (often a Picatinny rail) is mounted forward on the handguard. Also reinforcing the barrel on older pencil barrel models. Such handguard mounted rails require a scope with long eye relief. Also known as a scout scope. Hence limiting your range to some extent. However, such setups are great for mounting red dot sights. 

It is also important to consider that your scope mount should have a slim profile that allows you to use your iron sights as well. However, the big problem many times with adding a mount on top of the receiver is the redundancy of iron sights. 

Best Scope Mounts for the Mini 14

The following is a list of the six best Mini 14 scope mounts that are currently on the market. As you look through each of them, it's important to make a note of each of their characteristics and features. This way, if you have an idea of what your ideal scope mount should look like, you'll probably come across one that is close to your ideal needs.

We’ve looked at some of the options that will fit your Mini 14. Now, let's take a look at the first Mini 14 Scope Mount on the list:   

Best Overall:
GG&G Ruger Mini 14 Side Mount


  • Will Accept Most Scopes
  • Easy To Install, Takes a Few Minutes
  • No Movement Or Wiggle Room For Most Scopes
  • Excellent For Almost Any Application That Uses a Mini 14
  • Super Durable Mount, It Can Protect Scopes From Shock Via Recoil


  • Might Be a Little Too Long For Some Users
  • Might Be a Challenge To Install For Some Users

What Recent Buyers Report

As expected, most recent buyers were able to quickly install this mount fairly quickly (along with their scope of choice). Their scopes were able to stay in place and didn't move around. One user even said that after firing as many as 200 rounds, he was able to notice the zero settings were still intact.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The Picatinny rail is considered to be one of the more popular rail systems for rifle owners. The reason is that it has the ability to fit many optics and scopes fairly easy. The rail is measured long enough to take on even some of the slightly larger scopes (i.e.--longer scopes or larger objectives). Plus, it's sturdy and can handle multiple amounts of shock from recoil.

Another side mount comes from famous GG&G, an Arizona based manufacturer of rifle accessories. Like the B-Square, the GG&G mount attaches directly to the side of the receiver without the need of a gunsmith. It also replaces the bolt stop cover plate. It’s slightly shorter, at 5.7 inches long. This is a MIL-STD-1913 dovetail rail.

Similar to other side mounts, this Mini 14 scope mount is designed as a "See-Under" type to permit the use of iron sights.

Manufactured on CNC machines from rugged 6061-T6 aluminum and weighing 3.5oz, the GG&G hardware supplies a sturdy mounting base for a magnified scope or red dot sight to meet the rigors associated with harshest conditions.

Who Will Use This Most 

Expect this to be a hit among those who are using their Mini-14 rifles for hunting. They want something that is sturdy and good enough in quality to ensure that they never have to re-zero the scope again. Even after firing off nearly 1000 shots. If you want a scope mount that will hold its own and preserves your scope's zero settings, this mount will do it.

What Could Be Improved And Why

While a lot of scopes can fit Picatinny rails, there are some scopes that should be accepted. For example, scopes that might be more compatible with Weaver rails. The more scopes you can allow to fit, the better the chance it will serve any Mini-14 owner in the long run.

Bottom Line

If you want a scope mount that is durable, keeps any scope in place and is based on a really reliable rail system, the GG&G Ruger Mini-Side Mount will certainly be a mount that will be worth investing your hard-earned money in.

Best for the Money:
GG&G Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle Optic Mount


  • Super Durable Construction
  • Easy To Install On Most Rifles
  • Affordable For Most Budgets
  • Accepts Many Picatinny Compatible Scopes
  • Protects Many Scopes From Shock and Recoil


  • May Not Accept All Scopes
  • Maybe a Little Challenging To Install
  • Some Scopes Installed On This Mount May Wiggle At Times

What Recent Buyers Report

As expected, a lot of recent buyers were quite satisfied with this scope mount. A lot of the new buyers were mostly hunters, while others were more of the competitive and casual target shooting type. This allowed them to install their scopes of choice on the mount without them wiggling.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This scope mount is made from high-quality steel, and it also fits a lot of Picatinny compatible scopes. It's also at the perfect length for it to be considered an ideal scope mount for most users. This will handle all kinds of hunting scopes that will give you a better hit probability of landing that big game target you've been eyeing for quite some time.

While the side mounts are recommended for the older Ruger production rifles, most Ruger specialists suggest top-mounted rails on the newer models. Most designs clamp directly to factory-integrated scope mounts, and this one from GG&G applies the same principle.

This way of attaching the scope accommodates the low-profile optics designs and affords a high cheek weld. The GG&G Mini 14 MIL-STD-1913 Model is a Picatinny rail with fourteen slots. This lets you place your scope far enough forward for optimal eye relief. At the same time, it’s still secured with a dual locking screw leveling system.

In case you’re worried about case ejection problems, the engineers from GG&G thought of that too. They’ve added machined relief cuts on the underside of the rail to ensure unimpeded ejection. Made from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum and measuring 5.7 inches in length, these Mini 14 scope mounts place the mini-red dot or powered scopes forward for long eye relief and fast target acquisition.

Who Will Use This Most 

We expect this to be used as a scope mount for those who are hunters. They want something that's not too short or too long, and of course, they'll want a scope mount that will fit almost any riflescope designed for the purpose of hunting varmint and big game targets.

What Could Be Improved And Why

While there aren't many major cons to point out, we can suggest something that might make this a hit with more buyers. Since you'll be installing a scope, why not include some tools that will get the job done quickly. While you might have tools of your own, you should have some extras handy in case someone out in the field needs an adjustment with their scopes (i.e.--scope coming loose).

Bottom Line

The GG&G Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle Optic Mount is proven to be one of the most reliable scope mounts that hunters will utilize. Just find the right kind of scope that will hold its own and give you a better chance at hitting the targets you're pursuing.

3. UltiMAK Ruger Mini 14 Scope Mount



  • Super Durable Construction
  • It Can Take On All Kinds Of Scopes
  • Easy To Install, Takes a Few Minutes
  • Excellent For All Kinds Of Applications
  • No Wiggle Room To Report With Most Scopes


  • May Not Accept Some Scopes
  • It Might Be a Challenge To Install For Some Users
  • Some Say the Screws Should Be a Little Shorter For Better Security

What Recent Buyers Report

As expected, this scope mount has won the approval of many Ruger 14 users. More specifically, the hunters and competitive shooters. The scope mount is solid and is able to take on all kinds of abuse. Plus, it takes a short amount of time to install. Most of the new buyers said that this has the ability to accept a lot of rifle scopes.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

As expected with most scopes on this list, it's sturdy as it can get. Plus, it's made from high-quality aluminum. It will definitely hold your scope together and protect it from shock, a major culprit in why so many rifle scopes lose their zero settings.

As you’ll find, the market for scope mounts for older Minis is somewhat limited. Plus, if your Mini is a standard version, you might have case-ejection issues if you put a mount above the carbine’s receiver. However, you can find a couple of mounts that still make good options for these older models.

These mounts design keeps the optics close to bore and low for a good cheek weld. They are known as Scout mounts, and they require long eye relief scopes.

One of those, the UltiMAK Ruger Mini 14 Scope Mount allows the use of Intermediate Eye Relief (IER) "Scout" optics, holographic weapon sights and reflex sights. The Ultimak low-profile mount enables the use of iron and optic sights without reconfiguration or a raised cheek piece for a proper hold.

The Ultimak Scout Scope mount is built from durable 2024 aluminum. It clamps directly to the barrel of Standard and Ranch rifles for added stability and does not interface with the stock in any way.

Who Will Use This Most 

This will be the closest you can get to a multi-purpose scope mount. If you're a hunter, target shooter, or competitive shooter you'll find this scope mount to be quite handy for your favorite Mini 14 scope of choice.

What Could Be Improved And Why

This should include some extra screws for extra security. Sometimes, the screws that you're stuck with may not get the job done when it comes to keeping the scope in place and free from wiggling around each time you fire your rifle. 

Bottom Line

The Ultimak Mini 14/Mini 30 Scout Scope Mount is the closest you can get to a multi-purpose scope mount. Whatever the application, be sure to find the right kind of scope that will be the perfect match for not only what you do but also for this mount as well. 

4. B-Square Mini 14 Mount


  • Easy To Install
  • Solid Fit On Most Mini 14 Rifles
  • Fits Most 1-Inch Scopes Easily
  • Excellent For Many Applications
  • Excellent Durability, It Can Take On the Impact and Abuse


  • May Not Fit All Scopes
  • Not Picatinny Rail Compatible
  • May Be a Challenge To Install For Some Users

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the recent buyers were satisfied with this scope mount. They said that by far, it was the most reliable scope mount they have found. With a mix of the straightforward base and scope rings, the mount does a good job of holding their scopes in place and making sure it doesn't wobble around with every bit of gunfire.

Why It Stands Out To Us

This scope mount is a hybrid of two types of scope mounts: the straightforward flat mounts and the always reliable scope rings. Together, they work together to keep the scope in place without any wiggle room while protecting the scope's zero from any shock that is produced from recoil.

The B-Square mount platform is probably the most reasonable rail-mounting solution for this gun design. It’s also probably the easiest way to put a scope on older Minis. The B-Square one-piece scope base requires no gunsmithing since it takes the place of a stock bolt-stop cover plate, which is threaded. The mount features front, and rear alignment set screws used for locking it down tightly and adjusting scope-zero.

Despite some negative feedback about the use of the side-mounted bracket, the B-Square Mini 14 mount is better than others. This is because you can make a couple more adjustments to tighten the mount down. You should also use blue Loctite or the equivalent.

The unit is made from 6061-T6 high-grade aluminum and allows for the usage of iron sights. The B-Square optic base measures 7.8 inches long and weighs 7.2 ounces. It’s a multi-slotted Weaver-style mounting rail for perfect ring spacing. The package includes a pair of 1-Inch medium height Weaver style rings, called InterLock rings.

Who Will Use It The Most

This scope mount will likely be used by many users that will use their Mini 14 rifle for hunting purposes. However, it will likely have a following among those that will use it for target shooting or competitive shooting applications. Either way, it will provide stability and reliability at times when they need a scope the most.

What Could Be Improved And Why

A possible improvement would be to allow this to not only fit Weaver rails but also with Picatinny rails as well. Yes, there are scope mounts that exist that can fit both rail types. We believe that this one should be one of them.

The Bottom Line

If you want something that is reliable and solid in construction, the B-Squared Mini-14 scope mount will definitely work to your advantage whenever you need it to. Once you install this and add on your scope of choice, you'll be ready for action and for whatever is right in front of it.

5. Sun Optics USA Ruger Mini 14 Sport Scope Mount


  • Long Enough To Handle Most Scopes
  • Fits Most Picatinny Compatible Scopes
  • Does a Good Job Protecting a Scope's Zero Settings
  • Easy To Install, It Takes a Few Minutes and the Right Kind Of Tools
  • Super Durable Construction, It Can Take On All Kinds Of Impact and Abuse


  • It Might Be a Challenge To Install
  • May Not Accept Some Weaver Type Scopes
  • Some Scopes May Wiggle a Bit After Being Installed

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers were happy with the scope mount. As expected, they were able to install this on their Mini 14 rifles in a matter of a few minutes. They added on their scopes fairly quickly to give their Mini 14 rifles a much bigger boost in accuracy.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This scope was made for hunters and competitive shooters. Likewise, it was also made for taking on the many scopes that are relied upon by these groups of shooters. It's tough, can handle some heavy-hitting rifles, and will definitely hold a scope together. If you're a sportsman, you'll want this scope mount attached to your rifle.

The Sun Optics Sport Scope Mount is another very affordable option among the few options for the older Mini 14. Side mounts are the easiest way to install optics on your Mini 14 since they attach directly to the receiver without permanent changes or gunsmithing. This Sun Optics mount offers additional support in the form of an extended rectangular bar on the bolt lock cover plate. The bar inserts into the lower bracket of the mount providing a very secure and tight fitting assembly.

The Sun Optics USA Ruger Mini 14 Sport Mount is constructed of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum and features 5" Picatinny style rail, which allows more eye relief than similar mounts.

Like other See-Through mounts that allow the use of the iron sights, this hardware also places the scope high enough above the bore so the shooter may need to install a built-up cheek rest in order to achieve any kind of a decent stock weld.

As a tip, we found on the web a common advice to put a small amount of blue Loctite on the threads of the hand screw bolt to ensure long-term use.

Who Will Use This Most 

Expect this scope to be used by sports shooters. They include your target shooters (casual and competitive) and hunters. No matter how you use your rifle, this scope mount will definitely have its uses. Especially when you're mounting a scope that can take on the tough applications like a long day at the range.

What Could Be Improved And Why

There should be some shorter screws available. This way you can replace them should your scope tend to wiggle around due to a lack of security with the original screws. The better your scope is secured, the more stable your shots.

Bottom Line

If you use your Mini 14 rifle for sporting applications, you'll need a scope mount that can handle all your sport shooting activities. The Sun Optics USA Mini 14 Sport Scope Mount has you covered no matter the application.

6. ProMag Picatinny Tactical Scope Rail


  • Will Fit Most 1-Inch Scopes
  • Affordable For Most Budgets
  • Keeps Scopes Nice and Secure
  • Easy To Mount, Takes a Few Minutes To Install
  • Super Durable, It Can Take On All Kinds Of Impact and Abuse


  • It May Be a Challenge To Install For Some
  • Some Scopes May Come Loose Over Time
  • Some Might Consider the Rail a Little Too Long

What Recent Buyers Report

This scope mount made a lot of new buyers quite happy. This was not only a popular mount for Mini 14 owners, but was more of a hit with those who own Mini 30 rifles as well. One user said that he had no trouble mounting his scope and found it to be quite sturdy and wiggle free.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This rail is long enough to handle almost any rifle scope. Once this is installed, it makes a Mini 14 rifle look more battle-ready than ever. With the right kind of scope, it can make it usable for hunting, target shooting, or plinking.

At over ten inches in length, the ProMag Picatinny Tactical Scope Rail is the longest one on the market. As such, it offers additional flexibility when mounting longer scopes, electronic sights or night vision.

The PM141A scope rail requires no permanent alterations to the rifle. However, the installation process requires more attention to detail. This piece of ProMag hardware attaches directly to the built-in scope base grooves. The installation points on the ProMag perfectly match the points on the Mini 14 Ranch, Mini 30, and 6.8 Ranch rifles.

The rail is machined from rugged T6 aluminum and offers ten-and-a-half inches of Picatinny rail slots, providing more points of attachment. Moreover, this lightweight “universal” mount rail accepts both Weaver-style and Picatinny rings. It also places the scope over the receiver for better balance and better eye alignment.

Who Will Use This Most 

This will likely be used for the purpose of target shooting,but don't count it out for any other application. If you're a hunter, you can appreciate this scope mount for any kind of rifle scope that is designed for hunting.

What Could Be Improved And Why

This scope mount is a Picatinny rail, but it only accepts Picatinny style scopes. This should be one of those scope mounts that can accept scopes that can be attached to Weaver rails. There's potential here to make this mount more versatile.

Bottom Line

The ProMag Picatinny Tactical Scope is built to last and built to take on any kind of scope. No matter which scope you choose, this mount will provide solid support for it and protect it from all kinds of shock.

Does Model Matter?

The older Minis had two models to pick from. The 1973 "regular" Mini 14 model came without any mount option. So the side cover mounts were both the most used and cheapest solution. The "Ranch" model came out in 1982 and has integrated mounting grooves on the receiver, making it much simpler to scope it.

Becoming a cultural icon of the 1970s and '80s, the Mini 14 was a working man's rifle, pure and simple. Demand for a reliable optics installation was among the factors that led to the introduction of the Ranch Rifle in 1982. Sturm, Ruger & Co. has made a number of changes to the Minis over the years. This new generation of Ranch Rifle uses Ruger’s patented optical sight mount. This is claimed to provide accuracy superior to any other rifle in this caliber.

Today the Ranch Rifle is the standard flagship model of the Ruger Mini 14 family of rifles. It has a lower ejection angle, which means that the spent brass ejects up and to the right. Also, this new version features an integral scope base machined into the receiver.

It has little half-moon indents that accommodate the factory-supplied Ruger proprietary scope rings. The package also includes a Picatinny-style rail for more sight-fitting options. All this saves time, money and hassle.

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What to Look for in a Mini 14 Scope Mount

There are some characteristics and features that will make a Mini 14 scope stand out more than the others that are on the market. It's your mission to make a distinction between those that are the best in quality and performance and those that are not as reliable in both categories. 

If you don’t have one of these Ranch Rifles with its own scope base - or if it just doesn’t suit your needs - you do have several options. We’ll look at some of the options that are available. You may want to choose between the standard positioning and the “Scout” style.

Unlike traditional optics positioning, the “Scout” rifle concept allows for a forward-mounted sight system. This offers long eye relief for quick target acquisition. This old idea was significantly refined by Col. Jeff Cooper. It’s definitely handy, although it may be awkward and pricey for a new shooter.

In any case, no matter what you are choosing to put on your Mini 14, you should find the right balance between eye relief and the optimal number of devices. Here's what you need to look for in these Mini 14 Scope Mounts:


If you're a budget shopper, odds are you're going to look for the price tag first. It should not be the main reason why you should purchase a scope mount in the first place. You should be able to buy one based on the qualities and features that make it stand out. Remember, you should invest in the best quality that is within your budget range rather than sacrifice quality for the sake of saving yourself a few dollars.

Choose High-Quality Materials

The best scope mounts are considered the best in quality because they are made from the best materials.

Steel is considered to be one of the best materials for these scope mounts because they are proven to be sturdy and have the ability to take on impact and abuse.


GG&G Ruger Mini-14 Side Mount

We don't want you to be stuck with a scope mount that is considered a nightmare to install. So we make sure that you end up with a mount that will take minutes to install with the right kind of tools. You won't have to rely on a professional gunsmith in order to install one on your rifle of choice.

A Note on Cleaning

When you’ve decided if you need a regular scope or a scout scope, you’ve done only half the job. With some of the early receiver mounts, the owner has to remove them to get the bolt out when cleaning the weapon because of design issues.

On the other hand, the Scout-style mounts allow full access to the receiver mechanism with optics in place. They also allow faster targeting with better field of view.  However, they are more expensive and offer non-traditional sight systems requiring extended training and getting used to, by an average gun owner.


The original Mini 14 wasn’t designed for a scope at all, and even on the Ranch, many people would rather upgrade the rail. We’ve looked at some of the options available and hope you’ve found what you need. Let’s keep those shots on target!

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