[2019] Buyer’s Guide: The Best Magazine Extensions for Remington 870

The Remington 870 is a great weapon for home defense, tactical use, and hunting. But its limited ammo capacity can be an annoyance for owners looking for more than the standard 5 shots. Luckily, the barrel of the Remington 870 attaches around the magazine tube, allowing for the possibility of extending the tube further to fit more shells.

An easy fix is to use one of the magazine extensions available to extend the capacity of the gun. Depending on your Remington 870 model, installing the magazine extension may require some effort. To assist with this, we’ll help you select the right parts and guide you through the installation process, which can get a bit tricky.

Remington 870 Magazine Extension Comparison Chart


Scattergun Technology - Remington 870/1100/11-87

  • Loop Models Accept Direct Attachment of Tactical Style Slings
  • QD Stud Models Include Swivel Studs Below Magtube
  • All the Models have been Specially Designed for 12-Gauge
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Scattergun Technology - Remington 870/1100/11-87 (2 shot)

  • Magazine spring is extra strong for absolute reliability in feeding
  • Follower is brightly colored for visual referencing of an empty tube
  • Works with three models of Remington shotguns, the 870, 1100 and 11-87
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Choate - Remington870

  • Increases Capacity by 3 or 4 Rounds Depending Upon Model
  • Specially Designed for 20-Gauge Rem 870 Models
  • Provides a Convenient Front Mounting Point for Carry Strap or Sling
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Remington Model 870 Magazine Extension Kit Up

  • Comes in your choice of blued or parkerized steel tube bodies
  • Can be used with the follower from your existing magazine tube
  • Includes everything necessary to raise your capacity by two or three
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Lancer Remington 870 Magazine Extension

  • Includes a strong magazine spring that you can cut to length
  • Comes in seven different lengths from plus-two to plus-eight rounds
  • Tough, light, and futuristic design combining aluminum and carbon fiber
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Carlson's Choke Tubes Magazine Extension 8- Shot Remington 870

  • Available in a total capacity of seven, eight, or ten
  • Follower is orange, letting you see when your mag is empty
  • Comes with all components needed to increase your shotgun's firepower
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Choate - Remington 870/1100/11-87 MATTE

  • Quick Easy and Simple to Install and Remove
  • Sling Swivel Clamp Secures the Extension to the Barrel
  • Provides a Convenient Front Mounting Point for Carry Strap or Sling
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Tacstar Remington 870/1100/11-87

  • Extends the Magazine Capacity by 3 Rounds
  • Package Includes all the Components Required for Installation
  • A Must Have Add-on for Home Defense Shotgun
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What Is a Shotgun Magazine Extension?

Unlike rifles and handguns, most shotguns don’t have magazines that you can attach to them for loading shells into the chamber. They usually require the user to load the shells into the chamber by hand instead.

However, some shotguns can have magazine extensions, which act like magazines, since they can hold shells in addition to the standard capacity. These extensions are shaped like hollow tubes that replace the regular magazine cap of the shotgun. The extension comes with a kit that adds functionality and allows for the tube to be clamped to the barrel of the gun for a secure grip and great look.

How to Pick a Great Magazine Extension

When selecting the magazine extension for your shotgun, keep in mind the material, durability, design, capacity, and fit of the item onto your shotgun.

The material of the extension will determine the weight and durability of the part. The magazine extension is usually steel or aluminum, but can be plastic as well. You should go for one of the two metal options, as the plastic extensions are not robust enough for heavy use.

The fit of the extension onto your gun also matters. You don’t want to end up with an extension that is too tight to be screwed in all the way, nor one that sticks out awkwardly from under your barrel.

Most magazines for the Remington 870 fall into either of these two categories, single-piece and two-piece. Extensions made from a single solid piece of metal, such as the Tacstar are preferable to stamped pieces, due to the way they fit perfectly to your gun.

Single-piece extensions are easy to install and remove, and don’t need any additional tools. On the other hand, there is a tradeoff for these single piece extensions as the shell rim and magazine follower inside the tube can get stuck at the point where the extension screws into the magazine. The best way to prevent this is to test the extension with any accessories you plan to use to ensure it works correctly, with no jams.

Two-piece extensions are usually more versatile, and repairing damaged extensions is easier as individual parts can be replaced, instead of replacing the whole extension. They can also be more reliable, if well-designed.  

Quick Take - The Best Remington 870 Magazine Extensions

Reviews of the Best Magazine Extension for Remington 870

Now that we’ve highlighted some of the main considerations that go into choosing a great magazine extension for your Remington 870, let’s take a look at some of the top models that made our list!


  • Looks good
  • Easy to install
  • Tough and durable
  • Works with many guns


  • Heavy duty

Made from machined steel, this magazine extension increases the capacity of a Remington 870, 1100 or 11-87 shotgun by either 1 or 2 shots, depending on the model selected. The threaded collar screws onto the end of the magazine tube and includes a magazine spring and unbreakable nylon follower.

It comes with either a stationary loop or a quick-detach swivel stud to accept slings of different types.

Bottom Line

Buying this extension is a no-brainer if you want a product that will last and is going to fit your shotgun perfectly.


  • Three models of Remington shotguns work with this set, the 870, 1100 and 11-87
  • The magazine spring strength is extra high for the best reliability in feeding and function
  • The follower is brightly colored for easy visual referencing of whether or not your tube is empty


  • Newer tubes may require you to file down a detent for this set to work

This is actually a product from Wilson Combat, the largest and most successful custom firearms company in America. Bill Wilson opened his custom shop in Arkansas in 1977 after being trained as a watchmaker, one of the highest precision fields of machine work out there. The Remington 870 is the most sold shotgun in history, enjoying a large number of military and law enforcement contracts.

As such, it has sparked the development of a huge cottage industry in aftermarket 870 customizations. There are a limitless number of aftermarket components to tweak your 870 just how you like it, but one of the most popular is the magazine tube extension. The addition of a magazine tube extension requires the addition of a suitable spring and follower.

This set from Wilson Combat Scattergun Technology includes an extra-powered spring for greater reliability. The follower is engineered for better feeding and brightly colored for visually referencing an empty tube. This spring and follower set work best with two or three shot extension tubes.

Bottom Line

This set is an excellent option if you need a spring and follower suitable for your two or three shot magazine tube extension. The best features of this set are the strong spring and the easy to see follower.


  • Fairly easy and quick to install
  • Solid and robust extension tube
  • The finish will match the matte finish of a shotgun
  • Spring and follower are much better than the factory ones


  • Doesn’t come with instructions

This easy to attach magazine extension is made from steel with a matte finish. It includes an extended spring, follower and swivel clamp, which secures the extension to the barrel.

With this, the threaded tube replaces the shotgun magazine cap screw to extended the maximum load of the gun. Additionally, a sling swivel clamp is available separately. Models come in 3, 4, 7, and 10-round extension options.

Bottom Line

You can buy this extension with confidence, knowing that it will not only look good, but perform admirably no matter what capacity you select.


  • You can use the follower from your existing magazine tube with this set
  • Available in your choice of parkerized or blued steel magazine tube bodies
  • Comes with everything you need to raise your magazine capacity by two or three rounds


  • Not available in stainless steel

Founded in 1816 in Connecticut, Remington is the nation's oldest firearms manufacturer and the largest maker of long guns. The company enjoys many cherry military and law enforcement contracts. The 870 is one of their most successful products and is, in fact, the best selling shotgun in history.

As such, customization options abound, and how better to improve your 870 than with an aftermarket magazine tube extension kit from Remington itself. Although the firearms industry is largely responsible for standardized manufacturing in general, sometimes components from manufacturers other than the one that made your gun don't work as perfectly as they are supposed to. This Remington magazine tube extension kit not only avoids that problem but also includes everything you need to start packing extra firepower in your 870.

This set comes in three options. You can choose a parkerized steel 3-round extension or a two-round extension in either blued or parkerized steel. Each version comes with a spring, an end cap, a magazine band, and its bolt. You can use the follower from your existing magazine tube.

Bottom Line

It's always nice to use add-ons and accessories from the manufacturer of your firearm so that you can be more confident with the reliability. The top features of this tube extension set are the inclusion of all necessary components and the choice of blued or parkerized.


  • Durable, light, and space-age construction combines aluminum and carbon fiber
  • Available in seven different length options from plus-two rounds to plus-eight rounds
  • Comes with an extra strong magazine spring that you will need to cut to the correct length


  • Not the most affordable option

Lancer is a company from Quakertown, Pennsylvania that specializes in space-age materials for the aerospace industry, and also uses some of these materials to produce high-grade firearms and firearm components.

A good example is this series of magazine tube extensions for the Remington 870, which are made from carbon fiber. Lancer offers seven sizes of these extension tubes, from plus two-rounds to plus eight-rounds. Depending on the specific model of your Remington 870, many of these tubes will extend beyond the muzzle of your shotgun. Don't worry though; simply use an extension clamp, available separately, to secure your extension tube.

These extension tubes come with an extra long strong magazine spring that you can cut to the correct length for your extension size. These extensions only take about five minutes to install and are perfect for three-gun competitions or simply to look cool with a space-age component sticking off the end of your shotgun.

Bottom Line

Lancer is on the cutting edge of military engineering. Checking what they are making is a good way to find out what the future of firearms holds. The best features of this magazine tube extension are the high-end materials and the broad choice of capacity upgrades, from two rounds to eight. The ease of installation is also a great perk.


  • Ships with all the components you need to drastically improve your shotgun's firepower
  • Three versions are available which increase your total capacity to seven, eight, or ten rounds
  • The follower is hunter orange, helping you to visually reference when your magazine is empty


  • Bluing is matte and finish is slightly rough

Carlson's is a Kansas company that specializes in shotgun components. All of their products are covered by a lifetime warranty. These Carlson's magazine tube extensions come with everything you need to increase the firepower of your shotgun.

The set includes a blued steel tube extension, a spring, a high visibility follower and an extension clamp. The follower is bright hunter orange to help you visually reference when your magazine tube is empty. The extension tube is threaded to replace your magazine cap. It simply twists on in a few seconds, giving you an effective increase in magazine capacity. They are available as extensions giving you a total of seven, eight, or ten rounds of 2.75 inches with one round in the chamber.

If you have a newer magazine on your Remington 870, you will need to remove the tab or detent in your magazine, probably by filing it down. Carlson's have designed these mag tube extensions with home defense, competition shooting, and law enforcement applications in mind.

Bottom Line

This is a great option for an easy, cheap, and large increase to your Remington 870's magazine capacity. The top features of this extension set are the choice of capacity increase and the inclusion of every necessary component.


  • Tough
  • Looks good
  • Easy to install
  • Good fit and finish


  • Supplied spring is long

This easy to attach magazine extension is made from steel and comes complete with a matte finish. It includes an extended spring, follower and swivel clamp, which secures the extension to the barrel.

The threaded tube replaces the shotgun magazine cap screw to allow for extra slugs while a sling swivel clamp is available separately. Models come in 2, 3, 4, and 5-round extension options.

Bottom Line

While some users report having to trim the spring down to size, this extension is a solid purchase and will more than get the job done. One of the greatest benefits reported by recent buyers is its ease of use when the time comes for installation.  


  • Tough
  • Looks good
  • Easy to install
  • Good fit and comes with excellent finish


  • The spring can get pinched at the point where the extension meets the magazine

This extension tube comes in a blue steel matte finish and attaches directly to the end of the magazine tube, increasing the capacity by as much as five rounds. It comes with an extended magazine spring, and barrel clamps are available separately.

Bottom Line

This extension is easy to install, but some users may face reliability issues, so test it well with any accessories before buying.

How to Install a Shotgun Magazine Extension

Once you’re selected your magazine extension, its time to install it. Here’s a step-by-step guide for installation:

  1. Remove the barrel nut
  2. Put on the coupler, it doesn’t have to be too tight, just as tight as you can make it with your fingers.
  3. Put the spring in, but be careful at this step. It can get pushed out with force if you aren’t careful.
  4. Take the mag tube extension and screw it in.
  5. Attach the swivel assembly and line it up with the gap.
  6. Insert the screw and tighten it enough to keep it steady.

Some versions come with dremels or dimples that prevent aftermarket modifications such as installing magazine extensions. But there’s a simple workaround for that, which is to simply remove those dimples before doing the steps outlined above. Here’s a step by step guide for removing the dimples:

  1. Remove the spring retainer.
  2. Remove the follower.
  3. Detach the barrel of the shotgun.
  4. Remove the foregrip and the bolt.
  5. Remove the trigger group by pushing out the two pins.
  6. Place a thin flashlight within the tube which holds the shells in order to illuminate dimples.
  7. Next using a carbide burr, drill off the dimples. Be careful at this step, as it requires a steady hand. But stop using the burr when you shorten the dimple.
  8. Next use a grinding stone attachment to grind the dimple even lower.
  9. Finally use a sanding drum to make the tube a smooth as possible.
  10. Replace the trigger group, the foregrip and bolt, reattach the barrel and carry on with the other steps outlined above.


Selecting the right magazine extension for your Remington shotgun boils down to fit, material, and its compatibility with the gun and its accessories. Always test the new extension with the accessories you’ll be using with it to ensure safe operations and no jamming in the future.

When installing the extension on your gun, follow the steps outlined above, but always follow basic safety precautions and take things slow to avoid damaging the extension or the gun. Check out the list of extensions we’ve recommended above for quality parts and a smooth shooting experience with your higher capacity shotgun.

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