2018 Overview of the Best Recoil Pads for the Remington 700

The Remington 700 is a powerful rifle and is heartily loved by hunters and precision shooters. Shooting the Rem 700 (or any other rifle) for extended periods of time might bruise your shoulder. Plus, added recoil can complicate matters when taking long range shots.

The solution to this problem is incorporating a new recoil pads. These pads are widely used on rifles, especially hunting rifles such as the Remington 700.

Here, we’ll be talking about the use of recoil pads and why they’re beneficial when shooting. We’ll also be discussing reviews for the best recoil pads for your Remington 700, thus helping you choose a new one when the time comes.

Remington 700 Recoil Pads Comparison Chart


Our Rating


Remington 700 SuperCell Recoil Pad Synthetic

Limbsaver Airtech Recoil Pad

Beartooth 2.0 Slip On Recoil Pad

Recoil Eraser Slip On Recoil Pad Gel Filled

Limbsaver Classic Precision Fit Recoil Pad For Synthetic Stocks

What Are Recoil Pads?

A recoil pad can be a piece of polymer, rubber, gel filled nylon, or any other soft material attached or worn around the buttstock of a rifle to reduce the impact from recoil. The soft part stays pressed against the point of contact between the buttstock and the shooter.

The purpose of recoil pads is to reduce the amount of recoil and provide comfort while shooting. Recoil pads are known to reduce the recoil of the rifle as much as 70%. Additionally, they prevent the buttstock from slipping against the shoulder, as with metal or synthetic buttstock plates.

Are Recoil Pads Needed?

To be very clear, having a thick recoil pad is dependent upon your personal preference. The Remington 700 is a powerful rifle and has a fair amount of recoil. Whether you’re a benchrest shooter, or a hunter stalking your game, having a recoil pad surely helps.

A good recoil pad ensures that the recoil after firing a round is reduced. This in turn, helps reduce the pain that may follow the kickback from pulling the trigger. Prolonged use of rifles, indoors or outdoors, can result in bruising and problems such as hairline fractures.

Another benefit of using a recoil pad is that it allows you to adjust the magnitude of the length of pull from your rifle. While a recoil pad may not prevent these cases 100%, having one can act as preventive measures.

On the contrary, a recoil pad can come with some disadvantages too. Wearable recoil pads squish upon firing (if the length of pull is not compensated properly) which can result in the scope kicking back into your face if the rifle is not held securely. Additionally, thicker recoil pads may make your gun too long.

Quick Take: Best Recoil Pads for the Remington 700

These are recommendations for the best recoil pads for the remington 700:

  1. Remington 700 SuperCell Recoil Pad Synthetic
  2. Limbsaver Airtech Recoil Pad
  3. Beartooth 2.0 Slip On Recoil Pad

Reviews of the Best Recoil Pads for the Remington 700

A good recoil pad must be durable, lightweight, easy to install, reduce recoil, and should be comfortable to use. Based upon these qualities, the best recoil pads for the Remington 700 have been listed and reviewed here. So let’s take a look.

  1. Remington 700 SuperCell Recoil Pad Synthetic

This supercell recoil pad is a drop-in model that needs to be screwed over the buttplate of your Remington 700. This pad has been manufactured by Remington and delivers a 54% reduction in recoil felt, as compared to the factory pad.

This pad helps prevent flinching for accurate follow up shots too. It’s lightweight, has a quality polymer construction, and fits both wood and synthetic stocks. Just attach the pad and tighten the mounting screws. The lightweight design also doesn’t affect the balance of your rifle. The only drawback is that this pad isn’t compatible with the newer Rem 700 models like the 700 BDL


  • Lightweight quality construction
  • Prevents flinching
  • Doesn’t affect the balance of the rifle
  • Easy to install


  • Doesn’t fit newer models
  • Dull aesthetics

2. Limbsaver Airtech Recoil Pad

The Limbsaver Airtech recoil pad features an innovative design that features atmospheric chambers to provide uniform energy dissipation. This allows the Airtech recoil pad to absorb almost 70% of the recoil of your Remington 700.

The pad features a slip on design which is not very squishy, thus preventing muzzle flinching. This model needs two screws to attach it to the buttplate of your rifle. The Airtech recoil pad has a high quality construction and is durable enough to be used in harsh conditions, making it perfect for hunting trips.


  • Lightweight
  • Prevents muzzle flinching
  • 70% felt recoil reduction


  • Doesn’t fit all models
  • Might require customization to fit properly

3. Beartooth 2.0 Slip On Recoil Pad

The Beartooth slip on recoil pad is the best value for your money. This recoil pad features stretchy slip-on neoprene sleeves which allows it to fit on nearly all gunstocks, whether it be rifles or shotguns. With this, the rubber backing keeps the sleeves in place.

The Beartooth recoil pad also allows you to adjust the length of pull with ease. An angled opening in the pad allows for quick swivel stud access. The rubber padding at the base is quite comfortable and will protect your shoulder from stress and injuries.

The neoprene body has reinforced thread seams which ensures that the recoil pad will last long. The package also includes four sizes of pads for increased versatility. Overall, it reduces recoil by almost 40% and prevents muzzle flinching.


  • Stretchy design can accommodate different stocks
  • 4 sizes of inserts
  • Heavy duty Neoprene construction lasts long
  • Angled opening for easy swivel stud access


  • Takes some effort to clean

4. Recoil Eraser Slip On Recoil Pad Gel Filled

The Recoil Eraser recoil pad features a slip on design and fits almost all types of rifle and shotgun stocks. It fits snug with the Remington 700 and contains a gel pad within its base to reduce recoil by nearly 70%.

The easy installation slip-on model does not affect the sheen of your stock and is easily interchangeable among a variety of stocks. The butt end of the pad has been made from a high surface tension material to prevent slipping while you shoot. Gel filled recoil pads are very comfortable and easy to install. This recoil pad is lightweight and can easily fit in your pocket when it’s not in use.


  • Absorbs 70% Recoil
  • Fits most stocks
  • Gel filled comfortable design
  • Doesn’t slip while shooting


  • Might require adjustment with some models
  • Prone to wear and tear

5. Limbsaver Classic Precision Fit Recoil Pad For Synthetic Stocks

The classic Precision fit model of this Limbsaver recoil pad fits all Remington 700 synthetic stocks. The pad reduces recoil by 70% and improves accuracy and stability. The anti-muzzle, jump technology allows faster target acquisition too.

The recoil pad is made from durable NAVCOM material and provides a slip resistant surface, making this recoil pad ideal during harsh weather conditions. It also has a screw hole slot (screws included) to tighten to the buttstock. However, the screws might be longer for some stocks.


  • Quality construction
  • Reduces 70% of recoil
  • Wear resistant
  • Fits most stocks


  • Requires fitting


A recoil pad is useful in dampening the recoil of your Remington 700, as well as protecting your shoulder from any injuries. Recoil pads are especially useful for hunters and those shooting over longer durations. Slip-on pads are easier to use compared to those they require screws.

Overall, a good recoil pad must absorb recoil, prevent muzzle flinching, be lightweight, and resistant to harsh weather conditions. We hope this review has be helpful in highlighting some new recoil pads for your Remington 700 and sets you on the right path to a comfortable shot.

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