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Best Ruger AR-556 Bipods – 2023 Top Picks

A bipod can be a useful accessory for a rifle, especially when the person shooting it is a sniper or hunter. Bipods can mean the difference in certain situations, while being redundant in others.

Here we will learn about the importance of bipods and the applications where they function best. Our discussion will revolve around the Ruger AR-556 and we will review the best bipods on the market for this same weapon.

So keep your eyes pinned and your fingers scrolling.

Comparison Chart of the Best Ruger AR-556 Bipods

  • Easy to Mount and Remove
  • Offers a Fair Mix of Quality and Price
  • Can Be Used for Almost Every Associated Application
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  • Offers the Best Value for Money
  • Posi-lock Wheels to Retain the Length
  • Dual Mounting Adapters for Versatile Options
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  • Great Bipod for the Average Shooter
  • Solid and Functional. Doesn’t Look Cheap
  • Package Includes an Allen Key for Tightening
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  • Very Easy to Maintain and Use
  • Extremely Well-Built and Sturdy Construction
  • Good for More Experienced and Expert Shooters
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  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design
  • Includes Both Cant and Panning Features
  • Cost Effective Option for the Average Shooter
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Are Bipods Practical in Every Situation? 

A bipod is a tactical accessory for a weapon. Bipods were designed to stabilize the weapon when you don’t have an even or practical rest for it. A bipod can be of exceptional value if you are sniping over a long-range or want to rest your rifle evenly on uneven ground with grass and bushes obstructing your aim.

In simple terms, bipods are practical when you have time to position yourself, aim calmly on your target, and shoot. Additionally, bipods can also be of value when you have to quickly convert your ‘shooting spot’ into a ‘shooting position’.

On the other hand, bipods make a weapon bulky on the forend and are not very well-suited for tactical applications like CQB or home defense. That’s why you generally see snipers and machine gunners with bipods and not most soldiers.

Benefits of Adding a Bipod

The first and most basic benefit of adding a bipod is accuracy, especially when you are making long-range shots. Since that’s the part where factors like wind, drop, ballistics, and parallax come into play. Even the slightest wobbling of your hand can cause you to miss.

A bipod acts as a stable shooting platform on uneven surfaces like rocks, logs, and grasslands. Adjustable bipods allow you to stabilize your rifle on uneven ground using the length and cant settings.

Bipods also allow you to perform other tasks like changing magazines, charging the weapon, and making turret adjustments without much movement. This can be a boon when you don’t want your target to slip out of sight.  

Bipods are good for both urban and open country settings to provide you with a stable platform to position your weapon and take accurate shots. A bipod can practically act as a bench rest for you in the most unforgiving terrains for a shooter.

There are bipods on our list with long extendable feet that can allow you to shoot in both standing and prone positions with an appropriate place to rest your weapon.

Review of the Best Ruger AR-556 Bipods

Now that you know the benefits of using a bipod, it can be somewhat hectic and clumsy to find an appropriate one for your Ruger AR-556 in this huge internet market. To save time and effort, we have voluntarily scoured the internet to handpick five of the best Ruger AR-556 bipods on the market. We’ll review them one by one in detail so you can find the best for yourself.

Best Overall:
CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod

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  • Amazing Price
  • Includes Mounting Adapter
  • Includes Ring to Attach Sling
  • Five Position Adjustable Length
  • Quick Attach and Detach Design
  • Durable Aluminum and Steel Construction


  • Doesn’t Pivot or Cant

This tactical rifle bipod from CVLife is an impeccable combination of features and a fair price. The bipod can be attached to your Ruger AR-556 using the simple Picatinny mount on the bottom, for which your rifle needs to have a rail on its base.

The bipod can be further tightened using a tension screw at the base of the bipod. This will ensure your bipod doesn’t rattle or come-off under strenuous movements. The return springs and the leg spring button allow you to adjust the length of this bipod between six and nine inches.

Additionally, the bipod has five positions where the extensions can be held, giving you five different length settings. The bipod comes with the mounting adapter and can be quickly attached or detached from the rifle using existing swivel studs.

The spring return design folds the legs of the bipod silently. The pods have anti-skid and shock-proof rubber foot pads so you can rest your rifle on any surface, no matter its texture. The bipod has been made from a mix of hardened steel and 7075 T6 aluminum. This is the same metal used to manufacture your rifle.

It is a good looking bipod which holds its position, no matter how many rounds you burn through. Considering its price and the amazing set of features and durability, this bipod will suit all your needs.

Bottom Line

The CVLife bipod is an all-purpose bipod for your Ruger AR-556. It is easy to mount and dismount and delivers exceptional quality compared to its price.

Best for the Money:
UTG Tactical OP Bipod, Center Height 6.1"-7.9"


  • Panning Capability
  • Clever Dual-Mounting Adapter
  • Posi-Lock Wheel for Extendable Legs
  • Easy to Install and Comfortable to Use
  • Doesn’t Interfere with Lights and Lasers


  • Pan But Doesn’t Rotate
  • Requires Careful Use as it Might Snap Your Fingers

UTG and Leapers Inc. have been renowned manufacturers of outdoor and tactical gear. This bipod speaks of their quality and perfection in making products. The bipod has been made from high-grade aluminum, with a steel top platform.

The clever dual-mounting mechanism will allow it to be used with Picatinny and swivel stud mounts. The foldable arms feature a robust external spring tension control. The legs of the bipod are fully adjustable and feature a posi-lock wheel mechanism, which stays in place no matter what pressure it is subjected to.

Additionally, the legs of the bipod also have a quick retraction button, so it doesn’t interfere when not needed. The legs of the bipod are foldable for easy carrying and storage.

The best feature of the bipod is its panning feature, which allows you to retain the bipod’s position and pan your aiming point sideways. This is quite a rare feature in bipods, especially available at this price point. The bipod can be used for your Ruger AR-556, as well as other rifles.

The 6.1-7.9-inch length is appropriate for most tactical applications. The bipod mounts allow you to attach slings so you definitely don’t have to worry about carrying your rifle with ease.

Bottom Line

The UTG tactical bipod offers exceptional value for money at its unbelievable price. The posi-click wheels retain their position and the bipod is of sturdy build.

3. XAegis 2 in 1 Bipod 6 Inch to 9 Inch

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  • Strong Springs
  • Spring-Loaded Leg Release
  • Durable Metal Construction
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • Package Includes a Hex Wrench for Installation


  • Doesn’t Swivel Sideways
  • No Instructions for Installation

A sturdy product from XAegis, this bipod is ideal for hunters. The bipod features durable construction, where the pods are made from aluminum and the top adapter from steel. Overall, it is all metal, so you don’t need to worry about its integrity.

The top of the bipod features a rail mount adapter, which is compatible with Picatinny, MLOK, and Keymod rail mounts. To support this adapter, a clamp adjustment thumb screw has been provided at the base of the adapter, which can be tightened according to your needs.

The external springs allow you to flip up the adapter quickly. The bipod can be quickly attached or detached to your rifle by using a swivel stud.

Each of the legs of the bipod is extendable to a maximum length of nine inches. These feet are spring-loaded and can be extended to the maximum length at once. The leg release button can also be used to adjust the length to five specific positions, depending upon your shooting stance.

The manufacturer has taken care of certain minor details such as washers and rubber bands between components, which might not seem to be a big deal, but are definitely useful when the overall performance of the bipod is concerned.  

Bottom Line

The XAegis bipod is a sturdy and reliable addition to your Ruger AR-556 rifle. Its components have been tightly joined together so you don’t have to worry about durability. This product is ideal for hunting and precision shooting.

4. Harris Engineering 1A2-BRM Solid Base 6-9-Inch Bipod


  • Quick Retraction
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Easy to Install and Adjust
  • Minimal to No Maintenance
  • Can Rotate to Right and Left
  • Extremely Sturdy and Durable Construction


  • Requires You to Mount an Adapter on the Ruger AR-556

Harris is a widely appraised and renowned manufacturer of bipods, even to the extent that most militaries use their bipods. The company has come up with this 1A2 bipod, which can be used for a multitude of shooting applications.

It is manufactured in the U.S.A. and features super high-quality construction. This product is extremely sturdy and works well even with heavier calibers like the .308.

It has extendable legs which can be adjusted within a range of 6-9 inches. The legs are adjusted using a posi-lock wheel mechanism, which also ensures that the length stays put.

Rubberized base pads eliminate any sort of slipping and make the bipod ideal for all kinds of shooting surfaces. The spring-loaded legs allow for fast retraction of the bipod when not in use. The bipod works with a sling swivel stud so you might want to buy one if you don’t have already.

Bottom Line

This Harris Bipod depicts impeccable sturdiness and quality, not to mention the ease of installation and adjustability. The bipod is ideal for seasoned shooters who like to have a more branded and reliable bipod.

5. Caldwell AR Bipod Prone

No products found.


  • Easy to Install
  • Lightweight Design
  • No External Springs
  • Includes Both Cant and Pan Mechanism


  • Flimsy Design

The Caldwell AR bipod is a very simple, yet functional, bipod design for your Ruger AR-556 rifle. The bipod is extremely lightweight and attaches quickly to the rail of your rifle. It doesn’t have external springs but rather internal detents for locking the pods in place. The legs can be extended and locked in place using the secure, rotating lock mechanism.

Made entirely from aluminum, this bipod is durable. The bipod has a cant as well as pan mechanism which allows you to adjust your angle of shooting without repositioning your rifle.

Both these features are only collectively found in expensive bipods, so this is another good reason which makes it more desirable. The bipod is available in sitting and prone models, so you can choose either depending upon your needs.

Bottom Line

The Caldwell AR bipod is a good and cost-effective piece of equipment pertaining to its characteristics. It is good for the average shooter and beginners, but it is not really designed to withstand a tough beating.

How to Install/Mount a Ruger AR-556 Bipod

Installing a bipod is fairly easy, if it already has a rail installed. Before you start installing the bipod, make sure the gun is empty and safe to use.

Loosen the adjustment screw on the bipod adapter to separate the space between the rail mounts farther., so you can easily fit it over the rails. Now place the bipod adapter slowly over the rails and tighten the screw all the way down.

Remember, you can mount the bipod in either forward or backward position, depending upon where you want the legs to be when they are folded. Tightening the screw can be done with bare fingers, however, using a screwdriver or hex key is recommended for optimal performance.

If your rifle has a swivel stud, you need to work out the mounting screw on the bottom of the bipod, thus unveiling the mount.

Once you are done installing the bipod, consider checking the feet and extendable positions.

For more detailed information on mounting the bipod, please view this video below.


A bipod is a tactical accessory for your Ruger AR-556 which helps you with accuracy over long-range shots. It also provides you with a stable shooting platform on uneven terrain or with different shooting stances. A good Ruger AR-556 bipod must be durable, have extendable length feet, be easy to install, and have cant and pan capabilities. 

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