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Magpul PRS Gen 3 – 2022 Review

The Magpul PRS Gen 3 is a stock that is made by Magpul. Since 1999, the veteran-owned Magpul has long been the leader in creating superior quality stocks and accessories for AR-15s and similar rifles.

This is a stock that is designed to fit a good number of AR-15s and M16s while providing a good amount of support for the shooter.

Made from a combination of polymer and high-quality aluminum, the stock is guaranteed to stay strong and withstand all kinds of damage.

  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Swivel slings included for additional support
  • Designed for AR-15 and M16 rifles
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This is available in different colors so you may choose one that will best fit your rifle or the environment that you intend to blend in. Some colors include a dark earth finish and O.D. Green. The stock is more apt to fit AR-15 and M16 hunters that typically consider varmints and big game targets as their primary choice. Other than hunting, this stock is also used for rifles that tend to go long range. So if you are a long-range target shooter who does it for fun or competition, this might be a good stock for you. 

We’ll be taking a further look at the Magpul PRS Gen 3 in a moment. If you are looking for an upgrade or a new addition to an AR-15 building project, this stock could be the go-to option for those looking to go hunting or go the distance at the range. Be sure to make a note of the features and characteristics so you know what to expect if you decide to invest your own Magpul PRS Gen 3. 

Magpul PRS Gen 3


  • Superior durability and really sturdy
  • Perfect for hunting and target shooting
  • Compatible with rifle and carbine length rifles
  • Easy to adjust


  • A bit on the heavy side, but not too heavy
  • Some filing may be required


So what exactly makes this stock so great? Well, that’s what the pros are for. We’ll be taking a look at a few major pros that stand out in our opinion. We’re not sure if you’ll be sold by the time you go through the list. But the least you can do is know what to expect. Here are the following pros:

Superior Durability and Really Sturdy

First, on the docket, we’ll be taking a look at the construction of the stock. It’s perhaps one of the most well-constructed stocks that you can find on the market for an AR-15 (or similar). With the combination of various high-quality materials, it forges together to make it super tough and impervious to any kind of damage. No scuffs, scrapes, bumps or bruises included. Once you install this sucker on your AR-15, you’ll be able to notice right away how tough this really is. And it won’t be heavy in the slightest. Yes, many expect something that is sturdy and durable to be a bit on the heavy side in terms of weight. But the materials are lightweight and won’t make the rifle any heavier. 

Perfect for Hunting and Target Shooting

If you have a rifle that will go the distance or makes for the best varmint rifle, you might find this stock to be a godsend for you. Why is it perfect for these applications? Well, let’s start with how it’s able to resist shock and recoil to make it favorable for you. You need to control your rifle and make sure that every shot is straightforward, accurate, and precise. If you have poor control over the rifle itself, your shots will be way off. And you need it to be dead on, in any given application. Secondly, you have the sling mounts that will accept so many slings so you are able to carry your rifle with ease even when you are taking long walks in the woods. Furthermore, it also has the ability to attach to a good number of shooting bipods or tripods so you can get better stability if you are shooting in a different position. Either way you use it, you’ll be able to make your hunts or your target shooting sessions a lot more fun (and more successful). 

Compatible With Rifle and Carbine Length Rifles

If you have a rifle with a buffer tube that is classified as a rifle or carbine length, then you’ll have no trouble installing this bad boy onto your rifle. The installation usually takes a few minutes and will fit the buffer tube without any fitting needed. Also, you have all the mounting materials needed in order to make the installation a lot easier for you. Considering this is a drop-in design, you won’t need to rely on the services of a gunsmith (and it will save you a ton of time and money in the process). In short, it’s versatile in what kind of buffer tubes it can work with. But Rifle and carbine tubes will yield the best results. 

Easy to Adjust 

The adjustability is what makes this stock a whole lot better for users. If you want a different length of pull for your rifle, then adjustability is what you’ll need. That way, you’ll have different lengths to work with and you can choose to keep whatever adjustment is more comfortable for you. This will also be a great addition to have if you don’t want to deal with a stock that gives you a fixed length of pull (which means you get what you get and nothing more). Why bother with potentially struggling with a length of pull that is not right for you when you can make the right kind of adjustments? 


Yes, even the best accessories have their shortfalls. The question is, what does this stock have in terms of where it can improve? We’ll be taking a look at a couple of cons that are considered to be common issues with this stock. This way, you may expect this to happen when you are using it. But don’t let it discourage you from buying it if you planned on doing so. Here are a couple of cons that we have discovered:

A Bit on the Heavy Side, But Not Too Heavy

While it’s still light in weight as we said earlier, some have complained that it was a bit heavy anyways. And as a result, it might add additional weight to the rifle. This may come with the territory since it is made from a combination of high-quality materials. Mind you, this isn’t a stock that makes for a paperweight if you are not satisfied with it. It’s not that heavy at all. But it’s worth the slightly extra weight if you want something that will be tough and guaranteed to last you a really long time. But at least it isn’t cheap and flimsy like something you could find for a ridiculously low price. 

Some Filing May Be Required

Let’s face it: not every bit and piece that is used for installation will be perfect. So if you do get this puppy shipped to you, it’s good to check the bolts and small parts before installing it. If things look a little off and it makes the installation a bit more complicated, then you may need a file to smooth those little nuts or bolts down if needed. One of the common issues that require filing stems from the castle nut. So be sure to check it out before tacking it on. If it needs some filing, do it. It won’t take you any longer than five minutes to fix the issue. 

Main Features

Below are the main features that stood out to us:

Made From High-Quality Materials

There are many synthetic stocks that go head above shoulders than their wood counterparts on any rifle. But on an AR-15 or a similar rifle, synthetic materials are common in their buttstocks. But what makes this stand out better than the others? For one, it’s made from a high-quality polymer that will stand up to any kind of damage that you can possibly dish out. It also has the inclusion of steel for the purpose of making it resistant to rust and corrosion, and aluminum to ensure more durability. Simply put, it’s a hardcore stock that will absorb shock and reduce a bit of recoil in the process while allowing you total control over your rifle. 

Rubber Buttpad for Maximum Comfort and Slip Prevention

Everyone hates it when the buttstock tends to slip while you are taking shots and keeping it steady at the same time. Thankfully, the inclusion of a rubber buttpad will put a stop to that. It also allows excellent comfort for your shoulders so they won’t get hit pretty hard by any of the leftover recoil. This further bolsters the stock to give you so much support while you are shooting it in different positions like the prone position (with a pod attached) or while you are in a standing position. No matter how you shoot your rifle, you will still get a great deal of control without slippage or constant adjusting.

Sling Mounts and M-Lok Slots Included

If you plan on heading out to the woods and will be walking around for the most part, then you may want to consider purchasing a sling so it won’t be so taxing on your arms. This stock will be able to handle all kinds of slings that you can attach to your rifle so it can hang off your shoulders and allow you to use your hands for other tasks (like using binoculars or carrying your fresh kills back to your truck). Also included are M-Lok slots that are located on the bottom of the stock so you are able to customize your rifle and possibly attach any bipods for low-ground prone position shooting. No matter what, this stock will allow any kind of support that will keep the rifle stable and thus allowing for straightforward shooting that is accurate and precise. 

What is the Magpul PRS Gen 3 Best For?

By now, you can probably guess what the top uses are going to be for this stock. But if it bears repeating, we might as well do it here in this section of our review. For one, this stock is perfect for AR-15s and similar rifles that will be best used for varmint hunting. You can hunt small invasive critters that dig up your property or even go after the predators that might be harassing your livestock (like coyotes). If you hunt these on a regular basis or do so for the purpose of “property management”, you can use this stock to your advantage.

Another use that it’s good for is target shooting. There are two kinds of target shooting applications: casual and competitive. The difference between the two is pretty self-explanatory. But we can say that the latter is pretty fun because you want every shot to be accurate and precise. And it puts you in a situation where every single shot indeed does count. A stock like this will certainly be what you need if you want nothing more than ultimate control and stability for your rifle. That’s pretty much the point of this stock, right? Other than that, you want something that will do its part to eliminate shock and recoil from further throwing off your shots. 

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying?

Let's take a look:

Know Your Buffer Tube

What we mean by this is: what kind of buffer tube do you have? Is it a rifle or a carbine length. Be sure to make the right kind of measurements before moving on. As we’ve mentioned before, this stock will give you the best results if you have either of these buffer tubes attached to your rifle. 

Consider Purchasing a Sling

While completely optional, it might be in your best interest to get a sling that will give you stable support of your rifle while you are using your hands for other tasks. Plus, it can get really tiring for your arms if you happen to carry a rifle for hours on end. Besides, how on Earth are you going to drag back your fresh hunting kills if you have your hands full? If you must get a sling, you better find one that is sturdy and will fit you perfectly. 

Don’t Be Picky About Bipods

If you plan on getting a bipod, don’t worry about which ones are more apt to fit this stock. There’s a good chance that it will fit any kind of bipod you can find on the market that will fit an AR-15 rifle. But there is one caveat, it has to be compatible with M-Lok slots. But as long as it has that compatibility, you should be in pretty good shape. 

Bottom Line

If you want a stock that is well-constructed, allows for superior support and stability, and will make sure that every shot you take counts the Magpul PRS Gen 3 is the best stock that you can find. The high-quality and easy installation makes this stock one of the most popular choices among AR-15 rifle owners that hunt or shoot long distances. Plus, it’s ease of adjustment makes your rifle even more comfortable to use. 

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