Complete Buyer’s Guide for 2019: Best H&K VP9 Holsters

After almost four decades Heckler & Koch has reentered the striker-fired handgun market, introducing VP9 in 2014, a sort of cross between H&K’s own P30 and Walther’s PPQ.  Although the quality produced Heckler & Kochs tend to fall on the higher end of the price spectrum, one place that the VP9 won’t rip your wallet to shreds is in the holster niche.

Though there are fewer VP9 holster options on the market than for some American-made guns, there's still plenty of choices, including outside-and inside-the-waistband, and shoulder holsters. There are also a variety of quality stock manufacturers offering adjustable, universal holsters designed for H&K VP9 size class.

With increased market demand, holster companies became exceptionally creative offering many non-traditional carry methods and holsters, but we will focus on more conventional holster types suitable for the H&K VP9 and similar size semiautomatics.

Best H&K VP9 Holsters Comparison Chart


Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster: Heckler & Koch (H&K) Vp9

  • Fits: Heckler & Koch (H&K) VP9 and VP40
  • Can Be Worn In Multiple Carry Positions
  • Black Oxide Treated Hardware w/Threadlock
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Safariland 7378 7TS ALS Paddle & Belt Slide Concealment H&K VP9 Holster

  • Constructed of SafariSeven (7TS) NON-Abrasive Nylon
  • Automatic Locking System for Easy Draw
  • Optional Adjustable Belt Loop Included in the Package
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R&R Holsters OWB Kydex Holster

  • Kydex OWB Holster For a Comfortable Fit
  • Ergonomically Shaped With a Partial Sweat Guard Backing
  • Made in USA with One Year Replacement Warranty
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Bravo Concealment Outside the WaistBand BCA Gun Holster

  • Threaded Barrel Clearance Suits Most VP9 Users
  • High Front Sight Clearance for Compatibility with Aftermarket Sights
  • Great and Secure Fit for VP9 With a Lifetime Warranty
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Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster

  • Fits HK VP9 Tactical with Compensator
  • Comfortable While Driving or Laying Down
  • Quality Hardware and Fully-Adjustable
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Comp-Tac International Holster

  • Modular Mounting System With Interchangeable Mounts
  • OWB Holster for Competition and Range Use
  • Good Fit and Adjustable Design to Suit the VP9
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Vlamitex Shoulder Holster Leather H & K Vp9

  • Shoulder Holster With Metal Accelerator Sewn In
  • Can Also Be Used as a Belt Holster
  • Leather Design and Includes a Magazine Pouch
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Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster

  • Made from Durable and Comfortable Bullhide Leather
  • Fits Most Full-Sized and Compact Handguns
  • Aesthetically Pleasing and Backed by Lifetime Warranty
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Types of H&K VP9 Holsters

On the other side, the civilian market is mainly interested in VP9 holsters for concealed carry, so the manufacturers developed two dominant holster designs well-suited for concealment: an inside-or-outside-the-pants belt carry and underarm carry.

A high-ride OWB holster is going to work best for your H&K VP9, though you'll probably want to switch to a different method when summertime comes. The same sentiment applies to shoulder and IWB carrying rigs, they're great if you are planning to wear layers, but are less appealing in a hot climate.

Alien Gear OWB Holster for H&K VP9 Holster

Appendix carry holsters are technically a class of IWB holsters featuring smaller overall dimensions than many other types of IWB holsters.

Since they are supposed to be carried in the appendix position on the front of the waistband, subcompacts will be more suitable than large frame handguns.

The shoulder holsters may look like a professional tool but aren’t for everybody. They are quite comfortable and concealable if you are going to carry a full-size pistol and spend much of your life in a car or at a desk.

While easy to carry, many people find they don’t like these holsters due to the requirement of wearing a covering jacket or sports coat all the time.

There are many other types of handgun holsters, though most of them are not a perfect gun holster for H&K VP9. They are suitable for ultra-concealed carry of micro guns and snubbie revolvers or belong to the off-the-body type gun carrying.

Typical examples are the pocket and ankle holsters, which are perfectly fine for a backup weapon or deep concealment of smaller compacts and subcompacts guns.

Aspects to Keep in Mind While Looking for a New H&K VP9 Holster

One dominant holster design, regardless of where one carries, is the hybrid holster. It consists of a retention shell attached to a holster base platform. A typical material for the retention shell is a polymer such as hard Kydex or other polymers custom-molded for a specific make and model firearm.

Although the H&K VP9 holsters can be made from many different materials, the most prevalent material are leather and Kydex, but VP9 holsters can be made of some types of durable cloth such as woven nylon, too.

There are popular strong holsters constructed from rough-out leather, rawhide, and suede but they absorb sweat and can start to stink eventually.

Whereas the glass-filled nylon or Kydex material holsters are comfortable enough, they should be designed with a sweat-absorbing backer or require an undershirt to be comfortable enough to wear.

Generally, like any other carrying rig, VP9 holster should have trigger cover to prevent any object from accidentally depressing the trigger and causing a misfire.

Another essential feature is retention, especially in regards to a duty holster. While for the needs of a civilian carrier would be sufficient passive retention or a Level

One holster that generates passive tension from an adjustable detent screw, the active retention means some sort of device. 

There are Level Two and Level Three holsters with active retention in the form of a mechanism such as a thumb break, hammer loop, or trigger guard lock that have to be deactivated to draw the handgun.

Quick Take - The Best H&K VP9 Holsters

Review of the Best H&K VP9 Holsters 

We offer our choice of several different types of holsters that are said to work with your new H&K VP9 9mm pistol and don’t require the drastic change of your regular wardrobe for optimal concealment.

We have reviewed each of them so that you can pick the one which suits your needs.


  • Standard Belt Clip: 1.5" ABS.
  • Material .08 inch Thick Kydex.
  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.
  • Integrated Full-Length Sweat-Guard.
  • Easily Adjustable Retention Pressure.
  • Posi 'Click' Audible Retention Lock System.
  • Adjustable Carry Angle (Cant) 0-15 Degrees.
  • Allows different carry styles: Appendix, Hip, Cross Draw, Small-of-Back.


  • Stiffer to Pull out Gun.
  • Edges Near the Top are Sharp.

Concealment Express justifies its name with this discreet and minimalist Kydex holster made explicitly for the Heckler & Koch VP9 and designed to be worn inside-the-waistband.

This Concealment IWB holster is molded from .08-inch Kydex material, thick enough to maintain necessary rigidity while adding only 2.5 oz. in weight.

This IWB rig from Concealment Express boasts a full sweat-shield to protect your VP9 from moisture and helps guide the pistol when re-holstering. The holster has Posi-Click audible retention lock system and the trigger is fully covered.

Each holster has an easily adjustable retention pressure and cant (carry angle) in the range from 0 to 15 degrees to adjust to your liking, as well. It means you can carry this holster in various carry positions on your body including appendix, cross draw, hip, side, and small-of-the-back carry positions.

Some users found the holster's clips perfectly fit the driver's door pocket making it a smart alternative to the specialized car holsters.

The belt clip fits belts up to 1.5" width and holds tight to them in a consistent position without printing while wearing only a loose T-shirt. However, these extremely lightweight, durable holsters will not work as well with a cheaper belt.

There are some gripes about the need for more of an adjustable angle, but the only serious downside would be the rough edges around the top of the body side Kydex.

Bottom Line

While this Concealment Express holster fits both the 9mm and .40 versions of the H&K VP, it is not designed to be carried outside-of-the-waistband.

Anyway, it is an all-around minimalism IWB holster with a lifetime warranty, intended for everyday use, and very easy to hide no matter how you are dressed.

Safariland 7378 7TS ALS Concealment Holster, Flex-Paddle & Belt Loop Combo, H&K VP9, SafariSeven Plain Black, Right Hand


  • Adjustable Belt Loop.
  • Automatic Locking System (ALS).
  • Lightning Fast Draw and Re-Holstering.
  • Very Comfortable and Ergonomic Flex-Paddle.
  • Made of SafariSeven (7TS) NON-Abrasive Nylon.
  • Holster Design Enables Carrying at Various Positions.


  • Not for Deep Concealment.
  • Will Quickly Wear the Finish of Your Firearm.

Safariland, the leader in technology and innovation, is known for their extraordinarily rugged and quality holster options.

Safariland has created a lot of holster systems intended for duty use and open carry, but their new 7TS ALS series is designed for concealed carry and can be attached in a number of ways.

Due to the injection-molded paddle, the holster is highly concealable and rides close to the body. Whereas this nylon rig enables you to wear it at various 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock positions, it will not work in the appendix position due to the stabilizing paddle.

The package also includes an optional nylon belt loop, which comes in various sizes, for different widths of belts. The belt loop is adjustable from 1.5" (38 mm) to 1.75" (45 mm) and can be angled to your preference. Like the paddle-style, this belt attachment allows the holster to ride close to the body.

This Safariland`s open-top model is made out of a proprietary DuPont nylon blend called SafariSeven 7TS. The material used in the Safariland 7TS Series is practically impervious to the elements and is temperature-resistant.

While the manufacturer claims that this non-abrasive nylon will not scratch or mar the finish of your handgun, a few users found this holster will wear the finish on your H&K slide, in a very short time.

The Safariland's newest concealment rigs, the 7378 have the Auto Locking System or ALS security feature, which secures your VP9 once holstered and easily releases with the thumb falling naturally on the top end of the lever.

The Safariland 7378 7TS ALS holster holds the gun surprisingly tightly and offers excellent retention but at the same time with minimal contact friction for a fast, smooth draw.

Bottom Line

This is a very versatile, tactical holster that provides proper functionality while requiring virtually no maintenance to keep it functioning.  

While the tight fit provides no play between your H&K VP9 and the holster keeping it quiet, the Model 7378 7TS is not the sort of rig that can be easily concealed by a T-shirt, so you should wear a jacket or coat.

Best VP9 Holster Second Runner-up:
R&R Holsters: OWB Kydex Holster

OWB Holster (Right-Hand, HK VP 9)


  • Two Belt Loops.
  • Partial Sweat-Guard Backing.
  • Very Low Profile Concealment.
  • One Year Replacement Warranty.
  • Handmade of .080” Kydex Material.
  • Adjustable Cant from 0-15 Degrees.


  • Allows for a Little Movement.
  • As most Kydex holsters, it Rubs Your Handgun

Red River Tactical company is located in Clarksville, Tennessee and its entire assortment is constructed in the U.S.A.

R&R Holsters makes both tuckable holsters and OWB holsters in standard and hybrid versions with a leather back and Kydex front and a one-year replacement warranty.

The R&R Holsters OWB rig is made completely of Kydex, which is less than a tenth of an inch thick, making the holster light and less bulky.

This tough, sturdy gun sheath comes with a partial sweat guard backing, so it will protect your skin against chafing and prevent damaging sweat from penetrating the holster.

Besides that, the Kydex is specially molded to hold your H&K VP9, offering just the right balance between gripping the pistol securely, whilst still being able to draw it quickly.

The R&R gun carrier is designed to be worn outside-the-waistband with the help of two belt loops. The loops are located on each side of the holster and will fit belts up to 1 ½” wide.

By tightening the belt loop screws, it’ll increase the retention level making the R&R OWB holster securely grip your gun in place and keep it close to your body.

Furthermore, these two plastic belt loops can be adjusted for the cant and the ride height. You can change the cant’s inclination from zero to fifteen degrees and adjust how far it sits above and below your belt according to your preferences.

Bottom Line

This holster is thin enough to offer good concealment for a bulky weapon like VP9 and thick enough to give a good level of protection for your semiautomatic.

The R&R Holsters OWB Kydex Holster has made a real compromise using Kydex of the perfect thickness for a holster with features such as the adjustable cant and ride height preferred by professionals.

Bravo Concealment H&K VP9 OWB Gun Holster


  • Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Injection Molded Belt Loops.
  • Can be Used as IWB or OWB.
  • Made of .08 inch Thick Kydex.
  • 10' Forward Cant for Better Concealment.
  • Very Comfortable for All Activities, Including Driving.


  • Right-Hand Only.
  • Non-Adjustable Retention.
  • Con 3
  • Con 4
  • Con 5

Texas-based Bravo Concealment offers a variety of holsters for the Heckler and Koch VP9 pistols.

The Bravo Concealment Kydex holsters are respected for their excellent workmanship and practical concept.

The simple and straightforward Patriot model, now called the BCA holster, is designed to be worn as an outside-the-waistband rig but can be converted into an IWB holster as needed.

BCA stands for Bravo Concealment Adaptive and the word adaptive means that you can swap out the belt loops for belt clips, converting this OWB holster to inside-the-waistband carry.

The package includes holster with threaded barrel opening, an open top for tall sights, and a pair of solid 1.5-inch belt loops. The holster comes from the factory with a 10-degree cant, but can be adjusted for better concealment with injection molded belt loops.

Made of .08 inch Kydex, the holster is thin and comfortable due to the curve that is formed into the back of the holster to fit most body types. The holster is available only in black and for a right-hand draw.

Whereas the retention is solid, some users complain about it being too tight and the non-adjustable retention requiring a very authoritative action to draw your VP9.

Bottom Line

A BCA (Bravo Concealment Adaptive) OWB holster provides a level of comfort you thought was impossible with a rigid Kydex OWB holster.

On the other hand, though you can use it as an IWB carrying rig, you cannot expect deep-concealment features as from dedicated IWB holsters.

Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster (H&K VP9, Right)


  • Adjustable Retention Level.
  • Adjustable Ride Height and Cant.
  • Lifetime Warranty and 30-Day Trial Period.
  • Very Comfortable to Wear, Even on Bare Skin.
  • Custom-Molded Retention Shell for Superior Fit.
  • Sweat-Wicking, Waterproof, Breathable Neoprene Backing.


  • A Little Bulky.
  • Can't Adjust the Position Easily.
  • Sometimes Takes Un-Holstering the Gun to Loosen up.

Alien Gear is known for their Cloak Tuck series that offers an unmatched level of comfort and concealability within the concealed carry world.

Essentially, the Cloak Tuck IWB (Inside the WaistBand) carrying rig consists of a flexible holster base and a secure retention shell custom-molded for specific make and model of firearm.

The AG holster`s evolution line saw an original Cloak Tuck made of Kydex shell and leather backing, then the 2.0 version, which offered a neoprene backing in place of the leather and now the 3.0 advancement.

The Cloak Tuck 3.0’s main selling point and an improvement over their 2.0 Cloak Tuck design is the stainless steel spring core that acts as a sturdy backbone to the IWB holster.

Actually, the holster base is made of twin layers of thin pieces of spring steel and woven ballistic nylon, adding extra support behind the firearm and allowing flexibility to fit your shape.

The surface of the gun holster is covered with a layer of thermoplastic polymer, which is referred to as the Alien Skin. It also provides additional strength and grip to the holster.

This IWB hybrid concealed carry holster has improved comfort due to a layer of CoolVent Composite, a perforated soft neoprene fabric on the back of the pistol holster. The Neoprene backing is sweat-proof and breathes against the skin, and is much softer on the flesh than leather.

The belt clips are made of plastic, which bothers some users, but these nylon “C” clips and “J” clips allow you to adjust ride height and grip cant to your preference.

Whereas the 3.0 design completely conceals your H&K VP9, it is a bit wide for 3 o'clock wear as well as for appendix carry. Practically, the system offers all-day comfort and leaves the smallest footprint in the 4-5 o'clock zones, which is what it was designed for.

The retention shell of this hybrid holster is also adjustable by using the inserts that AG provides in the kit.

For more retention, you may use the smaller inserts and vice versa. Alien Gear Holsters’ new edition IWB holster needs a short break-in period of about 20 times of un-holstering and re-holstering to the gun to loosen up.

Bottom Line

The Cloak Tuck 3.0 increases the comfort and concealability far more than the preceding Cloak Tuck models. When you carry a full-size gun like H&K VP9, you do not even feel like you are wearing it most of the time.

One more plus is the ability to order additional outer shells and swap out the gun while keeping the same holster base.

Best VP9 Kydex Holster:
 Comp-Tac International Holster

COMP-TAC.COM International - H&K Vp9 Lever - Right - Black


  • Retention Adjustment.
  • Available in Several Colors.
  • Modular Mounting System.
  • Belt Width Adjustable; 1.5" or 2".
  • Available with Three Different Cant Options.
  • Open Bottom Allows Use with a Threaded Barrel.
  • Smooth, Low Friction Surface Allows for a Fast Draw.


  • Once Belt Width is Widened to 2” it Cannot be Changed Back.
  • Holes in the Holster not Perfectly Aligned for Cant Adjustment.

The Comp-Tac company has a wide assortment of VP9 pistol holsters each covering a different method of carrying.

A model called International Holster is an outside-the-waistband carrying rig that uses a modular mounting system.

Whereas the International holster combines a belt holster, paddle holster, and drop-offset holster, its modular mounting design gives you 16 holster options in one.

The Comp-Tac International Holster features an all-Kydex body molded to a specific model of firearm. As a rigid material, the Kydex is impervious to sweat and solvents and will maintain its shape even with the pistol un-holstered. In addition, the smooth, low friction Kydex surface allows for a fast draw and easy one-handed re-holstering of your VP9.

Moreover, the open top holster is cut down in the front to fit most reflex sights and has a .5" tall sight rail to fit most co-witnessing sights. Its open bottom allows use with guns with a threaded barrel.

Besides the original belt mount, you will get two additional mounting options in the box. The initial belt mount is designed with a curve to fit comfortably on the hip. Belt mounting hardware will accommodate 1-1/2” or 2” belt widths.

The paddle mount enables easy and simple transferring of the holster from one pair of pants to another. The paddle mount has vents in the paddle portion making it a cool, comfortable option.

The drop-offset piece is specifically designed for various belt drops. Its task is to set the pistol away from the body and drop it to a lower position for a more comfortable draw.

As a well-thought design, the rigs can be set up with adjustable cant so that you can configure the Comp-Tac holster for a straight/speed draw, an FBI cant (grip angle forward), and the cross-draw rearward cant (grip angle rearward).

As a special bonus, the International holster body is available in multiple colors and it is compatible with many mounting systems offered by other holster manufacturers.

Bottom Line

While this is designed to be worn at 3 o’clock, this holster may have issues with cant adjusting. Maybe this holster is not perfect for competitive use, but it seems best suited for a backup while hunting or for EDC.

VlaMiTex S1 Shoulder Holster Leather for Heckler und Koch VP9 VP40 SFP9 HK Black


  • Fully Modular Holster.
  • Metal Accelerator Sewn-in.
  • Comfortable Once Broken in.
  • Can also be Used as a Belt Holster.
  • The Holster's Leather is 2.5-3.0 mm Thick.
  • Shoulder Holster includes a Magazine Pouch.
  • Leather Belt Holster for Belts up to 5 cm Wide.


  • Requires Maintenance.
  • As With Every Leather holster, it Needs a Break-in Period.

The VlaMiTex adaptive holster system offers various mounting options due to the thoughtful design.

While the base role of this leather holster is a cross-draw underarm gun carry, it can also be used as a belt holster.

The VlaMiTex cross-draw shoulder holster comes with magazine pouch, which enables spreading the weight of a gun over your shoulders.

In this way, carrying full-sized automatics such as H&K VP9 is very easy and comfortable, without weighing down your pants.

Whereas the VlaMiTex horizontal shoulder holster has advantages such as a faster draw than the vertical holster it will often enable muzzle printing through the back of the cover garment. The more serious problem with this holster type is that the angle points at others all the time.

This quality shoulder holster is made of 0.98-1.18 inch (2.5-3.0mm) thick genuine cowhide leather.

Although the leather tanning gives the holster necessary elasticity and firmness, upon delivery the fit is very tight so that it will require just a little judicious breaking in for best performance.

The holster is designed with a loop on the rear wall of the holster to allow you can carry it on an up to 50 mm wide belt.

The holster completely covers the trigger area and features a metal accelerator, sewn into the holster. The security button is placed deeper in the holster, but you can press it quickly and easily when removing and inserting your VP9.

Bottom Line

Overall, the VlaMiTex offering is a high-quality leather shoulder holster and breaks the old rule that you should spend over $100 for a quality shoulder holster.

Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster - Made in USA - for S&W M&P Shield - Glock 17 19 22 23 32 33 / Springfield XD & XDS/Plus All Similar Sized Handguns – Charred Oak – Left Handed


  • Handmade.
  • Form-fitted.
  • Snug Retention.
  • Superb Stitching.
  • Sturdy Metal Spring Clip.
  • Very Comfortable, Even for Larger Persons.
  • Soft Inside Lining for Keeping Finish like New.


  • Not Waterproof.
  • Only Comes in Black.

Handgun owners and especially concealed carriers, most often decide to choose a leather holster because they found that Kydex was causing wear on their gun’s slide finish. Considering that, the Relentless Tactical Defender leather holster is made to last for a long time with your favorite VP9.

This handmade IWB holster is built in five different sizes from bull hide leather, which provides function, comfort, and durability.

Regardless of the type of clothing you are wearing, it will give you optimum concealment and ease of access when most needed.

Intended for IWB conceal carrying, the Defender leather holster has a low-compact design but still safely covers the trigger guard.

The Relentless Tactical IWB holster attaches to your pants with the very sturdy steel belt clip that will not detach or come off from the holster anytime soon.

The gun fits tightly in the holster so the retention is snug and will not allow your pistol to move when it should not be moving.

This very fine crafted "inside the waistband" concealed carry holster features a very strong, quality, well-stitched design.

Bottom Line

While this lightweight and slim Relentless Tactical holster provides a minimalist profile, it will hold the handgun securely and conceal your VP9 even from the most trained eyes. As a formfitting holster, the Defender will work with literally hundreds of different guns and comes with a lifetime warranty.


There are a wide variety of options for H&K VP9 holsters, from very cheap to unreasonably expensive.  

However, your new Heckler & Koch’s striker fired pistol doesn’t deserve a sub-standard holster but a solid, lasting holster formed to the specific handgun while providing comfort and enough retention. 

If you are looking for a holster to fit your Heckler, we are hoping this article will help you in choosing the best carrying rig for the VP9 and give you a little bit more understanding of this popular semiautomatic.

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