Best Scope Rings and Mounts for the Mosin Nagant

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The Mosin Nagant is well-known for the legendary ruggedness of the platform. But this great gun with a long and colorful history finds new life in the hands of many gun aficionados and hunters. But the most intricate part of the project of converting this soldier`s rifle into a sporting gun is mounting a scope. This is definitely not as easy as mounting one on most other commercial rifles.  

Most folks know that the Russians, long before World War II, began equipping Mosin Nagant Dragoon models with mounts and telescopic sights. In the early days, the scopes were from famed German optical manufacturer Zeiss. Later, they were from domestic designers such as PE and PEM and still later with 3.5-power PU fixed focus scopes.

Modern Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts

Classic sniper configurations interfere with the Mosin's standard bolt. The design has the bolt sticking straight out from the receiver at 90 degrees.  One solution comes from manufacturers who encourage altering the rifle with a bent bolt handle.

On the other hand, we also have a choice of a wide variety of creative optic sights, including some in the "scout" configuration. This features a long eye-relief scope positioned forward of the bolt. However, these Mosin Nagant LER mounts  are usually too flimsy. This is because the screw slots allow up and down movement potentially causing the scope to get off zero.

Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts

Let’s take a look here at some of your options for a scope mount. Check out our article on scopes, too, to find out what’s compatible and what best suits your needs.

Brass Stacker MN9130SSM Scout Scope Mount

brass stacker scope mount for mosin nagant

The Brass Stacker hardware mounts on top of the existing rear sight, without removal of the site base. This “low to bore” Scout scope mount works well with straight bolt handle and no stripper clip interference, making it an appealing combination.

This Brass Stacker mount seems to be the most rugged and the easiest to install compared to this type competitors. The rifle owner doesn't need to drill and tap the receiver. You just remove two pins in the rear sight and replace them with the attachment pins. This makes it a good choice for those who wish to preserve the rifle in pristine condition as much as possible. Just be aware that it will fit only the Model 91/30 Mosin-Nagant and not other variants.

Aim Sports M44/Mosin-Nagant 91/30 Scope Mount (Short)

aim sports scope mount for mosin nagant

The Aim Sports Scout scope mount is another model that is designed to maintain rifle historic integrity. This mount installs on of the rear sight base of the most popular Mosin Nagant models. It accepts Weaver-style rings.

It is built of black anodized aluminum, and can be correctly installed with minimum drilling and metalworking. To keep the system stable , it helps to insert the stock leaf spring upside down below the mount during an installation.

This Aim Sports mount enables the budget conscious hunter or shooter to scope Mosin Nagant without spending an arm and a leg.

Leapers Accushot 1-Pc Mount w/1 Rings, 3/8 Dovetail

leapers scope mount for mosin nagant

Another affordable but quality option comes from Leapers Accushot and its 3/8 Weaver style mount. It’s the same type of attachment as the Scout scope mounts from Aim Sports discussed above. But it may offer superior strength since it utilizes 3 clamp screws for installation as opposed to two.

The mount`s rail has a 100 mm base length. It’s made from aircraft aluminum with a profile that fits the ⅜” dovetail of the rear sight blade and leaf. This keeps the sight tube as close to the gun barrel as possible without touching.  

Leapers Accushot mounts easily and is very secure. It offers solid way to install an extended-eye-relief scope to your Mosin rifle without the need to permanently altering the gun.

S&K – Mosin Nagant Mount

s&k scope mount for mosin nagant

Another affordable but quality option for mounting a scope on a Mosin-Nagant rifle is the S&K mounting system. It features a 3/8" diameter stud that locks into a 3/8" hole or slot in the rear sight base.

The S&K scout mount owner can install this without bolt modifications or drilling of the ultra-hard receiver. It will accept a long eye relief scout or handgun scope with a 1-inch scope tube. The package included an aluminum base. It also has two steel ring studs made to match receptacles in the base. It also has the appropriate tool for the screws.

The only flaw is in instructions. Unfortunately, they don’t explain how to handle the two screws that help in controlling elevation from the base.

ATI Mosin-Nagant Scope Mount with Bolt Handle

ati scope mount for mosin nagant

Unlike mounts for Scout or Long Eye Relief (LER) riflescopes, Advanced Technologies (ATI) offers a traditional scope mount kit for Mosin Nagant. The package includes a mount rail and a new bolt to convert your straight-handled bolt to a more modern, bent bolt. ATI says that the bolt is designed to be installed by the customer, but we recommended gunsmith installation.

The 6"-long scope base is made of black, anodized, T-6 aluminum. The stainless steel bolt handle features a polished finish.

Installation of the ATI kit parts is not for the faint of heart. The original handle has to be sheared off, and the bolt body requires drilling and tapping for installation. It’s much better done by a pro, unless you’re experienced in this type of change.

ATI has offered its mounting set for at least 20 years and includes a lifetime warranty against manufacturing flaws or defects. Stil, there are mixed reviews about the mount, especially the bolt-handle adapter. These usually have to do with poor tolerances and durability. Since the Mosin has a "push feed" recessed bolt head, the shooter is applying more force to the system. The lifetime warranty may inspire confidence, but the system as a whole might not.

RSI Mosin Nagant Round Receiver Scope Mount with Picatinny Rail

rsi scope mount for mosin nagant

Rock Solid Industries (RSI) from Lexington, Missouri is one of the most popular manufacturers for outfitting the Mosin Nagant with modern-day top quality features. Their newest ironwork, based on the time-proven scope mounts line, is designed to fit your Mosin Nagant round receiver. It’s also compatible with Picatinny-style mounts and accessories. RSI has introduced a new classic mount for the Mosin Nagant featuring a Picatinny rail. It’s one more great option for optics for your Mosin.

The mount is built of 6061 aluminum and coated with a special hard coating. Due to the 3 mounting points, the mount fits tight and low to the receiver. This allows the shooter to keep a lower, more proper cheek weld.

Utilizing a full 6-inch Picatinny-type rail, the mount places the scope closer for better eye relief. It also supports the rear of the scope to eliminate any motion, improving accuracy. In short, the solid, one-piece Rock Solid Ind. scope mount does not move even when bumped, enabling it to withstand recoil or hold their zero easily.

The only drawbacks to this mount are a high price tag and the fact that it is not a do-it-yourself project for most people. It does require drilling and tapping by a qualified gunsmith do it.

Final words

For many military longarms collectors, most Mosin Nagants are worthless pieces of iron. But for thousands of gun enthusiasts, the millions of 3-line rifles are an inexhaustible source of joy, allowing them to modify these centerfire rifles to modern standards. With 7.62x54R ammo being cheap, it’s a great gun to add to your collection. And getting a scope attached with a good scope mount is key for taking it to the range or the hunting grounds.