The Best Scope Mounts and Rings for the 10/22

The Ruger 10/22 is a must-have rifle because of its accuracy and significant range. However, the receiver of the Ruger 10/22 is made up of aluminum while the screws on it are made of pure steel.

This could leave you with the choice between leaving your scope a bit loose, or peeling of the threads of the receiver. Instead of damaging your rifle with the scope mount that comes included, you should consider an upgrade.

Comparison of the Best 10/22 Scope Mounts


Our Rating


Tactical Solutions

tactical solutions scope mount

Weigand Combat

Dlask Arms

dlask arms scope mount

Why is it Important to have a Good Scope Mount and Rings?

A good scope mount could make all the difference between hitting the bullseye and missing the target completely. A scope mount fixes on the receiver of your rifle and helps you align your scope with the barrel. It basically forms the base for your scope. The scope rings are then mounted on the scope mount.

A good scope gives you just enough vision that you can see everything yet focus on the target perfectly. With the right mount and rings, you’ll be able to keep that view steady and get the true shot you need.

Alignment is Key

Before locking the scope, the alignment of the scope is checked with respect to the rifle. This is done by using a level or a slope indicator. After aligning the scope, the screws at the end are bolted in with little nags just to make sure that alignment doesn’t move.

A good scope mount doesn’t move or shift its alignment and keeps itself tightly stuck to the rifle. Good rings on a stable mount hold the scope in place while allowing you to pull the scope back as much as possible to have enough eye relief.

What To Look Out For

One of the most common mistakes Ruger 10/22 rifle owners make while buying in scope mounts and rings is forgetting about the weight. If you want to add a good scope on your rifle it’s going to weight a good bit alone.

The scope mount and the rings are going to add a bit to it as well. That’s more weight for you to hold while in shooting position. You don’t want to compromise the performance of the scope nor its stability.

But if you add a lot of weight to your Ruger 10/22, holding it steady is going to be a problem. So, instead of buying heavier scope mounts and scope rings you need lighter yet stronger mounts. This could be achieved only with the high-quality weaver type aluminum mounts.

Besides that, most mounts tend to become loose, over a period of time. This could be as little as a few hours of shooting. The reason behind screws becoming loose is not fixable just with Loctite or thread lock. It’s about the type of material you are using as scope mount. Loctite and thread lock do help a great deal but there’s a limit to what they can do.

What the Pros Use

If you want to become a pro, you either learn from one or do what they do. A few scope mounts don’t even fit perfectly on the Ruger 10/22 rifle. Instead of giving you better control at your aim, a few types of scope mounts mess it up instead. A misaligned scope and barrel is one of the most dominant reasons behind it.

Quick Take - The Best 10/22 Scope Mounts

These are our recommendations for the best scope mounts for the 10/22:

  1. Tactical Solutions Picatinny Scope Mount
  2. Weighted Solutions Scope Mount
  3. Dlask Arms Mount

Here are some of the few best scope mounts used by top shooters at the range.

Tactical Solutions, LLC - Ruger 10/22 Picatinny Scope Mount

This is a lightweight, aluminum scope that fits perfectly on the 10/22. The scope mount is so light that you don’t even feel the difference in the weight of the rifle. It doesn’t move at all, giving you a superior stability for the scope - and your aim.

tactical solutions scope mount

The holders in this one are at the edge of the mount instead of throughout. This gives it a great look. It’s notched at various points so that you have the freedom to lock down rings, and therefore the scope, at any point.

Weigand Combat - Ruger 10/22 Tactical Picatinny Scope Mount

The Weigand Combat Scope Mount is made up of aluminum compound instead of pure soft aluminum. This provides it with longer durability and greater rigidity. The holes in the scope mount are aligned perfectly with the receiver on the rifle.

The scope accepts both Picatinny and weaver style rings. It has a slightly higher elevation at the bottom resulting in better alignment of the scope with the barrel

Dlask Arms

Dlask Arms’ Scope Mount is another tough, aluminum-based scope mount. The scope has a Picatinny slot for easier and quicker adjustments on the rings as needed. The scope mount extends over the barrel for longer eye relief or could be reversed for shorter eye relief.

dlask arms scope mount

The scope mount has three level adjustments to and great flexibility allowing great variety of scopes.

Top Rings For Your Scope Mount

In choosing rings for your mount, you have several great options as well. You want to be sure to get ones that will fit your scope and then will lock it down tight to the mount.

Here are our suggestions.

Comparison of the Best 10/22 Mount Rings


Our Rating


Burris Signature

burris signature rings

Leupold PRW

leupold prw rings

Weaver Quad Lock

weaver quad lock rings

Quick Take - The Best 10/22 Scope Rings

These are our recommendations for the best scope rings for the 10/22:

  1. Burris Signature Rings
  2. Leupold PRW Wings
  3. Weaver Quad Lock Rings

You can find more in depth reviews of each one of the scope mount rings mentioned above. 

Burris Signature Rings

burris signature rings

These rings offer heights from 0.18” to 0.42”, measured from mount to bottom of your scope. The rear wing allows adjustment for windage. They use the double-dovetail design which helps prevent offset due to recoil.

Leupold - PRW Wings

leupold prw rings

Leupold is recognized as a leader in the field. These rings are made of steel, so might carry a little extra weight. At the same time, they feature a square steel recoil lug to help keep your scope aligned. They’re easy to add to your mount and easy to adjust once there.

weaver quad lock rings

It’s the brand that’s provided the standard over the years. Weaver continues to produce high-quality equipment, and these mounts are no exception. This particular set of rings features two clamps on each base, providing more stability and clamping pressure.

Weight’s not an issue here, either, as they are fashioned of aluminum.

Installing Your Mount and Rings

The scope mount has slots where the base of the rings is fitted. But the rings shouldn’t be mounted until the scope mount is secured. This is done by using thread locks. Apply just enough thread lock and drive the screws in. You don’t want to go too hard, or you’ll end up peeling the threads on the receiver.

Let the thread lock dry, and leave the rifle there for 6 to 8 hours. Once you’ve made sure that the mount won’t move you can fix and tighten up the rings on it. The scope is then placed between the rings.


For better aim, you need a great scope. But you need to be sure that scope is properly supported by its mount and rings. but you cannot compromise on the quality of scope mount or rings to reduce weight. Even a good scope will perform poorly without a good mount. A great mount is going to keep your custom 10/22 looking great and more importantly help you have truer aim.

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