2023 Buyer’s Guide – The Best Glock 19 Holsters

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August 8, 2023

For many law-abiding citizens who carry handguns regularly, the Glock 19 could quite possibly be one of the most popular firearms. This handgun has seized the law enforcement market, accounting for roughly 65% of handgun sales in this profession.

The G19’s popularity, which can be credited to its ability to not just be hidden, but concealed in style, has spawned a wide variety of carrying platforms for this weapon.

That's why, we're going to highlight some of the best holsters currently on the market for the Glock 19. With this, we'll be covering the top qualities of each holster and explain why it made our list. 

Comparison of the Best Glock 19 Holsters

  • Fits Most Full-Sized and Compact Handguns in Different Calibers
  • Handcrafted in USA from Genuine Bullhide Leather
  • Fit and Design Ideal for Big Guys
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  • Made from Durable and Heat-Resistant Boltaron Material
  • ‘Posi-Click' Audible Retention Lock System
  • Designed for Glock Users With Right Hand Draw
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  • Works both as an IWB and OWB holster if needed
  • Boltaron material is tougher and more resistant than Kydex
  • Available for most Glock and other handgun models
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  • Specially Designed for Glock 19 Pistol
  • Strong and Durable Custom Molded Kydex Material
  • Great for Appendix, Hip, Side, and Back Carry
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  • Durable and Comfortable Leather Holster for G19
  • OWB Leather Belt Holster Provides a Quick Draw
  • Custom Made for G19 With a Lifetime Warranty
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  • Steerhide Leather Shoulder Holster With Mag Pouch
  • Fits Most Glock Pistols and Accepts Many Accessories
  • Comfortable Medium-Width Harness With Swiveling Flexalon Backplate
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  • Suede Leather Holster With Wide Belt Clip
  • Fits Most Full-Sized and Compact Handguns
  • Extremely Comfortable for IWB Concealed Carry
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IWB vs. OWB - Which is Best For Your Glock 19?

Since the Glock 19 isn’t particularly compact, you shouldn't expect wearing them to be as comfortable as when wearing deeply concealed subcompacts.

On another hand, due to the more convenient, lightweight design, the G19 is a handy, comfortable handgun, particularly when matched with an all-around versatile, durable holster.

The well-thought-out design of Glock 19 supports different types of concealed carry, including inside the waistband, (IWB), and outside the waistband, (OWB), holsters.

Glock 19 in IWB Holster (Source)

Being a dual function weapon, when used as a service sidearm, the Glock 19 can be worn outside the waistband, (OWB), for open carry, but it is also suitable for concealed carry. 

If your primary purpose for carrying a Glock 19 is for self-defense, you will want to choose a CCW holster that aids in keeping your weapon secure, yet out of sight.

For that reason, gun owners tend to carry a handgun in an IWB holster. An IWB holster has more benefits than an OWB holster, due to better concealment and increased stability.

As an added benefit, some IWB holster designs don’t require a belt to be worn, offering various dress styling combinations.

Besides the advantages, it also has some drawbacks in re-holstering, comfort, and convenience. Sometimes these holsters may be slightly uncomfortable when sitting down, and make quick draw more difficult because the gun is covered in layers of cloth and is holstered closely against the body.

However, ordinary users for an open carry style, like police officers and competitors, usually choose outside the waistband, (OWB) holsters, as they are comfortable to wear for extended periods and enable them to get their weapon out quickly if the need arises.

Glock 19 in an OWB Holster (Source)

In other words, the OWB holsters are often more attractive for day-to-day comfortable carrying of the gun and for providing a smoother, faster draw.

When it comes to carrying the Glock 19 while driving, open carriers should consider switching OWB holster positions from standard 3 o'clock to the 4 or 5 o’clock position, just behind the hip.

From the security aspect, IWB holsters tend to beat out OWB, as they keep the pistol snug to your body, keeping your G19 safe and protected without any compromise.

Concealed carry is legal in multiple states, but a good Glock holster should not only be one you can easily conceal, but also should allow you to draw your Glock 19 quickly and safely. Overall, there are great holster designs for both IWB and OWB carry, it just comes down to your own preferences.

Qualities of a Great Glock 19 Holster 

There are many options when you are choosing the right holster for your Glock 19, but not all of them would satisfy established norms and requirements for a satisfactory G19 holster.

There are a few points to be kept in mind when searching for an IWB holster for your Glock 19.


Since an IWB holster would be stored next to your skin, the type of the material and its skin-friendly features are essential.

Some prefer classic leather holsters, but an increasing number of concealed carriers prefer thermoplastics like Kydex or Boltaron made holsters that incorporate a sweat shield or shirt guard —a raised area of material between the rear of the gun and your body.

Inside-the-waistband type holsters should also have a neoprene back-pad, as that helps distribute the weight of the gun on your hip.


Another vital feature for concealed-carry holsters is the ability to adjust the degree of tilt, or cant, to maximize accessibility. The cant allows the user to customize the holster by tilting it forward or backward.  

Ride Height Cant Angle Diagram (source)

Depending on the placement on your body, the holster may need to be canted for accessibility, offering the same angle, in the same orientation, each time you reach for it.


If you decide to use IWB as an alternative to the belt holster, you should choose a holster that attaches with clips when driving – which can be a significant obstacle for some concealed carriers.

IWB Holster shown while driving


For Glock 19 holsters stored outside the waistband, the most vital consideration is keeping the weapon securely attached to the body, while simultaneously providing a certain level of retention and trigger guard coverage.

This ensures safety and wards against negligent discharge and prevents the gun from being easily snatched out of the holster by anyone other than the gun owner.


Retention can be passive and based only on friction and tension to secure the firearm in the holster, and we hardly recommend looking for adjustable retention.

A holster with adjustable retention needs to have enough positive tension so your Glock 19 won’t come out of the holster unintentionally.

The other type, called active retention, utilizes mechanisms, like a strap or thumb break on the top of the holster which holds the weapon in place.

Some outside the waistband belt holsters feature retention in increasing levels, combining a retention strap with another securing mechanism to offer maximum security.

Whereas a retention strap would increase the time required to draw, you should also keep in mind that you will need to practice drawing, so it becomes habitual and instinctual.

Ultimately, both outside the waistband (OWB) and inside the waistband holsters are ideal choices for the average Glock 19 owner.

That is the reason we put together a list of the best Glock 19 holsters on the market to help you choose the right holster for your needs.

Review of the Best Glock 19 Holsters

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Glock 19 holsters. We’ll be outlining why each model stands out and some qualities to be aware of before pulling the trigger on a particular holster.

Best Glock 19 Holster:
Relentless Tactical the Defender Leather IWB Holster

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  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Good value in this price range
  • Handmade of high-quality leather
  • Sturdy, dependable and form fitting
  • Minimalistic IWB concealed carry holster
  • Straightforward drawing and reholstering due to open top design


  • Can be bulky, requiring specific clothing choices
  • The 2" wide holster makes it unsuitable for IWB concealed carry

What Recent Buyers Report 

A lot of new users were not only Glock 19 users, but another handful of them was also using this as a universal holster that would be able to handle all kinds of pistols. They said that it was perfect for the use of reliable concealed carry that was comfortable and easy to adjust for different positions. Overall, the holster was pretty sturdy and held pistols up pretty good without any wiggling or slippage.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This holster is an IWB design that will always equate to better concealability. Indeed, it will get the job done if you hate the idea of having to carry a pistol and trying your best not to let it bulge. And since it’s made with high-quality leather, it will give you the best comfort possible. Because the material doesn’t irritate the skin, which is a good thing for those who happen to suffer from sensitive skin issues.

The simple, brick design of classic Glock 19 could also be dubbed as a “square affair”, as it provides much more fun than it does looks.

When this firearm is paired with a minimalist inside the waistband design, such as the Relentless Tactical Defender holster, it might be the ideal choice for you. Relentless Tactical designed this basic leather IWB holster for small automatics like the S&W Shield and the Glock 43, but it will also fit your compact Glock 19 like a glove.

The Defender holster is handmade of bullhide leather, which is form-fitted for easy concealment and quick, reliable access. Since the Defender holster is built of sturdy and durable leather, it will need to be broken-in before it will fit your Glock 19 perfectly.

The inside the waistband holster is made entirely of leather, with clean stitching incorporated, and a single wide, sturdy steel clip to secure the holster to your pants and belt while you move.

This leather carrying rig can be worn in three different placements, strong side carry, cross draw, and appendix.

As a bonus, this Relentless Tactical holster will allow you optimum concealment regardless of the type of garment you are wearing.

Whereas the Glock 19 is held in place by the friction spawned by the rig being pressed between your belt and you, Defender's open top design makes drawing and reholstering comfortable and straightforward.

Who Will Use This Most 

This will be perfect for Glock 19 users (and owners of any compact or full-size pistol). Yes, it’s a universal holster that won’t discriminate. You can carry a Glock 19 one day and a different kind of pistol the next. This holster is simple enough and doesn’t have any other bells and whistles. So, if you’re not crazy about extra features in a holster, this might be worth settling for. 

Bottom Line

The Relentless Tactical Defender Leather IWB Holster is excellent in quality, can handle so many pistols, and will be comfortable for any given carrying position. You’d be surprised how an IWB holster like this can stack up when pitted against competition holsters. Plus, it’s longevity will far surpass most leather holsters. 

Made without synthetic materials, the Defender leather IWB holster will serve you for many years, providing ease of access when needed most.

The Defender holster is a good starter holster for everyday carry backed by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

Best Glock 19 Holsters Runner-up:
CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster Fits Glock 19/19X

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  • Audible retention lock system
  • Adjustable cant from 0-15 degrees
  • Made of superior Boltaron material
  • Tension screws are easily adjustable
  • Better impact resistance and hardness
  • All stainless steel black powder coat hardware
  • No questions asked return policy and lifetime warranty


  • Not ambidextrous
  • Inner screws are not recessed far enough

What Recent Buyers Report 

This holster was super sturdy in strength according to most users. And the clip quality was strong enough to keep the pistol in position and not move around so much. Glock 19 pistols and their variations were able to fit nicely in this holster while also allowing for quick and easy drawing and re-holstering.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Again, we take a look at an IWB holster that is proven to make fitting a lot more comfortable for users. The polymer material does a good job of not getting scratched, damaged, or cause any snagging on the draw or re-holster. It’s a simple holster that is tough all over and will not change shape over time like some holsters. Also, you won’t have to worry about any sagging or loss of firmness either. 

CYA Supply Company is a holster maker located in Texas. 

The IWB holster for Glock 19 has a slim design and utilizes 1.5" wide nylon belt clips instead of safety loops, for ultimate concealment and easy retention to your waistband.

An American product made of .08" thick Boltaron, a thermoplastic material similar to, but stronger than, Kydex in both heat and impact resistance.

While Boltaron is scratch resistant and chemical resistant just like Kydex, it outperforms Kydex when drawing and reholstering due to its reduced friction . This, in turn, reduces the amount of holster wear on your gun because it eliminates excessive wear from repeated reholstering.

The CYA Boltaron holster is molded to the specific shape of a firearm, so ensure you purchase the right one when ordering. This holster is not ambidextrous so select either the left or right-hand configuration.

Since it is designed to be worn inside the waistband for concealed carry, CYA holster features a popular sweat guard. This part covers the full length of the slide to keep your weapon dry and help you easily reholster your Glock 19 at any time.

This holster boasts an adjustable carry angle (cant) from 0 to 15 degrees (FBI Cant) and adjustable retention. Both the screw on the belt loop and screws placed in front of the trigger guard are adjustable via a hex Allen key, included with the holster.

Who Will Use This Most 

This will be a great starter holster for those who are new to concealed carry. It will certainly leave a lasting impression for new users that want nothing more than excellent quality and superior retention. You’ll be even more surprised if you get consistently quick drawing even a year after owning it. The holster will retain its quality and will never sag or bog you down after long-term use. In short, it’s a holster that might as well last forever.

Bottom Line

If you want a pistol that is simple in design and really sturdy, then the CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster could be what you need for your Glock 19. All you have to do is strap this onto your belt or waistband, slip your pistol in it and you’ll be ready for any danger that may be lurking nearby. Preparedness is key when it comes to your own safety. But the question is: what kind of holster will prepare you for a self-defense application? This one might just be the answer to that very question. 

This Boltaron IWB holster is chemical and scratch resistant, and sports a thin profile to ensure concealment making it an excellent option for daily concealed carry.

It enables a smoother draw and re-holster. This highly adjustable, Boltaron thermoplastic holster should undoubtedly enhance user experience.

Best 2-In-1 Holster:
UM Tactical IWB/OWB Qualifier Holster


  • Open on the muzzle end
  • Adjustable retention
  • Can be used as IWB or OWB
  • Tougher than Kydex at extreme temps
  • Offers better protection to the weapon
  • The OWB strap is unique and sturdy


  • Requires a belt
  • Works best with wide and thick (at least ⅛”) belts

What Recent Buyers Report

This holster is perfect in terms of comfort and flexibility. The boltaron material is tougher and more protective than Kydex. The concealment is perfect and so is the value for money. But make sure you use a wide and thick belt that cups the clip properly.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The UMT qualifier holster features a two-in-one design and can be used as IWB or OWB. The OWB strap is a unique design and practically indestructible and super-pliable. The adjustment for retention is an easy turn of the screw. The material is great and the holster is very comfy. 

Who Will Use This Most

This holster is perfect for people who wear belts at all times. The OWB strap is almost weightless and very stable with the right belt. The holster is great for EDC and CCW uses. Mostly for defensive encounters in a non-tactical scenario. It can also be used as a purse holster though. 

Bottom Line

The UMT qualifier holster features a unique and revolutionary design that converts your IWB holster into a lightweight and comfy OWB holster. The boltaron material is more durable than Kydex. Plus the two-in-one design also offers an amazing value for the money.

Best Glock 19 Holsters Second Runner-up:
Fierce Defender IWB Kydex Holster

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  • Adjustable retention
  • Extremely low profile
  • Moisture and sweat resistant
  • Adjustable cant for perfect fit
  • Slim design for concealed carry
  • Fully covers trigger and backside of gun
  • IWB holster made of thick .08 Kydex material


  • Belt clip is not adjustable
  • Rough edges may irritate skin
  • Needs buffer material to avoid scratches from protruding screws

What Recent Buyers Report 

Most of the new users were impressed with some of the features and characteristics of this holster. For one, they were really happy with how durable and sturdy the holster was. Second, the retention clip did a good job of making sure the holster stayed in place and wasn’t moving around while the shooter was in motion. And lastly, the drawing times were much faster for them even compared to the old holsters that they’ve used in the past.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This holster is made from a material known as Kydex. It’s considered to be a rising star in terms of the kind of material that is included in holsters. What’s so great about it, you ask? The fact that it is pretty dang indestructible. It won’t rip, dent, scratch, or change shape. Plus, it will allow for consistently fast drawing and re-holstering without a single snag. Plus, you can expect this to be miles better in longevity compared to nylon and even leather.

The Fierce Defender holster is made in the U.S.A. and has all necessary concealment and comfort features.

The Fierce Defender is designed as inside the waistband, (IWB), holster making it the best option for all who take carrying a concealed weapon seriously.

Custom made Fierce Defender holsters utilize 0.8" thick Kydex, specially molded to fit your Glock 19, Glock 23, or Glock 32, and will hold even the latest generation, (Gen 5), of these pistol models.

The Fierce Defender holster thoroughly covers both the trigger and the backside of the Glock, providing proper safety, protecting skin from any contact with metal and providing a shield against sweat.

The retention screws are easy to adjust, so you can draw and holster your Glock pistol quickly and safely.

However, the tensioning screws near trigger guard come out randomly so you will need to add a small drop of thread locker.

The holster features an adjustable cant, enabling ease of draw while seated and supports multiple carry options, including the appendix, side, small of back (SOB), or hip carry.

Who Will Use This Most 

If you want a holster that is just as reliable as your Glock 19, this might be exactly what you are looking for. In fact, the Kydex material is so good that you know that reliability will be maintained throughout the years or decades that you use this. It’s no slouch when it comes to how well it performs and how excellent it is in quality. If you want a holster that might be the last one you ever buy, why look any further than this?

Bottom Line

If you want to see what the hype is all about when it comes to Kydex, then the Fierce Defender IWB Kydex Holster will probably stand out as the go-to option for those who are searching for nothing more than superior quality and excellent reliability for their Glock 19s. This holster will definitely keep your trusty pistol at your side until you absolutely need to use it in a self-defense application. 

As you would expect, the Kydex gives a low profile and comes with a strong, sturdy plastic clip. Whereas the single belt clip is designed to fit only 1 3/4 “ belts, on the thinner belts the holster will pivot forward and backward.

Overall, this inside the waistband (IWB) concealed carrying rig is a functional unit at a decent price and features all necessary attributes to become a part of your everyday life.

Best Glock 19 Holsters Third Runner-up:
1791 GunLeather Glock 19 Holster - Right Hand OWB

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  • Lifetime warranty
  • Excellent retention
  • Available in many colors
  • Keeps gun close to body
  • Open top design for quick draw
  • Handcrafted premium steerhide leather


  • Really tight fit
  • Needs very long break-in period

What Recent Buyers Report 

New users were looking for a holster that would fit just about any pistol possible (including the Glock 19). They were impressed with the holster’s compatibility while it also provided a good amount of comfortable all-day carrying. One user who had to ditch his nylon holster due to snagging issues. After trying this out, he said that his draw times were much faster and it gave him quicker and easier access to his Glock 19.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Yes, there are left-handed holsters and ambidextrous holsters that exist on the market. But of course, we cannot forget the right-handed shooters who use a holster that is exclusive for their dominant hand. It’s a universal holster that is made for pistols like the Glock (and other brands like S&W, Beretta, and SIG Sauer among others). The leather material makes this holster really sturdy in construction and won’t easily fall apart like corn flakes at the bottom of a bowl. If you want a holster that can provide solid quality and excellent retention, you’d be hard-pressed to find a holster like this anywhere else. 

If you like the smell of new leather, the 1791 Gunleather Glock belt holster is the ideal holster for your concealed carry needs. The 1791 Gunleather Company is a young firm already known for its quality gun holsters and leather gun accessories.

Using heavy American native steerhide leather, every holster is handcrafted by skilled artisans and features a hand-molded exterior to provide maximum comfort, reliability, and durability.

The 1791 BH2.1 holster for Glock 19 is made from very thick, and apparently high-quality, leather utilizing reinforced stitching to ensure superior retention and security.

The 1791 GunLeather OWB holster is a perfect match for a reliable firearm, such as your G19, but like other leather holsters, it requires a break-in period.

Since the very thick steerhide used in its construction makes it one of the stiffest holsters on the market, 1791 holsters might need an extended break-in period.

The 1791 GunLeather model BH2.1 leather holster fits the Glock 19 and it will support belts up to 1 and 3/4 inches.

This OWB belt holster will retain your compact Glock 19 close to your body in a concealed position, enabling the best fit for your personal style.

Who Will Use This Most 

Obviously, this is a holster that will be exclusively for right-handed shooters. But it will be open for use to anyone who owns a compact or full-size pistol. If you want something that will be great for straight drawing or cross draw, this holster might be your cup of coffee. And since it’s made from high-quality leather, you can expect this sucker to stick with you for years down the road.

Bottom Line

The 1791 Gunleather Glock 19 Holster might be the ideal holster for those who draw and shoot right-handed. It’s got excellent quality and is super comfortable for all-day carry. After all, isn’t that what you want in a Glock 19 holster? Well, that’s only a sample size of what you’ll get with this holster in particular. 

As proof of quality, many law enforcement agencies, civilians, and gun enthusiasts around the world use 1791 Gunleather holsters. In addition, the manufacturer offers no-hassle returns and a lifetime guarantee for all of their products.

Best Glock 19 Shoulder Holster:
Galco Classic Lite Shoulder Holster System

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  • System includes one ammo carrier
  • Made of premium center-cut steerhide
  • Very comfortable, particularly for drivers
  • Less expensive than polished finish leather holsters
  • Medium-width rig with swiveling Flexalon backplate
  • Accepts tie-downs, cuff case and accessory attachments


  • Needs a break-in period
  • Shoulder holster for part-time carry

What Recent Buyers Report 

This shoulder holster was a popular choice among those who conceal carry in cold weather (and also carry secondary pistols). Another half of new users were security guards who need a holster that was anything but a hip holster, to throw off assailants. This holster fits a good number of Glock 19s and similar pistols, giving way to a no-bulge fit that allowed for under-the-radar concealability. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Now we turn our attention to shoulder holsters. Indeed, it will get colder weather-wise depending on where you are. Or maybe you are planning on carrying two pistols at once. You’ll have plenty of space to carry your Glock 19 so you have a pistol that will come in handy if and when your primary pistol somehow jams on you or malfunctions. While it’s a good primary pistol for most users, a Glock 19 could always work out as a secondary pistol as well. The shoulder holster is easily adjustable and will fit most shooter frames with ease. And yes, it fits more pistols within the Glock name. Whether you own a 19 or a 17, this is the holster that can handle just about any model you can name. 

When we mention Galco International, the first association is their professional rigs made of full-grain steerhide and particularly Galco's most copied shoulder holster systems in the world, the Miami Classic.

Not everyone, however, needs a relatively heavy, expensive shoulder holster that holds up to 80 hours a week of use. Therefore, Galco International has designed a reasonably priced alternative shoulder system called Classic Lite. This underarm holster is intended for part-time or occasional carry, and is a good solution for gun owners who spend a lot of time seated or driving in cars.

As an economical option for half the price of the Miami Classic, the Classic Lite holster is made of fairly thin orthopedic suede leather, at about 1/8″ thick. The holster features a suede finish on both sides rather than the polished finish of the more expensive Miami holster.

With a Classic Light holster, you get all the comfort and versatility of Galco's professional rigs as they feature the same patented connectors and hardware as the other Galco holsters.

Whereas the more expensive steerhide holsters are molded and boned to fit the gun tightly, Classic Lite has a floppy construction, but the dimensions are accurate, allowing the weapon to be held quite securely with additional thumb break safety.

Like Galco professional rigs, the Classic Lite is fully modular with a complete system-holster, single ammo carrier, and JRH harness. In addition, Galco C3H components and optional accessories may be purchased separately.

Galco Classic Lite Shoulder System is only available in one color, natural, and needs a break-in period, as expected with a leather holster. This Galco's rig is available in right or left-hand draw.

Who Will Use This Most 

If you are a Glock owner, then this holster is exclusively for you. It doesn’t matter how many you own or which one you carry on a regular basis, this holster will support it. This will fit average-sized shooters. No matter your size, you deserve a holster that will give you an excellent all-day carry experience without a single hint of discomfort. 

Bottom Line

There are not too many holsters out there that are designed exclusively for a Glock 19 (or similar models). But if you want one that is, the Galco CL224 Classic Lite Shoulder Holster System might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Whether you have to wear it for your security job or when you need to carry something extra, this holster will rise above and beyond the call of duty in order to make sure your pistol is alongside you every single day. 

Using premium center-cut steerhide, a clover shape, and a Flexalon swivel back plate, the Classic Lite is an excellent setup, and if you cannot find a suitably comfortable concealed carry holster, this would solve that dilemma.

Best Glock 19 IWB Holster:
Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster

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  • Thin suede stays cool
  • Strap secures holster in belt
  • Leather feels comfortable on skin
  • Designed for optimum concealment
  • Excellent value for a holster in this price range
  • Fits many different full-size and compact pistols


  • Difficult to reholster
  • Some contact between skin and metal
  • Cannot be concealed under a tucked-in shirt

What Recent Buyers Report 

As expected, new buyers were not disappointed in the slightest with this holster’s sturdiness and reliability. Furthermore, most users concluded that this was a really comfortable holster that didn’t trigger any skin irritation. Aside from Glock 19s, this holster was also able to fit other pistols like SIGs, S&Ws, and more. One user said that depending on the day, he switches between a Glock 19 and a Colt 1911 but still wears this holster no matter what. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This holster is small in size, but it will definitely be worth tacking on to your belt or waistband if you want something that will provide maximum concealability. It will be as if nothing is at your side. It’s an IWB holster that will not give any user with sensitive skin grief, or allow for any skin irritation or chafing. It’s guaranteed comfort no matter how often you wear it.

The U.S.A. manufacturer, Relentless Tactical, is known for their high-quality leather carrying rigs, backed by manufacturer's lifetime warranty. The Ultimate Suede holster is a natural extension to the Defender leather IWB holster, but is not as hard on the skin as finished leather.

Compared to the Relentless Defender Leather, it is more comfortable because of its velvety texture. As a result, it is the perfect holster to carry every day. As for the plastic holsters, this suede leather rig is more conforming and comfortable to the skin.

While the thin, suede-leather construction conforms to the gun and wearer’s body very well, this genuine leather is surprisingly cool to the skin.

The Ultimate Suede Leather holster is a narrow, one clip unit that can work with several different types of firearms, like the 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP. 

The Relentless suede holster does a great job of holding the firearm in place since it has a strap, allowing you to slip it into your belt.

This Relentless leather holster provides ease-of-access when most needed, but like all holsters of this design, it is hard to re-holster because the top opening is not reinforced.

Who Will Use This Most 

If you want something that will allow for sturdy carrying while being able to stay in your desired carrying position and will allow for quick drawing when you absolutely need it, this is a great product. If you want a holster that will get you through each day without any discomfort or reliability issues that plague some cheap and flimsy holsters, consider this one of your better options.

Bottom Line

The Relentless Tactical Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster will certainly be the odds on favorite for those who want a holster that can handle the high-stress situations. Whether you use it for self-defense or if you are on the job as a police officer or security guard, this holster will handle the draws, re-holstering, and every day carrying duties without leaving you hanging after a long period of use. 

As a simple concealment option, the Ultimate Suede is quite thin for a leather holster, and provides an ultra-low profile to minimize printing and maximize comfort.

Although this thin, Ultimate, inside the waistband holster comes with excellent stitching and adds minimal size to your gun, it can be a little bulky, limiting the clothing options when wearing it.

Best Glock 19 OWB Holster:
Orpaz Glock 19 Holster

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  • Innovative 2-piece design
  • Adjustable right or left-hand draw
  • Custom molded with nylon 6 polymer
  • Easy thumb release retention system
  • Level 2 retention with thumb lock & release mechanism
  • Retention adjustment for ease-of-draw and retention level


  • Small pistols can rattle around a bit
  • Wide 2” belt loops allow holster to slip around on belt

What Recent Buyers Report 

New buyers were looking for a holster with a simple design and the ability to handle a good number of different Glock models. They were able to fit their Glock 19s and other types into this holster. No-slip, no wiggle, no problem according to one user. He also added that it was great for those who are looking for a little speed in their draw. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The Orpaz Glock 19 Holster comes from Israel and is designed as an outside the waistband, (OWB), carrying system.

The Orpaz holster has a rotation paddle that slides into your waistband and allows 360 degree rotation. This Orpaz OWB is a Level 2 style, low-ride holster because it features a thumb release mechanism and retention that engages the trigger guard area during reholstering.

The Glock paddle holster by Orpaz is fully adjustable with an M5 Allen key (included), enabling you to adjust holster tightness and carry angle with a 360° rotating option that changes easily for various carry positions.

As a bonus, the paddle piece is curved to fit the body and fully adjustable to carry appendix, cross-draw, small-of-back (SOB), or strong-side draw.

This OWB holster is custom-molded with Nylon 6 reinforced Polymer, which is highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals.

Designed by veterans and combat-tested, it features details like a sight channel to protect your pistol’s sights.

Who Will Use This Most 

If you want a holster that will handle any Glock you can think of, this is the one that you’ll probably wind up using. It’s a simple holster that doesn’t have all kinds of bells and whistles that will turn heads. It’s just designed to do a job: provide you with a good amount of preparation for when you need to defend yourself against attackers or prowlers that dare to set foot on your property or randomly threaten your life. 

Bottom Line

The Orpaz Glock 19 Holster is a simple holster that might be newbie-friendly to those starting out with concealed carry. It’s about what you expect from a holster, made from high-quality materials and provides an excellent fit for just about any Glock pistol you can get your hands on. It’s just another one of the handful of Glock exclusive holsters available on the market.

The Orpaz Glock 19 Holster provides the user nearly indefinite modularity and carrying options with both a right and left-hand draw.

The paddle arrives with the holster as a default, but once you remove the paddle piece, the low ride platform can be used with a belt and combined with a Drop-Leg Thigh platform such as a Glock 19 Drop-Leg holster.

Whereas this holster is created with the demands of tactical operation units in mind, while wearing combat or bulletproof vest for civilians, it will work the best as a basic range holster.

Best Glock 19 Kydex Holster:
Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

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  • Full sweat shield
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Adjustable retention pressure
  • Thin .08" width maintains rigidity
  • Kydex IWB concealed carry holster
  • Can be worn at virtually any carry position
  • Adjustable carry angle (cant) 0-15 degrees


  • May pop off thin belts
  • Difficult to rotate belt clip to 0-degree cant

What Recent Buyers Report 

This holster was pretty comfortable for most users. And as expected, it provided a good amount of concealment for those that want to carry their pistols but not in the sight of those who might be asking some questions you don’t want to answer (i.e.--” Why do you carry a pistol?”). Most of the new users have also added that the clip was super sturdy, kept the holster in position, and didn’t slip out of place. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This is another holster made with Kydex, and it might be the last holster you ever buy because of its ability to last longer than any other material. Construction-wise, it’s pretty tough and rugged. And it fits only Glock 19s. 

Another quality, yet straightforward, handmade holster comes from Concealment Express, based out of Jacksonville, Florida. Concealment Express concealed carry holster is designed to be worn inside the waistband (IWB). This customized holster perfectly fits your Glock 19 (Gen 1 - Gen 5) when attached via standard belt 1.5" clips made of hard ABS material.

Kydex, the main competitor to leather, is used to make this durable Glock 19 holster that is almost insensitive on atmospheric conditions. The Kydex is measured at .08", which adds a small weight (only 2.5 oz.) to your weapon but it is thick enough to give the holster rigid structural integrity. Indeed, a useful addition to the IWB Kydex Holster is an integrated full-length sweat guard to keep your weapon safe from any corrosive damage and helps guide the weapon when reholstering after use.

Though its design is minimal, this holster features adjustable retention and an adjustable carry angle, or cant, for your preferred carrying style, including appendix, hip, side, and back carry positions. It means you can adjust holster position anywhere between 0 and 15 degrees, but sporadic complaints have been made regarding this feature. In addition, this remarkable product comes with a fully covered trigger area for your safety.

Who Will Use This Most 

If you are a Glock owner looking for a rifle that will be perfect for the Glock 19 and only that kind of pistol, then you’d be hard-pressed to find a holster like this anywhere else. Of course, you can't continue the conversation without mentioning how fast the drawing times will be compared to other holsters. And they will stay fast for as long as you keep using the pistol itself. 

Bottom Line

The Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster might just be only for the Glock 19, but you can believe that it’s a match made in heaven. A reliable and tough holster for a pistol that is reliable and well-built to take on the heavy-duty applications? Where do we sign up? You’d be insane to pass up the opportunity to give this holster a closer look. 

Since this holster is so minimalist, it will help you enjoy an everyday concealed carry, no matter how you are dressed. Like most reputable manufacturers, Concealment Express provides a lifetime warranty for this product. As a bonus, black oxide treated hardware keeps your weapon from any form of corrosion and in an anti-scratch configuration.


The Glock 19 is one of the most popular handguns, equally appropriate for concealed and open carry. Besides that, it is a favorite of many police, military, and LE agencies, as well as an army of gun enthusiasts. Considering that, there are many IWB and OWB holsters for Glock 19 on the market today, so you need to be meticulous and find one that meets your preferences. We hope this review has been helpful guiding you on your way to a new Glock 19 holster!


He is a military historian enthusiast and hobbyist, war veteran and an avid hunter with more than 30 years of experience. He began reviewing firearms for publications in the mid -1990s and have been fortunate to make many friends in the industry. He has improved continuously his firearms skills and knowledge, which is a never ending journey.

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