Locked and Secure: The Best Glock 23 Holsters of 2019

The Glock 23 is one of the top choices in the world for concealed carry. Its compact size, suitable firepower, and relentless reliability, on the backdrop of Glock's proven history of performance, makes it an ideal choice for many concealed carriers that need a gun big enough to handle, but small enough to adequately conceal full-time.

It’s not small, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be, as the footprint of the handgun is small enough to achieve the desired result of total concealment, while still offering great gun handling for a majority of shooters.

Because of this obvious prowess in the concealed carry market, a plethora of holsters are made for the Glock 23. This article will seek to help you find the best one for your unique needs.

Best Glock 23 Holsters Comparison Chart


Concealed Carrier Universal IWB Holster

  • Best Glock 23 holster on our list
  • Universal holster design to fit almost every handgun
  • Allows you to carry attached lasers and flashlights
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Fierce Defender IWB Kydex Holster​

  • Glock 23 holster runner-up
  • Made from strong and durable Kydex with sweat-protective design
  • Adjustable cant and retention, plus flared opening for quick re-holstering
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Bianchi 57 Remedy Holster

  • Glock 23 holster second runner-up
  • Made from leather for longevity, comfort, and protection to the weapon
  • Low-profile hi-ride design for exceptional concealment and minimal bulk
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Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster

  • Best Glock 23 IWB holster
  • Aesthetically pleasing and comfortable handmade genuine leather construction
  • Fits most full-sized and compact handguns for versatility
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CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster Fits

  • Best Kydex holster for Glock 23
  • Made from durable bolatron and is fully adjustable for cant and retention
  • Compact and slim profile design ideal for EDC and CCW
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Galco Classic Lite Shoulder Holster System

  • Best shoulder holster for Glock 23
  • Comfortable medium-width harness with swiveling Flexalon backplate
  • Accepts tie downs, cuff case, and accessory attachments
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What Makes the Glock 23 a Great Concealed Carry?

There are the obvious reasons that the Glock 23 is a preferred concealed carry handgun, but it goes deeper than just the size and history of the gun.

The actual design of the G23 allows for it to continue to be one of the most popular firearms in the United States and a perfect option for carrying concealed.

Glock 23 (Source)

The ability to carry safely with a round in the chamber and still with a safety intact. Even though there are some critics of the trigger safety, the gun has been copied by hundreds of other models due to the innovative trigger that renders the gun essentially in a safe condition, and still in “condition one”, ready for action.

Other important features that makes the Glock a winner from a concealed carry perspective:

  • Strong Performance History
  • A Somewhat Slim, Smaller Size Compared to a Full-Sized Handgun; Yet Substantially Similar Firepower                                                                   
  • Lightweight Relative to Peers
  • Shorter Overall Length With a Still Substantial Sight Plane
  • Tons of Accessories and Holsters Available
  • Exceptional Durability With Low Maintenance Requirements in Damp Conditions (Sweat, etc.)
  • Widespread Usage

What is the Ideal Type of Holster for the Glock 23?

Holsters that keep the gun tight to the body and balanced by covering the bulk of the mass of the gun is a good choice for a concealed carry advocate utilizing a G23 for daily carry. Those holsters that can adequately support what amounts to being a still substantial gun, despite not being “full-sized”, will also be a good option.

Concealed Carrier Universal IWB Holster For Concealed Carry

That will mean that the construction quality of the holster will need to be top tier, as the weight of 13+ rounds of .40 S&W inside of a Glock 23 will still weigh over 31 ounces altogether. While not overly heavy, it's not the paltry weight of the comparatively micro and subcompact guns that have become so popular in recent years.

Look for a holster that:

  • Secures the Gun Well, Including a Full Coverage of the Trigger Guard
  • Allows for Unimpeded Insertion to Maintain the Safety Afforded by the Glock “Safe-Action” Trigger
  • Is Slim and Fits With a Tight Retention
  • Is Large Enough to Control the Larger Size of the Glock 23 (Relative to More Compact Peers)
  • Has a Full-Length Sight Channel to Avoid Snags
  • Is Built to a Level or Durability That Complements the Glock Brand, so Your Holster is Not the Weak Link

Quick Take - The Best Glock 23 Holsters

Review of the Best Glock 23 Holsters

We have picked and reviewed some of the best holsters for Glock 23 available in the market below. 

1. Best Glock 23 Holster: Concealed Carrier Universal IWB Holster

CONCEALED CARRIER (TM) Universal IWB Holster For Concealed Carry | Inside The Waistband | Fits all firearms S&W M&P Shield 9/40 1911 Taurus PT111 G2 Sig Sauer Glock 19 17 27 43 (Left-Handed)

Slim fitting, and comfortable, this is the holster you should choose if you need the soft stretchy build to ensure a variety of hold positions involving the waistband.

The sure retention of the behind-frame strap guarantees you are an active participant in de-holstering and are aware of the situation – it also keeps your gun in the same position you left it in.

An extra mag pouch sleeve delivers added value. This holster also allows for accessory carry, not just with the extra mag pouch, but in the larger paddle style front-end of the holster sleeve.


  • Very Inexpensive
  • No Printing Despite a Soft Overall Build
  • Sure Retention and Safe Trigger Protected Insertion


  • Materials May Eventually Wear Out Under Hard Use Conditions
  • times-circle
    No Dedicated Hard Sight Channel Requiring Special Care to Avoid Sight Snags

Bottom Line

This is a holster that just makes sense for the active crew that needs something that won’t be stiff in its carry and still has adequate overall coverage for the Glock, being larger than some other (sub-compact) peers in the carry field.

The well-built holster champions a soft-sided build that can be much more comfortable to carry for a lot of people in an IWB configuration. Generally, this is a versatile holster, with the ability to fit multiple guns, and the small price point gives big value.

2. Best Glock 23 Holster Runner-up: Fierce Defender IWB Kydex Holster

Fierce Defender IWB (Inside Waistband) Kydex Holster Glock 19 23 32' Winter Warrior Series (Black) GEN 5 Compatible!

They thought of everything with this IWB holster. It truly is the culmination of the recent innovations in holster making and offers a very nice value for the money, considering all of the technology and design efficiency that has gone into the holster. 

It starts with the full-length sight channel to keep the snag-free operation intact; while the Kydex material offers rigid, lightweight operation and a slim carrying vessel.

High-quality hardware improves the longevity and durability of the holster and offers secure retention, including the safe, gun-centric full-sized trigger guard cover.


  • Sturdy
  • Exceptional Hardware
  • Adjustable Cant From 0-15 Degrees
  • Superior Build Quality and Made with Innovative Materials


  • No Real CONS to Speak of

Bottom Line

For the money, you'd find it difficult to get another holster delivering as much efficiency and innovation as the Fierce Defender IWB. Smart design trumps everything in this holster that subtly address most concerns from the Glock 19 and 23 community, given the larger footprint of the handgun.

Full trigger coverage and adjustable tensioning, as well as a full-length plate on the body side of the holster guarantee you won't have snags on clothing or sweat concerns.

3. Best Glock 23 Holster Second Runner-up: Bianchi 57 Remedy Holster

Bianchi 57 Remedy Holster Fits Glock 19, 23, 32 (Black, Right Hand)

One of the original players in the modern concealment market, the Bianchi 57 Remedy holster is an easy choice for traditionalists that need super quick access to their firearm, even if it comes as a slight disadvantage for concealment.

This is an OWB leather holster that not only looks good but is built for a lifetime of service and will fit some of the biggest belts out there to add to its versatility and daily carry potential.

For a leather holster, it also has incredibly low bulk and rides well in numerous positions, though it favors rear hip carry.  


  • Striking Looks
  • Proven Carry Angles
  • Top-Quality Construction
  • A Minimalist Leather Holster
  • Very Reasonably Priced for a Leather Holster


  • May Print a Bit More Than Others Due to Location and Styling

Bottom Line

A traditional look, traditional feel, and lifetime type construction quality means you are getting what the Bianchi name has been trading on for decades: top quality and excellent research and development.

It is still a simple design that favors very fast de-holstering and a snag-free design, with native tension for great retention without impeding a fast draw.

The dual belt slots offer balance and consistent draw position and will fit 1.5-inch belts, which will help carry the weight and bulk of the Glock 23, which, while not overtly heavy, is still nearly two pounds on the hip fully loaded.

4. Best Glock 23 Concealed Holster: Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

An audible click helps to ensure great retention and solid holstering protocols, which will ultimately lead to safer handling.

The minimal design and top-tier hardware give great retention and solid rigidity for one of the most consistent draws out of this list for an IWB style holster.

The Kydex is lightweight and durable, and the company offers a 100% unconditional warranty for the lifetime of the product. The adjustability and slim design combined with the notable rigidity offers a variety of positions for carrying including appendix, hip, and cross draw holsters.

Palm style carry on either side will also work and the same OWB configurations are applicable.


  • Versatile Positioning
  • Full-Length Coverage on the Backside
  • Safe, Audible Holstering Helps Maintain Safety Procedures
  • Sophisticated Hardware That is Built With Durability in Mind


  • No Real CONS to Speak of

Bottom Line

For those that like the versatility and can give up some of the bulk (which ordinarily will add to rigidity and consistency in the draw), this is an excellent holster that barely underperforms some of the top rigid holsters on the market despite being much lighter and more durable while still maintaining a compact footprint.

In all, the trade-off seems more than beneficial for those who need multi-positional carry potential. Add to the mix the solid build quality and you have a real winner for a Glock 23 or 19 for daily carry without the drawbacks of lesser quality hardware and minimal bulk

5. Best Glock 23 IWB Holster: Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster

Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster - Made in USA - for S&W M&P Shield - Glock 17 19 22 23 32 33 / Springfield XD & XDS/Plus All Similar Sized Handguns – Charred Oak – Right Handed

One of the finest designs for IWB carry with a leather material profile and a no-print design. This is a holster that will not be apparent to onlookers and yet, offers every benefit of all the best IWB holsters on the market.

It is not as fancy as others but it does have significant comfort benefits over others on the market. The thick leather not only acts as a durable, friction fit retention but protects your soft belly from hard gun parts during extended carry situations.

It’s highly-rated because it performs. If you need an IWB and want the fastest draw for such a platform, the Relentless “The Defender” is a perfect option.


  • Top-Quality Leather
  • Dead Simple Design That Doesn’t Try to be Something it’s Not
  • Lifetime Warranty From a Company That Has Proven Their Top Notch Customer Service
  • Significant Comfort Compared to Other Offerings When in Dedicated IWB Configuration


  • No Real CONS to Speak of

Bottom Line

This holster is a premium, friction fit holster that has very few detractors from the perspective of its sweet spot: IWB (inside waistband) carry.

With a full coverage enclosure and absolutely no-printing, this is a solid choice for those who like the carry comfort of leather and know they feel comfortable with a friction fit on an IWB style holster instead of a click retention or other solution.

The full trigger guard coverage and simple sleeve design offer safe, trouble-free holstering/re-holstering.

6. Best Kydex Holster For Glock 23: CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster Fits

CYA Supply Co. Inside Waistband Holster Concealed Carry IWB Veteran Owned Company (Flat Dark Earth, 003- Glock 19/23/32/19X/45)

In what seems like a world full of generic plastic holsters, this is something special, and yet, it stealthily hides among the similarly colored, similarly styled competitors that lack what this holster inherently has.

The idea of minimalism is usually overwrought by modern holster makers and still fails to deliver on the promises accompanying the design implementation. Not the case with this CYA Supply holster.

Minimalism is deftly portrayed here, as the coverage of the holster is enough to protect against snags, cover the trigger safely, and still shave enough off of the size to make it carry comfortably and still have a rigid de-holstering procedure.

Top quality hardware means you don’t have to wonder whether the holster will perform, it just does. Adjustable tension and the “Posi-click” snap-in design mean you will know whether you are fully seated or not.


  • Simple and Safe
  • Serious Customer Support and Proven Reliability


  • It May be a Bit Too Slim for Some Carriers in an IWB Configuration

Bottom Line

If you prefer a super slim IWB holster there aren’t many pretenders to this throne, the reigning king is the CYA IWB in Boltaron (essentially Kydex) material. You get snag-free draws, quick de-holstering, and full coverage for a condition one carry style and no drawbacks to the overall process.

 A 100% warranty and an efficient design that favors all day carry for those who need IWB and want minimalism make this a great holster choice.

7. Best Shoulder Holster for Glock 23: Galco Classic Lite Shoulder Holster System

Galco CL224 Classic Lite Shoulder Holster System for Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 (Right-Handed)

Simple, slim, and well-built, this is a great partner for seated carry on a daily basis and will literally feel like you aren’t even wearing a gun.

The weight distribution of a shoulder holster combined with the simple design and top-quality hardware means that you can trust the versatility and adjustability of the design because it’s still quite durable.

The rotating back hub will allow a full range of motion without difficulty and reduction in arm movement. The horizontal carry position is generally safe and the full coverage paddle designed retention sleeve ensures you don’t have trigger actuation concerns.


  • Excellent Weight Distribution
  • Great Pricing for Top-Quality Construction From a Premium Brand Name
  • Simplistic Design Accepts Add-Ons From Galco and Tie Downs to Ensure Movement Capabilities


  • Holster Portion is Not Fully Custom Fit, so Retention May Seem Loose on Some Firearms
  • times-circle
    Shoulder Holster May Not Allow Full-Time Concealment Without Extra Attention to Your Surroundings and Attire

Bottom Line

The ability to carry with ease is more than enough to convince most carriers of the trade-off in full concealment potential. The versatile nature of the holster portion allows more than a single gun to be fit in the carry slot.

The fully pivoting back hub offers comfortable carry and a full range of motion to ensure that duty use can accommodate running and hand-to-hand conflict if needed.

Top-quality weight distribution and comfort mean this is a no-brainer for those who are mostly sitting and wearing a suit jacket daily.


Regardless of what your carry needs are with your Glock 23 pistol, there is a perfect solution on this list.

You can find the finest in rigid carry options with the Kydex offerings that each have their own unique characteristics but all of which offer the benefits of the Kydex concept, and have low weight, stiff de-holstering, and the ultimate in consistency from a positioning and draw perspective.

Any of the Kydex offerings are great choices for those that need the IWB positioning and the sure draw characteristics.

If you want traditional leather styling and a great friction fit which will provide the fastest de-holstering whether in IWB or OWB, the offerings from the two leather companies allow you time-tested, softer options for comfortable carry and great flexibility without sacrificing too much rigidity.

The soft-sided neoprene style we opened the article with is a great choice if you need flexibility with positioning and something that won't print for a great price point.

The shoulder holster that capped off the review section offers the best weight distribution for the Glock 23 given that it is not an extremely small or lightweight gun, despite being a great carry option.

Carrying two pounds of a loaded pistol in a shoulder harness may be easier for those who sit a lot or need good running capability, but can also sacrifice a bit of concealment.

The Glock 23 is a superior option for those that want to be able to handle their pistol well, and still have good capacity from a firepower perspective, and these holsters all accentuate the characteristics of the gun that has made it such a reasonable choice for concealed carriers everywhere for decades.

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