March 2018 News Roundup

Each month we'll present a roundup of the most important articles from our site and beyond. There's so many articles written about products and culture and it's hard to keep up with it all. At the end of this month, this little summary can help point you to what's new and what you should check out!

8 Great Turkey Hunting Shotguns

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Turkey season's probably a good ways away for almost everyone, but it's never too early to start planning! Here's some great reviews of shotguns for turkey hunting

Gas piston systems for your AR-15 have their advantages and disadvantages. Will they serve your needs? Learn more about what they're good for and read up on some of the best versions available.

field and stream

Getting out into the range and shooting is definitely enjoyable. But understanding the history of individual firearms, and firearms as a whole, takes our hobby to a whole other level. This article gives a brief story behind some of the greatest military firearms developed over more than 800 years.

muzzle brakes

We looked at muzzle breakers and compensators. Just learning about them? We look at the differences and help you decide which is best for you while reviewing top models of each.

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We've got to be grateful to the people that have designed all the great guns we enjoy for sport, hunting and self-defense. These things don't happen by accident. Elwood Shelton looks at some of the great names in history.

A case can help protect your rifles from damage, both serious and cosmetic. Learn more about the best options in both hard and soft cases that will hold an AR-15

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We do a lot of our own reviews, but this is one area we haven't broached yet. But more than a few minutes at a range, or even in an open field, and we've all learned that earplugs work wonders and make shooting so much more enjoyable. Check out this review to help decide if this Ammo Ears product is for you.

Everything fun also requires some work. It definitely holds true with maintaining the AR-15. Keeping your rifle clean will help preserve its function and make sure it serves you for years to come.


Guns Holsters and Gear took the time to look at January's SHOT Show in Las Vegas, including quick reviews of a ton of new guns coming on the market.

We look at the function of the standard gas block and its role in the AR-15's direct impingement system. But an adjustable gas block can add so much to your shooting. Learn more about them and what to look for when you're ready to upgrade.

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Ok, this definitely isn't for recreational use. But just had to include this incredible gun that really packs more than just a punch!

It's the core of your AR-15. Learn more about the lower receiver and branch off into finding out more about complete, stripped and 80% receivers. Enjoy the great and rewarding project of building your rifle from the ground up.

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One of the biggest names in American firearms faces financial trouble, starting even before recent calls for increased regulation.

Looking for multiple versions of your AR-15 without having to buy an entirely new rifle? An upper receiver set allows for a quick switch while preserving all you like about your lower. Check out this guide then follow the links in the article to find out more about complete or stripped uppers!

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