The Best Aftermarket Stocks for the Mosin Nagant Rifle

No firearm of any kind has been produced in greater numbers or been more widely embraced as a symbol than the AK-47 Kalashnikov. But for more than a half-century before the AK-47 appeared, the Russians already specialized in making a cheap, rugged, simple to use, and effective weapon. That’s the legendary Mosin Nagant rifle Model 1891 (or M91 for short).

With more than 37 million produced, the Mosin Nagant rifle joins the AK-47 and Mauser Gewehr 98 on the list of most-produced small arms designs. Production exceeds 40 million since the late 19th century.

Comparison of the Best Mosin Nagant Stocks


Our Rating


1. ATI Monte Carlo Stock

monte carlo stock for mosin nagant

2. Pro Mag Archangel Stock

archangel stock for mosin nagant

3. Boyd’s Prairie Hunter Model

boyds prairie stock for mosin nagant

4. M91/30 Lower Wood Stock

lower stock for mosin nagant

5. Mosin Nagant MNAR stock

mnar stock for mosin nagant

Made With A Short Stock - For A Good Reason

Over 40 countries used this five-shot, bolt-action, internal-magazine-fed, military rifle during its 80-year service life. It passed through many revisions and models, but its stock always kept a straight grip, a dismally short length of pull and a contusion-inducing steel butt plate.

In fact, the standard stock with a short pull-length was tailor-made for the average physical constitution of that time Russian conscript. In addition to stature, the design also had in mind that the soldier spent most of the year dressed in bulky Russian winter uniform.

Quick Take - The Best Mosin Nagant Stocks

These are our recommendations for the best stocks for the mosin nagant:

  1. ATI Monte Carlo Stock
  2. Pro Mag Archangel Stock
  3. Boyd’s Prairie Hunter Model

Reviews Of Aftermarket Stocks For the Mosin Nagant

Here we'll look at some of the changes you can make to your Mosin Nagant stock, from a simple replacement to an entirely new look.,

monte carlo stock for mosin nagant

A logical improvement would be to replace the entire old stock with either a synthetic or hardwood one. ATI (Advanced Technology International) offers quality, affordable synthetic aftermarket stocks for a variety of long guns. These substitutes are built from DuPont thermal glass-strengthened polymer that is not affected by chemicals. It’s designed to remain flexible in extreme temperatures.

The new sleek Mosin Nagant synthetic stock comes with a non-slip 1" rubber butt pad, a great answer to the harsh kick of the potent 7x54R ammunition. Other features include Monte Carlo-style 3M Soft Touch Cheekrest Pad. This helps in faster target alignment with the scope and improved comfort when shooting. Also, the ATI Monte Carlo stock features a checkered buttstock and forearm to provide a positive grip. It also has proper front and rear sling swivel studs.

The ATI synthetic stock is also suited for use in hunting since it is resistant to all types of weather conditions. This is a vast improvement over the original wooden stock. Furthermore, this transformation into an enticing hunting rifle is simple. The “drop-in fit” stock requires no gunsmithing or modification.

Despite breathing a new life into an “old soldier" with plastic furniture, some shooters find a few complaints. These include that it may actually require more modification to add than the maker claims. Also, the check rest is not ambidextrous and the new synthetic stock weighs only a few ounces less than the original wood stock.  

Perhaps a more serious drawback in the construction concept is that the stock is secured to the rifle by only a single fastener. It also lacks a new set of barrel bands to hold it in place on the barrel.

archangel stock for mosin nagant

The rugged, battle-proven Mosin Nagant bolt gun was built in response to centuries-old military tactics. It remained in service for more than 70 years worldwide. This old warhorse has found a new life in the hands of thousands of gun enthusiasts as a powerful plinker and even as a hunting rifle. Many shooters and hunters use them in their issued condition. But if you want to “sporterize” this gun for tactical use, the Archangel drop in stock is a great option.

The Pro Mag Archangel offers a TRG sniper-style stock made from fiberglass. It resembles a high-end sniper or bench-rest typical stock. It’s a target-grade synthetic stock with a click-adjustable cheek-riser. It has a fully-adjustable length of pull with a rubber butt-pad and a modern ergonomic, more-vertical pistol grip stock.

This aftermarket stock comes in three colors: black, desert tan and olive drab. Its forend allows free-floating of the barrel, taking this awesome weapon to a completely new level.

The Pro Mag Archangel stock will fit Mosin Nagant rifles with the M91/30 designation. Models such as the M44, M38 and others may need some modification.  In addition, the Archangel stock is pre-inletted for a Timney trigger which drops right in. However, the stock takes fiddling to get it to work with an original factory trigger.

The most distinctive feature of Archangel sporterized synthetic stock is its detachable black-polymer 5-round magazine. It allows much faster reloads of the Mosin Nagant without having to use stripper clips. A 10-round magazine is available separately. However, the magazine design is not up to the overall quality of the stock, as the retaining clip and spring on the mag are weak. This can cause feeding issues.

The poorly-made wooden stocks often warped from weather changes. By replacing them with stocks built of a carbon fiber-filled super-tough polymer, you can have a next-generation Mosin Nagant appropriate for a survival weapon or a large-game rifle on a budget.

boyds prairie stock for mosin nagant

Probably the best compromise in converting a military surplus gun into an elegant hunting rifle is the Boyd Gunstock’s classic stock. Boyd’s produces wood and laminated stocks for just about every bolt-action rifle, shotgun and rimfire long gun. Their Classic Hardwood Prairie Hunter model is a great replacement stock for the venerable Mosin Nagant original. And it’s available in a reasonable price range.

The Boyd`s great drop-in Prairie Hunter stock fits like a glove. It really changes the fit and feel of the Mosin Rifle. It improves functionality and accuracy and converts it into a modern sportsman rifle. Boyd's Classic stocks feature a finished quality walnut stock with a military barrel channel. This requires some inletting and fitting. On the other hand, they use two reinforcing screws for added strength. This allows a “Sporter” profile barrel to be perfectly free-floated without further modifications.

The Monte Carlo comb of the Boyd`s design is slightly raised to make a natural line of sight with a scope. This helps prevent shooters from naturally climbing up the scope. But it lacks a proper cheek weld when using a scope, which is annoying.  

It also comes with a 1/2 inch recoil pad on the butt of the stock for the best recoil absorption.

The new sport stock has a “classic design” pistol grip enabling proper trigger finger placement. The forend is swelled just enough to give the shooter’s hand something beefy to grip but doesn’t add much weight.

Overall, the quality of the wood and the feel of the finish make this piece of furniture quite distinctive. It’s great for those who are looking for the “traditional” rifle look.

lower stock for mosin nagant

One of the most affordable stock upgrades that can improve the exterior of your surplus Mosin is an M91/30 Lower Wood Stock. This replacement is quick and simple since the Mosin Nagant is easily disassembled by removing two screws and sliding off two barrel bands.

It allows the owner to replace an original broken or damaged lower stock that may have scuffs or scratches. These pieces can be replaced with used but well-preserved stocks that improve your rifle’s appearance.

mnar stock for mosin nagant

If you like to keep up with the latest trends, the Bullpup MNAR stock is a perfect upgrade for your time-proven Mosin Nagant M91/30.

This futuristic rifle stock was developed by American company Center Balanced Rifle Platform Systems (CBRPS). It offers a conversion kit for a bolt-action bullpup rifle. The frame is made out of aluminum. The front handguard with a foldable vertical foregrip is molded from high-resistance polymers. True to its name, the MNAR stock kit combines a Mosin Nagant interior with a typical AR pistol grip to improve its functionality and accuracy. That makes it great for those who want the increased heavy long-range ballistics of the 7.62x54R cartridge.

The upper part of this stock will accommodate a carrying handle or provide a stable platform to mount a scope properly.  The owner can use the lower rail for mounting a bipod, laser, flashlight or any other gun accessories.

The bullpup design of Center Balanced System provides unique balance due to the placement of the center of gravity. With this rifle, it’s at the web of the right hand. This surprisingly easy enhancement will transform the Mosin from a long rifle to a handy bullpup. Only simple tools are needed, and there are no permanent modifications.

The CBRPS has also released a new bullpup kit version for the Mosin Nagant 91/30 called the Mosin Nagant Cossack ES. The M-N Cossack stock features very clean lines. It differs from MNAR mainly in the grip and trigger guard area. The Cossack has a slick and modern-looking non-AR grip type and trigger guard setup.


Even though it’s mass-produced military surplus rifle and deserves preservation, the Mosin Nagant can also adapt to some contemporary improvements. After all, it’s survived through parts of three centuries.

The Mosin Nagants are fairly common and plentiful, so there are enough to both be preserved and to offer the opportunity for changes. It can be an amazingly fun project to transform a Mosin Nagant rifle into an appealing hunting rifle. And it usually doesn’t require gunsmithing or difficult changes to the rifle!

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