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Best M1A Stocks | Tell All Review for 2023

The M1A is a classic rifle and has its own rightful place in the firearms industry. But as more and more aftermarket accessories and upgrades are hitting the market, even these classic rifles have to adapt. One very important and substantial part to upgrade in an M1A is its stock.

Upgrading the stock of your rifle has multiple benefits and buying a good stock will also save you some money. If you are wondering how that is possible, read further to learn more.

Comparison of the Best M1A Stocks

  • Lightweight and Built From Carbon Reinforced Polymer
  • Simple Drop-in Design With Swivel Studs and Storage
  • Adjustable Length of Pull and Cheek Riser
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Advantages of Upgrading an M1A Stock

Wood has long been a material of choice for manufacturing stocks. It still is. There’s no match for the aesthetics, class, and the sense of pride associated with it. But the latest improvements in technology, and the logic supporting them, has promoted an entirely new breed of stocks. Upgrading the stock of your M1A has its own benefits, which will affect your performance.

M1A SOCOM complete with accessories (Source)

Function and Security

This is in reference to the polymer stocks. We know that wood is prone to dents and warping under the influence of pressure, humidity, ice, heat, and water, which will affect the accuracy of your rifle.

Upgrading to a better stock will not only resist these factors but will also reduce the overall weight of your rifle. It also helps when shooting precisely at long range.


Upgrading to a more tactical type of stock with a built-in cheek riser, and/or a telescopic end will enhance your overall performance with the rifle. Plus, it also offers room for adjustments pertaining to different situations and users. For example, the standard M1A stock is quite difficult to use with scopes without a cheek riser.

Accessories and Economics

Aftermarket stocks generally have built-in rails and key mods to let you mount and use more accessories with your M1A. The standard, or factory, stocks require you to purchase these things separately. So upgrading to a better stock also saves you money. Plus, some stocks have small storage compartments within them, which is also an advantage.

Features of Great M1A Stocks


The very first thing to look for when buying an M1A stock is its quality. An aftermarket stock can be made of polymer or aluminum. The stock should be durable enough to withstand rugged and rigorous use. It should have precision-fit inlets so the action fits perfectly over it and there’s no room left for rattling or warping of the barrel. Such precision-fit stocks also eliminate the need for glass bedding to some extent.


A good M1A stock should be ergonomically stable. It must have a good grip, suitable curves, and optimal weight to enhance your overall performance. A stable stock has its weight properly balanced which facilitates easy handling and also improves accuracy.


A good stock for your M1A must be adjustable. Having a telescopic stock with an inbuilt cheek riser is considered optimum for such an upgrade. However, if you wish to stick to the older models, it's obviously your own choice.

Space for Additions

A good stock must have a mounting mechanism for adding accessories such as bipods, lasers, Tac lights, and optics. It could be a full-length rail on the foregrip with key mods, or it can be a simple Sadlak sling mount. However, having some extra space for adding accessories is something you should look for.


A good stock must be aesthetically pleasing. It can have a ‘mean’ tactical look or a classy carved finish. Either way, it should look nice.

Review of the Best M1A Stocks

Based upon the above-mentioned qualities of a good M1A stock, we have compiled a list of the best M1A stocks on the market. All the stocks reviewed here are of impeccable quality and have space for additions. All these stocks are aptly priced to offer the best value for money.

Best Overall:
Pro Mag - Springfield M14 Archangel Precision Stock Adjustable


  • Precision-Fit Inlet.
  • Rail and Swivel Studs.
  • Grip Storage Compartment.
  • Quality Lightweight Construction.
  • Adjustable Stock and Cheek Riser.


  • Made from Polymer.
  • Requires Minor Fitting.

If you’re looking for something lighter than wood or metal, this Archangel Precision Stock is your answer. Made from reinforced carbon polymer, this chassis is lightweight and durable.

The material is resistant to weather, rust, and other impacts, which makes the rifle good for hunting and tactical use. The precision-fit inlets of the stock couple perfectly with the action, which in turn improves the accuracy. The length of the stock and the cheek riser are adjustable with thumbwheels in an increment of 0.5” per click.

The pistol style grip will bring your thumb down and cause your trigger finger to stay in a more comfortable position. The integrated forend Picatinny rail with extended rail cover gives you space to mount tac lights, lasers, and other accessories.

The stock also has two standard sling swivel studs and four integral steel inserts for ball-lock/push-button QD sling swivels. After all this, the stock also has a small storage compartment inside the grip of this weapon.

Bottom Line

This Archangel stock is a lightweight alternative for your standard M1A stock. It is adjustable and has space for storage and mounting accessories. The pistol style grip helps improves the finger position, which delivers consistent, accurate marksmanship.

Best for the Money:
Sage Intl - Springfield M14 Enhanced Stock Chassis


  • Aesthetically Pleasing.
  • Telescopic Stock With Cheek Riser.
  • Solid and Lightweight Aluminum Body.
  • Five Picatinny Rails With Three Ambidextrous Sling Mounts.


  • Doesn’t Fit Rear Lugged Receivers.
  • Might Require Gunsmithing With Some Models.

This enhanced stock chassis for the M1A from Sage Intl is a complete tactical package for your rifle. It has been CNC machined from a billet of aircraft-grade aluminum, which authenticates its quality and durability.

It is a simple drop-in chassis which requires no modifications. It has a telescopic stock which can be set at six different lengths, so you don’t have to worry about the length of your arms and your shooting position. It also has a cheek riser which can be adjusted vertically up to two inches.

The chassis includes five 1913 Picatinny rails in all, which is more than enough to let you mount accessories to your M1A. It also has a removable Kydex-made forend with a built-in palm swell, plus a one-inch butt pad on the rear end of the stock, to let you face the recoil with ease.

There is no need for additional bedding with these precision machined receiver lug recesses, inherently saving you money. The chassis is pitch black in color and looks amazing. When completely attached to your M1A, this thing will make your rifle look like a ‘deadly alien gun’. It fits all Mil-Spec M1A/M14 rifles with standard or medium weight barrels, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Bottom Line

This chassis from Sage Intl is a complete package to replace your stock. It is comfortable, adjustable, and has a ton of space to mount extra accessories. It certainly features all the aftermarket accessories you’ll ever need with your stock, so it definitely offers good value for money.

3. Springfield Armory - Springfield M14 Stock Oem Wood Brown


  • Easy to Install.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing.
  • Good Value for Money.
  • High Quality. Made by Springfield Itself.
  • Apt Replacement for Synthetic or Wooden Stock.


  • No Room for Adjustments.
  • Doesn’t Enhance the Functionality.

The standard M1A stock still deserves respect and if you like the classic old breed of stocks, this product here is for you. This stock from Springfield is a replacement for the standard M1A stock. It has been made from walnut wood and is exactly the same OEM stock which comes with your M1A rifle.

This stock can be used to replace the synthetic stock on your M1A (especially the SOCOM) if you have one already installed. The stock has a couple of sling mounts on the front and rear, which can be used to install a sling with ease. If you are accustomed to disassembling your M1A, this stock will be a breeze to install.

Bottom Line

Either you love classic walnut stocks or just want a replacement for a synthetic one. This walnut stock from Springfield will restore the soul to your M1A.

It won’t add any accuracy to your rifle but will make it look like an original M1A. Overall it is good for hunting, competitions, and self-defense, but is not ideal for tactical use.

4. M1A Spingfield Usgi ( Multicam ) Fiberglass Rifle Stock .308 7.62 (Ebay)


  • Lightweight.
  • Camouflaged.
  • Sadlak Sling Mount.
  • Storage Compartment in the Rear.
  • Durable and Quality Construction.


  • Not Adjustable.
  • Might Require Fitting.

Here’s another lightweight composite stock from Springfield. This stock has been made from fiberglass and features a mossy oak breakup camouflage. The stock also features a hinged USGI metal butt plate for ease of use and protection to the stock.

It also has a Sadlak sling mount on the forend, which has rails to let you attach accessories like lasers and tac lights. The stock has been molded and designed pertaining to military specifications.

Due to its fiberglass body, the stock is light in weight and the camouflage makes it ideal for hunting. The stock also has a small storage compartment in the rear, which can be used to store a couple of batteries for your optics.

Bottom Line

This fiberglass stock is your answer if you’re looking to create a lightweight, camouflaged hunting rifle with your M1A. The stock doesn’t have any adjustable features, but it will still work exceptionally well with iron sights, without the need for any modifications.


Upgrading to a better stock not only improves accuracy but also improves your performance with the rifle. The M1A is an exceptional rifle for hunting, precision shooting, and self-defense, but needs to be upgraded with a stock apt to its function.

A good stock must be of high quality, durable, adjustable, ergonomically balanced, aesthetically pleasing, and have extra mounting space for accessories. Plus, having some storage space also doesn’t hurt.

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