Best Charging Handle Upgrades For Your 10/22

The Sturm, Ruger & Company's 10/22 semiautomatic is one of the most popular firearms in the US, presenting an icon in American gun culture. Today this little plinker can be found in almost anyone's collection, and that is for the many reasons. As the most versatile gun on the market, the Ruger 10/22 is easily adaptable for different skill levels, as well as various small-bore competitions.

Although the Ruger 10/22 is not chambered in any service or macho cartridge , the Ruger's rimfire is right up there with the M-16/AR-15 regarding customization. Actually, it is possible to entirely build a 10/22 from the ground up with after-market parts, putting the Ruger near the Stoner`s black gun.

When we talk about improvements, the first thing to know is that usage of a stock 10/22 rifle is just fine. But to be more comfortable with the variety of purposes there is enormous aftermarket availability of parts and accessories. As a result, many seasoned shooters as well as ordinary gun owners swapping the gun parts to customize their firearm to theirs need.

Accordingly, the Ruger 10/22 is the perfect gun for shooters with a do-it-yourself spirit, and one of the most popular ways to customize your 10/22 is the replacement stocks and drop-in triggers. Along with those upgrades, some people complain that the bolt handle is too small. Adding a slightly bigger, extended bolt handle is must, especially for the users with larger hands.

Certainly, the Ruger 10/22's design makes customization fast and easy. Quality aftermarket charging handles either improve the primary function or offer a more user-friendly approach by giving the shooter more space for manipulation. In other words, the replacement charging bolts provide bolt handles or charging assemblies with more surface area to make it easy to grasp for lightning-quick charging, jam clearance or just enabling low mounting of scopes.

Comparison of the Best 1022 Charging Handles


Our Rating


Superior Concepts Charging Handle

Superior Concepts charging rod

Force Productions Charging Handle

force rproductions charging handles

KIDD Bolt Handle Charging Assembly

JWH Custom Oversized Black Handle

JWH Custom CNC Oversized Black Handle .22LR Ruger 10/22 10 22

Quick Take - The Best 10/22 Charging Handle Upgrades

These are our recommendations for the best charging handle upgrades for the 10/22:

  1. Superior Concepts Charging Handle
  2. Force Productions Charging Handle
  3. KIDD Bolt Handle Charging Assembly

The Best Charging Handle Upgrades Reviewed

In this article, we will review a few popular charging handles known to improve the reliability of your gun, whether you plan to build a plinker or a super-accurate tack driver.

When we talk about charging handles, the market generally offers two solutions. The first is simpler and cheaper, meaning that shooter can buy just the oversized handle. The other solution is to purchase a cocking assembly kit, which comes with the extended handle and a guide rod with spring.

Superior Concepts charging rod

Superior Concepts is a manufacturer that thrives on unique products and currently offer bolt handle with the complete assembly. This Company was founded in 2005, and their charging-handle assembly is CNC-machined from 303 stainless steel and assembled. Superior is an American company, based in Donald, Oregon.

The polished guide rod is precision-machined from 1144 stress proof steel to an exacting tolerance of within 0.001" and combined with a high-quality spring to work flawlessly and improved feeding with all ammunition types.

As most versatile shooters know, almost all rimfire mechanisms are based on a straight blowback action where you can add an only limited amount of mass to the breech block/bolt to provide the correct weight and balance for reliable, trouble-free operation.

The engineers from Superior Concepts managed to design a bolt handle assembly that ensures proper lock time for the 22LR caliber that also allows smoother cycling. This extended handle with an oversized round surface supports a positive grip during fast action or clearing.

The Superior Concepts large knob definitely provides a charging handle that people with stocky hands can grasp firmly. The product looks great and feels solid.

The manufacturer claims that assembly comes ready to drop into the 10/22 action with no fitting or gunsmithing. However, this charging handle may require minor fitting to drop into a stock 10/22 receiver.

Force Productions - Ruger 10/22 Charging Handle

force rproductions charging handles

Another cocking assembly design comes from Force Productions, a firearms manufacturer established by Charles Watson in 2007 and located in the Hill Country in central Texas. In the beginning, the Force Production's primary business was non-competition custom products such as parts for the Ruger 10/22, but today the Force`s production is specialized in extreme accuracy 10/22 and Remington 700 action parts.

The Force Production`s charging handle is machined from 303 stainless steel and comes in the package fully assembled with a guide pin and extra power spring. The straightforward and classy-looking charging handle is instantly recognizable by its deep grooves that make it easy to grasp for quick manipulation without fumbling attempts to find the handle.

Unlike the original OEM part, the Force charging handle slides on a hardened carbon steel rod, enabling much smoother. flawless cycling and improved feeding without flexing or bending. Due to the exceptionally strong steel guide pin of, the Force device works more consistently from round to round and is far less finicky about digesting ammo loads.

While many agree that the Force extended charging handle is definitely more comfortable to use than the stock charging, handle there are some negative comments on rough grooves with sharp edges on the handles. Also, some users complain about the stronger spring. It makes it much harder to pull back than the standard Ruger 10/22. This makes it harder for the average 22LR ammo to drive the bolt all the way back.

Overall, the Force Production item is one of the best-looking extended charging handles for the Ruger 10/22.

KIDD Innovative Design - Ruger 10/22 Charging Handle (Ebay)

While you are researching an aftermarket stock for Ruger 10/22, it is almost inevitable that you will come across KIDD Innovative Design from McQuenney, TX. This manufacturer of firearms components became famous in 2000 when they released the most advanced and tunable 10/22 trigger.

KIDD produces reliable and accurate match-grade products for the 10/22 rifle, and its high-quality Bolt Handle Charging Assembly is no exception. The KIDD charging assembly is fully compatible with stock 10/22 parts and is available in many combinations and finishes. The KIDD`s package consists of a handle, guide rod, and three interchangeable tuning springs.

Undoubtedly, the major improvement over the factory equipment is that the KIDD gives a choice of springs, providing the capability to change them to match the load and rifle. Applying an appropriate spring (one for low-velocity ammo, one for standard ammo, and one for high-velocity ammo) helps the shooter minimize issues with failures to eject (FTE) and jams.

The Kidd precision-ground stainless guide rod is made of hardened tool steel that is nitride treated, which gives its surface a 70C Rockwell hardness for very smooth cycling

The extended handle itself adds class since this assembly will provide you with a comfortable bolt handle to grasp. It gives the feeling of an actual charging handle and not an airsoft toy.

KIDD also offers several options of cylindrical cocking handles, including a Z-shape flute, 6 grooves or a smooth one partially wrapped in Viton rubber. These beauties among handles all are finely finished, and all of the Kidd bolt handles are .25" longer than the OEM handle, giving greater clearance for shooters with large scopes or big fingers.

If you are looking at a replacement charging/bolt handle for a 10/22, the Kidd Charging Assembly is a good investment. Other aftermarket extended cocking handles felt like glass compared to the gritty sandpaper feel of the stock charging handle.

JWH Custom CNC Oversized Black Handle .22LR Ruger 10/22 10 22

JWH is another American company, based in Torrance, California. If you really like to customize your customizations, you should check out their laser-etching service - they’ll put just about anything on a new bolt.

This handle is available separately. It seems to be a good addition and works really well, providing smooth, easy action. It’s a bit longer than the OEM handle, so it works well for those looking for a better grip.

The one issue with this piece is that it tends to work its way out. It’s easy to solve with just a bit of Loctite, though.


An upgraded charging handle can help with the ease and comfort of using your Ruger 10/22. There are several great options out there. So when you’re ready to start customizing, take a look and see what will serve you best!

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