2019 Buyer’s Guide: The Best Bottom Metals for the Remington 700

As people continue to customize weapons, aftermarket accessories strive to offer individuality and control to every weapon. One of these weapons, the Remington 700, has become a favored choice among shooters and their desire to exchange and upgrade parts.

If you choose to customize your Remington 700 with a new chassis system, you may receive a detachable magazine system. If a traditional stock or modern fiberglass variant is preferred, then you will likely need an aftermarket bottom metal system too.

Remington 700 Bottom Metals Comparison Chart



  • Self-Lubricating Finish Prevents Scratches
  • Holds On Securely for Rugged Use
  • Multi Caliber to Offer Versatility
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  • Durable Construction for Long-Term Use
  • No Fitting Required for Easy Installation
  • High Quality Construction and Finish
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  • Rust Proof Polymer Body for Longevity
  • Large Trigger Guard for Use WIth Gloves
  • Low Profile for Comfortable Handling
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Sunny Hill - Rem 700 S/A Bottom Metal

  • All Steel Direct Replacement Design for Remington 700
  • Hinged Floorplate Design With Reliable Push Button Release
  • Package Includes Mounting Instructions and Hardware
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Benefits of Upgrading Your Bottom Metal

For many people, one of the most decisive factors in choosing a bottom metal is selecting one that’s compatible with proven Accuracy International (AICS) magazines, which is currently the industry standard. There are other Detachable Bottom Metal (DBM) manufacturers offering their proprietary and cheaper options, but you may encounter problems when trying to find spare magazines.

Detachable magazine systems provide reliable operations and feeding, matched by a convenient and safer method of removing cartridges from the rifle. As a result, they’ve been growing in popularity among gun enthusiasts.   

Aspects to Consider When Installing a Bottom Metal

Aesthetically speaking,choosing a more traditional, flush mounted magazine port may alter the smooth the lines of the rifle when using 5, 10, or even 20-round magazines. Following the overall external impression, it’s important to decide what kind of finish you will choose.

Additionally, it’s also critical as to whether you want steel, aluminum or synthetics. Another thing to notice is the maximum Overall Length (COAL) of the cartridge that can fit in a detachable magazine.

When choosing a bottom metal for your Remington 700, you should be aware that these systems often require machine work to the stock and should only be performed by professional gunsmiths. Also, you may have to widen your feed ramp if you're shooting flat nose bullets; pointed bullets feed fine.

Another implication to be aware of with most bottom metals is that they require some inletting to fit a Remington 700 stock. This modification can considerably reduce the resale value of your stock because an unmodified stock fetches a better price.

Moreover, seasoned shooters often appreciate bottom metals with a zero tolerance fit, unscrupulous seating, and feeding, since the cartridge delivery is an essential part to the process.

While everyone's hunting and shooting styles are different, with pre-loaded removable magazines, quick loading and unloading is now on your side.

Quick Take - The Best Remington 700 Bottom Metals

Review of the Best Bottom Metals for the Remington 700

When considering Remington 700 detachable magazine assemblies, bolt-action rifle bottom metal and detachable magazines always come up together. So we selected a few DBM compatible for the Remington 700 floorplate. Let’s take a look at some of our top picks.


  • Smooth, effortless cartridge feeding
  • Trigger guard and magazines are stainless steel
  • Adds all the convenience of drop-free, box magazine
  • Locking springs on the bottom of both sides of the floor plate


  • Considerably pricey
  • times-circle
    The magazine may drop out with recoil

HS Precision Detachable magazine assembly is a bit on the pricier side, but is CNC machined from durable stainless steel and comes with one H-S proprietary magazine. The proprietary mag is also constructed from stainless steel and is finished with matte black Teflon coating.

H-S Precision Magazines have the bottom surrounded by an extremely durable polymer boot, making it easier to install and remove the magazine box, even with gloves.

Gen II magazines are not interchangeable with other brands. Their capacity is seven rounds in the standard version, and three rounds with most long action magnum chamberings. The long internal length of H-S boxes contributes to their versatility since they can accept cartridges from 2.86" COAL up to 3.7" COAL, depending on your Remington 700 action length.

With this, they feature a center-feed design, utilizing a stainless steel follower with a large spring to ensure rounds stack properly. As an improvement, this updated version holds the magazine box securely in place without the rubber O-ring, utilizing positive locking springs on the bottom of both sides of the floor plate.

The H-S Precision Detachable magazine bottom metals may fit most Remington 700 BDL stocks with little to no inletting required. In most cases, all you need to do is inlet a small amount above the latch housing to fit it well.

Bottom Line

As a vast improvement, H-S assembly is designed to offer a plug and play setup from your Remington 700 BDL internal box system, over to a detachable magazine box feeding system without altering the stock.


  • Beautifully CNC machinery
  • Uses factory action screws (not included)
  • Replaces the factory aluminum trigger guard with a steel one
  • Designed to work best with factory Remington trigger assemblies
  • Available in Tactical heavy profile, traditional profile, and the heavy duty Oberndorf configurations


  • Considerably heavy than the stock stuff
  • times-circle
    Smaller than the Remington factory aluminum unit

Williams Firearms CO. INC. steel floor plate assemblies for the Remington 700 are known for their excellent craftsmanship and reasonable price tags. Williams produces one-piece steel bottom metals that provide your rifle with a look of pure class.

The Williams Firearms bottom metal assembly is not a direct drop in for every stock though. While this bottom metal has about .100" longer floorplate than does Remington, it will drop into H-S Precision stocks with little or no fitting. Other stocks may need a slight trimming and inletting to clear the floor plate door and allow Williams’ model to sit flush on the frame and function properly.

Furthermore, Williams’ steel assembly provides less side-to-side tolerance on the bottom metal. Also, it’s hinged floorplate holds securely and opens easily with push-button mechanics. As a bonus, Williams’ replacement floor plate uses factory screws, factory BDL box, original magazine spring, and follower.

Bottom Line

Unlike factory black, painted aluminum parts, and some other counterparts that offer "bulky" appearances around the trigger finger guard, Williams grants a much better fit and overall finish.  It’s nicely polished and rounded appropriately, giving it a professional, top of the line look and feel.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Available for long and short Remington 700 actions
  • Replaces the factory original bottom metal with a steel one
  • Sako style release functions better, and it will not get snagged on equipment or environment


  • Inletting may be required
  • times-circle
    The parts can be a little rough and take some time to finish and polish

Sunny Hill Enterprises is a renowned provider of trigger guard assemblies and gun components for the custom rifle market. Compared to other bottom metals, the Sunny Hill unit is the most unique looking and reasonably priced among other steel replacements for the Remington 700 diecast bottom metal.

As a direct, drop-in replacement for Remington 700 rifles, Sunny Hill bottom metals request little to no inletting and includes precision shim washers for final fitting. Unless you plan to install a magazine fed bottom metal, Sunny Hill is a perfect choice for hinged floor plates, making great "BDL" style bottom metals.

Often called "The Bottom Metal People", Sunny Hill bottom metals are available in a matte blue or matte stainless finish enabling it to blend in perfectly with other components of your gun.

On their hinged floorplate design, Sunny Hill’s placed a reliable push-button floorplate release on the outside of the guard. This solution reassembles a Sako style release that performs better than the original design.

Bottom Line

The Sunny Hill bottom metal is slightly thicker than the factory one increasing in some way a tension on the spring in the magazine that might allow for the more positive feeding.


  • Affordable price
  • Polymer trigger guard and magazine construction
  • Straightforward installation with Hunter 700 stock
  • Adds detachable box magazine capability to your rifle
  • Works with Magpul PMAG AC short-action magazines (one included)


  • Gunsmithing may be required for optimal fit and functionality
  • times-circle
    The design of the trigger guard make issues with a flat/straight triggers

In the modern age of customizing weapons, synthetic parts are becoming a norm among gun enthusiasts. Magpul Industries, well-known for their AR lines, has stirred up the precision rifle market with the introduction of an entry-level line of Hunter 700 stocks for Remington 700-pattern rifles.

To complement this favorable stock, Magpul has recently released a compatible Bolt Action Magazine well that adds a detachable box magazine (DBM) for the Model 700. The Magpul polymer magwell is designed to work with the Hunter 700 stock as a simple drop in the unit without the need for custom inletting.

The whole process is reduced to removing your existing OEM bottom metal and merely inserting a reinforced polymer trigger guard along with a magazine well.

The Magpul magazine well is also compatible with AICS short action magazines. This kit includes a single 5 round Magpul PMAG 5 and is also available in a 10-round AICS magazine. While the PMAG magazines release easily, but may not drop free, AI AW 10-round double-stack magazines offer a better, tighter fit that do drop free.

The Magpul magazine well bottom “metal”, features an aesthetically pleasing appearance with no sharp edges. But, due to the slightly different trigger guard shape, some triggers may not function without modification.

Bottom Line

The entire Magpul magazine-well conversion boasts reinforced polymer construction to outlive its user. There’s no doubt that this plastic will add comfort and durability to your weapon.


  • Very Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Improved Accuracy in a Range of Applications
  • Made Entirely of 100% Certified High-Quality Steel
  • Gorgeous Finish and Aesthetic Design Complement a Range of Weapon Setups
  • Incredibly Easy to Install and Operate, With Detailed Instructions for First-Time Set-Up


  • Commands a Higher Price in Exchange for its Performance and Design

Sunny Hill has a reputation for being a leader in producing many gun parts, from trigger guard assemblies to custom rifle components. As they hand-make their parts using only the best materials, they’ve earned a great reputation, and their bottom metals are no exception. While they are not the cheapest on the market, considering the importance of a bottom metal in feeding each round, quality matters for this integral part of your weapon, and Sunny Hill knows this.

The Sunny Hill 700 Short Action Bottom Metal is a replacement that provides exceptional ease of installation and blends beautifully with other metal parts on your gun. But aesthetics aren’t the only benefit, as you’ll be receiving incredible durability. With all-steel construction available in a matte blue finish or a matte stainless finish, you can enjoy long-lasting performance that’s a pleasure to look at, with no budget components or weaker metal influencing the life of the product.

As it is a direct, drop-in replacement, you will have little or no required inletting. A hinged floorplate design offers a very simple push-button release on the outside of its bow. As easy to install as it is to use, the Sunny Hill bottom ships with detailed instructions. You’ll also receive precision shim washers for an accurate fit, ensuring absolute security.

If you want improved shooting accuracy, easy operation, and a design that complements any setup, this is a luxurious option that performs very well.

Bottom Line:

A premium brand and premium design create a bottom metal that will seriously improve the performance and life of your weapon and is well worth the investment.


  • Improved Receiver Stabilization
  • Incredible Reliability and Smoothness All-Around
  • Corrosion and Abrasion-Resistant, Non-Glare Finish
  • Conforms to a Wide Range of Military Specifications
  • Oversize Trigger Guard With Easy Fit and Repeatability


  • Might be Excessive for Some Users

The D. D. Ross Remington 700 M40A3 Bottom Metal packs a robust set of features into its solid design, ensuring you’ll love using your purchase again and again in action. Starting with a rigid, all-steel trigger guard that utilizes a hinged floor plate for short action, which is machined out of a single billet or pre-hardened steel, quality is immediately apparent. These specifications are adhered to in order to meet military tolerances on reliability, smoothness, and toughness. The military doesn’t mess around and neither should you.

Meanwhile, a wide, oversized trigger guard bow helps to protect the trigger show, providing you with exceptional comfort and added guidance for tactical gloves. This is the sort of innovation that’s difficult to describe but is easily understood once you hold it in your hands. Likewise, a smooth floorplate hinge allows for lightning-fast unloading, while a recessed latch helps prevent accidental opening.

You’ll also get thick rear and front tangs for improved stabilization of the receiver, which allows a recessed fit of the included socket head action screws. The sides of the large trigger guard have been machined at an angle for easy fit and repeatability. Indeed, D. D. Ross has truly taken a look at every aspect of how a bottom metal can be improved and have outdone themselves.

Lastly, the finish is a glare-proof phosphate, which also resists corrosion and abrasion. These are up to military specification, for top-of-the-line discretion and durability.

Bottom Line 

For gun owners with a healthy budget and a desire for premium features and performance, this bottom metal leads the pack.


  • Great, Simple Aesthetics
  • Great Value and Features for the Price
  • Push-Button Trigger Guard Release is Secure and Opens Easily
  • Higher Precision Than Other Value-Oriented Brands or OEM Parts
  • Very Easy Installation With No Tools Required and Little to No Inletting Necessary


  • Not as Luxurious as Pricier Brands

Williams Firearms produces very practical parts for discerning gun owners, and the 700 short-action bottom metal is no exception to this philosophy. While it is not flashy in appearance, it offers a forged steel bottom metal machined from a single piece and certainly stands out from basic painted-aluminum parts.

A two-degree, tapered draft on both sides will allow easier inletting and a much more precise fit than many brands. You’ll receive a push-button, trigger guard release which holds very securely and opens with ease. All of these features are standard on premium brands, but Williams Firearms offers them at a highly competitive price point for the masses.

You won’t sacrifice ease of use, either. All Williams Firearms bottom metals are very easy to install, with no tools required, and it also requires little to no inletting on a standard Remington 700 stock. Once installed, you’ll be ready to go and will soon enjoy an exceptional magazine spring and follower hold, on par with a custom component. Users who’ve been battling Remy OEM issues such as popping the latch and accidentally dumping rounds will find these issues and many more resolved immediately upon installation. A great fit for long-range precision shooters or anyone looking to make huge improvements to their existing bottom metal without breaking the bank.

Bottom Line

Gun owners who’d like to upgrade their bottom metal but are on a budget won’t find any unique or novel features here, but they will find an excellent balance of quality and features with Williams Firearms.


  • Compatible With Most After-Market Actions
  • Offered in Short Action and Long Action Versions
  • Compatible With Any AICS-Type Magazine Corresponding to the Action Length
  • Features a Glove-Friendly Trigger Guard and a Tactical-Style Magazine Release


  • Will Require Some Inletting to Work With Most Stocks

Accurate Mag offers both short and long action bottom metals for the Remington 700. Both are designed to meet the military specifications of the closely related M24 and M40 sniper rifles. In either size, the bottom metal is compatible with actions from a variety of after-market manufacturers. Depending on which stock you are using, some inletting work may need to be done.

It comes with a large, glove-friendly trigger guard. It also includes pillars, screws, and one small-capacity magazine. The main body of the bottom metal is composed of anodized aluminum, which is lightweight but still nearly as strong as steel. A Teflon-coated steel magazine is included with this model, in .308 for the short action version, or .300 Winchester Magnum for the long action. However, the bottom metal can be used with any AICS (Accuracy International Chassis Systems) pattern magazine in the corresponding short or long action configuration. The magazine release is of a tactical-style to allow for quick reloads.

Bottom Line

This is a great product to allow you to use detachable box magazines with your Remington 700 rifle, as long as you are not shy of inletting your stock to let it fit. The top feature of this bottom metal is the compatibility. The fact that it works with various actions and AICS-type magazines is a great asset.


There are a variety of options to choose from when selecting a new bottom metal for your Remington 700. When it comes to the cosmetics of these upgraded parts, they are very pleasing to eye and a great touch to the overall appearance of your gun.

As for the functionally, most are the same. But in the end, customizing your Remington 700 can add immense personal value to the complete package of your gun. We hope this review has been helpful in narrowing down a new bottom meal and hope you return with a comment about your experience from using a model listed above. 

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