The Best Remington 870 Slings: Rated and Reviewed

No tactical shotgun will be complete without some key accessories, and a good sling is one of them. Slings will make the heavy shotgun comfortable to hold, while preventing others from snatching them away from you during a fight. They’re also the easiest way to carry a gun around when you’re out hunting or shooting.

Wondering how to go about buying a sling for your Remington 870? Worry not, we’ll break it down for you and recommend some great slings to get you started.

Comparison Chart for the Best Remington 870 Slings


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Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling

Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling (Black)

Padded Vickers Combat Applications Sling™, Nylon Adjuster And Hardware

Blue Force Gear BLFVCAS-200-OA-BK Vickers 2-Point Padded Combat Sling, Black

Gun Sling 550 Paracord - Rifle or Shotgun - 2 Point - Extra Strong Multi Use

Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling 550 Paracord Rifle or Shotgun, 2 Point, Extra Strong Multi Use, Black Army Green



Types of Slings

Slings come in a variety of types, and the basic difference is the number of attachment points.


This kind of sling attaches at one point on your gun, usually a spot at the back of the trigger, and it passes behind the shooter’s neck and beneath one shoulder. The point of this kind of sling is retention, not support or weight distribution. It’s preferred by US Marines and Army soldiers due to their ease of handling and fact that they do not interfere with shooting.

The downside to this type of sling is the tendency to slide, swing uncomfortably, or drag on the ground. The upside is that the operator can switch quickly to their handgun if their gun runs out of ammo, leaving the sling to hold the gun.


This type of sling attaches to two points on your gun, usually underneath the stock and at the barrel cap. It’s worn across the torso or on the users back.

They are very popular and probably the best choice for your shotgun. Two-point slings provide the perfect balance needed when the gun is hung.


Three point slings are used for special situations and are not easy to handle for the average shooter. They were created to combine the comfort of carrying a two-point sling, with the ease of use offered by a single-point sling.

It consists of a loop of belt that goes around the shooter’s body (draped over one shoulder and under the other) and attaches at two points on the gun. Therefore, the front and rear of the rifle plus the shooter’s body compose the three points of contact.

What to Look For When Buying a New Shotgun Sling

The factors to consider when selecting your sling include the material, construction, padding and attachment options. Let’s take a closer look at these and highlight what each offer in-depth.


Most gun slings are made of leather or nylon, and you should choose an option that appeals to you. Nylon or other weather-resistant materials are durable, lightweight, and suited for tactical situations. Nylon slings are also easier to adjust compared to leather ones, and those that incorporate rubberized materials help prevent slipping.


Many hunters and recreational shooters choose leather gun slings because they have a traditional, decorative look. Some leather gun slings have horsehair, grommets, and other decorative features, making them beautiful accessories for shotguns.


Consider the amount of padding your sling will provide as padded slings are more comfortable for long time wear. However, some shooters may not enjoy the added bulk of padded slings.

Gun Swivels and Studs

Most gun slings come in two standard widths: 1” and 1.25”, which are dependent on the size of the swivel mounts on the weapon. Swivels are small metal loops used to anchor the sling to the gun, allowing the gun some degree of rotation. On the other hand, some swivel studs are screws that secure the sling to the gun.

Quick Take - The Best Remington 870 Slings

Reviews of the Best Remington 870 Slings

Now we’re going to switch gears and review some of the best Remington 870 slings. Let’s review each product’s main features then dive into a handful of pros and cons. 


This adjustable single-point sling is made from heavy-duty, 1¼" nylon webbing and 1" elliptical elastic bungee cord. It’s strong, stretchy enough for weapon maneuvers, and weather resistant.

It includes a strong, quick attach/detach clip that snaps securely to any single-point sling adapter. An elastic sleeve slides over the clip to prevent rattling against your gun too. Adjusting the sling is easy with a heavy duty tri-glide nylon buckle. Also, a nylon “quick ditch” buckle instantly opens the sling if you need to release your weapon quickly.


  • Strong and light
  • Weather resistant
  • Quiet operation for stealth operations
  • Quick release option for tactical situations


  • Top pick, nearly perfect     

Bottom Line

Get this sling if you’re looking for something strong, stealthy and suited for tactical shotguns. Recent buyers rave that this is a great pick and perfect for a variety of shooting styles.

2. Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling

Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling (Black)

This two-point sling fits a large variety of rifles or shotguns, including the Remington 870. It comes with quick release clips and a pull tab to adjust the length of the sling. One of best features to this model is that it’s also made in the USA.

It uses 2 adjustable straps to attach to your quick-disconnect fittings (not supplied), HK lobster claws, or other methods of attachment. There is a big slider that allows fast sling adjustment for transitions.  


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Made in the USA


  • The 2 adjustable straps that attach to your mounting points are rather long
  • The main strap isn't padded, but it is still comfortable enough to use

Bottom Line

While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, this sling is adjustable, functional, and will work with a variety of guns.

3. Padded Vickers Combat Applications Sling™, Nylon Adjuster And Hardware

Blue Force Gear BLFVCAS-200-OA-BK Vickers 2-Point Padded Combat Sling, Black

This 2-point padded sling from Blue Force Gear uses a molded Acetal adjuster, and a tri-glide attachment system. Lengthening and shortening the sling is easy and very quick. It is tough and can handle all kinds of punishment. It is made in the USA and comes in black color.


  • Tough, quick action
  • Easy and quick to adjust
  • Padded for comfort
  • Made in the USA


  • Lacks a quick release clip.

Bottom Line

Go for this sling if you want an effective, tough, and comfortable way to carry your shotgun on your next hunting trip.

4. Gun Sling 550 Paracord 2 Point - Extra Strong Multi Use

Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling 550 Paracord Rifle or Shotgun, 2 Point, Extra Strong Multi Use, Black Army Green

This multipurpose 2-point sling is made from super strong 550 paracord (parachute cord), tough metal buckles, and steel swivels that create a sturdy point of attachment to your weapon. It is adjustable from 33" to 44" in length, can be quickly detached from the gun, and weighs just 4 ounces.


  • Functional
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Adjustable
  • Looks cool
  • Can be used for emergencies as a rope, tourniquet etc.


  • Not suitable for heavy guns as it will be uncomfortable

Bottom Line

Get this sling if you want a unique looking strap that doubles as an emergency rope and you think you’ll need it for those situations.



The Remington 870 sling by Ace Case is a fully padded and fully adjustable nylon sling, that is adjustable from 24" to 44" in length. It fits standard sling swivels, is constructed from heavy duty 2" nylon webbing, and is available in a standard black color. It’s made in USA and the ammo loops hold 10 shells (20, 12, and 10 gauge shells).


  • Holds extra shells for easy access
  • Padded for comfort
  • Made in the USA
  • Works with several guns


  • 12g shells wouldn't fit
  • Poor quality

Bottom Line

While this sling is comfortable and offers the ability to carry extra shells, it does suffer from quality issues.


With so many slings out there, deciding which is the best sling for your needs means taking into consideration your shooting style, what situations your gun will be used in, and how much support you’ll need from the sling. Generally, a two-point sling will work for most users.

Also, take into consideration the material, padding, construction and attachment points for your sling. With these factors in mind, browse through our list of top slings for the Remington 870 above and you’re bound to find something that will satisfy your requirements.

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