Best Marlin 60 Accessories of 2022 – Complete Round-up

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December 30, 2021

Finding the best Marlin 60 accessories might be a challenge. Especially when you’re on the verge of upgrading your Marlin 60 to an even more reliable and well-built machine.

The important thing to know is that upgrading one accessory is not a complete upgrade at all. You have all kinds of accessories like the sight, scopes (if any), or stocks to upgrade to ensure that it’s running more smoothly than ever before.

We’ll be taking a look at the eight best accessories that we believe are considered the best for a Marlin 60. These will be exactly what you’ll need if you’re looking to give it a complete upgrade so you can take it out for a regular range shooting session or for your next hunting trip.

Before we get to our list, we’ll talk about which accessories are perfect for your Marlin 60 and what the perks are for upgrading them.

Comparison Chart of the Best Marlin 60 Accessories

  • Best overall scope for a Marlin 60 rifle.
  • Crafted from high-quality aircraft aluminum.
  • Multi-coated lenses for clear images and low-light reliability.
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  • Adjustments for windage and elevation.
  • Front and rear sights colored in red and green.
  • Bright colors that will work for those with vision issues.
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  • Screw base included for wood stocks.
  • Best Marlin 60 accessory for the money.
  • Includes closed ring technology to prevent the sling from accidentally slipping out.
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  • Best stock for a Marlin 60 rifle.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Made from high-quality polymer.
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  • Dovetail design to fit all kinds of rail systems.
  • Fits scopes that are measured at one inch in diameter.
  • Made from high-quality aluminum for superior durability.
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  • Quick attach and detach swivel that fits most rifles.
  • Made from high-quality aluminum and steel for superior durability.
  • It comes with five different adjustments so you can set it to the right height.
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  • Water-resistant outer shell to keep it from leaking inside.
  • Thick padding to protect the rifle from abrasions and shock from banging and bumping.
  • Superior durability both inside and out thanks to the nylon outer shell and synthetic padding.
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Perks of Adding a Few Upgrades

The main reason why so many Marlin 60 owners are upgrading their rifles is that the stock accessories that came with it may not be as effective. In fact, there are all kinds of parts that are sold separately that are proven to stand head above shoulders over the factory stocks, scopes, sights, and other accessories. Here are some of the perks of adding a few upgrades to your Marlin 60 rifle depending on which accessory you choose to improve:

Better Accuracy

This starts by upgrading to a new scope or sight. Accuracy is important no matter which distance you intend to hit the target at. An accurate shot means a quicker kill shot in a hunting situation. In competitive shooting, a more accurate shot will give you the edge over your opponents. No matter the application, accuracy will make the difference between accomplishing your goals and failing to do so.

Lesser Recoil

Most buttstocks that you can upgrade to will give you the opportunity to control your rifle as much as possible. As a result, you’re using your own body to resist all kinds of recoil. There are even a handful of stocks that will have recoil pads made from rubber. They will be designed to resist all kinds of recoil produced shock.

Better Reliability

If you want something reliable, then your Marlin 60 should stand up to the plate in times that you need it the most. This means everything has to work properly and needs to be on point when you’re in a situation where you’re face to face with your biggest game target yet. Everything needs to be in working order if you’re in a high-pressure situation.

This pertains to any accessory that you upgrade. Be sure to test out your new accessories at the range once you install them. That way, you’ll know whether or not they are actually ready for the real deal. It’s a lot better than initially using them in a certain situation and ends up failing you in the process.

Accessories Perfect For Your Marlin 60 

There are seven common accessories that are perfect for your Marlin 60 rifle. We’ll break down each one of them and explain briefly why they are important. They are as follows:


Sights are one of the more important things to have if you want to have precise, accurate shooting. Iron sights are more common on factory made Marlin 60 rifles. However, there are other sights like red dot sights or tritium sights that are proven to be more effective.


Staying on the topic of accuracy, a great scope is one of the best ways to up your rifle’s accuracy game. These will usually come in handy if you’re planning on hitting targets from a mid to long-range setting. A good scope will also work to your advantage in low-light conditions depending on the type of reticle it has.

Scope Rings

Scope rings are probably one of your best options if you want a reliable scope mount to hold them all together. While a flat surface mount might be sufficient, scope rings have long been the reliable go-to tool for generations. They can be easily mounted on most rifles and will accommodate most scopes (depending on the size). 


 If you’re planning to shoot from the prone position at the range, a good bipod might be what you need. This accessory will hold the gun and allow for extra stability while you’re shooting in the prone or kneeling position. A good bipod will also be smooth in the rotation when you’re switching from one target to the next. 


Adding a new stock to your rifle will benefit you in a few good ways. One of them is the reduction in recoil. It will immediately become noticeable once you install the stock. Some stocks may even be adjustable to ensure that it will work to fit all kinds of shooters regardless of their height or frame size.

Sling Swivels

If you plan on adding a sling swivel to your rifle, then there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to easily attach slings to your rifle so you can have a hands-free carrying option for your rifle.

These will come in handy if you’re in a hunting situation and you’re using your binoculars to find a place to set up shop for your next sitting space so you can wait for your next target to appear. 

Rifle Cases

There will be times when you’ll want to transport your rifle from point A to point B. You want to do it discreetly rather than draw some kind of undue attention. Rifle cases come in either soft shell or hard shell cases. Each type has its own advantages or disadvantages, so you may want to weigh your options as you’re looking at one for your own use. 

Review of the Best Marlin 60 Accessories

The following is a list of the eight best Marlin 60 accessories that are considered the best on the market. Each of these is our most recommended choice if you choose to upgrade a certain part of a Marlin 60 rifle. You may also consider these parts if you’re planning on building a Marlin 60 rifle from the ground up.

Either way, these are proven to be the best upgrades because of one certain feature or functionality that makes it much better than most factory or stock accessories. Let’s begin this list with our “best overall” accessory:

Best Overall:
Vortex Optics Crossfire II

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  • Super Durable
  • Excellent for Hunting Purposes
  • Fits on Most Marlin 60 Rifles With Ease
  • The 3x-5x Magnification Clarity is Not Blurry
  • The Clarity of the Image Picture is Outstanding


  • Might be Tough to Zero in at the Outset
  • Extended Eye Relief is Lost at Max Magnification
  • The Image Gets Quite Blurry at Around 7-9x Magnification

First, we’ll be taking a look at the best overall accessory for a Marlin 60. We’ll be taking a look at a scope that is not only crystal clear in terms of its optics, but it's built like a tank.

This is the Vortex Optics Crossfire II. One of the things that you might notice upon looking at this is that the eye relief on this scope is rather forgiving.

At the same time, the eye-box is designed to give you better target acquisition. Even with both eyes, you’ll be able to quickly acquire and recognize your target in any condition. The lens is multi-coated to ensure that you get a clear image picture each time you look through it.

 You get high-definition images every single time. On top of that, the lenses will also gather in all kinds of light so you can use the scope to your advantage in low-light situations.

If you want something that you can rely on in the early dawn or sunset hours, then this scope by Vortex Optics might be the best possible option.

With Vortex Optics scopes, they are considered the best in the business in terms of their durability. The body of the scope is built from high-quality aircraft quality aluminum that will take on all kinds of beatings and abuse. It will also be resistant to any kind of weather, fog, or shock.

So this scope is all around tough and is built to last you years or even decades. If you’re looking for a scope that is considered one of the best on the market, then you’ll absolutely love the Vortex Optics Crossfire II.

What Recent Buyers Report

The eye relief is forgiving, and the clarity is perhaps second to none when compared to other scopes. Most say it took them as little as 15 minutes to mount it on their rifle.

Plus, it fits on most rifle scope mounts that are either ring mounts or even flat top mounts. Either way, it does a good job boosting their accuracy considerably.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There aren’t enough great things to say about a Vortex Optics scope. It’s all around durable, the clarity is great, and it will definitely give you a lifetime of consistent, reliable performance.

This might be the last scope you’ll ever buy for as long as you live. And the lifetime warranty is a major plus, especially for a brand that aims to be the best of the best.

Who Would Use This The Most

Hunters are the first ones that comes to mind on who would use this the most. Especially when they want to hit targets from mid to long ranges. This is definitely your go-to scope if you’re hunting for varmint or big game targets.

What Could Be Improved and Why

If you need to make improvements, you’re probably going to need to make some sacrifices. So the eye relief might need to be reduced a bit if you’re looking to make it clearer for higher magnification settings.

However, it should be a little easier for newer users who have never zeroed in a scope before. So, smoother and easier adjustments might be a worthy improvement.

Bottom Line

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II is our best choice for a scope for a lot of great reasons. Not only is the construction solid, but it also stands up to all kinds of shock and abuse. So you can expect this scope to stick with you for a long time.

The picture clarity is excellent, even when you magnify it to a few settings. Not to mention, it’s a scope that is quite affordable. So if you’re looking for a scope for your Marlin 60 that won’t break the bank, this Vortex Optics Crossfire II might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Williams Gun Sight


  • Easy to Install, Takes Only a Few Minutes
  • Excellent for All Kinds of Hunting Applications
  • Quick Target Acquisition was Reported With These Sights
  • Excellent for Older Shooters Who May Have Failing Eyesight
  • Shot Groupings are Absolutely Tight for Targets Situated at 50 Yards Out


  • Some Fitting May be Required
  • Installation Might be a Bit of a Challenge
  • A Protective Hood Should be Added to Ensure the Fiber Optic is Protected

Now, we’ll be taking a look at the Williams Gun Sight as our runner-up for best Marlin 60 accessories. If you’re looking for something that will be a suitable replacement for iron sights, these fiber optic sights from Williams might be your best possible option.

These are both front and rear sights that you can install easily so they can co-witness with each other and give you a more precise, accurate shot each time.

These are red and green fiber optic sights that will work in just about any application and environment. The colors are so bright, if you have failing eyesight you’ll be able to see it a lot clearer than red dot sights that may blur or distort.

Also included in this sight are your adjustments for windage and elevation. If you want to up your shot precision on your Marlin 60 rifle, these might be your best possible choice.

All it takes is minutes to install and the right kind of tools. Once you’re all set and ready to go, be sure to put these to the test at the range.

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the recent buyers were older shooters who had struggled with iron sights. One user, in particular, was quite pleased with the brightness of the green sights. They are clear and easy to see, even without the use of glasses.

The shots are just as pinpoint and accurate as they get as if you’re using a high powered scope. Plus, these sights took a few minutes to install. So they are worth giving a spin if you plan on hitting the range later that same day.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the best things about this sight is that it’s not a standalone sight (front or rear). It’s a complete set that works together in the application where you need them the most.

We’ve seen these in action in hunting situations where you can pick off varmint from as long as 150 to 200 yards out. If that isn’t impressive to us, we cannot tell you what will be.

Who Would Use This The Most

Hunters, especially older hunters (60+) will most likely use these due to their failing eyesight. Scopes and even red dot sights might not be as effective as they used to be. So this is a worthy substitute. This might also come in handy if you’re using your rifle for some CQB shooting in low-light conditions.

What Could Be Improved and Why

We can understand why there is nothing that closes the optics in. A protective hood may hinder the user’s shooting ability, but if it were housed with a clear enclosure, that may not be a problem for those who use these kinds of sights.

Bottom Line

Accuracy matters. So does precision. You can get both in a great sight like this. You get the whole entire front and rear set to work together to ensure that your Marlin 60 rifle is a sharpshooting force to be reckoned with.

It doesn’t matter what the application is. The colors are bright and will work with all kinds of shooting applications and users. Eyesight problems won’t stand a chance against this sight.

If you’re looking for something that is reliable and will get you through any application, these Williams gun sights are exactly what you need to add on.

Best For The Money:
Uncle Mike's Quick Detachable Full Band Sling Swivels

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  • Excellent for All Kinds of Applications
  • Solid in Quality, It Will Last a Long Time
  • Easy to Install on All Kinds of Wood Stocks
  • Works With All Kinds of Marlin 60 Rifles (Even With Tube Magazines)
  • Gives You Hands-Free Carrying, You Will Be Able to Use Them for Other Things (Ex: Using Binoculars)


  • May Come With Missing Parts Upon Shipment
  • Some Have Complained About the Top Ring Not Being Well-Finished
  • Installation Might be a Challenge for Some, You May Need to Enlist the Services of a Gunsmith if the Process Seems Intimidating

Next, we’ll be taking a look at the best Marlin 60 accessory that you can get without having to break the bank. Our choice will be for sling swivels. More specifically, we’ll be looking at the Uncle Mike’s Quick Detachable Full Band Sling Swivels.

These will work with almost any sling you install on your rifle. That’s because your hands might be needed for something else other than holding on to a rifle all day long.

For example, you’ll need to find a place to get situated. So your binoculars might come in handy if you’re trying to find a place to set yourself up for a few hours. The swivels themselves are designed to prevent any accidental releases from happening.

More specifically, some sling swivels will cause your sling to come loose or snap off. With Uncle Mike’s sling swivels, that becomes a thing of the past.

If you’re using a wood stock for your Marlin 60 rifle, this comes with a screw base that you can use so you can be able to attach your sling to your rifle. This sling swivel might be exactly what you’re looking for if you want something that’s solid and sturdy for your slings.

Best of all, it’s perhaps one of the most affordable upgrades you can get with your hard earned money.

What Recent Buyers Are Reporting

Most recent buyers have no trouble attaching their slings to these swivels. They stayed in place even after tugging on them a little rough as a test. These work great on wood stocks better than anything else.

Most synthetic stocks will have their own sling swivels, so these may be rendered useless if you have that kind of stock.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The materials are high in quality. And it does a good job closing the sling in without allowing it to snap off freely. It’s so thick that it won’t even create any rips or frays in the sling itself. A definite plus if you’re tired of having a sling come undone for some odd reason other than a flimsy swivel.

Who Will Use This The Most

Hunters who tend to walk on tough terrain will mostly benefit from this sling swivel. That’s because slings are a must have when you’re walking on uneven ground.

If you’re using binoculars, you’ll definitely need to use both hands so you have a firm grip on them. So it would be wise to have the rifle hanging off your shoulder while you’re looking for a place to go and sit for a while.

What Could Be Improved and Why

One improvement that might help is including some sort of pad that can fit on most rifles. This could also serve as a sturdier base where you can install the screw base and therefore install your sling of choice.

This might also come in handy so you don’t unintentionally destroy the wood stock for improperly screwing the base in the wrong spot.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to save money on upgrades for your Marlin 60 rifle, odds are you’ll find this sling swivel as one of your best possible choices. It’s solid in construction and is reliable in performance.

On top of that, it’s more bang for your buck. If you’re looking for the best that you can possibly afford, Uncle Mike’s sling swivel might be right up your alley.

Best Stock:
Advanced Technology - Marlin 60 Fiberforce Monte Carlo


  • Super Strong Polymer
  • Ergonomically Friendly
  • Fits Most Marlin Brand Rifles
  • Takes Minutes to Install, No Issues to Speak of
  • Pistol Grip is Excellent for Left-Handed Shooters


  • Clips That Hold the Stock Together May Break Off Easily
  • The Stock is So Light, it Might Make it Feel Awkward to Carry the Rifle With a Sling
  • The Barrel Portion of the Stock Might Tend to Snap Off During the Installation, This May Not be a Major Issue for Most Users

Now, we’ll be taking a look at the best stock on the market for a Marlin 60 rifle. This is a synthetic stock that you can use to add on to a Marlin 60 rifle. It’s probably the toughest stock on the market. That’s because it’s made from high-quality extreme temperature glass reinforced polymer that’s made from DuPont.

This company is best known for making remarkable advances that further shape today’s modern inventions. Who better than the same people that developed kevlar to play a role in making this stock more durable? This is impervious to all kinds of weather, cleaning solvents, and oils.

At the same time, it can take on all kinds of impact and abuse. This is the stock that you’ll be relying on for as long as you use your Marlin 60.

The stock is a drop-in kind of stock that is easy to install. All you need is minutes of your time and the right kind of tools. Since it’s light in weight, it won’t add on much additional weight to your rifle.

So if you hate the idea of adding on accessories that result in the rifle being a little heavier, you can rejoice at the fact that this stock won’t do that.

If you’re a left-handed shooter, you might like the pistol grip being ambidextrous. It will benefit you more than your typical right-handed shooters. If you’re looking for a stock that is as close to a do it all kind, then the Advanced Technology brand stock might be just your cup of tea.

What Recent Buyers Report

Some recent buyers loved this stock at first sight. It’s a strong and sturdy stock that has stood all kinds of recoil and shock. Even some of them have reported seeing little to no recoil at all after installation. And it even leads to some more tight shooting groups at various distances.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the major things that impressed us about this stock is that the polymer used to make this stock is not your average polymer. It’s tough, it’s crush-proof, and it’s built like a brick wall.

At the same time, it’s ridiculously comfortable while you’re in the firing position. Even some of our lefty shooting friends were happy to use this because of its ambidextrous ability.

Who Will Use This The Most

Hunters and target shooters who place a high premium on accuracy will definitely use this stock the most. That’s because they will enjoy the advantage of lesser recoil and more tighter shooting groups. If you’re looking for that kill shot or a bullseye in a competition, a good stock might be one of the accessories that are worth upgrading.

What Could Be Improved and Why

The stock should just be a buttstock. Nothing else. The overall design where it outlines the entire gun in our point of view is unnecessary. This way, it can become a standalone buttstock that is easy to attach and probably more adjustable for all kinds of shooters.

Bottom Line

The Advanced Technologies buttstock is our choice for a few good reasons. First and foremost, it’s tough all over and will definitely last you a long period of time.

Since it takes minutes to install, you can be able to give it a spin at the range later that same day. Don’t be surprised if you end up getting some reduced recoil out of it as well.

Best Scope Mount:
Leapers Accushot Mount for 1" Rings


  • Super Sturdy and Durable Construction
  • Works With Scopes with Generous Eye Relief
  • Perfect Height for Most Scopes With a 40mm Objective
  • Preserves a Scope’s Zero Even After Hundreds of Rounds
  • Easy to Install, Takes Minutes and the Right Kind of Tools


  • May Be Too Long for Some Rifles
  • May Not be Good for Most Heavy Hitting Rifles
  • Might be Good for Bigger Scopes, but Not so Much for Smaller Ones

If you’re looking for a scope mount that will best support your 1-inch scope, then you’ll want to go with scope rings. That’s because scope rings have long been reliable for generations. Your father used them. Your grandfather used them. Your great-grandfather probably used them too.

The Leapers Accushot Mount has rings that are not stand alone scope rings. But they are sturdy and reliable enough to hold the scope in place so it doesn’t get loosened up upon installation. The mount is made from high-quality aluminum that will preserve your scope’s zero.

Because no shock produced from recoil should ever throw it off. On top of that, this will definitely play a role in making sure your Marlin 60 is as accurate as it gets, even with the right kind of scope attached.

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers were quite happy with the product overall. The construction is solid and definitely has the ability to last them for a long time. Their scopes can slip on and can be installed in a matter of minutes. No gunsmithing skills were needed for installing this.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This has the combination of a straightforward and scope ring mount. So you’re basically getting a hybrid. The rings will hold it all together while the flat surface will be best used for easy mounting. You get quite the combination in one excellent scope mount. Plus, it has the potential to last you years, maybe even decades.

Who Would Use This The Most

This mount would be best used for Marlin 60 rifle users regardless of application. Especially if you’re using the rifle itself to hunt for small or large game. This will also come in handy if you’re using a reliable scope for long-range competitive shooting (or casual target shooting).

What Could Be Improved and Why

There may not be any drastic improvements to be made. However, if we had to say one thing, it should fit all kinds of heavy hitting rifles like the Mosin Nagant rifles.

Some have complained that it may not handle some of the heavy hittings of these rifles. So it may need to be a little sturdier in construction if users of that kind of rifle want a reliable scope mount like this.

Bottom Line

An excellent mount is definitely needed if you want to make sure your scope stays stable and holds its zero for a long period of time. With the Leapers scope mount, you get the best of both worlds: a flat surface that protects your scope from shock and rings that keeps it straight and narrow for as long as possible. This is a win-win combination if we ever saw one.

6. CVLIFE Tactical Bipod

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  • Deploys in a Matter of Seconds
  • Excellent for Prone Position Shooting
  • Super Sturdy and Can Take a Lot of Abuse
  • Best for Hunting, Target Shooting, and Competition Applications
  • The Swivel Movement is Quite Fluid, It’s Not Hard to Move Around


  • No Instructions Were Included
  • May Require Some Re-Tightening on Occasion
  • Extension Springs May Lose Some Strength Over Time

Maybe you’re someone who likes to shoot in the prone position. If so, then you’ll need a bipod that will definitely work to your advantage while you’re out hunting or at the range. We’ve decided to go with the CVLIFE Tactical Bipod as our best recommendation if you’re looking for a bipod for your own.

This has legs that adjust to five different positions. So you can adjust it to a certain height or take it down a notch so you can line it up just right and your shots won’t go in any other direction but straight and forward.

The bipod itself is made from aluminum and steel, so it’s durable and can handle all kinds of terrain. Plus, it’s tough enough to handle all kinds of damage. This is a bipod that can be quick to deploy no matter what application you’re using it for.

It can be while you’re hunting and you want to be in a stealth-like position, or you can use it to assume the prone position while the competition is getting fierce.

Either way, you have a bipod that you can take with you because it’s light in weight. The swivel on top of the bipod moves quite smoothly, so you can easily move the rifle from side to side.

What Recent Buyers Report

New owners are saying that this bipod works as advertised. They are seeing their shots get more accurate thanks to the newfound stability they’ve received in a bipod like this. Aside from that, it was easy to set up and easy to store away once they were finished. So it won’t take up all kinds of room when in storage.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The bipod itself is built like a tank. And it can deploy in a matter of seconds on any terrain. Definitely worth using if you’re out in the field and the ground is anything but smooth. Plus, it definitely puts you in a low profile position in some applications.

Who Will Use This Most

Hunters will likely use it the most because it will allow them to be in a lower position while they are shooting prone. This will make them more blended in with the ground than in the scenery.

At the same time, this will also benefit long-range shooters who are casual target shooters or if they’re competitors in most shooting competitions.

Regardless of the application, this is for anyone who is looking to add more stability to their rifle.

What Could Be Improved and Why

One thing that we can see as a potential for improvement is that the springs should be a little stronger in its ability to handle some of the heavier rifles. The springs are still sturdy but at some point, they won’t be able to handle weighty guns and therefore could be a detriment to the overall stability.

Bottom Line

This bipod might be your best choice if you’re looking to add some stability to your rifle as well as better accuracy from a position that is other than a sitting position.

It’s easy to carry around and is definitely easy to deploy in the situations when you need it most. If you want a bipod that you can rely on for a long time, the CVLIFE Tactical Bipod just might be right up your alley.

7. Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Rifle Case


  • Long Enough to Fit Most Rifles
  • Very Affordable For Most Budgets
  • Very Durable For Light and Moderate Use
  • Easy to Carry Around Since it’s Light in Weight
  • Discreet Storage, It Doesn’t Create Any Bulges


  • No Shoulder Strap is Included With This Case
  • May Not Fit Rifles that May Have Additional Accessories Attached
  • It Has No Additional Security Features, So It Needs to be Out of the Reach of Children

Now you’re looking for a case that can protect your rifle from the environmental elements. If you’re looking for something that will give you all kinds of protection from the inside and out, then this Bulldog Pit Bull Rifle Case might be exactly what you’re looking for.

The outer shell is made from high-quality nylon that won’t easily tear, fray, or wear off over time. Inside is thick padding that is designed to absorb the shock that can occur from all the banging and bumping that might happen from carrying the case around.

This case was designed for you to carry your rifle with more discreet ability. That way, the rifle doesn’t bulge and attract undue attention. Especially when you’re transporting it in your vehicle. The zippers are easy to slide and won’t snag on you when you’re zipping or unzipping the case.

To top it off, the outer shell is resistant to water and will prevent it from leaking inside of the case itself. If you’re looking for something that’s as close to a hard shell case as your going to get (but softer), then the Bulldog just might be the case you’ll want to depend on to protect your rifle.

What Recent Buyers Report

According to some recent buyers, the case itself is the soft shell version of a hard case. In fact, some have said that the extra padding has definitely helped keep the rifle in place instead of moving from side to side while they transported it from their vehicle to the range. The padding is thick, but not too soft where it won’t protect the rifle from any damage.

Why it Stands Out to Us

From the inside and out, this puppy is durable, and it has the potential to last you much longer than any standard soft shell case (and even hard shell cases). Other than that, it’s long enough to fit most rifles that may not have any additional accessories attached.

Who Would Use This The Most

This case would be best put to use if you’re looking for a case that will protect your rifle from environmental elements and from the scratches and scuffs that may destroy the aesthetics of your rifle.

Other than that, this will be best used by those who usually take trips to the range on the weekends. Or if you’re a hunter, this is definitely right up your alley if you’re looking for a case that will make storage discreet and a little less obvious to other observers.

What Could Be Improved and Why

There are a couple of things that can make this case a bit better. First off, add shoulder straps. This way, it's more comfortable for the user rather than having to rely on the carrying handles themselves.

Secondly, there are some additional compartments for accessories and additional firearms that are noticeably absent. Why not include some additional compartments that are large enough for scopes, optics, magazines, or even a pistol?

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a case that can do the best job in protecting your Marlin 60 rifle, the Bulldog Pit Bull Rifle Case might be exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s durable and is tough as nails even though it’s soft from the inside and out.

Plus, it doesn’t a pretty good job keeping your rifle in good condition when you’re not using it. Your rifle is that dang important. So find a good carrying case like this to make sure it remains reliable now and in the years that follow.

8. Tasco 1x30mm 5 MOA Red Dot Riflescope


  • Easy to Install and Adjust
  • Water-Resistant, It Can Withstand All Kinds of Weather
  • It Comes With a Lens Cap to Protect it From Fog and Dust
  • Lightweight, It Doesn’t Add On Any Heaviness to the Rifle
  • Bright Enough for You to Recognize Your Target in Any Low-Light Situation


  • The Brightness Adjustment Knob is a Little Stiff
  • The Red Dot May Not Be as Good For Those With Vision Issues
  • The Battery May Be Weak in Power or Dead On Arrival Upon Initial Use

Finally, we’ll be taking a look at the Tasco 1x30mm 5 MOA Red Dot Riflescope. If you’re not a fan of scopes or fiber optic sights, then there’s one other sight you can depend on. The classic red dot riflescope. One of the things that you’ll notice right away is the red dot doesn’t obscure your target.

It’s just at the right size where you can get a good look at it. But you can still get a pinpoint accurate shot no matter which application you use your rifle for. The objective is a wide 30mm, which means your field of view will be outstanding for a red dot riflescope.

The housing is made from high-quality aluminum, making it a durable little unit that can get the job done all while resisting all kinds of shock produced from recoil.

This sight is like any other riflescope, it can hit targets from a good deal of distance and has illumination settings that will work to make you see a whole lot better in low-light situations.

Whether it’s dawn or dusk, you’ll have a red dot sight that is reliable and will never steer you wrong in the accuracy department. If that’s what you look for in a red dot sight, the Tasco might be the best possible choice for you.

Recent Buyers Report

Most new users were blown away by how accurate this sight is. Immediately, they noticed their shot groupings being much tighter when shooting targets as far as 200 yards out.

The red dot is not too large, nor too small. The size is just about right. Some have even said it was way better than some red dot sights they have used in the past.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This might be a shorter riflescope than the others. But it does a dang good job of making your Marlin 60 a sharpshooter that can probably turn heads at the range.

Plus, it does a good job holding zero for a long time. No shock or recoil will dare throw it off, especially when it’s attached to some other heavy hitting rifles.

What Could Be Improved and Why

The red dot sight might work just as good without a battery. In fact, there are all kinds of scopes with illuminated reticles that will still work but won’t have to rely on a battery in order to give you a reliable performance.

Tasco should find out which riflescopes their competitors have with that ability so they can take a page out of their playbook.

Bottom Line

A red dot sight might be something worth using if you’re less of a fan of regular scopes or sights. This red sight by Tasco will definitely get the job done once you zero it in.

And setting it up won’t take you a long time anyway. If you’re looking for a sight that can co-witness with other scopes or iron sights, the Tasco red dot sight could be right up your alley.


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Remember to do your due diligence prior to making a purchasing decision. This way, you’ll know more about what people are saying about a certain accessory. From there, you can make the decision on whether or not it’s worth spending your hard earned money or not. 

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