Best Remington 700 Barrels of 2022 – Top Picks Reviewed

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August 24, 2023

The Remington 700 is an impeccable hunting and sniping rifle. There’s no doubt the rifle is used widely across the world by shooters.

However, the OEM Remington 700 can be made more effective by making some minor upgrades. One such upgrade is the barrel. Here, we will learn about why this part is an important and game-changing upgrade to the Remington 700.

We will also review an amazing and highly effective barrel replacement for the rifle, to help you with making an upgrade.

Quick Take: Best Remington 700 Barrel

  • Offers Good Value for Money
  • Ideal for Hunting and Competitions
  • Heavy Profile and Long Lasting Construction
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Benefits of Investing in a Great Barrel

The very basic and important benefit of investing in a good barrel is accuracy, the feature a rifle is designed for. This is the most basic factor to affect the accuracy of your rifle. Having a longer barrel with a good twist rate ensures your rifle stays more accurate over long distances.

Additionally, it allows you to use a wide range of ammunition pertaining to its range and quality. Another benefit of investing in a great barrel is longevity and maneuverability. A properly fluted barrel, made from composite materials lessens the weight and promotes cooling for quicker follow-up shots.

Plus, fluting promotes a reduction in weight which helps with maneuverability and reduction of fatigue. Barrels with a chrome-lining are known to have a longer service life than normal types.

Upgrading your barrel will depend upon your intended use of the rifle. If you are developing your rifle for long range hunting or a precision shooting competition, you might want to use a long barrel with a tight twist rate. Either way, investing in a reliable product will improve your accuracy, especially when compared to the OEM barrel.

How to Choose a Remington 700 Barrel

Here are some of the factors one should consider before buying a barrel for Remington 700.

Material and Lining

A barrel should be made from a durable material, like chrome moly steel or reinforced composites, to have a longer service life. Some also feature an inner chrome-lining which also improves their service life by preventing erosion. A good barrel will serve you accurately up to 6000 rounds or so.

Twist Rate

It refers to the number of rotations a bullet takes when it travels a certain number of inches. For example, a bullet with 1:9 twist rate will travel nine inches for completing one rotation in the barrel. Twist rates between 1:8 and 1:10 are ideal for heavy subsonic rounds, whereas twist rates less than 1:7 help with stabilization of supersonic bullets over a long range.


Nowadays, different types of rifling techniques are available on the market. Which include 5R and button rifling. The more advanced the rifling is, the better a barrel will perform.


The profile of a barrel simply means the amount of mass it has. Barrels with heavier profiles tend to heat less, which in turn, means they tend to expand less. Heavy profile models can be used for firing rounds in quick succession with accuracy. On the other hand, barrels with a slimmer profile are good for single shots, meanwhile being lightweight.

Review of the Best Remington 700 Barrel

Based upon the above-mentioned features, we have come up with an amazing replacement barrel for your Remington 700. This will help you with improving the accuracy of your rifle, meanwhile being cost effective.

Best Overall:
 Shilen - Remington 700 Factory Contour Pre-Threaded Barrel


  • Fair Pricing
  • Looks Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Long Length for Accurate Shooting Over Long-Range
  • Strong and Durable Chrome Moly Steel Construction
  • 1:9 Twist Rate for Shooting Heavy Rounds Accurately


  • Bulky Design Adds Weight to the Rifle

This barrel has been designed by Shilen for Brownells. It has been made from chrome-moly steel which is quite durable and looks aesthetically pleasing. This product measures 26 inches in length, which means it can be used to taking long-range shots with precision.

Shilen barrels are widely praised around the world for their impeccable quality and design. This match-grade, short-chambered barrel has been cut to precise measurements, so it easily drops into the receiver, without the need for any rigorous modifications by a gunsmith.

The muzzle of the barrel has been cut at 90 degrees and the bore is ready for crowning. It features a 1:9 twist rate, which allows you to use heavy subsonic ammunition (approximately 100-grain) accurately over a long range.

This product weighs just 4.56lbs, due to its heavy profile. It is good for rugged use and stringent firing sessions where your Remington 700 burns a lot of rounds. The barrel is threaded at the muzzle end, which allows you to mount any muzzle devices.

Bottom Line

The Shilen barrel is a heavy profile item which can be used for long-range precision shooting and varminting. The twist rate of the barrel lets you shoot heavier ammunition with precision. It is ideal for hunting and competitions.


The Remington 700 is an exceptionally precise rifle and combining it with a good barrel greatly improves its accuracy. A barrel is basically responsible for the overall accuracy of a rifle since its dimensions affect the ballistics and speed of a projectile.

A good barrel must be durable, have an optimal twist rate with good rifling, and have a good profile. However, all these dimensions are subjective to the needs of every individual user.  

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