Light My Safe TAC-2625 Review (2022)

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October 4, 2020

Proper illumination is an absolutely imperative factor if you have a long gun safe packed with contents.

While the market is flooded with cheap and low-quality lights, an American brand has now held the torch to light the way.

Here we will learn in-depth about the TAC-2625 safe light from Light My Safe and see how it stacks up against other brands on the market. 

Who is Light My Safe? 

Light My Safe is an American brand located in Texas that manufactures high-quality and the most well-thought tactical gun safe lights. The company has a short but amazing product line that is accomplished in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. 

They offer some of the brightest gun safe lights available on the market and create an amazing and long-lasting relationship with their customers. All their light kits include automatic motion sensors and appropriate power setup. 

This is a BBB accredited business since 2019 with an A+ rating.

What Makes Light My Safe Products Stand Out From the Competition?

There are quite a few outstanding factors that make this brand stand out from other companies. 

First of all, it is an American company with all the LED lighting manufactured here in the US. That is an unwavering assurance of both quality craftsmanship and pride. 

The next thing is that LMS covers all its self-manufactured products with a limited lifetime warranty. Whereas products bearing the company’s branding are covered for 5 years. This includes replacement or repair with only shipping/handling costs to be borne by the owner. 

All their products are tru-fit guaranteed, meaning they’ll work with any gun safe. Plus the installation is tool-less!

Finally, they offer a fire/theft replacement protection for the lifetime of the original purchaser. 

Additionally, there’s a 30 day 'no questions asked' refund policy applicable to all their products. 

Review of the Best Light My Safe Kit

Here we will be reviewing the TAC-2625 tactical gun safe light from LMS. This is the brightest light sold by the company, and also the most popular one. 


  • American made lights
  • Limited lifetime warranties
  • Brightest lights in the business
  • Automatic motion switch 
  • Fits vaults up to 55 cubic feet
  • Tool-free and easy installation
  • Easily recessed during installation
  • Comes complete with all hardware (genuine velcro strips) 
  • 5 light strips with 2625 total lumens
  • Choose between battery or AC power source
  • Jewelers tube prevents glare and has a protective covering to eliminate scratches


  • AC adapter will block one additional outlet in the safe and is a little bulky

What Recent Buyers Report

These lights are one of those products that you come across once in a blue moon. Absolutely no negative customer reviews and most buyers even have words to appreciate the friendly customer support and top-notch quality of these lights. The kit has everything needed and offers great value. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The TAC-2625 offers amazing brightness with absolute clarity and without any color tinge or scope for shadows. The installation process is tool-free and fairly easy if you have patience. 

It provides a total of 100 inches of bright LED light and the mounting hardware (genuine 3M brand velcro) is very sturdy. The design is modular and can be mounted easily on different locations in safes with up to 55 cubic feet of space. 

These lights work with all gun safes and are covered by a lifetime warranty, and theft/fire-replacement coverage. The lights have been wired independently with humidity resistant plugs so moisture doesn’t short them out. 

Bottom Line

The TAC-2625 lights are from a renowned American brand featuring impeccable quality and performance. These are the brightest, glare-free, and easiest to install lights you’ll ever come across. Plus, your purchase is covered by a guarantee for a lifetime. 

Gun Safe Light Kits From Light My Safe

As of now, the company is offering 2 product variants for gun safes, along with expansion options. The TAC-1575, TAC-2625. In addition to the expandable packages, they will also handle custom orders of any size. Let’s look at them one by one. 


This is a 3 light package that contains three light strips delivering a total of 1575 lumens of brightness. It has been designed to suit vaults up to 30 cubic feet in capacity.

The kit includes a total of 60 inches of bright light, an automatic motion switch, your choice of plug or battery power source, clear male/female wire extensions, and pre-cut Genuine Velcro strips with adhesive backing.

These lights have a modular design and can be extended. 


This variant is the center of this review, but can be expanded on if needed!

Custom Lights

You can either use modular 2-light sets to extend the light strips. Or you may contact the company to design custom lights for your safes. 

Light My Safe vs. The Competition

Let’s compare this American light from Light My Safe against the very popular lights being sold by Torchstar on different factors. 

Total Lumens

The TAC-2625 is a clear winner as it offers 525 lumens per strip against 150 lumens per strip from Torchstar. Additionally, TAC strips are longer (20 inches) as compared to Torchstar (12 inches). Plus offer more brightness (6500K vs 5000K).

Warranty / Protection

LMS covers its products with a lifetime warranty. Torchstar offers only a 3-year warranty. Additionally, LMS lights are more durable and lasting.

Attachment Hardware Provided

LightMySafe uses Genuine 3M Brand Velcro. Torchstar does offer some attachment means, however some reviews do state that there isn't enough provided.

Manufacturing Location

LMS lights are 100% manufactured in the USA. Torchstar products are manufactured in China.

Motion Sensor 

LMS offers a 2-minute delay and Torchstar offers a 4-minute delay for the motion switch. Light My Safe sensors work in pitch dark, not needing any ambient light.

Price and Value

Light My Safe is more durable and lasting, offers more light by the length, and are 3.5 times as bright! Add the LMS lifetime warranty, and hands-down they offer better value for the money. 

Do it once, do it right!


  • LMS lights are controlled via a motion sensor, or upon special request, they can customize the switch with dual-lighting-outputs (for larger vaults), or provide a basic rocker switch for a manual On/Off switch.

  • Torchstar offers motion sensors, rocker switch, and app-control options.

Light My Safe Rocker-Switch

Light My Safe's Tru-Fit Guarantee 

LMS has worked with an extensive list of gun safe and vault manufacturers over the years, with a 100% success rate of providing optimal lighting for their products and end-users.  Not once have they run into a circumstance where their lighting was unable to outshine the competition. Here's a list of the most common safe & vault brands they have developed solutions for:

  • Liberty Safe
  • Safe Guard Safe Co.
  • American Security
  • Gardall
  • Vault Pro
  • Rhino Safe
  • Cannon
  • Winchester Safes
  • Superior Safe Company
  • Browning
  • Fort Knox Vaults


The TAC-2625 Vault Lighting Kit gun safe strip light from Light My Safe is a solid product that offers the brightest American made lighting and with tool-free installation. The light kit comes with all mounting hardware including a motion sensor and is covered by a comprehensive warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee, and all perks we covered above.

People Also Ask

Let’s find out some interesting and important information about Light My Safe and it’s products being sold on the market. 

Does Light My Safe Offer a Military/LEO Discount?

Absolutely! They fully support those who defend our freedom and uphold the law & order of this great country. Use their Contact Us page to send them your photo ID for verification. Thank you for your service from both Gunmann & LMS!

Where Are Light My Safe Products Made?

Light My Safe proudly designs, manufacturers, & supports its American lighting products from their technology center in Houston, Texas. 

How Long Has Light My Safe Been Around?

Light My Safe was established in 2010 and has since been a reputed player in the gun safe lights business. The company also obtained a BBB accreditation and an A+ rating in 2019. So it is a trusted and renowned American brand. 

What Kind of Warranty Does Light My Safe Offer?

LMS covers all its self-manufactured products by a limited lifetime warranty. They even offer a fire/theft replacement!


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