2019 Guide: Best Glock Magazine Pouches & Holders

You already know your Glock is perfect for concealed carry, but if you want to have extra magazines on your person, you’ll want a magazine pouch. It’s an easy sell, but finding a pouch that’s comfortable and easy to conceal at the same time? Not so much. Read our guide to know what to look for and find the best Glock magazine pouches available today.

Comparison Chart of the Best Glock Magazine Pouches and Holders


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BLACKHAWK! Double Mag Pouch

BLACKHAWK! Double Stack Double Mag Case (9 mm, 10mm, .40 Cal, and .45 Cal), Carbon Fiber

Universal Double Magazine Paddle Pouch

Double Magazine Holster, Universal 9mm .40 Mag. Pouch Dual Stack Mag Holder with Adjustable Paddle Fit Glock Sig sauer S&W Beretta Browning Taurus H&K Most Pistol Mags

2-Pack Universal Magazine Holster IWB Clip

2-Pack Universal Magazine Holster IWB Clip | 9mm .40 .45 | Mag Holster For Glock 19 43 17 Sig 1911 S&W M&P | Fits Any 7 10 15 Round Clips For All Pistols | Gun Ammunition Holsters | Handgun Ammo Pouch

Glock Magazine Holder 9mm Magazine Holster

Glock Magazine Holder 9mm Magazine Holster The Ultimate Double Stack Glock Mag Holder with Paddle 9mm and .40 Caliber Magazine Pouch

Glock Perfection OEM 10 Magazine Pouch With Cover

Glock Perfection OEM 10 Magazine Pouch With Cover AP60221

How to Choose a Glock Magazine Pouch

Choosing a Glock magazine pouch should be simple, right? Get one that’s comfortable and stealthy, and you’re set. Not so fast: how you’re carrying, the wealth of materials you may have, the number of mags you aim to carry, and many other factors contribute to making the decision quickly overwhelming. But that’s why we’re here, so to start off, consider the following factors:

Carry Needs: Concealed Carry, Tactical or Competition?

You might think a magazine pouch is a magazine pouch, but it’s not so.

Obviously, concealed carry has its own considerations—it needs to be stealthy, but also easily accessible, and not snag on your clothes. Since you’ll be wearing the pouch for many hours, it needs to be a living, breathing part of you that’s as comfortable as any part of your person.

2-Pack Universal Magazine Holster IWB Clip

Tactical pouches, however, don’t need to be stealthy and need to be quickly accessible but also secure. This means striking a good balance between accessibility and details like retention.

Speed is the absolute king for sport and competition. This means passive retention, well-spaced magazines, and other little details that could add or remove a fraction of a second.

Preferred Carry Method: OWB, IWB, or On Holster?

Of course, how you prefer to carry also influences what type of pouch you should be looking for, as there are three types of pouches for magazines, just as there are for the gun itself.

OWB, or outside-the-waistband, is just as its name suggests and sits outside of the waistband. IWB is—you guessed it—inside-the-waistband. IWB holsters often have wings that disperse the gun’s weight, contouring it better to your side, and making it more ideal for concealment. Given that this style is naturally more suited for concealed carry, brands are often likely to focus on other features that enhance this effect.

On the other hand, OWB and holster carrying can be more comfortable, but also less secure. A holster is usually the most comfortable, and provides the quickest draw, but is difficult to conceal without outerwear like a long jacket.

Magazine Pouch Material: Leather, Polymer, or Nylon?

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a material, as leather, polymer, and nylon all have their own advantages. Leather is generally the most comfortable and conforms to the shape of your body over time. It’s flexible, accommodating, and provides decent durability.

Polymer and similar synthetics are a lot tougher and can last many, many years, but they’re less flexible and thus, can be a lot more uncomfortable unless they’re designed very well. You’ll often get a lot of environmental protections ensuring your pouch will be up to any task.

Nylons exist somewhere in the middle in terms of both comfort and durability. Ultimately, however, the design is a key component, as nylons and polymers can be both durable and comfortable if created well. Regardless, leather’s properties really don’t change, no matter the design, as it is fundamentally a flexible material with decent durability, and design can only improve it so much.

Number of Spare Magazines: Single or Double?

Don’t forget in your quest for the perfect pouch factors like the number of spare magazines you wish to carry also matter. You can certainly carry more than a single pouch, but a pouch designed to carry multiple magazines likely makes a lot more sense. How these magazines are held in the holster is also critical, as a poor design might hinder your grip.

Quick Take: The Best Best Glock Magazine Pouches

These are our recommendations for the best Glock magazine holders and pouches:

  1. BLACKHAWK! Double Mag Pouch
  2. Universal Double Magazine Paddle Pouch
  3. 2-Pack Universal Magazine Holster IWB Clip

Review of the Best Glock Magazine Pouches and Holders

Now that you’ve got a handle on what to look for in a good Glock magazine pouch, let’s take a look at the best products on the market today. We’ll review each for its pros and cons, but also give you an idea of what type of user each is best-suited for.

BLACKHAWK! Double Stack Double Mag Case (9 mm, 10mm, .40 Cal, and .45 Cal), Carbon Fiber


  • OWB Design With Body Contour
  • Adjustable Screw-Based Tension
  • Compatible With 9mm, 10mm, .40 Cal, and .45 Cal
  • Rugged Polymer Construction, Available in Carbon Fiber or Solid Black
  • Staggered Column Design Fits Two Double Stack or Single Stack Magazines


  • Not Suitable for IWB Concealment

The BLACKHAWK! Double Mag Pouch offers a staggered column design to comfortably fit two double stack magazines, ensuring an easy grip separately, but is also available in a single stack mag design. It is also available in a carbon fiber style as well as a solid black style.

Compatible with 9mm as well as 10mm, .40 Cal, and .45 Cal, it provides versatility and will allow you to carry mags for more than just your Glock should you have the use for it.Included are a belt clip as well as a belt loop. The clip features an adjustable hook so that it can accommodate a wide range of belt widths.

A built-in tension spring offers good security, but the spacing between the magazines ensures fast removal. Tension is also adjustable with a single, simple screw so that you can adjust how secure versus how fast your draw is.

Additionally, it features a curved design to fit your waist profile, making it an ideal choice for outside-the-waistband concealed carry. This curve makes it unsuitable for inside-the-waistband carry.

Overall, it is perfect for concealed carry, offering a good balance between security and speed. It is also well-suited for tactical use thanks to its adjustable tension, allowing for exacting accommodation calibrated to your situation.

Made from a durable polymer, it will last a long time and is perfect for the serious shooter.

Bottom Line

The BLACKHAWK! Double Mag Pouch is perfect for tactical situations as well as concealed carry. While not the most comfortable, it provides great durability and quick response time along with adjustable tension.

Double Magazine Holster, Universal 9mm .40 Mag. Pouch Dual Stack Mag Holder with Adjustable Paddle Fit Glock Sig sauer S&W Beretta Browning Taurus H&K Most Pistol Mags


  • Great Value
  • Rugged Construction From Tough Polymer
  • Easily Adjust the Cant and Retention with the Same Allen Key
  • Compatible With a Wide Variety of Magazines in 9mm and .40 Cal.
  • Staggered Columns Provide for a Quick and Secure Grip on Your Magazine


  • Not the Most Comfortable OWB Option

Another double magazine design, this pouch is designed to fit most 9mm and .40 Cal dual stack magazines, although a single magazine paddle pouch is also available. It is compatible with most Glock, Sig Sauer, S&W, Beretta, and many other makes and models of handguns. Columns are separated by enough space to allow a quick and easy grab.

It offers a flexible fit with two side clips which allow for 1.291” to 1.37” inner length and 0.787’’ to 0.905’’ of inner width. It will attach to a belt up to two inches in width. You can also set the paddle cant from 0 to 60 degrees to allow for the most comfortable position for you as well as set your draw angle. Adjustment is simple, requiring only an Allen wrench.

Created from a rugged polymer, it’s not the most comfortable pouch, but it is certainly secure and will last a very long time. The adjustments should produce an acceptable level of comfort with some patience.

Additionally, the retention is adjustable using a built-in screw. The same Allen wrench that adjusts cant also adjusts retention for quick, on-the-fly, convenience.

Overall, it is a good alternative to the BLACKHAWK! design albeit the key difference is that you’re exchanging magazine compatibility for a greater degree of customization options. Whereas the BLACKHAWK! provides for more variety in ammo, this pouch emphasizes the ability to adjust cant along with retention, which will make many professional shooters very happy.

Like the BLACKHAWK! pouch, it is best suited for tactical or concealed carry situations, although it too is designed solely to be worn outside the belt. Lastly, it is very affordable, making it a great value.

Bottom Line

For those looking for a great value, this OWB magazine paddle holster offers quick and easy access to your magazines with great adjustment options to get a perfect fit.

2-Pack Universal Magazine Holster IWB Clip | 9mm .40 .45 | Mag Holster For Glock 19 43 17 Sig 1911 S&W M&P | Fits Any 7 10 15 Round Clips For All Pistols | Gun Ammunition Holsters | Handgun Ammo Pouch


  • Fully Ambidextrous by Design
  • Primarily Composed of Durable Neoprene
  • Dual Design Allows You to Find the Ideal Spot for Each Holster
  • An IWB Holster Designed With Comfort in Mind While Supporting Concealed Carry
  • Accommodates a Wide Range of Magazines as Well as Knives or Non-Lethal Options


  • Retention is Dependent on the User’s Belt

Moving on to an IWB option, we have this two-pack of separate IWB holsters. IWB, or inside-the-waistband, is ideal for concealed carry as it brings your magazine closer to the body, although this often introduces comfort concerns.

Thankfully, there are some great comfort features on hand. It is equipped with a durable metal belt clip made from padded, breathable, surgery-grade, fully elastic neoprene, and has air holes to promote ventilation. With many IWB holsters, the constant press against your body can create uncomfortable condensation, but the air holes and flexibility of this pouch help mitigate this. Additionally, foam innards prevent unnecessary rubbing.

The split design of two separate magazine holsters is also very handy for several reasons. First of all, you have the versatility of wearing only one should the situation call for it. Secondly, it allows you to find the perfect position for each magazine, rather than trying to force two side-by-side magazines into one spot. Lastly, it enables fully ambidextrous use.

Notably, there is no retention built into the holsters themselves, as it utilizes the belt’s own tension. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on whether you wear your belt tightly. It opens the holster to carrying a wide range of magazine sizes, but the retention will be as loose as you like to wear your belt.

It is designed to hold anything from a Glock 27 up to a .45 1911. In fact, this versatility enables you to hold a variety of items instead of spare magazines, like a knife, taser, or pepper spray. Want to hold a spare magazine in one and a non-lethal option in the other? With this product, you can!

Lastly, it’s an incredible value. A price this great on a durable, neoprene-based holster that’s this comfortable is hard to find.

Bottom Line

It’s hard to beat the value of this holster, with a durable and comfortable design that can be used to hold a wide range of well-concealed magazines or weapons.

Glock Magazine Holder 9mm Magazine Holster The Ultimate Double Stack Glock Mag Holder with Paddle 9mm and .40 Caliber Magazine Pouch


  • Low-Profile Design
  • Lifetime Warranty Provided
  • Accepts Any 9mm or .40 Caliber Magazines
  • Strikes an Excellent Balance Between Comfort and Durability
  • 360-Degree Rotation for Any Cant and Adjustable Tension With Included Allen Wrench


  • Slightly Pricier Than Others on Our List

Another dual-design holster designed to be worn outside-the-waistband, this pouch fits 9mm and .40 caliber magazines. Here, GoZier Tactical has attempted to focus equal parts on customization options and comfort and succeeds quite well at this balance.

For starters, you’ll get a silicon-injected paddle that provides a great medium between comfort and toughness. It is durable but flexes. Additionally, the material hugs the magazine very well.

The pouch is also able to rotate a full 360-degrees using a simple Allen wrench, which has been kindly included and goes well beyond most cant options. Likewise, the magazine retention is also adjustable with a screw.

Aside from the silicon-injection, the paddle is designed primarily from a high-grade polymer, which makes it a highly durable choice that should last for many years. This smart combination of materials hits the mark between comfort and performance.

Additionally, it features a low-profile design, with a wide paddle that fits comfortably on just about any belt.

Finally, we greatly appreciate that GoZier Tactical includes a lifetime warranty, ensuring that no matter what happens, they’ve got your back and that this pouch is designed to last. The downside is it’s slightly pricier, but only by a little bit. It’s definitely worth the few extra dollars for these enhancements.

Overall, it is ideal for concealed carry, while the adjustable tension and 360-degree cant make it a solid consideration for tactical and sport shooters as well.

Bottom Line

A very solid contender that should appeal to many types of shooters, this dual pouch offers a ton of options, versatility, and comfort.

Glock Perfection OEM 10 Magazine Pouch With Cover AP60221


  • Very Affordable
  • Helps Save Space and Prevent Clutter
  • Fits a Vast Array of Magazine Types and Calibers
  • Durable Nylon Pouch Helps Keep Magazines Safe and Organized
  • Strong Velcro Connection is Simple and Keeps Magazines Secure From Unwanted Movement


  • No Straps or Loops to Assist in Transporting the Pouch

Sometimes, a simple pouch that doesn’t need to be carried is ideal. What situation calls for this? If you have a gun safe with limited space or need to safely store magazines anywhere, you’ll often encounter the problem of knocking over magazines or potentially damaging them in some other way. While you don’t necessarily want to be literally attached at the hip to your spare magazines, providing them some protection would be nice.

Enter the official Glock Perfection OEM 10 Magazine Pouch with Cover. As its name would suggest, it is capable of holding a wealth of magazines securely. In fact, it can hold a wide range of ammunition, regardless of the manufacturer. Whether you want to store a range of ammunition from 9mm to 1911 stacks, Taurus G2 mags, or many other types, this pouch can accommodate them.

It works with simple but effective Velcro, ensuring that even single stack mags do not move inside the pouch. The material of the pouch itself is a durable matte black nylon, with the iconic Glock logo on the front.

It’s a simple solution and is very affordable. Anyone storing lots of spare mags should invest in additional protection, even if they’re kept in a safe. The only real downside is that loops for straps or some other equipment to make carrying easier would be nice, but generally speaking, the pouch is designed to be sedentary, so it’s not a huge deal.

Overall, it’s a very wise investment, even if you’re not going to be storing Glock magazines inside.

Bottom Line

A wise investment for storing and organizing magazines safely, the Glock Perfection OEM Magazine Pouch stores just about any type of magazine securely.

Benefits of Investing in a Great Magazine Pouch

The advantages of having a great magazine pouch are nearly countless, but if you’re on the fence about purchasing one you should remember the following benefits:

More Ammo on Hand

Without a magazine pouch, and especially without an extended mag on the handgun you’re carrying, how are you going to access another magazine? Do you intend to manually reload, and if so, with what? Especially for self-defense, nothing beats having a ready magazine available, and a pouch is the only sensible way to be ready.

Greater Concealment

Unless you have a top pouch, concealment is a concern. The best pouches have low profiles and are designed to be discreet. Without a pouch, the situation is even worse, as you’ll either not have a magazine or it will be hardly concealed at all.


Settling for a cheap magazine pouch will encourage you not to wear it, as you’ll be in constant discomfort. Encourage yourself to safely carry spare mags with a pouch that is virtually invisible during wear.

Faster Access

With features like adjustable cant and retention, you can grab your mag fast, whether it’s for sport or self-defense.


A great magazine pouch can enhance concealed carry or increase speed in competitive shooting. These benefits are all the more advantageous in a life-or-death situation. Be sure to pick a reputable brand and product from our list, lest your pouch instead hinder you. With the proper pouch, you’ll always be ready.

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