Best M4 Foregrips of 2024 – How to Choose & Our Top Picks

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October 25, 2023

The beauty of the M4 platform is the endless possibility for customization.

A foregrip can be a handy addition to your rifle, especially if you need greater maneuverability in tight quarters.

Choosing the right foregrip can be tough, so read below for our list of the best M4 foregrips on the market today.

Comparison Chart of the Best M4 Foregrips

  • Easy, tool-free installation and access to the compartment
  • Palm swell with a narrow top provides the securest possible grip
  • O-ring sealed waterproof compartment for batteries or an extra bolt
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  • Light polymer design is solid and easy to grip
  • Low profile, extending a mere one inch below the handguard
  • Ridged front face is designed for bracing against solid objects
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  • Easily attaches via a Weaver mount with no tools
  • Aluminum construction provides more peace of mind than polymer
  • Includes an integrated light with three brightness levels plus strobe
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  • Includes a slot to store a magazine for the quickest reload
  • Choose between a quick detach or a permanent bolt mounting system
  • Fiberglass reinforced polymer design is exceptionally strong and lightweight
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  • Gives you a mid-point balanced grip for easier muzzle directing
  • Has right-handed or left-handed mount points for accessory activators
  • Features a secure, waterproof storage compartment for extra batteries
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Vertical vs. Angled M4 Foregrips

Foregrips come in two main varieties, vertical and angled. Vertical foregrips are more ergonomic, they give your arm a more natural position to hold your firearm. However, bad shooting habits with a vertical foregrip, 'muscling your firearm,' can decrease accuracy. Angled foregrips give you a reasonable compromise between a standard grip and a vertical foregrip.

Vertical Foregrips

Vertical foregrips are great for helping you control the vertical stability of your firearm. Another benefit is to keep your hand away from the barrel when shooting a hundred rounds or more, which can make the handguard hot. This is not only uncomfortable, but it can also reduce your focus and thereby the accuracy of your shots.

A vertical foregrip presents an extra appendage to snag your firearm on. Therefore, for tactical or many competition applications, you will probably need a little extra training to handle your weapon in a smooth fashion. Some vertical foregrips have special features like the ability to fold down out of the way.

They may also come with integrated lights or storage compartments. As almost all foregrips are rail-mounted, you can get the usual mounting options, like the choice between standard and quick-detach.

Angled Foregrips

Angled Foregrips are a more recent development compared to vertical foregrips. They are probably the most comfortable and therefore offer the best grip for accurate shooting. Angled foregrips also offer better control for rapid-fire situations.

The geometry gives you a tighter, more stable and natural shooting position. You also get all the benefits of a vertical foregrip, including greater control and maneuverability in tight spaces. An angled foregrip also provides a reference point for a consistent grip position and therefore more consistent shooting.

Plus, they are far more snag-proof than vertical foregrips. Although they come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, angled foregrips rarely come with the extras like storage that their vertical counterpoints can have. Perhaps the only major drawback of angled foregrips over vertical ones is the fact that they take up much more rail, be sure to verify that you have enough space on your handguard for a particular model before buying.

How to Choose a Foregrip For Your M4

Reliability is generally the top concern when it comes to firearms accessories. The best way to ensure you get the most reliable foregrip is to go with a well-established brand and a proven model. Ergonomics is probably the next biggest concern when choosing a foregrip.

This is highly subjective, different shooters will have different preferences and needs. Generally speaking, angled foregrips are more ergonomic, but a lot depends upon the specific design. Foregrips also come in a range of materials including steel, aluminum and polymer.

Aluminum is the classic choice for all things M4. It gives a great balance between weight and strength. Modern polymers are nothing to turn your nose up at either in terms of strength and are even lighter.

Picatinny Vertical Foregrip is made of polymer.

Besides these considerations, there is a range of added bonuses that may suit your particular fancy, including folding grips, integrated lights, quick-detach systems and storage compartments.

Review of the Best M4 Foregrips

With so much to consider and so many options on the market, finding the best M4 foregrip can take a lot of time and research. Luckily, we have put in the time so that you don't have to. Below is our list of the best M4 foregrips available today.

Best Overall:
Picatinny Vertical Foregrip


  • Simple, Tool-Free Foregrip Installation and Access to the Compartment
  • Features a Palm Swell with a Narrow Top to Provide the Firmest Possible Grip
  • Features an O-ring Sealed Waterproof Compartment for Batteries or a Spare Bolt


  • Not the Cheapest Option

GG&G has been around for twenty-five years. They produce tactical accessories from their base in Tuscon, Arizona. They have a solid and enviable reputation in the modern sporting rifle field.

This model is ergonomically designed to provide the greatest possible benefits in stability and comfortable shooting. It is also designed to reduce muzzle climb as much as possible. Inside, this vertical grip features an O-ring sealed waterproof compartment.

It is especially useful for storing extra batteries for your sights or cyanide capsules for use in the event of capture. Alternatively, the compartment is large enough to accommodate a spare AR-15 bolt without rattling. Access to the compartment does not require any tools.

It has a trip-grip cap which is non-snag and designed to be easily opened even with gloves on. One of the top features of this vertical grip is the ease of installation. It does not require any tools for installation or adjustment in the field.

It is also incredibly light, at only 2.7 ounces. The material used is black acetyl polymer. GG&G covers this vertical grip with a lifetime warranty. It is made in the USA.

Bottom Line

This is a top quality foregrip that will stand up to any punishment. GG&G's reputation speaks for itself. The top features of this foregrip are the waterproof chamber, easy installation and the ergonomic design.

Best For The Money: 
Picatinny Cobra Tactical Foregrip


  • The Light Polymer Design is Robust and Easy to Grip
  • Low Profile Design, Extending Only 1 Inch Below the Handguard
  • The Ridged Front Face is Designed to be Braced Against Solid Objects for Accurate Shooting


  • Does Not Work Well for Those With Very Large Hands

Strike Industries is a California company established in 2011. They specialize in firearms accessories and have carved out a comfortable niche for themselves since their founding. This foregrip was designed based on the feedback and input from combat veterans.

The cobra grip is made of an advanced polymer that combines the best in strength and lightness. This is an angled foregrip that lets you choose your own grip technique and maintain a solid and comfortable grip in any condition. The ridged front face allows you to brace your weapon against any solid object for comfortable and accurate firing.

The cobra is so named for its distinctive hood which acts as an effective heat shield protecting your hand with an ergonomic platform. At the back of the foregrip is a functional hand stop.

The mounting system is designed to give the most solid and reliable mount possible. The textured surface makes this foregrip easy to hold firm even when wet. The foregrip extends only 1 inch below the handguard and weighs a mere 1.4 ounces.

Bottom Line

This is an excellent, robust and lightweight angled foregrip. If you want an angled foregrip with innovative features that will take serious punishment, this is the option for you. The top features are the front face, hooded design and hand stop.

3. Rail Mounted 1000 Lumen Strobing Tactical Light

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  • Easily Mounts With a Weaver Mount Without Requiring Any Tools
  • The Aluminum Construction Gives You More Peace of Mind Than Polymer
  • Comes With an Integrated Light With 3 Brightness Levels Plus a Strobe Setting


  • Unreliable as There are Too Many Separate Parts

If you are wary of the polymer options above, this is a solid aluminum option that comes with a major added bonus, an integrated light. The light is really the star of this show. It is based on Cree's XM-L2 U3 high output LED, which is rated for 800 lumens. It has three output levels and one strobe option.

The strobe option can be quickly activated by pressing a function key to disorient your enemies. The controls are designed to be ergonomic. The side tact switch will remember the last brightness level used and return to it when pressed.

The peak beam intensity is 23,256cd and the throw distance reaches up to 300 yards. It has one hour of continuous running time on one lithium battery which comes included. The light structure is rated to be waterproof to two meters.

The foregrip attaches via a Weaver mount that requires no tools. It uses two inches of rail space. Including the light structure, the foregrip extends about 5.5 inches below the handguard. This foregrip is a good option if having an easy to operate light on your firearm is a big priority.

Bottom Line

You can consider this a light with a foregrip attached. If that's your thing, this is a great option. The top features are the easy controls and aluminum construction.

4. Quick Release Front Gun Grip Magazine Adapter


  • Features a Slot to Store an Extra Magazine for the Quickest Possible Reload
  • Gives You the Option of a Quick Detach or a Permanent Bolt Mounting System
  • The Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Design is Exceptionally Strong and Lightweight


  • Will be Heavy and Change the Balance of Your Rifle While Storing a Full Mag

If there is one country on Earth that really doesn't mess around when it comes to the equipment they supply their military with, that country is Israel. Fab Defense is an Israeli military supplier producing a range of tactical equipment. This model is both a foregrip and a spare magazine holder.

This innovation lets you reload in the blink of an eye when engaging in a tactical situation. It might just save your life. Even after reloading, the foregrip remains extremely ergonomic and comfortable to hold.

It fits all 1913 mil-spec Picatinny rails. It mounts with quick-detach mounts so you can easily get rid of it if it doesn't match your changing tactical environment. Alternatively, you can employ a secure bolt locking system for more permanent mounting.

This foregrip is made of durable yet low-weight fiberglass reinforced polymer. It is available in three colors, black, olive drab green or flat dark earth. It is 3.54 inches long and 3.23 inches high. It weighs 0.174 pounds. Even if you are wary of giving a 'gimmicky' foregrip a try, this is an excellent and well-proven design.

Bottom Line

This is an excellent and innovative design. The top features are the magazine storage and the tough design. The ergonomic finger grip is also handy.

Best Benelli M4 Foregrip:
 Mission First React Magwell Grip


  • Provides You With a Mid-Point Balanced Grip for Easier Muzzle Directing
  • Includes Right-Handed or Left-Handed Mount Points for Accessory Activators
  • Includes a Secure, Waterproof Storage Compartment for Extra Batteries or Other Components


  • Works Better on M4 Rifles than on M4 Shotguns

Mission First Tactical is a Pennsylvania company that focuses on holsters and firearm accessories. If you have a Benelli M4 shotgun, rather than an M4 modern sporting rifle, we recognize your needs too. If your shotgun has a length of rail in the right place, this could be the foregrip for you.

If, on the other hand, you're still looking for a foregrip for your M4 carbine, never fear, this foregrip is indeed best suited to your needs. Mission First Tactical's First React Magwell foregrip is a compact, textured vertical option. It was designed with close quarter combat in mind.

It is also meant to keep your hand clear of the mag well for smoother and safer functionality. Nevertheless, it gives you a mid-point balance grip which makes it easier to direct the muzzle. It features both right-handed and left-handed pressure pad wells to mount activators for other firearm accessories.

This polymer foregrip is 3.62 inches high and weighs a mere 2.2 ounces. There is even a secure, watertight storage compartment in the grip for batteries or other components.

Bottom Line

This is a great low-profile vertical foregrip with a wide range of features. Top among these are the ambidextrous activation points, the storage compartment and the mid-point balance. It is mounted further back than most foregrips and may take getting used to, but the natural gripping point does provide easy handling.


As with most things related to firearms, the market is vast and has strong opinions abound on every side. Foregrips are a highly personal accessory, but no matter what you're looking for, we are sure you will find the best M4 foregrip for you on our list. Just remember to check your local regulations and remember to shoot safely.

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