Best Shooting Glasses For 2022 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: December 30, 2021

The number one priority in all shooting sports is safety. Ideally, we should never fire a round without ear and eye protection.

Shooting glasses come in a million shapes, sizes, and colors so knowing which are the best can be tricky. We hope that our guide to the best shooting glasses available today is able to point you in the right direction.

Comparison of the Best Shooting Glasses

  • One of the best anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings on the market.
  • The impact diffusion system increases the glasses' safety and comfort.
  • Vermillion lenses are ideal for acquiring clay targets colored bright orange.
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  • Looks really cool, sure to attract attention down at the range.
  • Fold smart technology guarantees the frame will not damage the lenses.
  • Surpasses numerous safety standards to guarantee the best eye protection.
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  • Comes as a combo giving you all the protection you need.
  • Earmuffs are fully collapsible for easy storage and transport.
  • The glasses surpass various safety standards, guaranteeing excellent eye safety.
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  • Easy lens release is quick to use and avoids smudging.
  • The 120 degrees of wrap around gives you great protection.
  • The proprietary PRIZM technology increases contrast, easing target acquisition.
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  • Nose and arms are both fully adjustable for absolute comfort.
  • Wrap around lenses give you great field of view and protection.
  • Quality construction is covered by an outstanding lifetime warranty.
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  • Designed to be anti-fog and scratch resistant for long-term use.
  • Designed to be as comfortable as possible for accurate shooting.
  • Surpasses various safety standards to ensure the best eye protection.
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  • Comes with a hard case to keep them safe.
  • Scratch and fog resistant for clarity and long-term use.
  • Works with UV flashlights, helping you inspect crime scenes.
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Benefits of Investing in a Great Shooting Glasses

Comfort and easy target acquisition are the key things to look for in shooting glasses. The right shooting glasses will fit on your face well and shield your eyes without discomfort or impeding your vision in any way. If you are distracted or uncomfortable, you will have a much harder time shooting well.

The lenses should be designed to fully cover your field of vision and feature nothing that could get in the way. Of course, the lens material must be up to a certain spec to protect your eyes if anything goes wrong. Different lens tints are available for different shooting situations.

Getting the right tint for your purpose and shooting style will help you acquire your target and shoot accurately. Another benefit of great shooting glasses is that they just look cool, and so will you when safely knocking down targets with your friends.

How We Chose These Shooting Glasses

The best material for making the lenses of shooting glasses is polycarbonate. This is the same material used in bullet-proof glass. This material is light, durable, and resistant to impact and scratches. Trivex is another great option.

There are a variety of standards from different organizations that can be used to rate how shatter-proof lenses are. Any shooting glasses should be certified as surpassing OSHA Safety Standard 1910.133(a)(2), U.S. Military MIL-V-43511C or ANSI Z87.1. The lenses should wrap around past the sides of your eyes to give you full lateral protection.

The UV protection and glare reduction from polarization are also great features. In terms of tint, this is a matter of preference and application more than anything. The tint should not be too dark. Amber is a solid all-around choice. Frames should be light, strong, and comfortable. An adjustable frame is also a good idea.

Review of the Best Shooting Glasses

Choosing the best shooting glasses can be tough. Given the considerations outlined above, here are our pics for the top options out there today.

Best Overall:
 Howard Leight Lightweight Shooting / Protective EyeGlasses


  • Comes with one of the top anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings you can find.
  • Impact diffusion system in the frame increases the glasses' safety and comfort.
  • Vermilion lenses are perfect for acquiring clay targets that are painted hunter orange.


  • Not polarized.

Howard Leight has been around since 1972, but in 2010 they were acquired by shooting accessory giant Honeywell. This model of shooting glasses are designed to be as protective and comfortable as possible. The proprietary anti-fog lenses are coated and constructed with a ventilation channel to maintain maximum visibility in wet conditions.

The anti-fog coating is one of the most scratch resistant on the market. The single wrap-around lens means that these shooting glasses offer you excellent peripheral vision. Adjustable temple and nose pieces, plus a soft brow guard make these safety glasses especially comfortable.

The impact and UV-protection ratings are both great, passing ANSI and CSA specifications. The vermilion lenses are ideal for shooting clay pigeons; they really make the targets stand out. The frame sports an always fashionable black finish.

The nose and brow of these glasses have a special multi-material impact diffusion system. This helps them to be comfortable even when worn day in and day out. These shooting glasses have all the innovative design features to make them the best option on the market today.

Bottom Line

Having closely studied various alternatives on the market, we can confidently say that these glasses are simply the best. The top features of these lenses are the vermilion lenses and the impact diffusion system. If you do a lot of shotgun shooting, these glasses are ideal.

Champion Shooting Glasses- Adj Open Blk


  • Looks exceptionally stylish, will definitely attract second looks down at the range.
  • Surpasses a variety of safety standards to ensure the best possible eye protection.
  • Fold smart technology ensures that the arms will not scratch or damage the lenses.


  • Yellow lenses may not be for everyone.

Champion is part of the Vista Outdoor empire of shooting sports brands, which includes Bushnell and Federal Premium. With such a pedigree and pool of knowledge, Champion definitely knows what they're doing when it comes to producing shooting glasses. This model is not only designed for the best possible protection, but it also looks really cool.

The lenses of these shooting glasses reduce glare and enhance the sharpness of your target image. The durability of these glasses is proven by their fulfillment of the Mil-Prf-31013 standard for ballistic resilience. It also surpasses the OSHA Z87.1 rating.

The frame employs anti-slip materials to keep the glasses in place no matter what your shooting conditions are. The frames use Champion's proprietary fold smart technology to avoid damaging the lenses. Of course, they also offer excellent UV protection.

You have your choice of yellow, orange, or smoke tints to choose from. Each helps provide clarity in different contexts. If you need great looking, high-quality shooting glasses, this is an outstanding option.

Bottom Line

These shooting glasses are a fantastic choice, especially if you prefer yellow lenses over the vermilion option above. Their top features are the fold smart technology and the high level of safety they offer. It never hurts that they look exceptionally cool. This is a hard option to beat, no matter what your shooting conditions may be.

Best for the Money:
Walker's Ultra Slim Muff & Glasses Combo Kit


  • Ear muffs are fully collapsible for easy storage and transportation.
  • Combo set gives you all the ear and eye protection you need.
  • Glasses surpass a range of safety standards, guaranteeing outstanding eye safety.


  • Slight distortion in view.

Walker's has been producing high-quality equipment from its base in Grand Prairie, Texas for over 25 years. This combo kit gives you everything you need for safe shooting at a fantastic price, both safety glasses and ultra slim ear muffs. The glasses are made of high-grade polycarbonate set into black frames.

The lenses exceed the ANSI Z87.1-2003 specifications for impact resistance. They also offer 99% UV protection. The tint is very slight for all-around use. The muffs have a slim profile with rubberized cups for comfort and a good seal.

They are also collapsible for easier storage. The housing is made of a special sound-dampening composite. The headband is also designed to be comfortable with its metal wire frame.

The noise reduction is rated at 27 decibels. The ear muffs come with the Palmetto State Armory logo on them, because, why not. If you just want a solid, good quality combo set to get you to the range as soon as possible, this is a great choice. This is also a great combo for youth or training purposes.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a quick and easy set that will give you everything you need to shoot safely, this is a superb option. The top features of this set are the earmuffs' collapsibility and the quality of the lenses. Perhaps best of all, this combo is a very affordable option.

Best from Oakley:
Oakley SI Tombstone Reap

Oakley Si Tombstone Reap PRIZM w/ 3 Lens Array (Clear, Tr22, Tr45) Shooting Glasses, Matte Black


  • 120 degrees of wrap around gives your eyes outstanding protection.
  • Oakley's easy lens release technology is quick to use and avoids smudging your lenses.
  • Oakley's proprietary PRIZM technology sharpens the contrast, making target acquisition easier.


  • Not great for very large faces.

Oakley is based in Lake Forest California but is now a subsidiary of the Italian global eyewear hegemon Luxottica. Since 1980, the Oakley Standard Issue line has been dedicated to serving the needs of the American military, law enforcement, and other emergency services. The Standard Issue Tombstone Reap lens is Oakley's most technologically advanced protective shooting lens.

Extensive research involving leading marksmen led to advances in clarity, contrast, the field of view and the interchangeability of lenses. Field of view, in particular, has been improved to max out at 120 degrees. Oakley's proprietary PRIZM technology gives you enhanced contrast for easier target acquisition and less eye fatigue.

PRIZM blocks certain wavelengths of light to increase contrast. The lenses are made of Plutonite, which help focus on the target rather than common background colors. The lenses give you 100% UVA and UVB protection.

Violet-blue light up to 400nm wavelength is also blocked. The easy lens release gives you a quick easy change to the ideal lens color. The method also helps keep the lenses smudge free. It's hard to beat these top-level military glasses.

Bottom Line

These are fantastic, top quality shooting glasses. If you want military grade eye protection, this is the option for you. The best features of these shooting glasses are the PIZM high-contrast technology and the 120 degrees of wrap around.

Best Ranger Glasses:
Randolph Ranger XLW Shooting/hunting Glasses

Randolph Ranger XLW Shooting/Hunting Glasses/Eyewear Bayonet or Cable Temples Frame Only (Lenses Sold Separately)


  • Nose and arms are both fully adjustable for the best in comfort.
  • Quality construction is backed up by an industry leading lifetime warranty.
  • Wrap around lenses give you a great field of view and better eye protection.


  • Not the best choice if you have an unusually large face.

Ranger started out in the early 1990s with products made personally by the company's president, Richard Waszkiewicz and his father and co-founder, Jan. This is a serious-looking model for those shooters who want to look like a safety-first John Wick. The team of optical engineers who designed this model from the ground up ensured that the lenses give you absolutely distortion-free vision.

All the joints are firmly soldered. This construction and performance are backed up with a lifetime warranty. The nose bridge and arms are fully adjustable to give you the most comfortable fit possible. Comfort is vital for accurate shooting.

The nose pads are offset to prevent fogging. Interchangeable lenses are also available to give you custom color options. The frames have the groundbreaking distinction of offering the industry's first 8-base wrap design. This gives the best in lateral protection and field of view.

These are great designer-style shooting glasses for the discerning shooter. The performance and safety offered are both exceptional. If you want to draw looks at the range, this is the option for you.

Bottom Line

The top features of these glasses are the warranty and the full adjustability. The great, wrap around protection is a nice touch as well.

Best for Women:
Allen Electron Women's Ballistic Shooting Glasses


  • Designed to be as comfortable as possible, helping you focus on accurate shooting.
  • Surpass various safety standards to guarantee the top in eye protection.
  • Designed to be anti-fog and scratch resistant for outstanding clarity and long-term use.


  • Not the cheapest option out there compared to others.

If you want to look more like one of Charlie's Angels than Bubba the highway patrolman, this is the model for you. Despite their sleek, feminine style, they sacrifice nothing in performance. They meet or exceed various standards for durability, including Mil Prf 31013 and ANSI Z87+.

This shows how much engineering and performance testing has gone into these safety glasses. They are also designed to be anti-fog and scratch resistant to maintain the utmost in clarity and functionality. The nose piece is adjustable and anti-slip.

These glasses are made with dual injection rubber temples for added comfort. The tint on the lenses is very slight for the most versatile use possible. Whether you are at the range, shooting clays, or hunting out in the wilderness, these are a cool choice that will attract many a second look.

The great design and durability provide excellent resilience in any situation, which means these glasses will last no matter how much regular punishment you put them through. If you want a gift for that special lady in your life to help coax her out to the range with you, these stylish glasses are a great option.

Bottom Line

The top features of these shooting glasses are the safety specifications, the comfort, and the great lens coatings. This is an unbeatable and stylish option for any shooting scenario.

Best Yellow Glasses:
iLumen8 Best Shooting Glasses UV Night Vision

iLumen8 BEST Shooting Glasses UV Blacklight Yellow Vision Safety Eye protection


  • Ships with a hard case to keep them safe when not in use.
  • Lenses are scratch and fog resistant for the best clarity and long-term use.
  • Works with UV flashlights, helping law enforcement officers to inspect crime scenes.


  • Included case is cheap.
  • Does not work great with small faces.

These glasses are designed with extra clarity for accurate shooting in the widest range of conditions, especially indoors or in low light. There is a reason that this is such a best selling item. They shine in cloudy conditions and at dusk.

Not only are these glasses great for shooting, but they can also pull double duty as driving glasses in low light conditions. The wrap around design gives you a great field of view. They are also great for use in forensics.

If you use a UV flashlight in your law enforcement role, these glasses will pick up the stains you're looking for. The lenses have anti-fog and anti-glare properties. Of course, they also give you 100% UV protection.

They are scratch resistant and impact resistant for long-term rugged use, no matter what trials you put them through while hunting or in combat. The slick black frame and rubberized legs give you extra grip behind the ears. They are both practical and stylish. They come with a hard case for extra protection. They are also covered by a money back guarantee.

Bottom Line

The top features of these glasses are the superb quality and the ability to use them not only for shooting but also for driving and law enforcement. These are a top-shelf versatile option.

Best for Trap Shooting:
Brownells - Protective Shooting Glasses


  • Rubber nose piece and temples provide great comfort and a secure fit.
  • Wrap around design gives you excellent protection and a full field of view.
  • Surpasses the ANSI Z78.1 standard for great eye protection and long-lasting reliability.


  • May suffer occasional quality control issues.

Brownells makes some incredible products. The company is one of the nation's leading retailers of firearms and shooting accessories. This gives them a massive wealth of market data on what people like, what works best and what is reliable.

They use this data to design and market many of their own shooting accessories, such as these glasses. They have tough polycarbonate lenses that meet or exceed the ANSI Z87.1 standard. This means that you will be able to use them in tough conditions and know that you will be able to use them for many years to come.

The frame is a polymer composite with a rubber nose piece and rubber coated temples. They also come with a thick lanyard to keep your glasses where they should be no matter what happens. The wrap around frame gives you great lateral protection and a full field of view. The lenses are not polarized, which can make it easier to use your phone between shots. The clear lens color gives you great protection in the widest variety of shooting conditions.

Bottom Line

The best features of these glasses are the wrap around design and the rubberized nose and temples. The affordability is also a great perk. This is a great gift option for any special shooter in your life.

Best Competition Glasses:
Wiley X Saber Advanced Tactical Sunglasses


  • Surpasses a broad range of safety standards for unsurpassed protection.
  • Engineered to give you high contrast even in extremely low-light conditions.
  • Scratch resistant and UV proof lenses give you a zero distortion field of view.


  • Do not work perfectly with prescription inserts.

Wiley X is a family-owned company operating out of California. It was founded by an American veteran in 1897 for the sole purpose of providing protective eyewear to the nation's warriors. The lenses are made of a proprietary Selenite Polycarbonate.

Of course, these lenses surpass the MIL-PRF-32432 GL, the ANSI Z87.1-2010 and the US Federal OSHA 1910.1133 b standards for impact and shatter resistance. It's tough to find a more comprehensively tested and proven lens. The lenses are tinted to provide the best possible light enhancement.

This is a great choice for low or extremely low light conditions because they greatly increase contrast and the ease of target acquisition. They work great in hazy conditions. Of course, they offer 100% UV protection and are designed to give you no distortion whatsoever.

The proprietary T-shell lens coating gives you the best in scratch resistance. The adjustable nose bridge makes these glasses comfortable for any shooter. These shooting glasses come with a zippered clamshell case and a cleaning cloth. They also come with a strap and leash cord. The temples also telescope for increased comfort.

Bottom Line

These are a great pair of glasses. Their top features are the great level of safety, the high contrast technology and the scratch-proof and anti-UV lenses. This is a hard option to beat, no matter what shooting conditions you face.


Shooting glasses are one part of your shooting kit that you definitely don't want to skimp on. Getting the best that you can afford will greatly contribute to your safety and comfort. Whatever your taste, we're sure that there is a great option for you in our list of the best shooting glasses.

People Also Ask

We all have questions that we want to ask but are afraid of looking stupid. That is why God created the internet. Shooting glasses are some of those items that raise more questions than answers. We are here for nothing if not to inform, so here are the answers to some common questions.

What is the Best Color for Shooting Glasses?

This really depends on your intended application. The key thing is to never get lenses that are too dark. In general, amber lenses are probably the best all-around choice, as they increase contrast and make it easier to pick up a target. If you are shooting bright orange clay pigeons, consider purple-vermilion lenses to help these targets stand out.

Can Prescription Glasses be Used as Safety Glasses?

Prescription glasses are not generally ideal for eye protection. First, they have no certification for being shatterproof. Let's say your barrel explodes and an ounce of hot jagged chrome-moly steel flies eye-ways, how confident would you feel? Also, prescription glasses rarely if ever wrap around enough to provide lateral protection.

Is Wearing Safety Glasses All Day Bad for Your Eyes?

Quality safety glasses will not harm your eyes in any way, even if worn for extended periods. Keep them clean and replace them if they are scratched or damaged. Safety glasses exist to protect your eyes and keep your mind at rest.

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