Best H&K Pistols of 2021 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: December 27, 2021

Are you looking for the best H&K pistol? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Finding a pistol for concealed carry purposes or even for the purpose of just doing some casual target shooting can be tricky.

But an H&K pistol might be one of the best pistols you can use for just about any purpose you see as fit. While there are so many H&K pistols available on the market, we found several options that we believe to be the best on the market. We’ve analyzed those for you below so you can choose your pick of the litter.

Before we get to the list, we’ll talk about how accurate an H&K pistol is and how powerful it can get. Of course, we’ll also go into how you can choose a pistol for your own personal use.

Comparison of the Best H&K Pistols

  • Best overall HK pistol
  • Capacity of up to 15 + 1 rounds
  • Barrel length measured at 4.1 inches
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  • 10 + 1 round capacity
  • Chambered to fire 45 ACP rounds
  • Runner-up for best overall HK pistol
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How Accurate is an H&K Pistol? 

Most H&K pistol users have reported in the past that they have been able to shoot tighter shooting groups at targets ranging from about 25 yards away. However, some users say that the shooting groups are tighter with the use of smaller cartridges compared to those that are chambered to fire larger calibers. Even the larger cartridges are tight at distances up to 25 yards, but the measurements are a bit wider in space compared to the others. 

How Powerful is an H&K Pistol? 

H&K pistols are considered to be among the most reliable in the world. But how powerful depends on the caliber that an H&K pistol is chambered to fire. For example, a .45 caliber will probably be more powerful in terms of shooting compared to a 9mm H&K pistol. The more powerful it is, the more damage it can do depending on the application you use it for. 

What Makes a Great H&K Pistol?

Finding a great H&K pistol can be a challenge. That’s why it is important to find out which features and characteristics define the individual firearms that stand out as the very best. If you can distinguish a great H&K pistol from one that is shabby in terms of performance and quality, you’ll be in good shape. Here are some things you can look for in a top-notch H&K pistol:


Yes, affordability matters most to many buyers. However, it’s important to find a pistol that will be excellent in quality and performance at a price that you can afford. Even if it means spending a little bit more on your budget scale, you’ll be able to find a pistol that will give you a lot of great value. Try finding a cheap pistol that can do that.

Reliable Performance

Do you want a pistol that won’t jam or malfunction in the times when you need it most? If so, then an H&K pistol might be worth considering. Even after firing many rounds, you’ll want a pistol that can get the job done and will be as accurate as possible across various distances. So if you want something that is accurate and dependable at any given distance, an H&K pistol can do you some good. 


Most pistols are designed to be as concealable as possible, so the measurables will be perfect for carrying a pistol inside a holster that fits. So if you want an H&K pistol that is concealable, look for one that has the right barrel length (or even overall length). The more compact the pistol, the better the chance that you are able to conceal it without any bulging.

Review of the Best H&K Pistols

Below is a list of the best H&K pistols currently on the market. While reading through each of our reviews, try to get a good idea of what your “ideal pistol” should be like. How well does it perform? How many rounds can it hold? Then, note the features and characteristics of each pistol on the list.

That way, you will be able to find one that might be the best match possible for you. Remember, “close enough” is better than nothing at all. Now, let’s take a look at the “best overall” H&K pistol on the list:

Best Overall H&K Pistol: 


  • Fits most hand sizes perfectly
  • Solid construction and durability
  • Trigger pull is smooth and just right
  • Ambidextrous controls are great for left-handed shooters
  • Super accurate; shooting groups are tight right out of the box


  • None

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of new users were happy with this pistol. They said that their shooting groups with targets situated from some 25 yards out were pretty tight and remained consistent after as many as 100 rounds fired. To add to that, these new users were quite happy with the pistol’s overall durability and light weight. They said that it didn’t feel like they were carrying a large heavy rock and the quality didn’t feel flimsy or cheap either.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This pistol appears to have the right measurements to make concealed carry possible. So if you want something that you can take just about anywhere (using the right kind of holster), this pistol just might be the go-to option for you (and many other concealed carry users). It’s also got a trigger pull that is not too heavy or light, so you can definitely appendix carry this pistol safely and securely.

Who Will Use This Most

This pistol will stand out as an odds on favorite for concealed carry users. More importantly, it will also be a pistol that you can have on hand if you hate dealing with bulges that can draw undue attention while you are concealed carrying. If you want to keep that to a minimum, then it all starts with the right kind of pistol. This just might be the one that solves that issue for you.

Bottom Line

The H&K VP9 is without question a heavy favorite among gun users and enthusiasts. With its excellent reliability and superior, durable build, there should be no question why this earns the “best overall” title on our list. If you want a pistol that will definitely take the best care of you, you’re looking at an H&K pistol that will be a reliable sidekick in any survival situation.

H&K HK45


  • Insanely lightweight
  • Accurate up to 35 yards
  • Easy to pull back hammer
  • Excellent for target shooting and home defense
  • Trigger weight is pretty solid; not too light or heavy


  • None

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of new users say that this pistol was very easy to use. The double-action feature was straightforward and really made operation so much smoother. One user said that the hammer pull was quick and easy and the trigger pull was light enough to give him a quick shot. Overall, the durability was solid and no jamming was reported. Overall, shooting groups were quite tight between distances of 25 to 40 yards. That’s pretty impressive for a 45 ACP, according to one other user.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This pistol has a good amount of power behind every shot, and on top of that, it’s got some pretty good shooting groups that tighten up the farther you go. Simply put, it’s very solid for a high-performing .45 ACP pistol from a manufacturer known for making some of the most powerful pistols ever seen on the market. Even with its durable construction, it is surprisingly lightweight; so, it won’t make concealed carry seem like you’re dragging around a heavy ball and chain.

Who Will Use This Most

Expect this to be a great H&K pistol for those who are in law enforcement or tactical operations. But don’t consider it useless for civilians. This gun is for sure one of the best H&K pistols in terms of home defense or concealed carry. If you want a pistol that will work hard and get the job done in just about any application where danger lurks, this should be a go-to option.

Bottom Line

The H&K 45 has power, durability, and reliability, all rolled into one excellent package. So, if you are looking for a pistol that just might overtake the “best overall” position in the future, then you may want to give this one a closer look. We won’t be surprised if this takes the top spot within the next year or two due to its excellent performance and solid durability.

Best H&K Pistol for the Money: 
H&K P2000SK


  • Solid construction
  • Affordable for most budgets
  • Excellent for concealed carry purposes
  • Fits in most holsters and doesn’t create any bulges
  • Makes a great starter pistol for those new to concealed carry


  • Recoil may be a bit sharp
  • Magazine might be a little difficult to pull out at first
  • Disassembly may be a bit tough at first for maintenance and cleaning

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of new buyers were really happy with this pistol. They said that it was not only affordable for them but also gave them a performance that says “you get more than what you paid for.” Accuracy was solid, with shooting groups tightening up at up to 35 yards out. The construction was quite solid and the durability was hard to match when compared to other competitors.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This pistol goes above and beyond what the price tag shows. Shooting groups are tight at various distances and you have reliable shooting that can get the job done whenever you need it most. It’s the textbook example of how a pistol should work regardless of what application you use it for. So, whether you are using it for concealed carry purposes or you are using it for target shooting, this pistol can do just about any task you ask for it to do. (Well, it can’t to it by itself; it’s up to you to make it happen.) It’s solid in construction and can last you a good long time, provided that you take excellent care of it.

Who Will Use This Most

This would be a great starter pistol for those who are new to concealed carry. The performance is just right and it won’t be as intimidating for those who have never used a gun before in their lifetime. Rest assured, they get excellent reliability and accuracy out of each shot they take. So if you have considered the idea of concealed carrying, finding a pistol that fits you best might be a challenge. But this pistol in particular might be one to consider carefully.

Bottom Line

The H&K P2000SK will give you more than what you’ve paid for and then some. It’s no ordinary budget pistol by any stretch of the imagination. If you want a pistol that will be useful in almost any given application where a pistol is appropriate, you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll have a lot of fun with this one. Most importantly, your bank account won’t feel like it’s had the life sucked out of it.

Best H&K 9mm Pistol:
H&K P7


  • Excellent for concealed-carry use
  • Shoots reliably and with excellent accuracy
  • Fits in most holsters and won’t bulge too much
  • Easy to take apart for cleaning and maintenance purposes
  • Sights allow for precise shooting in almost any given application


  • Not suitable for large holsters
  • Trigger pull may be a bit heavy for some users

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of users were satisfied with this pistol overall. They said that it provided a good amount of stopping power when shooting at moving targets at the range. In run and gun situations, they had a good deal of control over their pistol and were able to hit more targets with ease. One user said that he managed to knock down a few targets at various distances and while running in his timed “run and gun” challenge. He said that while he performed pretty well, he is confident that it will prepare him for the real deal (if and when that may happen).

Why it Stands Out to Us

This pistol is chambered to fire 9mm shots. They are perhaps the most popular caliber for the purpose of concealed carry and self-defense. There is no denying that they can stop targets in their tracks with a well-placed shot or two. So if you know where to shoot (and we hope you do), then a 9mm might serve you well in the long run. Yes, they may be small in size, but they definitely pay off in the accuracy department. Tighter shooting groups compared to 45 ACP rounds? Yes, please.

Who Will Use This Most

This will be a great pistol that you can put to good use whether you are new to concealed carry or a seasoned vet. No matter what, you have a pistol that can be great for target shooting or when you end up in a life or death situation where using your pistol would be your only option. While it might never come down to that, it’s always good to know that you have a pistol that you can carry around for the purpose of self-defense and have it ready to go if and when it all goes south.

Bottom Line

The H&K P7 is perhaps one of the best pistols you can own that is chambered to fire 9mm shots. You’ll know for a fact that it’s going to give you a great deal of firing power that will knock down any target that threatens your life or property. Alternatively, it would make for a great target shooting pistol as well. No matter how you use it, this pistol will certainly give you an enviable level of reliability and shooting power.

5. H&K VP9SK Subcompact


  • Superior durability
  • Excellent ergonomic grip
  • Concealable in most holsters
  • Great for both right-handed and left-handed shooters
  • Won’t jam or malfunction


  • None

What Recent Buyers Report

Many new users were really happy with this pistol’s ability to keep itself well concealed in most holsters. It’s at the right size for concealability, so it won’t leave any noticeable bulges. One user said that after adding this onto her holster, it’s as if she’s not carrying at all (although she knows that she will be prepared for any dangerous situation she finds herself in). Overall, the pistol’s accuracy is precise and shooting groups have tightened up considerably with targets ranging from 25 to 30 yards out.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This pistol is at the right size for maximum concealability. They definitely don’t call this a subcompact for nothing. It’s measured overall at about 6.6 inches with the barrel measured at just around 3.3 inches. It’s got the measurables to be a great concealable pistol that won’t bulge or give off any undue attention. But it will give you peace of mind in knowing that it can be right where you need it in case danger is headed your way.

Who Will Use This Most

This would be a great pistol for those who want something with maximum concealability along with reliable and accurate shooting. Yes, the pistol may be short in size but make no mistake about it, it’s going to be your best friend in a situation where you find yourself in mortal danger. If you have to use it, this pistol will have your back and can knock down anyone stupid enough to attack you in any setting.

Bottom Line

The H&K VP9SK Subcompact 9mm pistol will be your kind of pistol if you want the best in concealability and overall performance. Just because it’s compact in size, doesn’t make it inferior. This sucker packs a punch like no other and can knock down an assailant at just about any reasonable distance.

Pros and Cons of H&K Pistols

Here are some of the pros and cons of H&K pistols.


First off, we’ll start with some of the advantages that you can expect from any H&K pistol. And make no mistake about it, there are plenty of things to be excited about when it comes to these pistols.

Powerful Shooting

More power means faster velocity, right? Indeed it does. So if you want something that will make your shots travel far and fast and make each hit a lot quicker, an H&K pistol will not steer you wrong. The caliber doesn’t matter at this point; if it can hit the target faster than its competitors, you are in really good shape. 

Tighter Shooting Groups Right Out of the Box

No other pistol on the market can guarantee tighter shooting groups right out of the gate better than H&K pistols. This means you’ll get some pretty good accuracy with each and every shot without having to make any adjustments before pulling the trigger the first time around. Keep in mind that some caliber shooting groups will have different spacings than others. A 9mm shooting group will have shorter spacing or tightness compared to 45 ACP shots.

Most of Them are Concealable

Let’s face it: a lot of concealed carry users want a pistol that allows for the best concealability possible. Believe it or not, most of them do. So if you want a pistol that will be fitting for most holsters and won’t attract any undue attention because of bulging, you’ll want to give an H&K pistol the chance to be your sidearm of choice.


With pros come cons. But don’t let the downsides of owning an H&K pistol be discouraging. Sometimes, even the best pistols on the market have a shortcoming or two.

Can Be a Bit High Maintenance

Yes, each pistol or firearm has to be cleaned regularly. But H&K pistols tend to have the need to be cleaned once a week or even two weeks at the latest. Failure to do so may hinder the pistol’s ability to function. So it would be wise to have a good cleaning kit on hand to ensure that you are staying on top of the cleaning and maintenance.

15 + 1 Capacity is Considered the “Low Side” of Its Class

While 15 + 1 might be a good number for many concealed carry uses, it’s considered on the low side compared to its competitors, which have capacities of 16 to 18 rounds. But don’t let that discourage you from getting a pistol like this. 15 rounds should be plenty for just about any pistol user. And besides, why spend more than you have to just to get a few more rounds of capacity?

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying 

Aside from knowing how to distinguish the features and characteristics of a great pistol from one that is subpar, there are a few other things that you need to know prior to purchasing an H&K pistol. It would be better to make a more well-informed decision as opposed to knowing nothing and choosing a pistol blindly.

They Are Affordable Compared to Some Others

Compared to their competitors, even the most expensive H&K pistol on the market is still affordable. So if you are looking for a concealed pistol that still might be affordable compared to others like the S&W or SIG Sauer, to name a few, the H&K brand could certainly have a good pistol for you without breaking the bank.

You’ll Need a Holster For Concealed Carry

This is a must-know for those who are new to concealed carrying. You probably know by now, but consider this your reminder. A holster is required for the purpose of concealed carry. But hold off on that until you are able to select your pistol of choice. That way, you can find one that will be a perfect fit. 

Excellent For Beginner Users

If you are considering the idea of starting out as a concealed carry user, then you may be satisfied to know that H&K is known for manufacturing pistols that are perfect for beginner users. Even if you are more of a seasoned user, you can take advantage of the quick shooting and superior reliability of these pistols. Either way, it’s a pistol that shouldn’t be overlooked for any reason.


Finding the best H&K pistol will be a challenge. But now that you are armed with so much information about them, you’ll certainly find one that will be the best pistol you’ve ever owned. Don’t be shocked if you have one that will last you years or maybe decades. There is nothing better than an H&K pistol that has proven itself to be powerful, reliable, and excellent in a concealed carry application.

People Also Ask

Below is a list of frequently asked questions from prospective buyers of an H&K pistol. Use this as a guide to help you make a well-informed purchase of your pistol of choice. These answers are based on our expert opinion on these pistols, but take them with a grain of salt if you wish.

Where Are H&K Pistols Made?

H&K pistols (or Heckler & Koch pistols) are made in Oberndorf, Germany. The company was incepted after World War II and during the rebuilding of post-war Germany. Since then, they have become one of the leaders in firearms manufacturing and providing reliable pistols and other firearms to military and civilian users.

What is The Smallest H&K Pistol?

The H&K P30SK Subcompact is considered to be one of the smallest H&K pistols on the market, containing a capacity of 11 rounds that you can use for all your concealed carrying needs. 

Is H&K VP9 Full Size?

The original H&K VP9 was initially full-sized until it underwent some changes over the years. Today’s VP9 is a bit smaller than its initial size, but still provides excellent reliability and performance.

Are H&K Pistols Worth the Money?

Absolutely. As mentioned before, they are significantly more affordable than many competitors. Even the most expensive models are more affordable compared to others on the market. If you are on a budget, chances are you can afford to acquire an H&K pistol for your own use. 

Does H&K Own Walther?

While both manufacturers are made in Germany, H&K and Walther are two separate companies. So no, H&K does not own Walther in the business sense. 

Are H&K USP Still Made?

As of today, the H&K USP models are still made and are available for sale. You may want to find one (if available) on your favorite firearms websites like Cabela’s, Brownells, etc. 

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