Best Concealed Carry Jackets – 2022 Review

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August 18, 2023

Concealed carry is available to 42 states via a state-issued permit, known as a CCW permit.

In fact, the concealed carry of some sidearms and long barreled revolvers is only possible with winter clothes or loose summer garb. Mid-size handguns are easier to conceal under classic-style clothing and don't reveal that you're carrying.

Although the industry offers a wider range of concealed clothing options, many gun enthusiasts use an ordinary jacket that's long enough to hide a holster. But in this review, we're going to take a look at some of our top picks when it comes to the best concealed carry jackets. We have some great options on the agenda - so stay tuned.

Best Concealed Carry Jackets Comparison Chart

  • Soft Shell Tactical Jacket With Waterproof Outer
  • 3-Layer Construction to Resist Natural Elements
  • Multiple Pockets and Zippered Pouches for Storing More Stuff
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  • 100% Cotton Outer and Inner Polyester Lining
  • Multiple Concealment and Mag Pockets With Zippers
  • Button Closure Wrists and Button Adjustment Waist Straps
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  • Made From a Mix of Nylon and Elastic Spandex
  • Side Seam Zippers for Easy Access to Belt or Torso
  • Lightweight Vest With Ample Storage Space
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  • Fashionable and Comfortable Concealed Carry Vest
  • Can Be Machine Washed for Easy Maintenance
  • Good for Compact and Sub-Compact Pistols
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  • Total of 8 Pockets for Concealment Storage and Comfort
  • Zip-off Hood, Shoulder Harness, and Detachable Holster With plate
  • Ambidextrous Design Good for Both Right and Left-Handed Women
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  • Motorcycle Jacket Made from Pure Leather
  • Snap Button Closure Complemented with Zipper
  • Contains Five Piece EVA Armor at Multiple Points
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  • Triple Layer Jacket With Breathable Membrane
  • Multiple Zippered Pockets on Torso and Arms
  • Solid Build is Useful in Every Environment
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Best Uses For a Concealed Carry Jacket

The elementary purpose of these jackets is to serve as a good concealment option. It should have the appropriate functionality, but also provides comfort to users during most times of the year.

Choosing the best CCW jacket requires some environmental considerations.  A lightweight concealed carry coat made of breathable materials, combined with removable inner liner, should be a perfect choice.

Tactical Concealed Carry Jacket (Source)

Unlike cold weather situations, for summer you will need a basic belt holster. On the other hand, lighter alternatives such as concealed carry vests or concealed carry shirts grant immediate access to a shouldered sidearm.

Concealed clothing manufacturers offer both designs in a variety of colors and sizes. Smart features such as false buttons (closures that are magnets or Velcro) are included as an added bonus.  

Furthermore, a CCW garment features textured prints and weaves to secure your concealed weapon and they also avoid printing.

Qualities of a Great Concealed Carry Jacket

Besides reliable storage, a smart conceal jacket has to fit and blend with specific environments. After the CCW jackets made their way into the mainstream, they became more fashionable, practical, and stylish -- offering both concealed carry and style at the same time.

Meaning, if your activities do not require a dress code, you can wear almost any type of concealed carry jacket.

These specifically designed jackets end the need for a belt or shoulder holster. They allow you to dress for the occasion and not for the gun.

The advantage of jackets designed for concealed carry is that they look like normal jackets and don't reveal that you're carrying a weapon.

Additionally, a good conceal jacket should have a variety of pockets for extras. The best jackets are those with average-size pockets because deep pockets make it difficult to reach the gun. However, small pockets might not accommodate larger guns.

A well-designed jacket has zippers strategically placed to keep it closed, but also feature split side seams that make your sidearm instantly available.

Review of the Best Concealed Carry Jackets

Here is our extended guide that provides everything you need to consider before buying a concealed carry jacket. Each has to meet specific requirements, from purpose, material, and environmental conditions, to size and price. To top it all off, you're able to match colors to whatever environment you often find yourself in.  

Best Men's Concealed Carry Jacket:
 Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket


  • Removable hood
  • Warm & breathable
  • Lots of compartments
  • Three-layer construction
  • Available in multiple designs
  • Waterproof polyester shell keeps moisture away


  • Outer pockets not suitable for contemporary cell phones
  • The zippers on the inside of the arm vent are not covered, which is not very convenient while wearing a short-sleeved shirt

What Recent Buyers Report 

A lot of new users were quite happy with this jacket. Not only it was one of the more comfortable concealed carry jackets they tried on but they were able to utilize the pockets to their advantage for the storage of additional accessories like magazines and survival tools. One user said it kept him warm during colder days while conceal carrying with a shoulder holster. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This soft shell jacket will protect you from the environmental elements. This jacket has all kinds of pockets you can use to your advantage. That will give you a leg-up in any survival situation where you need to carry all the EDC tools to ensure your chances of survival are greater. If you have extra magazines or want a place to store a secondary sidearm, like a compact or sub-compact pistol, this might be the best-concealed carry jacket for you.

One of the best concealed carry jackets comes from the world-leading brand, Rothco. The Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket is a multi-functional polyester jacket that features a three-layer construction for improved wind and moisture protection. It makes it perfect for everyday wear in a variety of conditions.

This versatile, soft shell tactical jacket consists of a 100% hydrophobic polyester outer shell. It has lightweight, thick insulation, and a breathable wicking fleece liner. The detachable fleece-lined hood can be stashed in the collar, too. Also, it comes with adjustable drawstrings.

The elastic wrist cuffs come with a plastic hook & loop closure and adjustable Velcro to keep the sleeves in any position.

With this, located at chest-level are two deep pockets, which can comfortably and discreetly carry a small handgun.

The jacket has a total of eight pockets: two zipper chest-pockets with two smaller pockets for flashlight or pen, two on the left arm, one on the right shoulder, two interior zippered pockets, and a rear two-way vent/storage compartment.

Another feature we liked is the zipper-operated vents positioned under each arm. These vents are very convenient and help avoid sweat in extremely cold conditions. You can also vent out some of the heat without opening the front zipper.

Except for the inner pockets, all other pockets include an inlet enabling the use of headphones. However, there is one drawback - none of the arm pockets appear to have enough space to hold a five-inch or larger smartphone.

Who Will Use This Most 

This would be excellent for outdoor use. So if you are a concealed carry user looking for a jacket to protect you from the elements and keep you prepared for any dangerous situation, this might be one of the best of the bunch. Keep yourself (and your favorite pistol) warm and you will definitely be prepared for anything.

Bottom Line

The Rothco Special Ops Tactical Soft Shell Jacket might be one of the best concealed carry jackets available on the market. For all your concealed carry and survival needs, this will give you plenty of compartments to work with, along with the ability to carry a pistol discreetly. 

As an added bonus, the Rothco soft shell jacket has 4" x 4" Velcro patches for both arms. It comes in several different colors, including a few camouflage patterns.

The style of the Rothco Special Ops line of jackets has continued the desired features without the excessive cost.

Men's Concealed Carry Jacket Runner-up: 
Rothco 3-Season Concealed Carry Jacket


  • A stylish CCW jacket
  • Front zipper pockets
  • 4 inside mag pockets
  • Suitable for three seasons
  • 2 padded inside concealment pockets for handguns
  • The holster pockets can accept large handguns


  • It is not a light jacket
  • The Velcro that holds the pockets together is small

What Recent Buyers Report 

According to several new buyers, they were able to wear this in fall and spring weather conditions to keep warm all while keeping themselves prepared for any concealed carry or survival situation. One user said he took advantage of the extra pockets by storing all kinds of extra magazines and a portable cleaning kit. He said the pockets provided ample space for everything you need for EDC purposes. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

With a cotton outer shell and a polyester interior, this jacket will protect you from the fall and spring elements while making sure that you are nice and warm, and ahead of the curve in survival situations. When things so south, you’ll be prepared and ready for action. Yes, even in a survival situation where you’ll need to escape from danger, you’ll need EDC tools and your favorite concealed carry pistol on hand just in case you need to protect your life and property. With all kinds of pockets on hand, you will certainly be able to store a good number of items for any given survival situation. It’s like a wearable survival kit you can take on the go.

As its name says, Rothco's 3-Season Concealed Carry Jacket will keep you warm from the fall through the spring season. The jacket looks very casual and is suitable for daily concealed carry.

The two eight-inch across by ten-inch deep inner compartments (with hook & loop enclosures) provide retention and security with fast access. In addition to the inner holsters, there are four inner mag pockets with hook & loop flap closures, which measure six inches deep and 2-1/2 inches wide.

The padded holster pockets are large enough for any full-size weapon - likely up to a six-inch barrel, yet from the outside it's completely unassuming.

Also, the front of this jacket has two front tricot-lined zipper pockets, perfect for keys or a smartphone. This comfortable and stylish jacket has a soft, washed cotton outer shell and is complete with a polyester inner lining. This CCW jacket comes with button-adjustable waist straps, button-closure wrists, and is available in four colors.

There are some negatives with these concealment pouches and mag holders though. One side is held by a small strip of Velcro, which makes it doubtful a larger handgun would stay in these pockets.

Who Will Use This Most 

This will be put to good use if you are in need of a jacket that will be perfect for when the weather is getting colder (or slowly warming up). And yes, you’ll need a good number of pockets to store all of your survival tools (like flashlights, knives, and extra magazines, to name a few). Once you put this jacket on, you’ll be good to go and have a good number of tools available to you, no matter where you are. 

Bottom Line

The Rothco 3-Season Concealed Carry Jacket will definitely prepare you for a good amount of inclement weather elements. Not to mention, it has all the pockets you need in order to keep you prepared for what you need in any SHTF situation. For a jacket that will be perfect for almost year-round use for a pistol and all the gear you need, this might be the one that will fulfill all your survival needs at almost any given time of the year. 

This three-season jacket is perfect for a variety of different environments, but is definitely better for a cooler climate. The comfortable and stylish design is a great addition to your closet and perfect for staying under the radar when carrying in public.

Men's Concealed Carry Jacket Second Runner-up:
Tru-Spec Men's 24-7 Tactical Softshell Jacket


  • Adjustable hem at waist
  • Two angled waist pockets
  • Wind and water-resistant
  • Rear zippered stow pocket
  • All pockets feature waterproof zipper
  • Side seam zippers for easy access to utility belt or torso


  • It is not a light jacket
  • Adding a hood would be a real upgrade

What Recent Buyers Report 

Most of the new users were looking for a jacket that would be resistant to wind and inclement weather. They had no complaints about this jacket when it was put to good use. They were impressed with the jacket being not just resistant to the wind, but also to the water, as well. One user said it worked a lot better than a good number of raincoats that were unable to fit even pocket holsters with pistols intact.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This jacket is no joke when it comes to keeping you protected from the rain, snow, and wind. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. You have a good number of pockets at your disposal to carry your pistol and even extra items like magazines. In essence, it’s a jacket that you’ll be able to put to good use when you need to conceal carry on days when the weather is going to be really bad. Just don’t forget the shoulder holster (or if you can fit your pistol strategically place it one of the pockets). This might be a nice jacket you’ll wear for dressing up (or being well-prepared). 

TRU-SPEC is one of the leading suppliers of uniforms and equipment to military and law enforcement personnel. It also became the favorite brand of many civilians, especially the line of tactical-inspired apparel.

The flagship of their line, a 24-7 tactical soft shell jacket can be worn over a holstered firearm. Thanks to the side seam zippers, it allows for quick access to your holstered sidearm, so it's ready to draw.

This Tru-Spec Jacket works well with many different activities, like hiking or cycling. The zippers and snaps along the sides of the jacket can be also handy with a waist pack or backpack.

With large compartments on the front and back, the 24-7 offers lots of mobility. Although, loading up the pockets will reduce your mobility. It will also annihilate the flexibility and practicality of this tactical jacket.

The front waist pockets are wide and tall enough to hold an iPod, documents, or taller items, such as a water bottle. Keep in mind that if you sit down, these things will bunch up and you'll need to unzip the sides to compensate.

The front pockets have a double zipper feature, which keeps water out when it's raining or snowing. The arm pockets are easy to open and close, especially during driving. They are large enough to fit items such as small first aid kits, flashlights, or shopping bills.

The exterior of the Tru-Spec Tactical Jacket is a soft shell, knitted from nylon and spandex. It's also wind-resistant and reasonably waterproof. As an added bonus, the interior is lined with a light layer of fleece that keeps you warm in mild temperatures around 55 degrees (F).

As a usual standard, Tru-Spec 24-7 jackets feature two shoulder loop patches and hooks and loop self-fabric cuff closures.

Who Will Use This Most 

This would be the perfect jacket for those looking for something to wear when the weather calls for rain, wind, or even snow. It just might be your favorite jacket out of the many that sit in your closet. You can carry a pistol and even a handful of extra goodies that might be key to your survival. You never know what you’ll need if you break down in the middle of the road or get lost in the woods. While it’s a great concealed carry jacket for bad weather, it might serve as the perfect portable EDC kit with so many pockets available. 

Bottom Line

The Tru-Spec Men’s 24-7 Tactical Softshell Jacket is used for the days when nature won’t cooperate. But you best believe it will give you comfort and the ability to be prepared for any given survival situation. This jacket lives up to the name “24-7”. You can wear this anytime and anywhere when the weather takes a grim turn. But you’ll use this to your advantage if your pockets are well-stocked with all the tools and extra magazines you need most in order to survive. 

This jacket is designed to be worn with other layers so it can adapt to most environments and temperatures. The 24-7 is a lightweight fleece shell jacket that doesn't have many pockets. They are very well oriented and engineered to accommodate a variety of items.

Men's Concealed Carry Jacket Third Runner-up:
 Cinch Men's Bonded Softshell Jacket with Concealed Carry Pockets

No products found.


  • Durable and rugged
  • Velcro-backed holster
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Bonded technology for warmth
  • Dual concealment carry pockets
  • Outer material effortlessly repels dust and debris


  • It is not waterproof
  • Works better with smaller guns
  • Velcro interferes with drawing your weapon

What Recent Buyers Report 

As expected, a lot of new users were impressed with the jacket’s ability to keep them warm during the colder days. For users that chose a shoulder holster for concealed carry, this jacket was at the right size to accommodate a good amount of holsters that carried full-sized and compact pistols. The pockets were large enough to fit small tools and even a few extra magazines, according to one user. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This jacket might look like a normal kind of jacket to wear during the cool days. It’s got the right kind of material both inside and out to keep you warm and unaffected by the elements. It’s soft-shelled and machine washable. You won’t have to worry about ruining it just by putting it through the washing machine. And with the pockets that come available with this, you can store a good number of items inside. For everyday use or when out in the woods hunting, this jacket will come quite in handy. 

Denver-based Cinch Jeans is one of the leading apparel brands in the U.S.A. We will be focusing on their range of CCW coats, particularly the Men's Bonded Softshell Jacket with Concealed Carry Pockets.

It's a handsome and handy bonded jacket featuring embroidered Cinch logos. It has two large front pockets and one chest pocket.

This classic outerwear from Cinch features inner pockets on both sides to accommodate right or left-handed shooters. The concealed carry compartments welcome a Velcro-backed holster, giving users the opportunity to quickly pull it out when necessary.

Yet, due to the Velcro used to secure your handgun in place, it may be a little tougher to draw quickly. We recommend sizing this stylish jacket with a smaller, lighter pistol. A full-size pistol is too heavy and bulky for the Velcro and the fit.

Because of the bonded technology used, the Cinch CCW coat is comfortable and warm. It combines a lightweight, yet warm 93% polyester and 7% spandex blend of material.

The Cinch Men's Concealed Carry Bonded coat will protect you from the wind and cold. Although, this soft shell jacket is not waterproof, so it's a less desirable choice for the outdoors-minded carrier.

Who Will Use This Most 

This jacket will be excellent for those who will be at the range on a cool, but nice-enough day to shoot off-target. On top of that, it’s also a great jacket for anyone intending to spend the day out in the woods, but who needs extra pockets for survival tools just in case they get lost in the woods. This jacket isn’t just for concealed carry. It’s perfect for all the outdoor adventures you find yourself in.

Bottom Line

The Cinch Men’s Bonded Softshell Jacket will be one of the ultimate survival jackets for not only concealed carry purposes, but it will come in handy when you are venturing outdoors for longer periods of time. And if in the event you do get lost, you have all the survival gear you need in order to get you through the ordeal or until you are safely out of danger. 

This is a thoughtfully-designed solid jacket intended for short-term outdoor ventures or when taking strolls downtown. It utilizes a far more discrete design than its counterparts. This is a low-profile jacket that allows you to carry a firearm without that tactical look. It also comes in the choice of three colors: red, white, and blue.

Best Women's Concealed Carry Jacket:
Women's Full Metal Jacket

No products found.


  • Discreet draw
  • Removable hood
  • Taffeta inner lining
  • Detachable holster rig
  • Built-in shoulder harness
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Genuine stretchable fleece exterior
  • Suitable for right and left-handed shooters


  • Not for all seasons
  • It is not suited to full-size sidearms

What Recent Buyers Report 

Many new users were women looking for a concealed carry jacket that would keep them well-protected from the weather and even the dangerous situations lurking around the corner. They were quite impressed with some of the pockets being large enough to fit compact-size pistols. One user said she was able to wear this with a good amount of comfort and used the pockets for extra magazines. Not only was she able to use it for EDC carry, but also for the purpose of hiking in the outdoors, as well. As long as she had some survival items handy, she was in good hands. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This jacket is perfect for both right-handed and left-handed users alike. No, it’s not really an ambidextrous holster. But you’ll have available pockets that will be the best fit for a pistol on either side. Rest assured, you won’t have to deal with the frustration of an opposite hand holster. You can have a pistol that can be accessed from whatever pocket you feel comfortable using. 

The Full Metal Jacket from Rivers West is the best-concealed carry jacket for women, in our opinion.

The jacket features eight compartments: two cargo pockets, two hand-warmer pockets, two hidden strong-side draw pockets, and two front pockets.

Each pocket is engineered to provide strong-side and cross-draw access for left and right-handed shooters. Each CCW Full Metal Jacket comes with two holster rigs that incorporate an extra magazine slot.

The selling feature of this jacket is the hidden interior and exterior access to the concealed pockets. This gives you the ability to get to your gun fast – without being detected.

The holster's rigs attach via hook and loop fasteners and they feature a concealment plate that prevents your handgun from printing.

Topped with a detachable hood, this jacket is made from advanced waterproof and windproof fleece. It keeps users warm and comfortable, despite the weather.

As a bonus, a taffeta lining makes it silent in the field with exceptional stretch and comfort. A built-in shoulder harness distributes the weight of your handgun on the shoulder, too.

With this, it cuts the sagging effect of a heavy firearm. Though the manufacturer claims this CCW outwear will fit different handguns, these jackets have issues with full-size sidearms like 1911s.

Who Will Use This Most 

This will be for women looking to conceal carry their favorite pistols just about anywhere. On top of that, it’s a jacket that will be useful to a woman that wants to wear it outdoors while hunting, hiking, or taking part in outdoor activities, all while having their pockets stocked with their EDC items of choice. If you’re a woman that wants to be prepared for just about anything, then you’ll love this jacket for so many reasons. 

Bottom Line

The Women's Full Metal Jacket might be a well-fit jacket for the woman who isn't looking for something that's just fashionable. It's for the woman who is prepared for any dangerous situation she unintentionally finds herself in and always has her favorite pistol handy whenever she needs it. With a good number of pockets, who needs a purse to keep all your magazines and other survival tools on hand? If you are a woman or even a man looking for something for the important woman in your life, this might be the concealed carry jacket that will be perfect.

This stylish and functional jacket is made with sealed seams and ensures users are comfortable in temperatures ranging from 40-60 degrees.

The Rivers West CCW Full Metal Jacket offers unmatched versatility and discretion for women. 

Overall, it allows the carry of a concealed handgun without using a belt or pants holster.

Best Concealed Carry Leather Jacket:
SOA Men's Leather Jacket Anarchy Motorcycle Club Concealed Carry Outlaws

No products found.


  • Double-action and snap buttons
  • Large front and back panels for patches
  • Club-style jacket with one conceal and four carry pockets
  • The outer shell is made of thick solid 1.2mm cow leather
  • Contains five-piece EVA armor in back, shoulder and elbow pockets


  • Bigger handguns have some printing
  • The leather needs conditioner to make it softer

What Recent Buyers Report 

According to most users, they were quite happy with this jacket’s ability to keep pistols close by, along with other additional items. One user bought it because he was able to wear it like a regular jacket without giving a hint of concealing a pistol in one of the pockets. He said it provided a good amount of concealability for his pistol while making himself look casual but prepared for a situation where a pistol might be necessary. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This jacket would pass as a regular biker’s jacket. But what most people won’t realize is that it’s the kind of jacket that will get you out of harm’s way (and be useful to you in a survival application). With so many pockets, you can store magazines and small items like additional cash, a compass, a Leatherman tool, you name it. It’s made from high-quality leather so it’s quite durable and will keep you warm on the colder days. 

The leather jacket is an important garment. It keeps motorcyclists warm in cold weather and safe from unexpected injuries. 

The SOA Men's Jacket is a leather motorcycle jacket that features compartments big enough to hold a Colt .45 ACP pistol. This model has two waist pockets and two chest pockets. The chest pockets have snaps, making them convenient when riding. You can also easily access the contents of the top pocket with or without gloves on when riding.

This motorcycle jacket's outer shell is constructed of thick, 1.2-1.3 mm cowhide leather that's matched with a comfortable inside liner created of non-allergenic polyester.

It features a five-piece EVA armor in the back, shoulder, and elbow pockets. This SOA cowhide leather biker jacket will certainly protect you from external factors.

Who Will Use This Most 

If you ride a bike or prefer wearing leather jackets as part of your wardrobe, you’ll probably love wearing this. Granted, this is no ordinary leather jacket. Add on a good number of items that you need while out in public or at the range and you’ll be set for the day. Who says you don’t need the extra magazines or the additional EDC tools for when disaster strikes? It can happen anytime and anywhere. The question is: will you be ready?

Bottom Line

The SOA Men’s Leather Jacket is stylish, but it will fulfill any of your concealed carry and survival needs in one comfortable article of clothing. Once you put this on, you will never want to take it off. Be sure that you have everything you need in case you need to leave the area when disaster strikes. Furthermore, be sure you have your pistol handy if and when threats to your life are nearby. 

This is a quality leather jacket that offers immense protection. The SOE Leather Jacket has internal conceal carry weapon pockets and is built to last. It offers excellent protection for motorcyclists who are looking to carry.

Best Lightweight Concealed Carry Jacket:
Condor Men's Summit Zero Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket


  • Stowaway hood
  • Featherweight construction
  • Fashionable, with loads of pockets
  • High-rise slash chest pockets with zipper closures
  • Zippered arm pockets and forearm pockets
  • Full-front YKK zipper with double zipper pull for fast on and off


  • The quality control is not good
  • The collar is a little stiff because of the non-detachable hood

What Recent Buyers Report 

One of the things that most new buyers were happy with was the number of pockets that were available. Each of them was strategically placed so they were able to access them with ease if they needed any accessories or reload their pistol with a fresh magazine. Overall, they were quite satisfied with the comfortable fit and ability to resist inclement weather conditions.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This is another jacket that will be excellent on days when the weather won’t cooperate. And it has a good number of pockets that will allow for ample storage of any survival items or even additional magazines. You can discard one magazine and quickly switch to a fresh one just in case you need to reload and fast. If you want a jacket where you can quickly access any pocket, this could be the jacket to go with. And best of all, it will protect your pistol and anything you carry from the bad weather. Plus, it might be the best jacket that you’ll use whenever you are lost in the woods or stuck outdoors for the long-term. 

A lighter version of the Condor Summit 602 model, this jacket is perfect for warmer climates. The Summit Zero Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket features a three-layer integrated shell that wicks moisture, stops water from passing through, and circulates body heat.

All this is possible thanks to the lightweight, breathable fabric that contains billions of microscopic pores. For improved air circulation and temperature control, the jacket is equipped with underarm vent zippers.

Due to the intelligently made construction and four-way elastic, the polyester fabric of the Summit Zero Jacket is very comfortable and allows for full range of motion.

The Condor Men’s Summit Zero Lightweight Jacket has reinforced joints, abrasion reinforced elbows, adjustable wrist cuffs, and a stow-away basic hood.

This jacket comes with several zippered pockets, including two high-rises and Napoleon-style slash pockets, which are convenient for concealed carrying.

Also, it has two shoulder pockets, one forearm pocket, and a double zipper back pocket for storage. Both shoulder pockets feature 3.5″ W x 4″ H patch panels, so you can customize your jacket as you please.

Who Will Use This Most 

This is the perfect jacket for those who love to conceal carry, spend time outdoors, or both. Yes, it would only be used when it’s not the best of days outdoors. But it’s no ordinary jacket. This will make sure you are well-prepared for when a would-be assailant that intends any harm to you or your family. They’ll think twice by the time you pull out your pistol from one of your easily accessible pockets. 

Bottom Line

The Condor Summit Zero Softshell Jacket will hold up in bad (or cold) weather. And it can be a concealed carry user’s best friend if they want maximum concealability and to be better prepared for any survival situation you find yourself in. Don’t be surprised if you wind up calling this your best jacket when Mother Nature unleashes her fury.

Designed for tactical scenarios, and available in multiple colors, the Summit Zero is ideal for outdoor, as well as daily urban activities. As a popular non-insulated version of the Condor Summit jacket, Zero has designed great compromise between price and quality. This is a top pick for those considering a lightweight concealed carry coat.

What Makes it a Concealed Carry Jacket?

The answer to this question, we'll focus on tactical jackets. 

Originating from military jackets, they are designed for law enforcement to function during combat (and everyday) situations. There are few military-style jackets with a lot of functionality. It works well for carrying a firearm and offers a more casual look.

One design is actually the basis for the modern Tacticool and concealed carry jackets: the Eotac Retro Look Field Jacket.

Eotac Retro look Field Jacket (Source)

It's designed with an Algerian Lizard pattern that was once issued to the French Foreign Legion in the late 1950s. This style of this field jacket is timeless, with features that are as functional today as they were then, keeping the looks equally good on the street or in the field.

Today, concealed carry jackets made by arms manufacturers (or affiliates) are modeled after similar outerwear, yet updated with contemporary materials and features. These attractive, good-looking jackets are made specifically for concealed carrying and are designed to look like basic work jackets.

A good conceal jacket needs to serve your duties and fit other societal expectations, without screaming that you're carrying. It's not ideal for everyone to know that you're packing. In addition, you get less hassle if you don’t fit the stereotype of an armed threat.

Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket (source)

Usually, we come across two options. The first has a pocket which allows you to attach a holster and facilitates carrying. The second features large internal compartments with loops or hooks for a handgun and spare mags.

Both methods have to keep the handgun comfortable with minimal movements while enabling fast drawing when a need arises.

In other words, a well-designed CCW jacket has a holster and magazine pouches sewn inside the lining to keep your personal handgun secure, without drawing attention to yourself.


When buying concealed carry coats, the priority feature on your mind should be reliability of concealment. However, quick access to your weapon is also important. Even so, you shouldn't forget that CCW coats protect you from the cold, moisture, and wind.

We hope that this article provided you with all the necessary information about the best-concealed carry jackets in several categories.


He is a military historian enthusiast and hobbyist, war veteran and an avid hunter with more than 30 years of experience. He began reviewing firearms for publications in the mid -1990s and have been fortunate to make many friends in the industry. He has improved continuously his firearms skills and knowledge, which is a never ending journey.

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