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Best M4 Mag Pouches – 2022 Buyer’s Guide

Mag pouches always come in handy, whether you are participating in competition shooting, doing tactical work or spending a day at the range.

There are thousands of options on the market and trying to choose the best mag pouch can be confusing.

Follow our guide to find the best M4 mag pouch for you.

Comparison of the Best M4 Mag Pouches

  • Both versions are easy to hand wash and air dry
  • Available with velcro flaps or open top, bungee-secured versions
  • Standard MOLLE attachment systems let you mounting or add capacity
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  • The belt loop is rugged and fits nearly any belt
  • Thick elastic bands provide a friction grip on any mag
  • Unbeatably versatile; works with almost any M4 magazine and others
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  • Simple all polymer design is durable and easy to clean
  • Belt paddle is quick to mount and surprisingly comfortable
  • The simple snap retention system is reliable with most M4 mags
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  • Available in three colors, black, olive green and coyote brown
  • MOLLE compatible, Secures mags with bungees and velcro flaps
  • Compact design holds three M4 mags and three handgun mags
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  • Compatible with a wide variety of Safariland's attachment devices
  • Solid Kydex construction is rugged, scratch-proof and retains its shape
  • Ambidextrous with adjustable angle and adjustable retention tightness
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  • Quick release tabs give you quick access to your mags
  • The large capacity gives you huge firepower with four 30-round mags
  • The MOLLE attachment system lets you attach the mag pouch nearly anywhere
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  • Quick detach design comes off without removing your belt
  • Two pouches of two 30-round mags give you great firepower
  • Features quick release retention flaps and MOLLE webbing on the sides
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What is a Mag Pouch?

Mag pouches give you an easy way to carry and retrieve your magazines while on the go. Today, many mag pouches are compatible with the military's Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) system. This means that mag pouches can be conveniently attached to either belts or other gear like jackets or backpacks.

Mag pouches are designed for and ideally suited to tactical deployment, either by law enforcement officers or military personnel. Mag pouches allow you to place back up mags in the most convenient location for easy and rapid use. Mag pouches come in many styles and designs.

Types of Mag Pouches

One of the main options you face in choosing the right mag pouch for you is capacity. Capacities anywhere between one to four magazines are the most common. The best capacity for you depends on your intended use.

Sitting at the range or hunting generally don't require many extra mags. One exception could be small varmint hunting, in which you could take out dozens of prairie dogs in a day. Your tactical or competition experiences will give you a good idea of what you need.

Another major choice you face in mag pouches is the choice of material. The two prominent options are nylon fabric or hard polymer. Fabric is usually a bit cheaper and less bulky when empty.

Polymer is generally more reliable and easier to clean. The third major option is the attachment system, whether the mag pouch attaches by a belt clip, belt loop, paddle, MOLLE straps or something else.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

As usual, the top priority with firearms and firearm products is reliability. The best way to ensure that a product is reliable is to go with a reputable brand and a well-proven model. With less separate components such as stitching, polymer mag pouches are arguably more reliable than nylon fabric ones.

Outry M4 M16 AR-15 Type Magazine Pouch Mag Holder is made of 1000D high durability nylon.

The attachment system is a major consideration. Mag pouches come with belt clips, belt loops, paddles and Molle straps, among other systems. This is a matter of preference.

For example, a belt loop isn't going to come detached, but it isn't as easy to attach and remove as a belt clip. Mag pouches also come with a wide array of magazine retention systems which vary in reliability and broadness of compatibility with varied magazines.

Of course, it is always nice to find products made in the USA, although this is more rare with mag pouches than with other firearms accessories.

Review of the Best M4 Mag Pouches

Given all of the considerations above, we have sorted out the best M4 mag pouches on the market today. Follow our guide to find the best pouch for you.

Best Overall:
Outry M4 M16 AR-15 Type Magazine Pouch Mag Holder

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  • Both Versions are Easy and Convenient to Hand Wash and Air Dry
  • Standard MOLLE Attachment Systems Let You Mount the Pouch or Add Capacity
  • Comes in Two Styles, One With Velcro Flaps or an Open Top, Bungee-Secured Version


  • The MOLLE Straps are not Reliable Enough

This is an excellent mag pouch made of 1000D durable nylon. It comes in a range of colors and capacities. Colors include black, coyote brown, digital desert and a classic Multicam.

Capacity ranges from one to three magazines per pouch. It works well with almost all magazines designed for the M4 and similar rifle platforms. All you need to do is pull the tab to open the top of the mag pouch for mag retrieval.

The mag pouch is coated in MOLLE webbing on both sides. On the front, it allows you to add room for more capacity. On the back, the MOLLE straps have snap buttons to attach to any MOLLE compatible surface.

There are two major differences between the open top version and the closed flap version. First, open top versions can hold a maximum of only one mag. Second, the open top version holds mags in place with elastic bungee cords while the closed flap version uses velcro. These mag pouches can be hand-washed in warm water and air dried.

Bottom Line

These are versatile and practical mag pouches. Their top features are the choice of open or flap-secured versions, the MOLLE mounting system and the choice of colors. The price is also very reasonable, making this a good pouch to stock up on.

Best for the Money:
Loglife Tactical Magazine Pouch Bag Holster

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  • The Belt Loops are Tough and Fit Almost Any Belt
  • Unique, Thick Elastic Bands Provide a Positive Friction Grip on Any Mag
  • Unsurpassed Versatility; Works With Almost Any M4 Magazine and the Mags of Other Guns


  • The Retention Straps are not Completely Reliable

These are some of the most versatile mag pouches on the market today. They attach quickly and accommodate almost any M4 or modern sporting rifle mag on the market today. They will even fit mags for entirely different firearms like the Glock 21.

They work especially well with Magpul Gen 2 P-Mags, Troy Battle Mags, USGI 30 Round Magazines in steel or aluminum and E-Lander 30 Round Steel Magazines. The polymer mag pouch holds two M3 mags. The polymer is both strong and light.

The positive friction seating does not require bungees or velcro. Rather, they feature a unique design with elastic bands wrapped around to provide non-slip friction no matter which style of mag you use. Whether you use polymer, steel or aluminum mags, all will work equally well.

Polymer mag pouches are durable and easy to clean. They will last a lifetime and the price is more than reasonable. The belt loops are sturdy and reliable and fit nearly any belt.

Bottom Line

There are many benefits to this versatile polymer mag pouch. It is durable and easy to clean, fits almost any mag, and fits almost any belt. You will probably be able to use this mag pouch with mags for other firearms in your possession. Besides the price is very reasonable.

3. Mako Polymer Magazine Pouch with Belt Paddle

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  • The Belt Paddle is Easy to Mount and Surprisingly Comfortable
  • The Uncomplicated All Polymer Single-Piece Design is Durable and Easy to Clean
  • The Simple Snap Retention System Works Reliably With Most Mags for the M4 Carbine


  • The Retention System Does not Work Perfectly With All Mags

If there is one country in the world that is known not to fool around when it comes to the equipment with which they supply their military, that country is Israel. Mako/FAB Arms is an Israeli company with major military contracts and a reputation for innovative designs in tactical accessories. This is a rock-solid polymer mag pouch.

The durability cannot be beaten and the open top design allows for the fastest possible mag retrieval in any sticky situation. It works with practically all aluminum and steel mags for the M2 or similar firearm platforms. Mags secure in the mag pouch with a click.

The pouch attaches to the belt with a classic, reliable, and is quick to attach and remove the paddle. It is surprisingly comfortable when worn on the hip. It works equally well with right-handed or left-handed use.

It is a perfect 'grab and go' option. It weighs only 2.96 ounces. Overall, dimensions are quite compact for easy storage. Shooter satisfaction with this mag pouch is outstanding, if there is a safe bet in this field, this is it.

Bottom Line

This is an outstanding option that has everything you can ask for in a single-capacity mag pouch. The top features of this mag pouch are the single-piece all-polymer design, the click retention and the belt paddle.

4. Condor MA55 Triple Kangaroo Mag Pouch


  • Comes in Your Choice of 3 Colors Black, Olive Green or Coyote Brown
  • The Compact Design Holds 3 Modern Sporting Rifle Mags and 3 Handgun Mags
  • MOLLE Compatible, Secures M4 Mags With Bungees and Handgun Mags With Velcro Flaps


  • The MOLLE Attachments are Not Very Reliable

Condor is a very recognizable name in nylon tactical accessories. This mag pouch system was developed with feedback from law enforcement and military personnel who had used their popular open-top models. The main innovative feature of this mag pouch is that it is designed to hold both modern sporting rifle or M4 mags and handgun mags at the same time.

It employs a unique modular attachment system to achieve this. The modern sporting rifle mags are held in place with bungees while the handgun mags are held in place with velcro flaps. The mag pouch is MOLLE compatible.

It is a 600 denier nylon design that is easy to hand wash and air dry. It comes in 3 colors, olive drab, black, and coyote brown. The capacity is three modern sporting rifle mags and three handgun mags per mag pouch.

The dimensions are six inches high by ten and a half inches wide and two and a half inches thick. If you need a lot of firepower both for your rifle and handgun at the same time because you are facing harsh tactical situations, this mag pouch is a good option.

Bottom Line

The top features of this mag pouch are the ability to hold both rifle and handgun mags and the MOLLE compatibility.

Best Kydex M4 Mag Pouch:
Safariland 774 Competition Rifle Magazine Holder


  • Works With a Broad Variety of Safariland's Attachment Devices Like Belt Clips
  • The Tough Kydex Construction is Durable, Scratch-Proof and Retains its Shape
  • Ambidextrous With an Adjustable Magazine Angle and Adjustable Retention Tightness


  • Does Not Include a Belt Clip

Safariland enjoys an enviable reputation in the field of mag pouches and related accessories. This is a simple, no-nonsense model that is designed to carry one mag on the belt. The belt clips are sold separately so that you can select the most suitable size for your belt width, either 1.5 inches or 2.25 inches.

Alternatively, it can be used with Safariland's tactical leg holsters. This is an ambidextrous mag pouch that lets you adjust the angle at which it is worn on the belt. The material used is Safariland's proprietary version of Kydex, which it calls SafariLaminate.

Kydex is a unique family of materials that are waterproof, scratch-proof and low in friction. They also tend to hold their shape better than alternative materials. An adjustable tension device is used to retain your magazine with just the right amount of tension. This mag pouch is available in the full range of STX colors. It is widely compatible with a broad range of magazines for M4s or other modern sporting rifles.

Bottom Line

Safariland is one of the best names on the market. Many shooters order these mag pouches without understanding that they must order an attachment device as well.

If you avoid this mistake, you will be impressed with the quality of this mag pouch. The top features are the tough material and the full adjustability.

Best Molle M4 Mag Pouch:
VooDoo Tactical Men's M4/M16 Mag Pouch

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  • The Large Capacity Gives You Large Firepower With 4 30-Round Magazines
  • The Quick Release Tabs Give You Quick Access to Your Mags for Rapid Reloading
  • The Mil-Spec MOLLE Attachment System Lets You Attach the Mag Pouch Nearly Anywhere You Want


  • Not Everyone is Impressed With the Dependability of the MOLLE System

This is a classic and highly versatile mag pouch from VooDoo Tactical. These pouches hold four 30-round mags in a compact package. Unsurprisingly, 20-round mags work great too.

If you have an AR-10, you can adjust this mag pouch to hold two of its mags for days when that is your weapon of choice. These MOLLE compatible mags attach to a very broad array of equipment which follows this standardized attachment system like a belt, backpack, or tactical vest. An adjustable velcro flap holds your mags tightly and securely in the pouch.

Quick release pull tabs give you quick access for speedy reloads. The nylon construction of this mag pouch is durable, lightweight and easy to clean. It comes in a variety of colors, mainly the usual suspects that you expect for tactical gear.

The dimensions are six and a half inches wide by six and a half inches high and two and a half inches thick. This mag pouch is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Bottom Line

This is a simple, dependable and effective mag pouch. The top features are the high capacity at four 30-round mags and the broadly compatible MOLLE system. The limited lifetime warranty is also a nice touch.

Best Drop Leg M4 Mag Pouch:
Condor Drop Leg Mag Pouch


  • The Quick Detach Design Lets the Mag Pouch Come Off Without Removing Your Belt
  • Two Pouches of Two 30-Round Mags Give You the Great Firepower of 120 Extra Rounds
  • Features Quick Release Retention Flaps on Mag Compartments and MOLLE Webbing on the Sides


  • Not Made in the USA
  • The Top Flaps Retaining the Mags are a Bit Too Short for Comfort

A drop leg mag pouch gives you a unique and convenient way of carrying extra mags in demanding, tactical situations. The adjustable leg strap on this mag pouch has an anti-slip rubber lining and a handy quick release buckle. The latter helps you quickly detach the mag pouch without removing your belt.

The two top flaps used to retain the mags are also secured using quick release buckles. each compartment fits two 30-round magazines for a total of four. The mag pouch also features MOLLE webbing on the front and back for modular attachment of other accessories.

Although this mag pouch is not made in the USA, on the plus side it is available in the three predictable colors of black, olive drab, and coyote brown. Drop leg pouches like this one will be inherently hotter and more sweaty than those that don't hug a large part of your leg. Luckily, the nylon construction is easy to wash by hand and air dry.

Bottom Line

This is a great mag pouch for tactical situations which you expect to require heavy firepower. The top features are the quick release design, the high capacity and the MOLLE webbing. This is a hard option to beat.

Best Double M4 Mag Pouch:
Condor Double M4/M16 Open-Top Mag Pouch


  • The Low Profile Design is Ideal for Concealed Carry
  • Available in Five Color Schemes to Match Any Tacticool Fashion Scheme
  • Has Plenty of MOLLE Webbing to Attach to Vests or Packs or to Integrate With Other Accessories


  • Made Abroad
  • The Retention Bungees are Relatively Weak

Condor started out over twenty years ago making camping gear. It is a California company that specializes in tactical clothing, packs and similar gear. They are always a great option with things like tactical vests and mag pouches.

This particular model is a great example of simplicity and quality. It is compatible with practically any M4 or modern sporting rifle mag. It is also fully compatible with the mil-spec modular MOLLE attachment system.

This means that you can attach it to practically any of the broad range of compatible gear, or even attach smaller accessories to the mag pouch itself. This model holds two mags, preferably 30-round mags but it will work with large and smaller mags too. The material is a unique form of nylon from Crye Precision.

Five colors are available. These include black, tan, Multicam, olive drab, and coyote brown. The dimensions of this mag pouch are six inches high, six and a half inches wide and one inch thick. The low thickness makes this a relatively easily concealed mag pouch.

Bottom Line

The top features of this mag pouch are the low-profile design and the fabulous choice of colors. The MOLLE webbing also gives you great versatility. Condor is a top name in tactical packs and mag pouches, this product is hard to beat.


Given the bewildering array of mag pouches on the market today, finding the best option is a daunting task. Luckily, we've done the tedious research and testing so that you don't have to. We're sure that you can find the best M4 mag pouch for you in our guide.

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