Best Ruger LCP Holsters – 2022 Buyer’s Guide

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October 25, 2023

A Ruger LCP holds a special place in the hearts and minds (and more importantly in the holsters) of some of the most discerning and credible concealed carry advocates in the world.

At the heart of this article is a concealed carry firearm and the concealment holsters that put it in the best position to positively affect the outcome of a personal defensive shooting scenario.

The holsters in this review list represent the finest available options for the Ruger LCP and will help bring your skills, confidence, and abilities to the next level to ensure that when it is between you and the bad guys, you have the upper hand.  

This is a comprehensive list of holsters that just make sense for the Ruger LCP, which, incidentally, “just makes sense” for a majority of concealed carriers that need good firepower, but value concealability, reliability, and small size above all else. 

Comparison of the Best Ruger LCP Holsters

  • Best Ruger LCP IWB holster on our list
  • Full-length sweat guard for longer IWB comfort
  • Durable Kydex design and slimmer profile for concealment
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  • IWB holster with a slim profile for better concealment
  • Horsehide leather backing ensures maximum comfort all-day long
  • Modular steel clips and adjustable cant and retention
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  • Best Ruger LCP pocket holster
  • Can be used both as an IWB or a pocket holster
  • Nylon offers comfort and protection for the user and weapon
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  • Ambidextrous pocket holster fits most sub-compact pistols
  • Slick pack cloth on the inside for a no-friction draw
  • Doesn't wiggle inside pocket and offers good value for money
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  • Works with a wide variety of guns, including Ruger LCP
  • Made from lightweight and comfortable nylon fabric
  • Offers exceptional concealment and can be carried with other items
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  • Best Ruger LCP ankle holster
  • Extra calf strap for added stability while strenuous movement
  • Ambidextrous design and universal fit holster works with handguns frames of all sizes
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  • Full-concealment holster with anti-print panel
  • Made from high-grade leather for durability and lasting comfort
  • Can fit in small pockets and offers quick-draw when needed
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Considerations When Buying a New Ruger LCP Holster

You know how to evaluate whether a holster is a bad fit for the Ruger LCP, but what should you look for when buying a great holster for your dedicated concealment firearm?

Will the Gun Have Accessories Attached to the Firearm?

If you will want to have additional magazines, a flashlight, a laser, or other items with the gun, make sure you take them into consideration in your carry rig.

How Often Will You Carry the Firearm in the Way That the Holster is Configured?

Is this a full solution for you? Will you always carry the gun this way in this position? If so, find a holster that is dedicated and highly rated for that purpose/position.

Don’t buy a multi-position holster if you will always want to be carrying in a pocket holster or concealed carry purse, it just doesn’t make sense. Make sure you are dedicating appropriate time for determining how you will use your defensive tools.

Black Jacket Holster IWB Kydex Holster

Does the Holster Offer Enough Versatility in Concealed Carry?

Sometimes you don’t want versatility. Sometimes you just want a holster to do one thing – and very well. But concealed carry full-time can take on a lot of iterations, from differences in wardrobe to differences in movement.

Having a holster that can stay put while exercising and remain completely concealed in a suit or office attire can be an important aspect when shopping for a true solution.

Is the Brand a Proven Entity That Has a History of Producing Top Quality Items?

It’s not that a new company cannot make an excellent product. Rather, you want to “partner” with a company/brand that has done hard work, along with due diligence, and offers premium quality.

Yes, it is true that you may not ever have to use your concealed carry gun (in this case the Ruger LCP), but having a subpar case when you do need to use it, is something you can protect against. It is a paltry sum, to buy the best, and you will not regret it when/if you do have to draw and use your weapon.  

Review of the Best Ruger LCP Holsters

So far we have seen some important factors to consider in choosing a Ruger LCP Holster. Below, we have reviewed some the best holsters for Ruger LCP for you to pick the appropriate one.

Best Ruger LCP IWB Holster:
Black Jacket Holster IWB Kydex Holster

No products found.


  • Retention is solid
  • Excellent durability
  • Super comfortable to wear
  • Fits Ruger LCP pistols perfectly
  • Minimal weight and size
  • Great safety and retention


  • No adjustable cant
  • Some say it doesn’t hold well as expected
  • May not be easy to remove the pistol after use

What Recent Buyers Report

New users say that the holster did a good job of keeping their pistols retained in place without any wiggling or slippage to worry about. They also concluded that the holster was solid in construction and made drawing quick and consistent. One user said that this was the perfect holster for his EDC carry use because it gave him excellent, under-the-radar concealability.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Kydex is a material that is worth the look. While it’s gained a lot of popularity over the last few years, it’s clear to see why. It’s material that is really durable and proven to never change shape or even lose firmness. In fact, this is the kind of material that you need to look for if you intend to use a holster that will be useful for years or even decades down the road.

Lightweight and made of super rigid, smart, vacuum formed Kydex means you get the best characteristics of the rigid style holsters, without the drawback of bulkiness or a huge footprint.

One of the best values in all of IWB holsters in the subcompact size range. This is a truly excellent holster from a company that isn’t as big as some of the bigger producers but certainly understands how to grow and take care of its customers.

This is a great IWB option that gives you the peace of mind that you aren’t going to have safety concerns upon re-holstering but also allows for a fast, smooth draw and a tiny footprint that gives enhanced concealability and wearer comfort.

Who Will Use This Most

This would be the perfect holster for anyone looking for the best in concealability and durability. You will get exactly that if you invest in the Black Jacket. This might even be the last holster you ever purchase for awhile since Kydex has a longevity that is hard to match with some other materials.

Bottom Line

The Black Jacket Holster IWB Kydex Holster is built to last and will certainly blow the doors off of any Ruger LCP holster that is subpar in quality and performance. This could be one of the best of the best in terms of what’s available on the market. Don’t be surprised if it’s a “best overall” choice among concealed carry circles.

You are getting a well thought out design, minimal sizing, and great safety features including full trigger guard coverage; as well as a simple, easy to adjust retention and draw system that makes it a joy to use on the regular (at the range or in a legitimate personal defense scenario).

CrossBreed Holsters RH MiniTuck Concealed Carry Holster for Ruger LCP


  • Excellent retention ability
  • Fits Ruger pistols perfectly
  • Great for hip and kidney carry
  • No-snag drawing and holstering
  • Made from high-quality leather that is super tough


  • It takes a bit to get it situated and placed for daily carry

What Recent Buyers Report

According to most buyers, they said they were quite impressed with the overall quality of this holster. The leather material was proven to be really strong and it was easy on the skin. One user said that he was able to wear this inside the waistband and not once did it trigger a sensitive skin issue. In the end, the holster did a good job retaining LCP pistols and keeping it secure for most users.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What is it about this holster that stands out among the rest of the leather holsters made available for the Ruger LCP? Well, the holster’s leather is less likely to lose its firmness in a short amount of time compared to some of the average holsters on the market. This holster is as comfortable as it can get, even for a leather IWB holster. And with bulge-free concealability as the icing on the cake, this holster will definitely stand out as the go-to option for LCP users.

Great weight distribution and a solid draw every single time means you are getting excellent performance for those in need of a concealment holster but unable to sacrifice rigidity or draw positioning.

This is perfect for all-day wear. The dual belt attachment points mean you will not regret the purchase if you covet reliable draw positioning.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are interested in finding a really high-quality leather holster that will stay firm and solid through the years while giving you excellent concealability and quick drawing that will be hard to match against other holsters, this could be exactly what you are looking for. Don’t be shocked if this bad boy still allows you to draw as quickly as possible after a year or two of reliable use.

Bottom Line

The CrossBreed RH MiniTuck Holster might just be impressive enough for any concealed carry user looking for the perfect Ruger LCP holster. Yes, it’s sturdy and comfortable. But it can certainly maintain its reliability when you are carrying your pistol every day to stay prepared and ahead of the curve of any danger that may approach your way.

This is exceptionally concealable, very comfortable, and rigid for a small gun holster. The added platform helps even out the weight on the hip making it easy to carry, and the two-point connection gives you perfect draw characteristics.

Best Ruger LCP Pocket Holster: 
DTOM Combination POCKET/IWB Holster

No products found.


  • Excellent quality
  • Retention clip holds up pretty well
  • Can handle a fully customized LCP pistol
  • Perfect for concealed carry and competition shooting
  • Really comfortable to wear, regardless of carrying position
  • Faster draw from the pocket, but still has adequate trigger actuation protection


  • Belt clip quality could be better
  • May not be compatible with some other compact pistols
  • May not be ideal for IWB use, despite being designed as an option
  • A bit flimsy

What Recent Buyers Report

This holster was one of the best options for buyers looking for a really affordable option. And they got exactly that. But what made the decision even better was knowing that new buyers were able to get their hands on a high-quality holster that exceeds the standards of a holster at that price range. One user said that the holster was pretty solid in construction and was quite happy when it didn’t bulge up on him when he was carrying it inside his waistband.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What makes this holster interesting is that you are able to carry it inside the waistband or inside your pocket. The choice is yours in terms of how you do it. It can fit in your pocket just as easily and won’t bulge on you. Not to mention, it will be comfortable to wear regardless of carrying position. You get a whole lot more than you expect with a holster that sports an affordable price tag.

A very straightforward holster that makes its value on the simplicity of the build.

The simple outline and minimalist styling make it an obvious choice for those that just need a pocket sleeve to prevent trigger actuation concerns and will be easy to use when drawing from a pocket holster.

This holster makes this draw motion faster, and therefore, it is better than most pocket type holsters, because you minimize delays in response and the chance of a disrupted draw.

Who Will Use This Most

If you want a holster that will give you more than what you’ll pay for, this is it. It’s got the quality, the ability gives you more than one carrying option, and will certainly give you the advantage of being discreet with your Ruger LCP. No one will know that you are carrying unless you have to draw your pistol in a situation where an assailant threatens you or those around you.

Bottom Line

The DTOM Combination Pocket/IWB Holster should be the kind of holster that every budget shopper should consider before making the decision to either buy or move on to another holster. You don’t want to miss out on the excellent quality and performance (even when it’s going for a price that should be higher). But if you truly want a holster for a steal of a deal, get it now while you still can.

The draw from a pocket is a premeditated move. If the majority of situational draws from a pocket were analyzed it is likely that the vast majority of pocket draws were events that took a few seconds and pausing for the right moment, more than trying to draw to stop a threat in the shortest amount of time possible.

4. DeSantis Mini Scabbard Holster

No products found.


  • Fits in your pocket
  • Super sturdy construction
  • Perfect for left-handed shooters
  • Easy to clip on belts and waistbands
  • Prevents any friction from drawing and re-holstering
  • Minimal footprint


  • Some say it “prints” noticeably
  • Retention is questionable, it could be better

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the new users were able to fit their holsters (with their pistols intact) in their pockets with ease. Some of them were also able to strap this to their waistbands if they were more comfortable with it. Either way, they were able to quickly draw their pistols with either hand (given its ambidextrous design). One user who was left-handed said that it was the best holster that he’s used since it allowed him to straight draw with his left hand much easier than his last holster.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are serious about carrying a pistol in your pocket, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to consider this holster as one of your best options. And why not? You can carry your Ruger LCP in the place where you can keep your pistol out of plain sight so you don’t attract any undue attention. That’s pretty much the beauty of concealed carry. You can be prepared for dangerous situations, but you don’t have to let anyone else know that. They’ll likely feel safe enough if and when you need to use it against someone who is dumb enough to threaten the lives of others.

This is a great OWB (outside the waistband) holster proven for decades to be a perfect choice for those who need immediate, unrestricted access to their firearm, but also want to maintain their concealability.

Paired with the Ruger LCP, this becomes a powerhouse offering from DeSantis and can ensure you get a classy, well built, super durable option for the crowd that doesn’t want IWB carry and the associated safety risk and wearer discomfort.

Who Will Use This Most

This holster is for those who are serious about concealability. It would make perfect sense if you were to settle for a holster like this given the fact that you can choose between IWB carry or pocket carry. Regardless of what you are comfortable with, you will certainly work with a holster that can give you the best possible solution for out of sight, but still in mind carry.

Bottom Line

The Desantis Ambi Nemesis Holster is no slouch when it comes to quality and giving you the best concealability possible. It’s versatile, fits most LCP pistols, and will certainly keep you ahead of those who think it would be wise to attack anyone who might be unarmed or willing to fork over something valuable.

DeSantis is the go-to brand for leather, mainstream, non-custom offerings for small guns. This holster is one of the main reasons why. It is simple and elegant but is super functional too.

The close-fitting, retention-based setup offers great carry and weight distribution, but also a rigid draw and minimized weight on the hip.

5. Ruger LCP Pocket Holster by Ace Case

No products found.


  • Really sturdy
  • Superior comfort
  • Great for EDC carry
  • Fits in pockets perfectly
  • Very good design
  • Sticks in place, due to rubberized strips


  • Some say the draw might be a little hard
  • A few have complained about the holster being too wide
  • May feel bulky at times, as if you are carrying a large wallet
  • Won’t last for an exceptionally long time

What Recent Buyers Report

As expected, a lot of recent buyers were satisfied with the holster. They said that the concealability was great and it fit in so many pockets (even with the pistol intact). They concluded that it was also really comfortable for all-day carrying. One user said that the versatility was what surprised him the most since it was able to fit in the pockets of every pair of pants he owns.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A pocket holster will certainly come in handy for a lot of applications. But it’s more designed for those who are looking for something to keep them ahead of the curve in survival situations. This holster is great for all-day carry, so if you want something that should be part of your EDC items lineup this should be what you need to carry your pistol.

A multi-use holster that is a better value than its tiny price indicates at first look.

Yes, it is true that you are not getting the most durable holster ever made, but you are getting an incredible value and a versatile holster that functions as an IWB for smaller guns (in this case the Ruger LCP) and a pocket gun solution, with a rubberized strip to keep it in place for flawless draws from your pocket or waistband.

Who Will Use This Most

If you want a holster that will make concealability better for you, then this could be the holster you’ll end up going with. Especially when you want to keep it on you at all times without the need for a tactical belt or a waistband. Yes, it’s a soft nylon holster that will give you absolute comfort. But you best be prepared just in case some kind of danger is lurking in your immediate vicinity.

Bottom Line

The Ruger LCP Pocket Holster by Ace Case will certainly give you the leg up in preparedness if you intend to carry on an everyday basis. If you cannot decide between an IWB or an OWB holster, maybe there is a third option that you can consider. Plus, with the amount this holster can provide it can make all day carrying a lot more worth it.

If you understand that this pocket holster may need to be replaced after a while, but also desire something that can legitimately be used for an IWB as well - if these two criteria are met, this is an excellent choice, because while it isn’t the most durable, it will serve you well in your pocket, purse, or inside your waistband for a year or two with heavy use; much longer with less use.

Best Ruger LCP Ankle Holster:
Lirisy Ankle Holster For Concealed Carry

No products found.


  • Super concealable
  • Really comfortable
  • Fits around most ankle sizes
  • Fits Ruger LCR pistols like a glove
  • Excellent for carrying secondary pistols
  • Excellent positioning and adjustability


  • May come undone at times
  • May heat up your ankles fast
  • Won’t be a good fit for full-sized pistols

What Recent Buyers Report

So many of the new users who bought this were looking to use this as a secondary holster since they were already carrying a primary pistol. Some others were using it for primary pistols. Either way, they were using it for a Ruger LCP. Their pistols were a perfect fit and so has the holster itself for most users. One user said that the neoprene material wasn’t so hard on his skin.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Ankle holsters are pretty awesome to have given its concealability and creating that element of surprise. That’s what you’ll get when you are putting this holster to good use in a self-defense situation. Security guards will normally wear holsters like this so they can throw off any assailants that will assume any security guard is unarmed. But wait until they get the surprise of a lifetime when they find out the hard way when they learn about armed security guards, but carrying their service pistols in the most subtle way.

If you exercise or run in pants and need a legitimate way to carry your gun on your body, this is the one. Sure, you could dabble in the shoulder holster market, but you won't likely be able to keep your concealed carry weapon a secret for long.

Ankle holsters are where it is at, if you need ultimate concealability, running capabilities, and have a lightweight gun.

This holster (and it’s dual wrap styling) keeps your gun from jumping around and is actually quite comfortable to wear.

Who Will Use This Most

This will stand out as the go-to option for anyone who carries a Ruger LCP pistol and uses it for either primary or secondary use. Either way you slice it, you have discreet concealed carry that will work perfectly for everyday use or when you are working to keep those around you safe in a security guard job. Danger can be around the corner, but the question is: will you be prepared?

Bottom Line

The LIRSIY Ankle holster can be used as a primary holster or a backup. But you will still get a good amount of comfort and concealability when all is said and done. No assailant on earth would be stupid enough to move forward with their plan of attack once they’re surprised by you carrying something as small and powerful as an LCP.

The lightweight build of the holster and the gun itself make this a very good choice across the board for the Ruger LCP.

If you want to carry without inconvenience this ankle holster provides an exceptional value for your money and is the preeminent, tight to the body, ankle style holster rig.

7. Talon Concealed Carry Wallet

No products found.


  • Fits in pockets with ease
  • Super tough construction
  • Easy to draw and re-holster
  • Perfect for either hand orientation
  • Fits most pockets well
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Doesn’t print – so no one will know you’re carrying


  • Some say the leather could be softer
  • Might not be appropriate when wearing straight jeans
  • Because it is a pocket holster, it requires additional planning to make a draw

What Recent Buyers Report

As expected, a good number of users were really happy with a few things with this “wallet”. They said it fit their Ruger LCP pistols like a glove and can slip in their pockets perfectly without it getting stuck or moving around all over the place. One user said that the holster was pretty comfortable to wear, almost to the point that it was like carrying nothing at all.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This holster probably should get an award for the most subtle design ever. It’s shaped like a wallet and it can give off the impression that you are just carrying something that you never leave home without. But what people don’t realize is that you are carrying one of the most concealable pistols that are on the market today. This will certainly be the kind of holster you want to keep an attacker or thief by complete surprise.

This is the executive version of the tried and true small gun, pocket concealment holster. If you want the top-quality materials and zero print, this is the obvious winner. It will easily handle the Ruger LCP and despite being made of heavy-duty leather, this is not a bulky addition to your carry accessories.

Who Will Use This Most

This holster will definitely be the best choice for you if you want concealability with a side of cleverness and stealth. And believe us when we tell you that this holster will literally give you the upper hand in the concealability department. If you want a holster that will make discreet carrying better for you (without hindering your draw), this is what you’ll want to have on hand.

Bottom Line

The Talon Concealed Carry Wallet is probably going to turn some heads. And it might be impressive enough for you to purchase it (especially on the design alone). It’s tough, reliable, and will bring your preparedness to a whole new level. If you want a nifty looking EDC holster for your LCR pistol, look no further.

A serious take on the more casual pocket holster, this is a great addition for the person who wants to look into pocket carry but is discouraged by all the cheaply made options.

Yes, it is more traditional and there are some drawbacks to pocket carry, but this is relatively safe to use (thanks to the full coverage of the trigger and wide insertion area) and offers a premium build-out.

Best Ruger LCP Conceal Holster:
ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster

No products found.


  • Will fit most frame sizes
  • Super comfortable to wear
  • Perfect for maximum concealed carry
  • Fits most compact and full-sized pistols
  • Easy drawing for both right-handed and left-handed shooters
  • Great concealment option
  • Adds space for extra accessories without discomfort or weight distribution concerns


  • Limited carrying positions
  • Mag pouch should be improved
  • May not be well-fit for larger shooters
  • Could be uncomfortable if overloaded

What Recent Buyers Report

New users were looking for a holster that was not only comfortable to wear but provided all day concealability whenever they were carrying a pistol. They certainly were not disappointed when they tried out this holster. One user said that it was the perfect fit around his waist despite standing six feet tall and weighing 200 pounds. He added that the neoprene was really comfortable and didn’t trigger any irritation on hot days.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Belly band holsters are often another good way to keep your LCP extra concealed. This is made from breathable neoprene material, which is super comfortable to wear and really easy on the skin. If you are someone dealing with sensitive skin issues, then you might want to rejoice. Once you have this fit on, you’ll be ready to defend yourself or carry it around all day at the range when you are not shooting.

This is another seriously good option if you can wrap your head around the fact that eventually Velcro and elastic can fail, and you may have to replace it (this is still an incredibly cheap price point option). The versatility of this belly band holster is significant.

The ability to conceal as well as it can and to add accessories takes it over the top. Great, positive thumb-strap gun retention and the ability to add a ton of accessories while still maintaining absolute concealment means this is on another level.

Who Will Use This Most

This is excellent for shooters with a small or averaged size frame. It’s a holster that will definitely stand out as one of the best holsters you can find if you want all-day comfort and stealthy concealability to boot. No other holster might ever come close when it comes to carrying something like your Ruger LCP.

Bottom Line

The ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster will deliver excellent concealability and comfort on the promise. It can fit many shooters of different sizes and will make your Ruger LCP more secure while you are in motion. No wiggle, no slippage, and easy drawing are just a few things you’ll get out of this holster.

When you need to have ultimate concealment for a small weapon and can handle the longer draw time that a belly band requires (except with a loose untucked shirt), this holster system is an uncommon value that offers significant retention capabilities and a well-rounded user comfort profile (It will fit a variety of people well and enables carry where it might not otherwise be possible).

What Makes a Bad Ruger LCP Holster? 

When you are buying a gun like a Ruger LCP, you make the choice based on the strong characteristics of the design and build. 

If you didn’t pick a holster that could accentuate those characteristics you wouldn’t be able to truly get the full benefits of this excellent personal defense and concealed carry firearm.

So how do you avoid getting a bad Ruger LCP Holster?

Don’t get a holster that isn’t made for concealment.

The primary functionality of the firearm is for deep concealment and lightweight carry or backup usage. To get a full sized, heavy holster that cannot easily be concealed would be ridiculous for the most part, even for range use.

That said, you won’t run into the problem unless you buy a modular holster and try to pair the Ruger Fitment with a larger component base because most Ruger LCP holsters are already geared toward concealment.

Long story short: don’t buy a holster that is too big.

Black Jacket Holster IWB KYDEX Holster: fits Ruger LCP II (2) (Source)

Don’t buy a holster that is made from inferior materials when there are so many other high-quality options available.

Sure, there is a time and a place for elastic and Velcro, and they even have their uses in concealed carry situations, and unless you are buying a belly band or an ankle holster, forget about “cheaping” out on the materials.

Note: those materials are perfectly suited to belly band style carry or for ankle positioning. We support the purchase of these materials for those uses.

Don’t get a holster that cannot be used comfortably while doing legitimate activities.

The Ruger LCP is the type of gun you buy because you will never have to compromise to carry, ever again. Why ruin that freedom with a holster that isn’t good enough to actually use in your day-to-day life?

Pick a holster that has adequate performance value and can be the type of holster you see yourself using day-in and day-out for many years.

Your new Ruger LCP deserves it, and you should be able to grab some peace of mind from your accessory purchase.


The Ruger LCP is a proven entity in the concealment pistol market. The pairing of this excellent pistol with the right holster means you have access to some of the best small gun performance available on the market.

The holsters in this article offers a wide range of carrying options and do not disappoint when it comes to performance, especially considering the market’s usual overlooking of the subcompact genre from a performance concealed carry holster perspective.

From the pocket enthusiast, which the Ruger LCP is uniquely qualified for those who want to treat the Ruger as a primary weapon or deployment in a personal protection setting, this gun can handle whatever you can throw at it.

If we could only pick one, we would probably pick the Black Jacket Holster IWB Kydex Holster which fits Ruger LCP II (2) because it sacrifices nothing. While it is a dedicated IWB holster, the carry difficulties of a gun this small for IWB carry are basically negligible, especially since the holster is so well executed.

This doesn’t mean that each of the other items on the list is not excellent, just that this one is something special, all things considered, especially when you apply the price point.

Another stand-out holster on this list of exceptional holsters that is a strong contender for a single holster option is the CrossBreed Holsters RH MiniTuck Concealed Carry Holster for Ruger LCP, which is noticeably bulky, but hides your gun well, and will never leave you concerned about your draw. If you carry this item, it will perform.

All in all, these holsters represent the top-tier holster options for the Ruger LCP, and we have only highlighted those two because they are most conducive to normal, daily wear for most users. All of these holsters are exceptional for their independent use cases and we highly recommend them for your Ruger LCP.

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