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| Last Updated: February 6, 2021

A gun safe helps protect your weapons and valuables. However, a gun safe itself needs protection sometimes. Protection from dust, sunlight, moisture, or even from curious eyes. To solve that, gun safe covers are also available on the market.

Here we’ll discuss the benefits of using a gun safe cover, and the different types of such covers available today. We will also try to figure out the qualities of a good gun safe cover, and, before wrapping up the article, we’ll also review the best gun safe covers on the market to help you out with your purchase.

Comparison of the Best Gun Safe Covers 

  • Lightweight and breathable polymer fabric to prevent moisture trapping
  • Features zippers for easy installation and quick access to the front door
  • Easy to install and available in different sizes for compatibility
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  • Instantly turns your gun safe into a wood cabinet for concealment
  • Easy installation with magnets and PVC board sewn into the top pocket
  • Available in different sizes
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Benefits of Using a Gun Safe Cover 

Before investing in a gun safe cover, the very first thing you must learn about is its benefits. A gun safe cover, as the name suggests, is used to cover and protect your gun safe. Just like you cover your car in the garage when it is not under use for some time. Although that’s not the case with a gun safe. You can use it with the cover on it. The benefits of using it include:


Any product, if serviced and maintained well, will last long. A cover over the gun safe will protect it from dust, moisture, sunlight, or any imminent scratches due to mishandling or likewise. A gun safe cover becomes very important, especially when your gun safe is expensive or novel looking, and you can’t even tolerate a hair over it.


Whether its a burglar, thief, inquisitive kids, or your guests, a gun safe might and will become a matter of inspection and curiosity. An aptly designed gun safe cover conceals your safe in such a manner that it becomes hidden in plain sight.

Liberty Safe Cover Up and Protector - Conceal Gun Safe from Sight

Extra Storage Space

It might sound a bit creative, but a gun safe cover can allow you to put some extra stuff over the safe in a cramped space. This will compensate for the area the gun safe occupies, meanwhile protecting the top from any scratches with deliberate use.

Types of Gun Safe Covers 

Talking specifically about the cloak-type safe covers, there’s not much variety available, especially with the material. However, the available types have still their own pros and cons. For now, we’ll talk only about two types of covers:

Simple plastic covers

These covers are generally made from lightweight, breathable plastic material and have zippers. These are used to cover the gun safe and protect it from any damage. These covers work very well if you have an inside-the-wall type of gun safe, or the safe is surrounded by closets or any other furniture. If your safe is not large or high enough, you can cover it up to look like a seat or small table by putting some random stuff over it.

Disguise Cloak Covers

These type of covers make your gun safe look like a wardrobe or cupboard. These type of covers are good to ward off inquisitive visitors coming over. However, in case of a theft, this disguise will quickly break because thieves tend to check wardrobes first.

Amsecamsec 6030 Safe Cloak

Qualities of a Great Gun Safe Cover 

An ideal gun safe cover must possess several qualities. The products reviewed on the list are a subtle combination of these qualities. However, in general, you must always keep an eye out for these features when buying a gun safe cover.

Durable and Protective

A good gun safe cover must be durable, so it doesn’t wear and tear easily. It should also protect your safe and must be thick enough to prevent any damage from force or natural elements.

Concealed From Sight

Concealment is a very important feature of an ideal cover. It must properly conceal your gun safe from prying eyes. Whether it be your guests or an intruder.

Easy to Access

It must have a simple and easy-to-access mechanism like a zipper or something similar.


Finally, a great gun safe cover doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Good covers are available well under $90 on the market as included on our list below.

Quick Take - The Best Gun Safe Covers

These are our recommendations for the best gun safe covers:

  1. Liberty Safe Cover Up and Protector
  2. Amsec 6030 Safe Cloak

Review of the Best Gun Safe Covers 

Based upon the qualities of an ideal gun safe cover, we have handpicked and reviewed the top two covers on the market. These covers are durable, protective, easy-to-access, and also offer concealment to your safe.

1. Best Gun Safe Cover: Liberty Safe Cover Up and Protector

Liberty Safe Cover Up and Protector - Conceal Gun Safe from Sight, 20-25 Size - Lightweight, Breathable, Moisture Resistant

The very first product in our list is from the very renowned gun safe manufacturer, Liberty. The gun safe cover is constructed of a lightweight, breathable material that will not trap moisture.

Additionally, it is durable enough to last for years to come. The cover features a couple of zippers which can be easily opened to gain access to the safe. Moreover, the zipper is backed by a fabric lining to ensure that it doesn’t scratch your safe.

The Liberty Safe Cover has been designed for indoor use. It will protect your gun safe from water, moisture, dirt, dust, and any sort of snags. The cover can be used for protection from sunlight, however, it will result in fading and discoloration. The cover comes in a simple plastic package and is easy to use. You can either do it individually or seek the help of another person for assistance.

This safe cover will conceal your gun safe from direct sight of people passing by, especially from curious kids. This cover is a good accessory for you safe if you tend to keep it in the garage or basement.


  • Easy-to-Use
  • High-Quality Zippers
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Offers Good Concealment and Protection
  • Available in Different Sizes (Five to be precise)


  • Only for Indoor Use

Bottom Line

The Liberty Gun Safe Cover is an economical solution to protect your gun safe from dust and moisture. The cover is available in five different sizes so you’ll surely find one for your safe. The double zippered design is easy to use. The gun cover is intended only for indoor use as it is prone to discoloration and fading under direct sunlight.

2. Best Gun Safe Cover Runner-up: Amsec 6030 Safe Cloak

Amsecamsec 6030 Safe Cloak,

The Amsec 6030 safe cloak is a sort of camouflage for your gun safe. Made from lightweight plastic, the cloak works more like a curtain to conceal your safe.

The cloak features a thermal 3D sort of print over it, which makes it look like the front part of the wooden cabinet. However, upon close inspection, the cover will look flimsy, but the subconscious mind isn’t going to attract much attention.

The cloak features a PVC board sewn on the top along with several magnets which hold the cloak in place. The gun safe cloak is available in five different sizes to fit a wide variety of safes.

One important thing to note here is that the cloak covers only the front portion of the safe. This might sound absurd, but it's the way it is. Hence you need to cover the gun safe from the sides.

This gun safe cover is obviously not a foolproof concealment solution for intruders, but it still can prevent people from meddling with your safe to some extent. Another drawback for this cloak is wind.

Since the cloak drops down just like a curtain, you have to be sure there are no fans swirling around. But even after all this, it is a good camouflage for your safe and will protect it from curious eyes. The safe is meant for safes with a dimension of 60x30 inches.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • Exceptional Concealment
  • Durable (Thick and Long-Lasting)


  • Limited Concealment
  • Limited Protection (Covers Only the Front)

Bottom Line

The Amsec wooden cloak safe cover is good for concealing your gun safe. However, it doesn’t offer much protection and only somewhat limited concealment if you look at it closely. Although it is a good choice for you if you store your gun safe between other items, hence covering the sides.


A gun safe cover helps you protect your gun safe from damage and also offers concealment from prying or inquisitive eyes. A gun safe cover can be made up of simple breathable plastic, or feature a printed design to work as a camouflage for the safe. Eventually, an ideal gun safe cover should be durable, easy to use, protective for the safe, and inexpensive. 

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