Best Holsters for Women – Buyer’s Guide [2022]

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September 23, 2023

As women grow more and more aware of daily safety issues, concealed carry has become a widely popular solution in the last few years. In this wake, manufacturers have come up with new and innovative holster designs that cater directly to women.

This article will explain the differences and similarities between holsters for men and holsters for women. We will also discuss the best times to carry, and how you can prevent CCW from interfering with your wardrobe and fashion.

To make things easier, we have also outlined and reviewed the best holsters for women on the market, including several different types.

Best Holsters for Women Comparison Chart

  • Best overall holster for women
  • Universal holster to fit most large and small size handgun frames
  • New-tech adhesive velcro hook for durability and quieter release
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  • Best holster for women runner-up
  • Dual magazine pockets and a cellphone pocket for extra storage
  • Snap button retention and left/right barrel exits
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  • Best belly band holster for women
  • Movable mag pouch for preferential placement over the band
  • Extremely comfortable design with a universal fit holster
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  • Best thigh holster for women
  • Two holsters separated by a mag pouch and tabs for extra accessories
  • Most compact and concealable holster for skirt type dresses
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  • Best ankle holster for women
  • Extra plush padding for added comfort and stablility while movement
  • Great for EDC and office use while wearing pants or jeans
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  • Best body holster for women
  • Fixed magazine packet and extra movable pouch for other stuff
  • Adjustable and comfortable belly band with universal holster
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  • Best IWB holster for women
  • Low-profile and slim design for effective all-day concealment
  • Snap button retention for quick and slilent draw
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Holsters for Men and Women - Similarities and Differences

It is an inevitable fact that men and women differ in many ways, including shape, size, body structure, and type of clothing. Holsters were originally designed with men in mind. However, with changing times new designs have been developed to address the increase in women carrying weapons.

Why do women need a specialized holster? The easy answer is, every holster designed for men can be worn by women, but not vice versa. (Men’s chest rig can be an exception sometimes.)

Most holster designs are universal for both men and women. Whereas some designs are exceptionally crafted for women, such as the garter holster, and the bra holster. Obviously, most men would not have a use for these specific holsters.


What important features are similar between men and women's holsters?


Holsters for both sexes require the similar levels of functionality. This includes features like, retention and cant adjustment, quick draw, and high level of concealment. After all, the main purpose of carrying a holster is the ability to draw your gun out as quickly as possible when necessary.

Practice Makes Perfect

Another very basic similarity between men’s and women’s holsters is practice using a holster. Regardless of a gun owner’s skill or how many advanced features the holster has, you must get accustomed and acquainted to a new holster for it to perform properly. Regular practice with using the holster ensures your comfort with it as well as a quick draw.

Woman wearing an IWB Holster (Source)


So what might be different between holsters for men vs women?

Carry Positions

Women have a few more points on their body to carry the firearm due to the physical characteristics of a woman’s physique and typical clothing. Women can utilize the uniqueness of bra holsters and garter holsters. These holsters offer women the ability to carry their weapon comfortably in a variety of different carry positions. For example, pregnant women have different carry requirements, compared to women with toddlers, or single women.

Wardrobe Compatibility

Women’s holsters are more wardrobe compatible. The only exception with this is the men’s tuckable IWB holster. Women play many different roles in their daily lives, and wardrobe and fashion are often important considerations in a woman’s life. Bra, corset, and purse holsters offer a variety of attractive options for women to conceal carry their firearm.

Review of the Best Holsters for Women

Let's take a look at some of our favorite holsters and see what makes them each unique. There are some great options we can't wait to discuss.  

Best Holster for Women:
KAYLLE Belly Band Concealed Carry Holster

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  • Universal holster
  • Quick and quiet draw
  • Useful for concealed carry
  • Comfortable and high quality neoprene


  • Holster and mag pouch are on the same side

What Recent Buyers Report

Many new users of this holster were quick to point out that the belly band was snug and easy to fit. They said the comfort was superb and allowed for bulge-free concealed carry for most pistols. One user said that he bought two (one for himself and one for his wife). Both loved how it was able to fit their Glock pistols without making it bulge out and look like that they were carrying something to cause undue attention. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Made from high-quality materials, this holster is sturdy and will be super difficult to tear or fray. It’s a tough as nails band that will be a perfect fit for most users that want the ultimate in concealment. So if you want to really keep your pistol out of plain sight, this might be the solution for you. And since it’s less likely to tear after short term use, it might stick with you for quite a while.

Belly Band holsters are ideal for anyone, but especially for women. It allows you to carry your weapon comfortably at any time of the day. The super comfortable belly band holster from Kaylle is an exceptional product for concealed carry. The belly band is made of super soft neoprene, which sits comfortably on your body.

It features one holster and an extra pocket to carry a mag or other relevant item. This holster is perfect for concealed everyday carry and also for exercising or jogging. It can accommodate most full-sized to sub compact pistols and revolvers.

The retention is secured by a magnetic metal snap fastener. The modern adhesive Velcro hook makes for an easy and silent weapon draw. This belly band is universal for both men and women, but a bit more favorable for women.

Who Will Use This Most?

This is a belly band holster that will fit both women and men quite nicely. It’s adjustable to fit most shooters and the wraparound is snug, comfortable, and will keep your pistol held in place so you know it’s there whenever you need it. If you want a holster that will make your concealed carry experience a great one, this is it. 

Bottom Line

The KAYLLE Belly Band Concealed Carry Holster will be one of the best holsters you’ve owned in your life. It’s definitely got the durability to last longer and the ability to fit most shooters who want to be prepared for any dangerous situations that may lie ahead. Don’t be surprised if this ends up being the only holster you use for the long-term. 

This belly band holster is ideal for evening or morning walk, and can also be used for normal everyday carry. It is concealable, comfortable, and also affordably priced.

Best Holster for Women Runner-up:
BravoBelt Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

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  • Multiple pockets
  • Comfortable all day
  • Multiple draw positions
  • Ambidextrous and modular
  • Flex-fit design for maximum retention


  • A little bulky to some users
  • Velcro might degrade with time

What Recent Buyers Report

This was a really well fitting belly band holster for most women. They said they were able to wrap this around for a snug, comfortable fit. Regardless of what pistol they carried, they were also happy to report that no bulging was present. One user said that she used this holster to easily carry her S&W 9mm pistol and was a comfortable all-day fit since she used it for EDC purposes. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This belly band is equipped with a holster that just might be the closest thing to universal. So if you have no idea which holster might be the perfect one for your specific pistol, then you might want to consider this your best choice. That’s because you are able to fit almost any pistol, be it small or full-sized. And it will definitely stand out as one of the most comfortable to wear belly band holsters on the market. You won’t get skin irritation nor will you have to struggle with re-fitting it because it won’t slip off so easily. 

The BravoBelt Belly Band holster is our runner-up. Like most belly band holsters, it is of breathable neoprene material, which is soft and comfortable on your skin. The holster is ambidextrous, universal, and the holster pouch has two openings for easy left or right hand draw. 

Plus, the belly band has two extra pouches for mags, and a handy cell-phone pouch. It can be concealed easily and worn with almost any kind of dress (with the exception of very tight ones). The retention is secured using a metal snap button strap. The holster sits firmly in place and can hold most firearms ranging from sub-compact to full size.

Who Will Use This Most?

This would be perfect for the woman who wants a belly holster that will be easy to adjust for that perfect fit. It’s also for those who want a holster that can handle any pistol that it can accept. It doesn’t matter if it’s a .22 caliber or a .45, it can fit so many holsters securely so you are prepared to take on any attackers or prowlers that are stupid enough to set their sights on you. 

Bottom Line

The BravoBelt Belly Band Holster might just be one of the best quality and best fitting holsters for women out there. It’s comfortable, doesn’t allow skin irritation, and is a fit for all kinds of sizes. And best of all, it’s excellent for so many pistols. More importantly, you get a great deal of concealability out of the whole thing. 

The Bravo Belt belly band holster is ambidextrous and can be worn in almost any draw position with most types of apparel. The extra pouches  are handy to carry additional supplies and ammo. It is comfortable, washable and can be used daily.

Best Holster for Women Second Runner-up:
Tech Tac Gear Belly Band Holster IWB Gun Belt

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  • Low price
  • Fits most handguns
  • Versatile and universal
  • Comfortable neoprene fabric
  • Can be worn under very casual clothes


  • Retention strap might fall short for Glock 27 and 30

What Recent Buyers Report

As expected, a lot of new users were really happy with the holster for a few reasons. One, it provided concealability that one user said was “second to none”. The fitting was pretty snug, but not too tight for some users. And adjustability for the perfect size was quite easy. On top of that, it was a holster that fit most holsters and allowed for quicker drawing than even some OWB holsters. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This holster is perhaps one of the most versatile holsters on the market. You can use this as a belly band holster or even a shoulder band holster (among several different positions). If you intend to shoulder or appendix carry, this holster will certainly allow that. The holster is at the right size so you are able to carry small or full-sized pistols without any bulging that will make it look like you are carrying. The last thing you need is undue attention just because you are carrying a pistol. 

This Tech Tac IWB belly band holster features a design similar to other belly band holsters, except in regard to comfort and retention. The holster features a squishy, breathable neoprene fabric that is light and comfortable on your skin all day long. The holster has an extra mag pouch and can be worn at multiple draw positions.

The belly band offers high levels of concealment and can be used while you exercise, run, jog, or work. It can also be worn as an under-the-arm shoulder holster in specific situations. The holster is universal, meaning that it can fit both men and women. It is also fully adjustable and prevents imprinting when worn inside clothing.

Who Will Use This Most?

If you are looking for a belly band holster that can work for you in more ways than one, you can expect this holster to be one of the best you’ve ever chosen for the purpose of concealed carry. It’s no doubt great in quality and fitting, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not it will be a perfect size or whether it will last a long time or fray after short term use.

Bottom Line

For comfortable fitting and versatile concealed carrying, the Tech Tac Gear Belly Band Holster will probably be one of the best available holsters on the market for women. You don’t have to wear it on your hip if you don’t want to. If you want to wear it near the shoulder or in some other position that is more comfortable for you, this holster will give you absolute freedom to choose the carrying position you want. 

This holster is best for concealment, depending on body type, clothing, and gun size. An exceptional choice for women who work in offices.

Best Belly Band Holster for Women:
ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

No products found.


  • Silent metal snap button
  • Lightweight and low price
  • Fully adjustable when worn
  • Adjustable mag pouch position


  • Retention strap affects draw time
  • Limits movement when carrying bags

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of new users were in search of a belly band holster that would fit most pistols all while providing a comfortable fit without compromising any kind of concealability. Of course, a lot of women users were quite impressed with this holster for a few other reasons.

For one, the adjustability was easy and didn’t cause any snagging or any issues thus making it easier to fit for most sizes. The material was super sturdy and it didn’t rip or tear, even after short term use. One user said that she was able to put this product to good use not just for EDC use, but also for keeping her pistol in place when she’s not using it at the range during the shooting competitions she regularly takes part in. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

One of the interesting things that make this holster stand out among the rest of the pack is that it is available in both the right and left-handed orientations. So if you shoot left-handed, you can choose the right one so you are able to use it without having to rely on a holster that is made only for righties. No matter your dominant hand, you get a holster that holds a pistol quite nicely and delivers really comfortable fitting without the band ripping or falling apart. 

This neoprene based belly band is adjustable and can fit belly sizes up to 44 inches in diameter. It also features an extra mag pouch which can be adjusted by sliding across the band. This holster can be used in any position you desire. The metal snap button retention strap allows for a quick, silent draw. The holster has a slim profile, making it easy to conceal.

Plus, it stays in place as you walk, jog, or run which makes it suitable to carry all day. The holster is made from surgical grade elastic to accommodate handguns of all sizes. This holster can be worn at the office, at a party, or at the gym. This belly band holster features a padded neoprene material that is comfortable and helpful. The position of the pouch is adjustable. It stays firmly in place during work or play.

Who Will Use This Most?

This would be a great starter holster for women who are beginning their concealed carry training (and going forward into the real deal). It’s durable, fitting for most sizes, and, most importantly, highly affordable for most budgets. If you are serious about concealed carry and you want a holster that will fit you best without sucking the life out of your bank account, the ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster might be one of the finalists on your shortlist. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best quality and performance you can afford, this holster by ComforTac will certainly hit the right points. Superior comfort? Check. Maximum concealability? Check. Fitting for most sizes? Double-check. You won’t have to struggle with a holster that won’t give you the best concealability or deal with a shoddy “one size fits all” belly band ever again. 

Best Thigh Holster for Women:
Can Can Concealment Garter Classic Women's Holster

No products found.


  • Adjustable
  • Ambidextrous draw
  • Comfortable and doesn’t slip
  • Can hold two guns at a time
  • Appropriate retention mechanism


  • Only fits sub-compact guns
  • Works only when wearing a skirt

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of recent users of this product were women who didn’t want belly band holsters (a perfectly legitimate preference). They said that this holster was perfect for when they were wearing shorts, slacks, or even dresses. Furthermore, they said the fitting was quite comfortable and not too tight to the point where it would cut off circulation. One user said that she carries this holster when she goes out for her regular jogs. This way, she’s prepared for any dangerous situation when she is out and about. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This holster may look like one of those garters that you see as part of wedding attire. Yet, it’s something that will provide excellent concealability for the long-term. This fits around most thigh sizes and will make sure that you will have easy access to your pistol if and when you need it. It keeps the pistol nice and secure so it won’t slip out when you are moving around. It’s a holster that’s perfect for compact or subcompact pistols alike. If you own one of those, this holster will fit you the best. 

The much awaited garter holster is next on our list. This garter women’s holster has been specially designed to be worn under a skirt. It is available in multiple sizes to accommodate various body sizes. It has two holsters, separated by a mag pouch in between, along with tabs for up to two additional garter belt accessories. The retention is secured by the elasticity of the material and small, rare earth magnets on each holster.

The mag pocket is lined and has decorative laces. This thigh holster is perfect for carrying sub-compact pistols and revolvers when wearing a skirt. There’s no retention strap or locking mechanism, which facilitates a quick draw under strenuous situations. Six rows of metal hook and eye latches provide an adjustable, low profile closure. Perfect for women who work in an office.  

Who Will Use This Most?

If you are someone who jogs or wears shorts in the summertime, this might be the holster you want to put to good use. Yes, it will have its uses if you are dressed to impress as well. As long as you have quick access to your pistol, you’ll be prepared for whatever danger might be lurking around the corner. At some point, you may be able to draw your pistol quickly just in case that danger is headed your way. 

Bottom Line

The Can Can Concealment Garter Classic Women’s Holster is a worthy contender for some women users who want to get maximum concealability out of their pistols. If you own a compact or subcompact, this holster will be one of the best choices out there. For the best comfort and concealability, use this holster to carry your favorite small-sized pistol so you are prepared for whatever lies ahead. 

This thigh/garter holster is an exceptional piece of design. Two holsters allow you to carry up to two weapons, and an extra mag. The holster is adjustable and offers perfect concealment with skirts. The only drawback is that it can only be used when wearing a skirt. However, it will be a great addition to your holster collection.

Best Ankle Holster for Women:
Neoprene Ankle Holster with Padding for Concealed Carry

No products found.


  • Ambidextrous design
  • Holds most handguns
  • Comfortable wear and forget
  • Offers exceptional concealment
  • Good for keeping a backup weapon


  • Velcro strap is not silent
  • Takes time and effort to draw and reholster

What Recent Buyers Report

One of the major things that stood out for this holster was its ability to fit on most ankles. The neoprene made wearing this holster a whole lot more comfortable. Buyers report that it fits most small-sized pistols and doesn’t allow any kind of bulging that would otherwise cause undue attention. One user said that she was able to wear this with her favorite pair of jeans and didn’t experience any discomfort even once.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Ankle holsters are quite awesome in general. While they do create all kinds of concealability, they also definitely catch an assailant off guard when they find out that you are actually carrying a pistol. They will think twice before coming after you again. The holster is made from high-quality neoprene, which is perhaps one of the best materials you can find for banded holsters. And it makes for a comfortable fit that won’t irritate the skin in the slightest. 

This is, by far, the best ankle holster for women on the market. It has been made from skin-friendly neoprene with additional plush padding directly behind the holster and mag pouch. This protects your leg from any added stress caused by the weapon while held tightly in place by the Velcro.

This holster has a Velcro based retention strap to secure the weapon in place. It can hold most handguns ranging from larger models like the Glock 43 to smaller ones like the SIG P229. Ankle holsters are a good choice when wearing bell bottoms or regular fit pants. They are also helpful for carrying an extra backup weapon (especially with purse holsters).

This is a great everyday carry option if you wear jeans and pants often. Ankle holsters are also good for outdoor trips. The main drawback is the length of time it takes to draw your weapon.

Who Will Use This Most? 

If you are looking for a holster that will make concealability easy, comfortable, and reliable, this might be the one you’ll end up using for the long term. It will be excellent for those who intend to conceal carry for the purpose of self-defense and want to play a trick on unassuming assailants that think they are preying on those who are not armed. 

Bottom Line

The Neoprene Ankle Holster with Padding will certainly give you a super comfortable fit and excellent concealability all in one package. If that’s what you are looking for in a holster, then this option is a probable no-brainer. Plus, it won’t be a holster that will give sensitive skin a hard time and cause irritation.

This ankle holster is a perfect choice for women who work in offices or go on outings and trips. Ankle holsters are a good way to carry a backup weapon as well. This holster will stay soft on your skin and you won’t even notice it's there. However, the longer draw times and inability for a silent draw are obvious drawbacks.

Best Body Holster for Women:
LIRISY Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

No products found.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Perfect for slim women
  • Easy to carry concealed
  • Versatile carry positions


  • A bit bulky

What Recent Buyers Report

Most new users were looking for a really durable belly band holster, but what was really impressive to them was the ambidextrous design. This was a godsend for most left-handed shooters. One woman who shoots left-handed said that she was happy to have finally found a holster that was perfect for shooters like herself (who have long struggled with drawing from the right-handed side). 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Not only is this holster perfect for both right-handed and left-handed shooters, it is designed to handle pistols of different calibers. So, whether you are using a compact-sized pistol or a full-sized one, this holster will definitely hold it in place without allowing the pistol to wiggle around or fall out of place. Talk about an investment that is worth every penny. And speaking of the financials, it’s one of the most affordable belly band holsters on the market. Not bad for something that is pretty much universal when it comes to the pistols and users it can accept. 

The Lirisy Belly Band holster is made of soft neoprene material that is lightweight, ventilated, anti-sweat, breathable, and easy to wear. The holster is adjustable and fits up to 45” waist circumference. It is highly elastic and fits most handguns ranging from full sized to sub-compact models. The belly band has a wide pouch to carry extra mags, cell phones, credit cards, or other relevant items.

As an add-on, this belly band also comes with a zippered Velcro pouch to store extra belongings. With an ambidextrous design, it can be rotated for a right or left hand draw. The retention strap uses a snap button instead of Velcro for a silent draw and quick release, good for women who like to carry large handguns.

Who Will Use This Most?

This will be the perfect holster for those looking for an IWB holster that is designed for newbies. So if you are just starting out with concealed carry, you may have found a winner in this super cool holster, which is comfortable and makes concealability a lot better than some of the other IWB holsters that you’ll find on the market. For when you want to be as discreet as possible, this holster might be one of the few that will perform the task with perfection. 

Bottom Line

For a holster that is affordable, comfortable, and makes concealability more than a possibility, the LIRISY Belly Band Holster is by far one of the best solutions that you can find for a holster. You and many other women will appreciate how easy fitting this holster can be and how discreet you can carry your pistol as you are out and about. 

The Lirisy Belly Band holster offers comfort and good concealment. The extra pocket is helpful to carry an extra card or cash. The belly band holster is great for full day use. However, it will not perfectly fit women with a large belly circumference.

Best IWB Holster for Women:
Ghost Concealment Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

No products found.


  • Fits most guns
  • Quick and silent draw
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Perfect for formal wear


  • Right handed only
  • Will not fit people with waist sizes over 42 inches

What Recent Buyers Report

This holster was comfortable for not just women shooters, but also men as well. This also provides excellent concealability for those who have small or full-sized pistols. Fitting was not a problem for most shooters and different sizes. One user said that he bought this for his wife as a gift since she planned on taking a CCW course. He said that his wife was quite happy with the overall fit and comfort and was even more impressed when the holster was able to fit her .22 caliber pistol. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This is another belly band holster that is a unisex design for many concealed carry holsters. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman. If you have a pistol that you plan on using for the purpose of concealed carry and self-defense, you need a holster that will stay sturdy and keep the pistol handy at your side whenever you need it. You get ultimate concealment out of this holster without having to worry about any kind of bulging that will make your pistol stand out in a not so good way.

The Ghost Concealment holster is an ideal option of IWB carry for women. The neoprene material is incredibly comfortable, and the low profile, slim design allows you to conceal your weapon easily.

The holster can be worn IWB, OWB, cross body, appendix position, 5 o'clock position (behind the hip), small of back, and even high up, like a shoulder holster under your shirt.

The metal snap release offers a quick and silent draw. This excellent product can carry most handguns regardless of their frame size and can fit people with up to a 42” waist. It is very comfortable for all day carry. You can use it while you drive your kids to and from school, when you go to the office, and other daily activities.

Who Will Use This Most?

This will be the perfect holster for those who are looking for comfort and concealability for possibly any pistol that you can use for concealed carry. It might come in handy if you are just hanging around at the range for some casual target shooting or while you are taking part in a competition. It’s the holster that husbands and wives can use for the purpose of keeping themselves and each other safe from the dangers of the world. 

Bottom Line

The Ghost Concealment Belly Band Holster might just be one of the best gifts that you can get for the people in your life (or for yourself). It’s super comfortable and will certainly give you a ton of confidence in keeping yourself ready for any dangerous situations that may require the use of your pistol. 

This belly band holster is ultra-comfortable and lets you focus on your work rather than the weapon. It fits most weapons and the perforated material is easy to carry all day long.

Stay Safe: The Best Times to Carry 

Emergencies don’t come politely knocking the door, hence the best time to carry is all the time. However, it might not be convenient for a woman to carry her weapon 100% of the time. This likely accounts for the wide range of holster designs for women available on the market.

On the ideal side, you can purchase several different types of holsters, to stay armed throughout the day. No matter what you are wearing, the situation, and the occasion, your safety will be easily accessible.

Woman open carrying at Target in Texas (Source)

However, if you only want to carry your firearm in specific situations, here are a few types to consider.

It is vitally important to carry your weapon while on an early morning or night walk. Most crimes happen in the dark and women are considered to be soft targets, especially in low light situations. Plus, with few people around at these times, you can’t count on others, so you must be in charge of your own safety.

Working women also need to protect themselves by carrying their gun. If you work till late at night in your office, be sure to carry your weapon. Places like parking lots or garages, empty streets, and desolated corners are sweet spots for criminal activity.

Furthermore, whether shopping, or at a party, you can mix and match your holster with your wardrobe. If you are going out on trekking, camping, or other outdoor trips, carrying a firearm is always a wise option as it can keep you safe in many situations.

Concealed vs. Fashion: Carrying Doesn’t Have to Come at a Cost

Concealed carry holsters that complement fashion are a must for women. Carrying doesn’t have to come at the cost of your fashion and attire, there are several holsters on the market that solve this problem. Women often wear dresses, which sometimes lack pockets or belts. This makes it difficult to carry anything discreetly, including a gun. Holsters for women have been designed to address this issue and are increasing in popularity.  

There are mainly three types of holsters: the bra holster, garter holster, and purse/pocket holster.

Bra holsters use the space in the middle of your bra to conceal carry your weapon. These holsters are compatible with different kinds of tops and t-shirts without revealing an outline of your holster.

Garter holsters are just like thigh holsters but are worn inside your clothing. They are an amazing way to conceal carry your weapon while wearing a dress or skirt. Accessing your weapon quickly, however, requires some practice.

Woman wearing garter holster (Source)

Purse holsters or pocket holsters are also a unique way to carry your firearm, without impacting your wardrobe, though there are drawbacks with this type of holster.

With a purse holster, you must remain vigilant, especially around inquisitive children. Your purse cannot be left lying around while at the homes of friends or family. Apart from that, it is a very effective method of concealed carry.

Ankle holsters are also a viable option, as they can be worn with bell bottoms or regular jeans, and are another effective method for concealed carry.

Each type of women’s holster serves its purpose and is designed to complement and mix with a woman’s wardrobe. Since women wear a wide variety of clothes, they require a selection of holsters to use in a variety of situations.


Women obviously have some different requirements than men when it comes to selecting a holster. The difference in shape, size, physique, wardrobe, and other factors necessitates a variety of holster options available to both men and women.

However, most designs are universal and effective for both. The best time to carry a weapon is always, however if certain factors limit you, you can choose from a wide array of holster designs specifically tailored for women.

Many available holsters are made to complement a woman’s wardrobe and make it easier than ever for women to feel confident in their safety. 


Ankit Kumar is an engineer turned writer who specializes in topics related to firearms, gun safety and weapon tech. His passion towards enrolling in the Army drifted his interest towards light and heavy firearms. He’s a qualified competitive air rifle shooter and an avid nature lover. His other areas of expertise include survival, prepping and firearms/ammo storage. When he’s not writing, he’s either learning a new skill, trekking or enjoying a long drive.

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