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Best Holsters for the M&P Shield – 2022 Guide to Various Styles For CC

A holster is a device that helps to carry a handgun safely, comfortably, and reliably. The S&W M&P Shield demands a dependable holster, one that is smaller because of the size and functionality of the upgraded S&W handgun itself.

So, it is highly important that we eliminate all unnecessary details and components when choosing a holster for this concealed carry, and focus on the vital components for this weapon; comfort, and reliability.  

Our thorough research will help you consider all reasons and factors when deciding to purchase a secure concealment carry holster for your M&P Shield pistol. You must take into consideration both present and future use and we will help you evaluate the best choice for the best price.

Comparison of the Best Holsters for the M&P Shield

  • Best overall holster for M&P Shield
  • IWB holster with adjustable retention level and cant angle
  • Posi-Click Audible Retention Lock System
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  • Best holster for M&P runner-up
  • Custom molded retention shell for easy holstering
  • Lifetime warranty, plus a 30-day trial period
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  • Best Holster for M&P Shield 9 mm
  • Two points of retention adjustment
  • Notched area on the inside to prevent accidental magazine release
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  • Best IWB holster for M&P Shield
  • Open-ended and a full-length sweat guard for comfort
  • One of the best selling IWB holsters on the market
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  • Best concealed carry holster for M&P Shield
  • Handmade from genuine U.S.A. bullhide leather
  • Fits most full-size and compact handguns, so quite versatile
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Is the M&P Shield a Good Daily Carry? 

Let’s first mention the features this handgun is endowed with, how and when it is most useful, and why you would consider making it part of your concealed carry collection. It is commonly understood that the size of the device should never undermine its use, functionality, and quality.

M&P Shield (Source)

So, with its 9mm caliber and 20.8 oz of weight, this handgun fits into the category of a semi-automatic, in between a compact and a subcompact, making it comfortable and useful for many occasions and duty actions.

Other advantages that make this handgun distinguishable are: 

  • Surprisingly Positive Capacity
  • Extremely Thin, Lightweight, and Great Ergonomics
  • Accurate Sights
  • Sear Deactivation Lever
  • Completely Worth the Price

Referring to its capacity, the model includes two magazines, one with seven rounds and one with an extended capacity of eight rounds. With its design, it is easily concealable and comfortable. The sights are “HI-VIZ” for added visibility in low light situations.

With the sear lever, you don’t need to pull the trigger, and for those who find this mechanism makes the disassembly complicated, it’s also possible to break it down via the more traditional way.  

Some of the disadvantages of this handgun are:

How to Choose the Perfect Holster For The M&P Shield?

While contemplating which holster to choose, keep in mind a quality holster must meet the following criteria: durable, a reliable retention mechanism, great ease-to-access, and a comfortable material for its lifetime or longevity of support and carry.

The material and origin of the product have proven to guarantee the durability and reliability of the holster.The leather holsters are considered more durable, but as they adjust to the body easily, it can sometimes be difficult to manage the reholstering of the weapon.

That is why you can always consider an alternative, like the fairly impact-resistant, rigid structure of Kydex or Boltaron. And like any product, the more local, the more trustworthy, so an American product, even for a global citizen, promises hard work and professional manufacturing.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9/40/2.0 IWB Holster for Concealed Carry

You also have to consider whether you prefer it inside or outside-the-waistband, and what sort of built-in retention systems the holster is equipped with. This highly-efficient snubbie goes well with an IWB and with simple, but reliable, retention bolts.

The comfort of the leather/material and/or an adjustable cant for placing it wherever it feels most natural will provide comfort and trust, the two fundamentals for the effective operation of a weapon.

The smooth access to the firearm, according to its placement, comfort on your body, and material, as well as the optimum concealment most holsters offer, are criteria that ensure a lasting and a safe holster to work with.

You have to see through all your personal preferences and the job you intend for your weapon to do, to choose the best holster. That is why we are helping you by listing the most sought-after on the market.

Review of the Best M&P Shield Holsters

Given the factors we just specified, we have now reviewed the best holsters on the market for the M&P Shield. Almost all of these are designed to carry other models too and are attentively crafted in the USA.

1. Best Overall: CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster

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This inside-the-waistband holster comes in five colors and is primarily designed for the M&P Shield, with an exemplary attention to detail. Made by a veteran-owned company, it assures quality in its construction and longevity.

It is made of a Boltaron thermoplastic, whose features outweigh those of the equally popular Kydex material. It is abrasion-resistant and keeps its shape better, even in high-heat circumstances.

The carrying angle inside-the-waistband is also adjustable from 0 to 15 degrees, and the screws near the trigger guard make the retention mechanism adjustable in two ways according to the owner’s personal desires. It completely covers the trigger and doesn’t slow down the draw.


  • Positive Audible Click When Reholstering
  • Simple and Practical, Yet Meticulously Crafted
  • Slim and Light Enough for Perfect Concealment
  • The Cant and Belt Clip are Greatly Adjustable for More Comfortable Usage


  • Plastic, Instead of a Metal Belt Clip

Bottom Line

The plastic belt clip can easily break, but you can always rely on the 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty that instills trust in the company and the fabrication of its products. The flexible strategies of use and quality are a bonus to how affordable and helpful this holster is.

2. Best Holster for M&P Runner-up: Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster

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This highly comfortable IWB holster is made with a CoolVent neoprene backing layer and smooth covered edges, which allows the skin to breathe and wicks away moisture, keeping the gun dry at all times.

It is very light and by adjusting the ride and cant without the need for special tools, it fits any of the listed firearms. It has two stiff, solid plastic belt clips, so you can free yourself from worries of having the gun or holster slip out.

Alien Gear offers a 30-Day Test Drive trial period for this product, a lifetime of retention shell trades, and a lifetime warranty. An American product with an American guarantee and complete safety features.


  • Perfect for 4 O’Clock Carry
  • Custom-Molded Retention Bolts for Excellent Fit
  • Really Solid and Hard Plastic Belt Clips for a Lifetime of Usage
  • Control and Adjust Cant and Depth with Tool-Less Configuration


  • Cannot Tuck in Shirt
  • Screws Sometimes Easily Fall Off

Bottom Line

This holster will last for years of extensive carry thanks to its flexible and secure material. We recommend it because of its uniqueness in appearance and function, as it holds a wide variety of firearms. It is a bit bigger, but light enough and not recognizable, so it can replace and make up for any other smaller holster.

3. Best Holster for M&P Shield 9mm: Concealed Carrier IWB Holster Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9MM/.40 S&W

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This impressive inside-the-waistband holster, with a high rating and an unbeatable price, has a sturdy retention mechanism with two bolts and a varying carry angle. This allows you to adjust it according to your own preferred draw style and duty obligations.

It comes in right or left-hand draw and if you are not satisfied with it, Concealed Carrier offers a full refund, which consoles the buyer and our readers greatly. It fits only the standard size semi-automatic and can’t cover any aftermarket rigs like lasers and similar.

This holster proves itself to be comfortable and completely unnoticeable by many owners. However, the notch on the inside meant to prevent the magazine release may confuse some users. It is nevertheless a new, well-built product. PROS


  • Two Retention Bolts
  • Appendix and Hip Carry
  • Minimizes Printing Greatly
  • Adjustable Cant from 0 - 15 Degrees
  • Made by a USA Combat Veteran Company, Neat and Detail-Oriented
  • Positive Audible and Tactile Click so You Know When the Gun is in Place


  • Sharp Edges
  • Plastic Belt Clip

Bottom Line

This is a simple, but very effective holster, attractive in both form and function. It is affordable, yet long-lasting and customers can fully rely on the prompt and favorable customer service.

4. Best IWB Holster for M&P Shield: Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

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This IWB holster made of .08" Kydex, is made for the S&W M&P Shield M2.0 9/40 with Red or Green Integrated Crimson Trace Laser ONLY. It is meant to cover the whole gun, with or without a built-in laser, but wouldn’t fully adjust to an aftermarket addition.

It comes in black or carbon fiber colors and because it is custom and hand-made in the USA, you don’t need to doubt its compactness and assurance that it will do its job. The trigger and thumb safety are well-constructed and ensure full concealment and protection.

Regarding the retention mechanism, you don’t need anything but a Phillips screwdriver, that each customer is provided with in their purchase.


  • Very Light, Yet Thick (Weighs Only 2.5 oz.)
  • Adjustable Carry Angle from 0 - 15 Degrees
  • Positive and Very Secure Audible Retention Click
  • Versatile Body-Positioning (on the Appendix, Hip, Cross Draw, Palm-In Back)


  • Not Fully Comfortable
  • One Retention Screw (Which May Allow the Gun to Slide Out Easier)

Bottom Line

Since comfort usually is a biased, individual sense of self, we consider the pistol to fit this holster like a glove and will assure you of an effective daily carry. Concealment Express offers a lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee for this product, which should be a reliable and trustworthy factor in itself. We fully recommend it.

5. Best Concealed Carry Holster for M&P Shield: Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster For S&W M&P Shield

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This IWB holster fits over 100 similar sized concealed carry handguns, among which the upgraded M&P Shield, Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 32, 33, Springfield XD & XDS, and many more. It is handmade from genuine USA thick bull hide leather, comes in six colors, and its stainless steel clip does not require adjustments when moving agilely and without the worry of the gun slipping or sliding out.

The leather molds to the firearm quickly and is superbly stitched together. Its lifetime guarantee speaks to the confidence and reputation this company has for producing high-class holsters. This high-quality leather holster stretches over time, fitting the gun perfectly and providing exceptional comfort.


  • Rugged Belt Clip Made of Steel
  • Highly Comfortable in Any Bodily Position
  • Outstanding Quality Leather and Stitching
  • No Accidental Discharges (the Trigger is Well Covered)


  • Cannot Wear it with a Tucked Shirt
  • Difficult Reholstering if Leather Reverts to its Initial Shape

Bottom Line

The versatility of use and comfort of this holster fully matches its current price. We highly recommend purchasing from this company, as it has proven itself to be a trustworthy and reliable provider.

This product has a lifetime warranty and provides an amicable and highly available customer service department for any questions or concerns.


On this topic, we gladly presented to you our scrupulous research on the most meritable holsters on the market for the impressive S&W M&P Shield.

A reliable holster is important as it could help save your life. A great holster doesn’t hinder your safety, gives peace of mind, and allows you to feel confident in your actions. 

We are sure that according to these insights and factual information, you will make the best choice for yourself based on your own use and needs in a holster. 

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