Best Glock 34 Holsters of the Year – Rated & Reviewed

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September 13, 2023

When released in 1998, the Glock 34 was initially advertised as "practical and tactical," but it became an instant hit with practical pistol shooters and soon the G34 evolved into the most popular Glock pistol in other shooting divisions as well.

The Glock 34 is similar to its predecessor, the Glock 17L,  but since it is categorized as a competition pistol, it utilizes an extended magazine release, an adjustable rear sight, and slightly shorter barrel and slide to meet the requirements in most competitive divisions.

Specifically designed for target shooting, the Glock 34  ticks all the boxes for competition use, but this is also an excellent gun for home defense or open carry. For that reason, we're going to review our top picks for the best Glock 34 holsters. We did our homework this time, so you don't have to. 

Comparison of the Best Glock 34 Holsters

  • Best and most selling Glock 34 Holster
  • Adjustable design and OWB carry with Kydex design
  • Works flawlessly and is great for range or duty use
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  • Glock 34 holster runner-up
  • Adjustable cant between 0 to 15 degrees
  • .080 inch thick Kydex for durability and quick reholstering
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  • Glock 34 holster second runner-up
  • Level two retention holster for added safety of the weapon
  • Works as either a belt-mounted or on a paddle, suiting many handguns
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  • Best Glock 34 competition holster
  • Unique design machined from aluminum for stability
  • Ball joints for customized draw and aesthetically pleasing finish
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  • Best Glock 34 holster with light
  • Automatic locking system and SLS with thumb release mechanism for safety
  • Outer is suede-lined to protect weapon's finish
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  • Best Glock 34 Kydex holster
  • Modular mounting system for versatility and personal adjustment
  • Adjustable cant, great for competition or range use
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  • Best Glock 34 leather holster
  • Handmade in USA using genuine bullhide leather for durability
  • Fits most handguns and is covered by a lifetime warranty
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What Makes the Glock 34 a Great Concealed Carry?

When compared to the standard Glock 17, besides having a  longer sight radius and better trigger (4.5 lb trigger pull vs 5lbs), the G34 features a 0.83-inch (21 mm) longer barrel and slide.

As you can conclude, an additional .83" will not turn the Glock 34 into a "beast" for concealed carry. Actually, the hardest part of concealing a pistol is the butt of the gun that can dig into your body a little after carrying for a day.

Unlike 17-inch squared sides at the front of the slide, the standard ergonomics of Glock 34 are improved with slanted slide sides for easier drawing and re-holstering.

Some gun owners can easily hide a G34 in an appendix carry holster and conceal under a hoodie or quite decently under a loose T-shirt. But definitely, if you are a proponent of a motto “bigger is better”, it means that you need to be broader and bigger to carry the G34 in inside-the-waist-belt rigs on your belt.

Glock 34 9mm (Source)

In fact, its real model form is the government issue, Colt 1911. Whereas the Glock 34 has the same length as a model 1911 pistol, the grip area is a little bigger in circumference than the Colt, but generally, they have the same dimensions. This means if you feel that you can carry a 5-inch government 1911, you shouldn't have any issues with the Glock 34.

While the G34 is bigger and bulkier than the average 9mm,  it is probably not the best choice for concealed carry, but if you can hide an M1911, 45ACP, or G17, you can hide a G34.

In this case, we think of truly concealable ways of carrying and not the OWB holsters where the gun muzzle is visible most of the time or by wearing a gun in the shoot-me-first vests. Of course, if you must carry the G34 you always have an option to do off-body carry in a backpack, purse, or fanny pack.

What is the Best Type of Holster for the Glock 34?

Carrying a Glock 34 and remaining undetected may be a daunting task, but with proper holster selection, you can indeed conceal carry a G34. Now regarding holster options, we would advise a concealed belt holster in either an OWB or IWB holster rendition.

As for carrying gun rigs, for all-around use, the OWB holsters may be a little more practical, but a good IWB holster can easily diminish printing, making carrying a full-size G34 comfortable on a daily basis.

However, the IWB holster will conceal easily for some people and not at all for others; it depends on the individual’s body type, daily activities, and clothing style.

For more overweight people it is recommended to try concealed carrying at 3-4 o'clock in a simple pancake holster to break up the outline of Glock 34.

Another good option is holsters designed to sit outside, on your waistband. This classic belt carrying style can be interesting where printing is less of a problem. If you are shooting in competitions and also need Glock 34 for everyday use, you should make a comprise, because there is no trade-off between pistol retention and draw speed.

With ComfortTac Concealed Carry Holster you can conceal carry IWB and OWB

In general, the competition shooters use outside-the-waistband (OWB) configurations as these types allow them to draw their gun really quickly.

If you carry Glock 34 on an everyday basis, you can carry inside or outside-the-waistband, on your appendix, or even in a pocket holster, but you certainly need to make a slight compromise between security and ease of draw.

Some of the best carrying rigs available for your Glock 34 feature fully adjustable retention. You can adjust the tightness via screws to hold your weapon securely for everyday use, or you can slightly relax the friction your holster has on your G34 for greater draw speeds during competitions.

Accordingly, we have prepared a selection of holsters that sit on your waistband, inside or outside, it does not matter because all the holsters we recommend retain your Glock 34 enough for everyday use, provides ease of draw, and sufficient safeguards to avoid accidental discharge.

Review of the Best Glock 34 Holsters

Here we have picked up and reviewed some of the best holsters for glock 34 on the market to help you choose an appropriate one.

Best Glock 34 Holster:
Fobus Glock - GL2E2

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  • Lightweight 2oz
  • Protective sight channel
  • Low-profile paddle holster
  • Made of injection-molded polymer
  • Designed for a quick, decisive draw
  • Passive retention is re-engaged upon holstering


  • Difficult to truly conceal
  • Only for right-handed use

What Recent Buyers Report

New users were quick to comment on how rugged in quality this holster was. It was no surprise when we were told that this was probably one of the more durable holsters available for the Glock 34. New users were competitive shooters that were looking for something that allowed consistently quick-draws while being able to stay still while the user was in motion. This holster did just that.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This might be one of the most unusual holsters ever used. But rest assured, it’s a minimalist designed holster that will make sure that your holster is safe and secure while you’re carrying it at the range. Of course, the number one rule at ranges everywhere: if you’re not using it, holster it. The holster body is machined from high-quality aluminum, giving you lots of carrying stability and less wiggling or rattling around that you’ll see with some holsters. But with the lack of material, it makes drawing the pistol a lot quicker and easier.

Founded in 1978, Fobus is the largest holster manufacturer in Israel and their products are combat-proven by some of the most experienced law enforcement and military units in the world.

The Fobus GL2E2 rig is made of injection-molded polymer and belongs to Evolution Series of passive retention holsters. The Evolution holster does not come with a pre-set tension adjustment screw, meaning that you must adjust the screw to ensure correct retention of your Glock 34.

Since the Fobus GL2E2 holsters are high-riding and designed for a quick, decisive draw, they require a deliberate and rapid upward motion during un-holstering.

While it is made only for a right-hand draw, using smart design, the GL2E2 holster leaves the muzzle open but also offers a good deal of protection for your weapon, covering the trigger guard area and providing a protective sight channel.

The Evolution holster for Glock 34 features one solid piece body construction, which attaches to the paddle backing with steel reinforced rivets. This low profile holster secures to your waistband using a rubberized paddle and rests against your skin for all-day comfort.

Though the holster is slimline, this style can be difficult for real concealing of your large G34, because printing is a bigger issue with paddle holsters.

Featuring lightweight construction and a "space age", high-density plastic body, this Fobus holster is an excellent choice for open carry.

Who Will Use This Most

This will be one of the best holsters that you’ll come across for anyone looking to use it for competitive purposes. It’s a minimal holster that allows you better drawing that is faster than most. In a situation where timing matters most, your draw times have to be fast.

Bottom Line

The Safariland Duty Gear 014 Open-Class Competition holster is probably what you’ll want for a Glock 34 holster if you plan on using the pistol for competitive purposes. You’ll have a holster that won’t weigh you down, nor will it bulge on you in the slightest. Your draw times will be considerably speedy and consistent for as long as you use it.

As an enhanced version of the original Fobus Standard, the Evolution holster offers passive retention that is automatically engaged upon re-holstering, paired with adjustable tension, allowing you to find the perfect balance between security and draw speed.

Best Glock 34 Holster Runner-up:
R&R Holsters OWB Kydex Holster

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  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Partial sweat guard feature
  • Two adjustable 1.5" belt loops
  • One-year replacement warranty
  • Adjustable cant from 0-15 degrees
  • Ideal for full-size open carry
  • Made of 0.80” thick Kydex material


  • Hardly conceals big guns

What Recent Buyers Report

This holster was purchased by a good number of law enforcement officers and civilians who had one common goal: find a holster that allowed quick access and fast drawing. That goal was met with this holster. They were also satisfied with the overall quality of the holster, saying that it had no potential or tearing or wearing down in the short-term (or even the long-term). One user said that he had heard little about Kydex prior to purchasing the holster. But after getting a taste of what it was like using a holster like this, he knew he made the right decision.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If quality is what you want, you’ll absolutely get it with a holster like this. Especially if you are looking for something that will last you pretty much a lifetime. Kydex is a material that won’t ever change shape, won’t wear or tear, and your draw times will remain the same. Try drawing your pistol with this holster and you’ll notice how quick it is. Do it again a few years later and it still remains the same. Impressed? We know you will be.

R&R Holsters has embraced Kydex as the primary material for their entire holster product line. The R&R OWB holster is designed as an outside-the-waistband holster for open carry and will perfectly match larger service size pistols such as your Glock 34.

This OWB Kydex holster is made in the commonly seen “pancake” style, where the two .080-inch thin pieces of Kydex are joined together to form a holster.

It is equipped with Kydex injection-molded 1.5" belt loops to fit your gun belt securely and fully support the weight of your Glock 34.

Additionally, these belt loops offer some adjustment for ride height and the angle at which the pistol grip sits (0-15 degree cant), by using four additional rivet points at the holster's body.

The R&R carrying rig doesn't provide any retention devices, it is only based on the friction fit around the handgun. However, as a low-friction plastic, Kydex cannot hold a pistol securely in the holster in extreme situations.

This USA, handcrafted holster is created to hug your body and its slim design is contoured to fit tightly along your hip making it easier to hide your big Glock when necessary.

The R&R holster doesn’t use an extended sweat guard but is equipped with partial sweat guard backing that will protect the weapon from your body sweat when you are out in hot climates.

Who Will Use This Most

This holster will likely be a favorite among law enforcement since most of their holsters are OWB (and for good reason). If you are a civilian gun owner, you can use this for either concealed or open carry (where legal). Either way, it’s a holster that will give you an easy reach and draw without having to slow yourself down. This will give you a bit of a time advantage in a tactical or self-defense situation. So, in essence, this holster can and will save your life.

Bottom Line

The R&R Holster OWB Kydex Holster will really go the distance with you in so many ways (and we don’t mean shots, though). This is built to last you a long time and will be the go-to option for so many police officers and regular gun owners. You won’t regret using a holster like this if and when a really dangerous situation comes along and you may need to use your Glock 34.

This OWB Kydex pancake holster is big enough to hold your gun securely and distribute the weight evenly, without printing too badly while wearing a loose fitting shirt or overcoat. The holster is available with both left and right-handed draw options.

Best Glock 34 Holster Second Runner-up:
Fobus Roto Level 2 Thumb Holster

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  • Pistol locks in with an audible snap
  • One-piece holster body construction
  • Patented locking adjustment system
  • Allows for multiple carrying positions
  • Provides for 360-degree holster rotation
  • Made of injection-molded Kydex material
  • Comes with a paddle-style and a belt-loop option


  • You will need very loose clothing
  • Paddle material is not tight enough to make the paddle "grip" super well

What Recent Buyers Report

Most new buyers were happy with this holster for a few good reasons. For one, it’s excellent in quality and thus makes it really long-lasting for those looking for a holster that might be useful for years on down the road. They were satisfied with how it was able to retain their pistols securely to ensure that you and only you access the pistol. One user said that the security feature gave him peace of mind in knowing that it will be hard for the wrong hands to get a hold of his Glock 34 while it was in the holster.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Fobus is a simply designed holster that is hardcore in quality but will definitely keep your pistol in place as you are able to move around all day. It’s the perfect EDC holster that you can depend on since it won’t wear, tear, or fall apart. The better the quality, the better the reliability. That’s one thing to keep in mind when searching for a holster of your own. And it might be this one you end up with.

Fobus is an Israeli company known for the practical holster design and their fully adjustable outside-the-waistband rig, called Roto-Holster, is no exception. If you need instant access to your Glock 34 with level 2 retention, the Roto thumb release holster is a viable option.

Made of Kydex and weighing less than two ounces, the Fobus Roto holster is available in either belt or paddle styles. Unlike old-fashioned paddle style holsters, the Fobus paddle insert is rubberized and wider for extra stability, as well as contoured to fit your body.

The holster can be rotated 360-degrees to the desired position via numerous sprocket-like teeth placed on the back of the holster and front side of the paddle. By loosening an Allen-head screw on the back of the holster, you can set the precise angle (cant) of the holster depending on your needs and preferences.

This system allows you to alternate the holster between the strong side, cross-body draw, or in the small of the back positions.

The patented Fobus locking system engages the trigger guard during re-holstering with an audible "click." The retention is also adjustable, so the Roto rig holds your Glock 34 solidly enough during normal CCW carry activities like walking, running, or jumping, but is very fast when you need the pistol in a hurry.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a good holster for those who are new to the concealed carry game. If you are serious about carrying a Glock 34 or any other pistol for the purpose of self-defense (or EDC), you’re going to need a holster that can handle the responsibilities. This holster is simple to use and won’t bulge on you if you plan on keeping it out of plain sight. If that’s good enough for you, this holster should be a good choice.

Bottom Line

The Fobus Glock GL2E2 holster might just be exactly what you’re looking for if you want a holster that is excellent in quality, has solid retention and will be comfortable to wear all day and every day. There is nothing that this holster cannot do for a Glock 34 user like yourself. Keep it to your side with a holster like this and you’ll be prepared for any dangerous situation where using your pistol may be warranted.

The Roto-Holster is formed via a molding process of high-density polymer, so the holster comes with an exact shape that ensures the pistol will stay in place, even during a backward somersault.

Best Glock 34 Competition Holster:
Safariland Duty Gear 014 Open-Class Competition Glock 34 Holster

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  • Belt loop fits up to 1.75" belt
  • Available in red or black finishes
  • Holster body machined from aluminum
  • A simple push lock secures the handgun
  • Injection-molded adjusted trigger guard lock
  • Fully-adjustable nose piece accommodates barrels from 5" to 7.5"


  • Strictly specialized holster
  • Holster is on the expensive side

What Recent Buyers Report

New users were quick to comment on how rugged in quality this holster was. It was no surprise when we were told that this was probably one of the more durable holsters available for the Glock 34. New users were competitive shooters that were looking for something that allowed consistent quickdraws while being able to stay still while the user was in motion. This holster did just that. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This might be one of the most unusual holsters ever used. But rest assured, it’s a minimalist designed holster that will make sure that your holster is safe and secure while you’re carrying it at the range. Of course, the number one rule at ranges everywhere: if you’re not using it, holster it. The holster body is machined from high-quality aluminum, giving you lots of carrying stability and less wiggling or rattling around that you’ll see with some holsters. But with the lack of material, it makes drawing the pistol a lot quicker and easier.

The Safariland model 014 Competition holster body is machined of aluminum to provide a stable platform for handguns. Whereas it offers little resistance for a fast and smooth draw, the aluminum body incorporates a ball joint, making this a highly-adjustable holster to be customized for any personal draw style.

The futuristic rig from Safariland is purpose-built as an Open and Limited-Class Competition holster and will fit multiple handguns from standard length pistols to handguns with compensators. In fact, this OWB open carry holster will accommodate barrels from 5" to 7.5," providing comfortable carrying with an adjustable cant, ride height, and tightness.

While the open-front design will accept a pistol whether or not it has a red dot or magnified optics, the front nose piece is adjustable in length and will retain the front end of the handgun.

Apparently, the Model 014 is not intended for service-duty, but it also has a very effective lock for the weapon. The push lock is incorporated into the patented injection-molded trigger guard and needs only a simple slide to the front to lock the trigger block.

Who Will Use This Most 

This will be one of the best holsters that you’ll come across for anyone looking to use it for competitive purposes. It’s a minimal holster that allows you better drawing that is faster than most. In a situation where timing matters most, your draw times have to be fast. If you want at the snap of a finger, this is the holster that will get it done.

Bottom Line

The Safariland Duty Gear 014 Open-Class Competition holster is probably what you’ll want for a Glock 34 holster if you plan on using the pistol for competitive purposes. You’ll have a holster that won’t weigh you down, nor will it bulge on you in the slightest. Your draw times will be considerably speedy and consistent for as long as you use it. 

The Safariland designed this multi-functional Model 014 holster as a part of completely carrying platform, which includes a Model 032 ELS Competition Belt and the Safariland’s Equipment Locking System (ELS) consisting of a locking fork and the ELS 35 receiver plate.

Best Glock 34 Holster With Light:
Safariland 6360 Level 3 Retention ALS Duty Holster

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  • Made of Safari-Laminate
  • Mid ride 2-inch belt loop
  • Allows for a smoother single-motion draw
  • Requires thumb only operation to release the safety
  • Compact design allows the gun to ride close to the body
  • ALS (automatic locking system) secures weapon once holstered


  • Not for deep concealment
  • Custom higher sights may not fit
  • Needs a more extended period for familiarization

What Recent Buyers Report

New users were really happy with the holster in general. For one, they said that the retention was pretty good and it didn’t impede with the drawing ability. Since it was made from high-quality materials, there was no wearing and tearing to report even after short-term use. One user said that it was a simple holster that didn’t have all the complex bells and whistles. And that’s exactly the way he wanted it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The holster has a retention feature that will allow your holster to stay in place so it won’t slip out. This also means that no one will be able to grab your pistol out of the holster itself and use it against you (unfortunately, that has happened before). Meanwhile, it gives you the concealability that you want so it doesn’t draw off any undue attention. Some holsters will make it look like you are obviously carrying something. This holster isn’t one of them.

Another holster from Safariland that is an accessory intended for on-duty professionals because it will keep the firearm secure and readily accessible.

One of the most popular duty-holsters comes as the next generation of the original 6280 holsters and provides an extra measure of security while on patrol, hence the Level III in its designation. Actually, the Safariland has classified this holster as “Level II plus”, due to the two active retention systems.

The Automatic Locking System (ALS) is enhanced by the SLS (Self Locking System) which secures a weapon immediately upon holstering, while the rotating hood and tension device provide greater protection against attempted weapon takeaways.

The added security of 6360 ALS holster is completely operable with the thumb, making it very intuitive to use. In that way, Safariland designers have eliminated the placement of fingers near the trigger guard area during drawing.

As a modular design the Safariland 6360 Level 3 Retention ALS Duty Holster can be easily upgraded to a higher level of security by adding the optional 6001 Sentry attachment.

The ALS duty holster is constructed of a durable, leather-look proprietary compound called Safari-Laminate with a leather-look finish. Additionally, the 6360 ALS holster has a SafariSuede lining to protect the sight and finish of your Glock 34, but it will not comfortably accommodate some custom sights that sit higher than the standard Glock's sights.

The 6360 has a sturdy and lightweight traditional “ride” system as its mid-ride 6070UBL (Universal Belt Loop) belt loop anchors the holster and firearm slightly above the top of the duty belt. Whereas the rigid 2” belt loop enables the holster to ride close to the body, it is not suitable for deep concealment, but it offers much for a plain clothes officer.

Who Will Use This Most

If security is what’s important to you, then finding a holster with a good retention feature will probably be what you need. And it’s this holster that can be the solution. Yes, you have a great amount of quality so it can last a long time. And it can fit so many different types of Glock pistols. Whether you own a 34 or 19 (among many others), this holster can handle it.

Bottom Line

If you want a holster that will be built for security, reliability, and every day carry without sacrificing concealability and quality, then the Safariland Level 3 Retention ALS Duty holster might be just what the doctor ordered. You’ll be pretty amazed by how well this holster will stand out in terms of quality and performance.

Choosing a Safariland duty holster with rotating hood and locking bar requires plenty of practice and familiarization, as it is needed to get proficient with the draw, but the routine is mandatory for any holster style and type.

Best Glock 34 Kydex Holster:
Comp-Tac International Holster

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  • Fits a 1.5″ or 2″ belt
  • Adjustable retention
  • Made of durable Kydex material
  • Great for competition or range use
  • Adjustable grip angle from 0-15 degrees
  • Precisely-molded holster to fit a specific make
  • Modular system comes with several mounting options


  • Not for concealment use
  • May wobble as the offset drop attachment

What Recent Buyers Report

According to most buyers, this holster was great for those who were practicing concealed and open carry because of the OWB design. It allowed for quick access while being able to maintain solid retention so the pistol doesn’t wiggle around or fall out. One user said that it was a well-constructed holster that he could rely on for the long term. And to add, drawing and re-holstering wasn’t as difficult compared to his previous holster.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Once again, we take a look at a holster that is made from high-quality Kydex. We have said what we already said on the material. Plus, you have a holster that will give you a better edge over your attackers if and when you need to use your pistol. After all, an OWB holster will give you better access and a much quicker draw compared to some IWB holsters. For those life and death situations, you’ll need a holster that will give you a better chance at survival rather than something that may slip out of place and cause some kind of confusion as to where you placed your pistol.

This innovative thinking and generous package from the Comp-Tac (Competition and Tactical) company makes the International Holster a desirable option for competitors and range shooters.

As a modular mounting design, Comp-Tac International puts in the box three different mounting systems options, giving the user 16-holster options in one. The International kit offers a paddle holster, belt holster, and a drop-offset adapter into one, all formed from black Kydex.

A drop-offset drops the rig down and sets the pistol away from the body. Whereas the drop offset is designed with a cross brace to hold the holster securely during the draw, it may be flimsy and unstable.

Unlike generic rigs, this Comp-Tac rigid holster is precisely molded to fit your long slide Glock 34 pistol and retains its shape even when the pistol is removed from the holster. The holster is marked with raised lettering on the front of the holster to specify the type of gun it fits.

It is clearly not a rig for concealed carry since the Glock 34 is a large sidearm and the Comp-Tac International holster is a bulky holster. In fact, the Comp-Tac International rig is designed as outside-the-waistband holster intended for competition or field use.

The Comp-Tac Competition International holster doesn't feature any active retention device, but the gun retention is entirely by the tension which is adjustable by three Allen-head screws beneath the barrel’s holster edge.

Thanks to the smooth, low-friction surface, the International is capable of a fast draw and easy one-handed re-holstering of your Glock.

With the included hex wrench, you can also adjust this holster to the three different cant options.

While the mounting system allows you to use a 1.5″ or 2″ belt, the holster's front is cut down to accommodate tall front sights and co-witnessing sights.

Who Will Use This Most

You can expect this holster to be useful for police officers and civilian gun owners alike. The latter will carry it concealed or open. Regardless, they will be able to carry their Glock 34 with confidence in knowing that they have a pistol that is just as reliable as this holster itself. Besides, all Glock pistols are proven to be reliable so it’s a good thing that you have one at your side just in case your life is on the line.

Bottom Line

The Comp-Tac International Holster might be one of the better OWB holsters for a Glock 34 or any similar pistol that will fit. You’ll have a holster that will last you a long time and will give you additional security so the pistol is at your side at all times. Plus, it will make it inaccessible to any persons who shouldn’t have your Glock 34 in their hands anyway (i.e.--small children).

While the Comp-Tac International holster is primarily intended for range use, it is also a secure and comfortable rig for extended wear. Therefore, it could be a perfect alternative for open carry in the field or in countries where it is legitimate.

Glock 34 Leather Holster:
Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster

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  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the United States
  • Quality IWB leather holster
  • Made of all natural materials
  • Allows for three carrying positions
  • Reinforced top for easier re-holstering
  • Simple design without straps or buttons


  • Rather small for automatics
  • Not as form fitting as its counterparts

What Recent Buyers Report

To start off, the holster’s material quality was excellent. It didn’t feel saggy or too moist. But it did feel a lot more comfortable when pressed against skin. They were able to holster their Glock 34 pistols with ease and managed to keep it concealed all day without a single hint of discomfort. One user said that it really solved a glaring problem that he was dealing with when he was wearing his last holster. Furthermore, he said it was pretty comfortable for him even for someone with sensitive skin.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Once again, we look at another holster that is the closest that you can get to a universal. It can fit Glocks, SIGs, Smith and Wessons, you name it. But what makes this stand out, even more, is the low profile design. It’s perfect for most compact pistols so you can maximize the concealability and carry it around all day without attracting any undue attention.

Another American-made, excellent holster comes from Relentless Tactical and a lifetime warranty backs it. This US-based manufacturer is renowned for its leather concealed carrying rigs and the Defender model is handmade from bull-hide leather is a typical sample of this craftsmanship.

The Defender Leather holster is designed for inside-the-waistband carry and offers all-day comfort regardless of the type of clothing you are wearing. This minimalist IWB holster utilizes a single, wide metal clip to secure the rig to your pants and belt.

The open top design allows for ease of access when most needed, whereas the reinforced Defender's top holds its shape when the gun is drawn, aiding in re-holstering.

The straightforward design negates the feeling of bulkiness found on other IWB holsters. Accordingly, the Relentless Defender comes without retention devices but only relies on pressure created between your belt and you. Therefore, it is essential to pair the Defender holster with a tight belt for an optimal draw and extremely good retention.

Depending on your body size, the holster can be carried in three different positions, strong-side carry, cross draw, and appendix carry.

Who Will Use This Most

If you own a compact pistol like the Glock 34 or anything like it and want nothing more than superior comfort and concealability that won’t be exposed, then this holster will definitely be the no brainer option. Plus, this leather holster will maintain its firmness for quite awhile. And that’s a good thing if you want a holster that promises consistent reliability and retention.

Bottom Line

The Relentless Tactical Defender Leather IWB holster is perfect in every way for compact pistols. The low-profile design makes it easier for concealability and the leather is easy on the skin and hard on quality. This holster will be perfect for long-term use if you intend to carry your Glock 34 all day and every day for years down the road.

This sturdy holster is somewhat molded to specific firearms, but in any case, it is a great choice of holster for your Glock 34. As with any holster, some good practice is required to achieve the necessary draw speed and repeatability.

8. ComfortTac Concealed Carry Holster

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  • Reasonably priced
  • Heavy-duty belt clip
  • Made of strong 600D nylon
  • Holster is flexible to bend with you
  • Available in five sizes to fit any sidearm
  • Strong nylon retention strap with metal snap
  • Lightweight materials combined with a thin foam lining
  • Good for inside and outside-the-waistband carry positions


  • Sits really high on people of smaller stature
  • As a generic holster, it has a slightly loose fit for certain guns

What Recent Buyers Report

This holster was great for various pistol owners. It was able to fit a variety of Glocks, SIGs ,and most others. They said wearing it was pretty comfortable and concealability didn’t cause any issues of bulging or make it look like they were obviously carrying something. Overall, the quality was pretty decent and didn’t feel cheap at all.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This holster is made from nylon that is a lot better in quality compared to most of the holsters made from the same material. Of course, we all know that nylon holsters have often been part of the conversation in a negative way. But believe it or not, this holster won’t snag on you when you draw or re-holster. That’s because it’s a lot firmer in quality and it doesn’t flop around as much.

Who Will Use This Most

If you like nylon and want something that will give you better quality, better concealability, and excellent comfort, then this holster will surely stand out among the pack. It’s easy to strap on so it won’t take long until you experience some of the full benefits of this holster. As for drawing and re-holstering, you won’t have a single issue to deal with.

Bottom Line

The ComfortTac Concealed Carry holster is no slouch when it comes to quality. And it won’t be like any of the low-quality nylon holsters you’ve tried in the past. It’s sturdy in quality, reliable for every day carry, and will be comfortable on all types of skin (even sensitive skin as well).

The ComfortTac Concealed Carry holster is available in five sizes to fit any handgun. Accordingly, our Glock 34 will fit many pistols since it is designed to accommodate a wide range of large-frame service pistols with a slide that measures between 7 - 8.5" long.

While this holster from the ComfortTac is designed to be worn inside-the-waistband, you can also carry it on the hips, outside of the trousers, skirts, or concealed carry pants, making it perfect for those who cannot wear pants with belts at all times.

This very affordable holster is made of lightweight, but high-quality, materials including a strong 600D nylon blended exterior combined with a thin foam liner for comfort and a plastic sheet to keep a holster ridged enough to hold its shape during re-holstering.

This IWB/OWB nylon holster prevents tearing with use, adds minimal weight to your waistband, and provides comfort for all day long concealed carry.

Unlike plastic clips found on some cheap holsters, this holster provides a secure hold on your G34, utilizing a heavy-duty metal belt clip.

As the ComfortTac is a combined waistband holster for inside and outside-the-waistband carry styles as a mandatory accessory, it features a durable nylon retention strap with metal snap for secure weapon retention.

Although the holster is made to be flexible when you bend to reduce pain from pressure, some users found it is pretty uncomfortable and stiff to conceal well, but it's just a personal impression and varies from person to person. Additionally, the holster sits up too high making it difficult for smaller stature females to conceal properly.

Being a reasonably priced holster, it is good for first-time buyers to experiment with both carrying styles. Since it is a generic holster, it could have a slightly loose fit for particular guns, but if you are looking for an everyday carry rig that will not break the bank, you have found it.


Whether you purchased Glock 34 just for competition, or as an everyday sidearm, the G34 is a great self-defense handgun that can be perfect for concealed carry with a carefully selected holster for your clothing choices.

Concealed carry always means some kind of compromise; if you carry too deep in your pants, it makes drawing difficult, if you carry too high the gun will make a distinct print. Furthermore, for your long slide G34, choosing a high riding holster may be a pain to draw from, while the wrong selection of subpar IWB holster can be painful, both at the waistline and in the wallet.

The process of discovering the best Glock 34 holsters, even more so than with other firearms, can be both time-consuming and expensive. Considering that, we have prepared the above list of some of the most reliable and comfortable G34 inside and outside-the-waistband, concealed, and open-carry holsters for you.


He is a military historian enthusiast and hobbyist, war veteran and an avid hunter with more than 30 years of experience. He began reviewing firearms for publications in the mid -1990s and have been fortunate to make many friends in the industry. He has improved continuously his firearms skills and knowledge, which is a never ending journey.

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