Improve Magazine Release: Best Glock Extended Mag Releases of 2020

| Last Updated: February 6, 2021

Upgrading to a superior, extended magazine release from your OEM unit is a simple and easy way to improve your Glock. Here, we’ll look at reasons to do it, what you should consider before shopping, as well as the best extended mag releases for Glock of the year. We’ll also examine the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed buying decision.

Our Top Picks for Glock Extended Mag Releases

  • Available for all Glocks
  • No alteration installation
  • Sturdy and durable design
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  • Available in many colors
  • Has a chevron-patterned texture
  • Fitment for nearly every Glock
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  • OEM extended mag release
  • For all Gen 1-3 Glock models
  • Works with 9mm,.357 & 40S&W
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Comparison of the Best Glock Extended Mag Releases 

  • Made from high-grade polymer for strength and durability
  • Replaces the OEM mag release without any permanent alterations
  • 3/64" longer than original factory mag release button
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  • Comes with an extended length to help with OEM usage
  • Has a chevron-patterned texture
  • Fitment for nearly every Glock
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  • Extened mag release manufactured by Glock
  • Great compatibility and exceptional value for the money
  • Doesn't feel like an alien part since it is made from the same material as Glocks
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  • Specially designed mag release for Gen 4 Glock pistols
  • Beveled snag-free design for a smooth draw
  • Ambidextrous design, can be installed either way
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Pros and Cons of Glock Extended Mag Releases

Extended mag releases offer pros and cons, so let’s examine the pros first, some great reasons you’d want to swap out your factory unit:


  • Small Hands: Extended magazine releases offer a better hold for those with smaller hands, with more surface area to grab and less chance of accidentally hitting the release button.

  • Easy: If you have a habit of skipping more complex modifications, keep reading, because swapping a magazine release is easy.

  • Improved Durability: The stock mag release is made from polymer alone, while some replacements use better, more durable, parts.

  • Better Ergonomics: An extended mag release often improves the feel and grip beyond the length change.

  • Reduced Margin of Error: The chances of improperly releasing your magazine is reduced, no matter where your finger is on the control or in which direction you press.

Extended Mag Release Button Glock 43 (Source)

As you can see, there are some solid reasons to upgrade. However, keep these potential cons in mind as well:


  • Concealed Carry: A good extended mag release is likely to still be concealable, but it may be more difficult to do so.

  • Budget: While an extended magazine is a great investment, your funds might be better spent on other priorities, such as an improved scope.

  • Adjustment: As with any upgrade, especially those that alter the grip, you’ll need to readjust.

  • Large Hands: Extended mag releases are typically ideal for those with smaller to average hands.

We think the pros definitely outweigh the cons, but you should certainly consider the whole picture before committing to a purchase to get the best bang for your buck.

Aspects to Consider When Buying an Extended Mag Release

Now that we’ve examined the potential pros and cons of using an extended mag release, let’s look at how to apply those advantages and potential pitfalls practically. You should consider:


Since all extensions aren’t the same length, this is an obviously big concern, especially if you’re focused on concealed carry. A really long length will make it difficult, while a moderately longer mag release shouldn’t pose a problem.


Extended mags are not just longer, but often wider, too. This is great for those who have different sized hands or want a larger release button.

Tangodown - Vickers Glock® Extended Magazine Release


The stock mag release is made from polymer. While not a bad material, many improve upon this, so you should opt for polymer only if you prefer the other available features.


Yes, an extended mag release should theoretically improve grip by its nature, but if it has a bad grip itself, it can quickly cancel this benefit out.

Reliability of Performance

Lastly, you don’t want to pick up a cheap extended magazine release that is wider, longer, or made of better materials, but doesn’t actually release mags reliably. Quality of function has to match the quality of features, or there’s no point in upgrading!

Quick Take - The Best Glock Extended Mag Releases

Review of the Best Glock Extended Mag Releases

Now that you whether an extended magazine release is right for you, and you know what key features to look for, let’s examine the best products on the market. We’ll take a look at how each improves the grip and ergonomics of the stock release, as well as how the button itself may be safer for most users.


  • Smooth Operation
  • Moderately Elongated for Smaller Hands
  • Slightly Larger Release Button is 3/64” Longer
  • Prevents Accidental Dropping of Your Magazine
  • Made From Same High-Quality Polymer as the Stock Magazine Release


  • Doesn’t Change Much Aside from the Size of the Factory Magazine Release

While the Tangodown Vickers Glock Extended Magazine Release does not improve upon the factory part’s polymer, it is nonetheless tough and durable, and more importantly, adds some key length to your mag release. It will provide a grip texture essentially unchanged from the stock part.

A longer release enables those with average or small hands to quickly release the magazine without having to shift your Glock. Additionally, this part is mandatory for some popular accessories, such as Crimson Trace lasers, which attach with your weapon backstrap and move your hand from the release. The release button itself is 3/64” longer than the stock release button, allowing you to easily press with your thumb.

For those who are moderately inconvenienced by the stock magazine release, this incremental difference is an excellent solution. It fixes the need to make an adjustment, while not being so extended that it’s possible to accidentally release your mag when grabbing your Glock too hard. In high-pressure situations, getting the balance right is absolutely key to prevent a catastrophic drop.

The operation is smooth, a little more so than the stock magazine release. Again, if you’re not interested in drastic changes, but want a better fit for your hands, the Tangodown Vickers Glock Extended Magazine Release is the way to go, as it does not introduce unwanted variables.

Bottom Line

For those who want a moderate change while still having the same grip texture and function as the stock magazine release, the Tangodown Vickers Glock Extended Magazine Release is a go-to option.


  • Smooth chamfered edges
  • Does not require any additional tools
  • Has a perfected profile match for the style
  • Ensures better control over usage at all times
  • Relatively inexpensive than some other models


  • An extensive process of installation
  • Touchier than some might prefer

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent users have reported easy usage of the Glock 43x as well as Glock 48 extended magazine releaser. Most people have said in their reviews that these work with the slightest of touch and do not require any hassle.

Buyers appreciate the amazing responsiveness of this extended mag release. Most people bought it to get rid of the difficult OEM release and are happy with it. It eases handling and ensures you can react quickly. The finish is also a buzzing feature. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The extended magazine releasers from Tyrant have raised the quality with chamfered edges, and that is a significant win. These Glock 43x/48 Extended Magazine Release function exactly like OEM release and, on top of that, have chevron patterns that add the required texture to it. 

Also, Tyrant produces similar mag releases for every glock:

This model fits Gen 3 Glock: 17 | 19 | 22 | 23 | 26 | 27 | 31 | 32 | 33 | 34 | 35 | 37 | 38 | 39

This model fits Gen 4&5 Glock: 17 | 19 | 22 | 23 | 26 | 27 | 31 | 32 | 33 | 34 | 35 | 37 | 38 | 39

This extended-release works with almost all Glock models, except three. However, you can also check out the Tyrant CNC Gen3 Glock Extended Magazine Release and Tyrant CNC Glock 43 Extended Magazine Release for those applications. The release is super-safe against accidental discharge. The chevron grooves help with grip and chamfered edges protect your fingers. 

Who Will Use This Most 

Shooters who have trouble releasing their magazine are the ones who need this extended magazine releaser the most. 

Another major consumer of the magazine releaser is the people who have smaller hands and want a mag releaser on a budget. Its compact design makes it lightweight which further adds to its portability.

The extended-release is a must if you use your Glock for competitions, duty, or range use. It is also a great option for EDC and self-defense applications. People with mag release issues will love it. 

Bottom Line

The quality of Tyrant products has never failed to amaze us. The chevron patterns and the chamfered edges all add to the look and quality of function of the Glock 43x/48 Extended Magazine Releasers. It is also relatively smaller than most other products, which makes it convenient to use.

The extended mag release is a kind of universal add-on for Glock pistols. It has been designed to improve function and also look great at the same time. The grooves and smooth edges protect your thumb. Plus the release is very safe and durable.


  • Exceptionally Low Price
  • Great for Trying Out an Extended Magazine
  • Reduced Risk of Dropping a Mag Accidentally
  • Easy to Sand Excess Length Due to the Polymer Construction
  • Same Construction and Grip as the Standard Glock Magazine Release But Extended


  • Doesn’t Improve on the Stock Magazine Release Aside From Being Extended

Taking a look at Glock’s own extended magazine release, we find that it largely mimics the same performance and feel of the stock magazine release, but with a larger size. In fact, this extended mag release should be familiar to users of the .45 cal frame guns, as it is the stock magazine release for those models.

Whether you’re familiar with that gun or not, you’re familiar with the Glock’s existing, smaller magazine release. The same polymer construction is durable and comfortable to grip. One advantage to polymer is that it’s easy to sand down any excess length. They can also be serrated after this process by using a checkering file or a jeweler’s file.

As with any extended magazine release, you’ll experience a lower likelihood of accidentally dropping a mag in a high-pressure situation, which is the most important aspect. You’ll also be faster to target with a more comfortable grip.

The real appeal of a Glock factory part, however, is the price. Since this part is not a unique item, being the stock part of the .45 cal frame guns, Glock offers them at an exceptional price point. If you think you need an extended mag to accommodate your hands but aren’t sure whether it’s right for you and don’t want to spend more for extra features, this is the way to go. Depending on your results, the price is minimal enough that it won’t be a waste if you want to upgrade again afterward.

Bottom Line

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you need an extended magazine release, buying a factory part from Glock is a great idea. You’ll spend very little money and get a feel for whether or not it works for you, enabling you to either keep it or upgrade with virtually nothing wasted.


  • Easy to Install
  • Provides Excellent Grip
  • Can be Installed Left or Right-Handed
  • Rugged, Proprietary Polymer Construction


  • Only Compatible With Gen 4 Glocks

Ghost’s parts for Glock are always widely loved and their extended magazine release is no exception. Specifically made for Gen 4 Glocks, this extended magazine release offers several great advantages over the stock option.

You’ll get a beveled and snag-free design that is compatible with many holsters. It can also be installed for those who are either left or right-handed, which is a common oversight of far too many accessories. Additionally, Ghost has made available models for large and small frame Glocks. 

The design is a proprietary polymer which appears to be more durable than the stock polymer and the texture provides a solid hold. The button itself is positioned the same as the stock, but wider, requiring very little adaptation.

Overall, it really shines in its compatibility. Having an extended magazine release that won’t be accidentally engaged in a holster is obviously very critical and having one that won’t catch on your favorite holster is already enough of a problem that Ghost breezes past.

While it doesn’t change too much about the basic design, it’s a superior build that adds ambidextrous function along with extended length. As such, it’s a great, higher-quality alternative to simply purchasing Glock’s factory extended magazine for those more certain that an extended mag is a good idea.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this extended magazine release is highly compatible with many setups and users. For those who are more certain that they could benefit from an extended magazine—and have a Gen 4 Glock—Ghost’s simple Tac Extended Magazine Release offers an improved but familiar redesign of the stock part.


  • A Serrated Aluminum Button Extends 1/4“
  • Button is Angled so You Can Maintain a Better Grip
  • An Improved Release Prevents Metal-on-Plastic for a Smoother Operation
  • Excellent Construction, Combining Polymer With Steel and Aluminum in Key Places.


  • Not Compatible With Gen 4 Pistols

If your budget provides for more than dipping your toe in the water, we strongly recommend the T.H.E. Accessories Competition Magazine Release For Glock, as it offers a number of distinct advantages to magazine releases that more closely mimic the stock part.

You’ll get a serrated aluminum button that extends a full 1/4” inch to the magazine’s rear, providing a much better position. This makes the button easy to reach with no adjustment to your ideal shooting grip. It works well for those with smaller hands but also fits well with average hands thanks to this angle.

T.H.E. Accessories has also changed the factory release so that there is no metal coming into contact with plastic magazines. You can expect flawless performance with this smoother operation. Despite this change, it is assembled just like an OEM part, adding a couple of small screws to secure the thumb pad.

While the construction is primarily polymer, key parts are not. This enables for an overall lighter magazine release that has durable components. Namely, the screws, as well as the thumb pad, will not wear over time and provide better grip and texture.

The downside is that they do not work with any of the Gen 4 pistols, so this is limited to those who only have a 1-3 Gen Glock.

Bottom Line

For those with a Gen 1-3 Glock, T.H.E. Accessories has created a super product in terms of durability and design to ensure the best grip and smooth function.


  • Exceptional Grip
  • Unique Design is Highly Ergonomic
  • Proprietary Polymer Blend is Rugged
  • Snag-Free and Accommodates Most Holsters
  • Tear-Shaped Release Button Resists Accidental Deployment


  • Doesn’t Fit as Well in Larger Hands Due to its Unique Ergonomic Design Geared Toward Smaller Hands

The other offering by Ghost on our list is the X-mag Magazine Release for Glock, which is a more thorough redesign of the mag release.

Featuring an innovative and ergonomic design with subtle curvature, this magazine release is designed to increase the speed of changes by positioning fingers not only at an ergonomic position for superior grip, but also near the button. The button itself is also ergonomically-shaped like a teardrop and depresses faster than other buttons but puts its pointed end forward to mitigate accidental presses.

Overall, these features provide for a movement that quickly becomes second nature and is highly efficient. Additionally, the unique shape with subtle curvature is not too unique to cause fitting problems in most holsters but does prevent the holster from accidentally engaging the button. As with the other Ghost magazine release on our list, it is a smooth and snag-free design.

It also features Ghost’s proprietary polymer blend which offers a solid grip and excellent product durability. Taken together, all these factors make for a superior product all-around.

The downside is a natural result of the redesign: the unique shape will not feel comfortable in larger hands. It’s hard to hold that against Ghost because the entire point is accommodating those with smaller hands. That said, you should be aware that if this magazine release is used by another user with larger hands, its ergonomic shape and nuanced curves won’t mesh as well as a standard mag release.

Bottom Line

For those looking for a design that especially caters to smaller hands with unique ergonomics, the Ghost X-Mag Magazine Release for Glock is a sure winner.


We’ve examined the pros and cons of getting an extended magazine release and whether swapping out your OEM release is a good idea for you. With a slew of excellent options, you’re sure to find the right replacement if you use our guide. Be sure to get one that accommodates your hands, and enjoy a more comfortable, safer hold!

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