Best Shooting Gloves of 2022 – Rated & Reviewed

| Last Updated: December 30, 2021

Got sore palms after shooting? Or maybe the weather is too cold to grip the gun? There can be quite a few different reasons to get a good pair of shooting gloves. There are several misconceptions and dubious arguments people get into before buying them.

Here we’ll try to resolve all such queries, and find out the importance and qualities of such accessories.

We have also compiled an extensive list of the best gloves on the market, so you may choose an appropriate pair for yourself. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Shooting Gloves

  • Plain Design With Grippy Texture.
  • Versatile Pair of Gloves For Multiple Applications.
  • Properly Ventilated Design and Machine Washable.
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  • Good Pair For Hunting and Practice.
  • Includes Kevlar and Nomex Material for Durability.
  • Reinforced Knuckle Helps With Rugged Maneuvers.
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  • Innovative Concept for Ventilation.
  • Offers Exceptional Value for Money.
  • Used By Many Military and Police Professionals.
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  • Best Fit Among All Its Competitors.
  • Exceptional for Tactical Operations.
  • Very Good Dexterity for Multiple Operations.
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  • Will Last for Years to Come.
  • The Most Durable and Versatile Gloves.
  • Good for Rugged Use and Easy to Maintain.
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  • Great for Wheelchair Users.
  • Extremely Comfortable Material and Reinforced Design.
  • Ideal for Hot and Humid Conditions or Adventure Sports.
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  • Dual Inner Insulation for Warmth.
  • Waterproof Design and Snug Fit for Rugged Use.
  • Excellent Grip and Comfort Under Freezing Temperatures.
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Benefits of Investing in a Great Pair of Shooting Gloves

There quite a few worthy benefits of using shooting gloves, but for the sake of simplicity, we’ll outline the best of them. 


Handling and shooting weapons can be rough and dirty. Especially if you undergo extensive shooting sessions. Using a good pair of gloves ensures that you won’t have sore hands, cuts or bruises. Plus gloves also help with handling hot weapons, spent cases, and other hazardous materials.


The term comfort is relative here. It is a bit connected to protection, and a bit to coziness. The right pair of shooting gloves allows you to shoot comfortably under different weather conditions. Especially under freezing temperatures. Additionally, shooting gloves also help with sweaty fingers, which can interfere with handling weapons and ammo.


Using a good pair of gloves ensures that you have clean hands at the range. Plus it also prevents sweat from interacting with the weapon. Which may cause erosion or damage to the finish in the long run. Apart from all this, gloves also impart a ‘tacti-cool’ appearance to the shooter. That’s why you’ll find a lot of them at shooting ranges. 

Characteristics of our Favorite Shooting Gloves

Before you buy a pair of shooting gloves, you must consider certain features and characteristics. Scouring for these features will ensure that the product you choose will meet your needs. 


There’s no point in purchasing a pair of shooting gloves if they aren’t very durable. Since they’ll come in contact with hot barrels, rubble, rocks, and similar harsh objects. Plus, a durable pair will also ensure that your hands are safe at all times. No matter how hard you push yourself. Features such as knuckle, palm, and finger reinforcement are very helpful. 


Such gloves must not hinder your operation with the weapon. Especially with trigger finger traction. Gloves must be properly padded to ensure comfort, and be slim enough to give a good grip to the user. Additionally, the gloves must be properly insulated, to be used in cold weather conditions. Water-resistance is also an important feature to be sought for.


Most shooting gloves are made from a mix of nylon and polymer, or leather. However, there are still a ton of different material choices which include cotton, wool, gore-tex, polar fleece, and rubber. Eventually, it comes down to your individual level of comfort, and the build (stitching) of the glove. 

Review of the Best Shooting Gloves

Now that we have outlined the characteristics and qualities of a good pair of shooting gloves. Let’s take a look at the best pieces available on the market. All these gloves have been evaluated and ranked based upon their features, usability, popularity, and number of positive customer reviews. 

Best Overall:
 Mechanix Wear - Original Covert Tactical Gloves (Large, Black)

Mechanix Wear: The Original Covert Tactical Work Gloves - Touch Capable (Large, All Black)


  • Secure hook and loop system
  • Durable and multipurpose design
  • Breathable palm fabric for comfort
  • Stays somewhat warm in cold weather
  • Elastic wrist band for convenient use
  • Lycra panels between fingers for better mobility
  • Trek dry fabric for comfort and water resistance
  • Leather sleeve cutouts on fingers for better protection


  • Velcro fastener gets caught easily
  • Not meant for extreme applications
  • Not very comfortable in extreme cold conditions

Our best pick for shooting gloves. These original covert tactical gloves from Mechanix wear, are a versatile choice for all your needs. The gloves have been manufactured using a mix of 0.8 mm thick synthetic leather and trek dry fabric.

So the gloves conform with your hands and facilitate proper air exchange for a more comfortable feeling. The flexible thermal plastic rubber closure on the wrist is elastic and fits all wrist sizes.

The thumb and index finger of the glove have been reinforced with synthetic leather, so using the grip and trigger is easy. Additionally, the glove fingers are touchscreen compatible so you can use smartphones and similar gadgets. These gloves also have nylon carrier loops in the bottom for easy storage.

The gloves are also quite warm in cold weather, even after their thin design. The best part of using these gloves is that they are quite versatile. Which means they can be used for other purposes as well. These aren’t very bulky and can be machine washed.

Bottom Line

These gloves from Mechanix Wear are a more versatile product for overall use including shooting. These are durable and comfortable enough to withstand most civilian shooting applications.

Magpul - Core® Fr Breach Gloves


  • Keeps your hands warm
  • Touch screen compatible design
  • Knuckle armor for extra protection
  • Firm wrist closure provides comfort
  • Made from a mix of leather, kevlar and nomex
  • Extremely durable and comfortable design with gusset reinforcements


  • Not very good for handguns
  • Not very good for hot climate

These FR Core Breach Gloves from Magpul stand among the most durable shooting gloves on the market. The gloves have been manufactured using a mix of Nomex, Kevlar, and leather, which makes them comfortable and durable at the same time.

The gloves have knuckle armor, which can be helpful for strenuous maneuvers and even self-defense under some situations. These look more like leather gloves and are also resistant to water and moisture. The reinforced design and inclusion of kevlar also ensure that the gloves will withstand the most rugged use.

Three fingers of these gloves are touch screen capable so you can use electronic devices like smartphones with ease. Additionally, the gloves have an adjustable wrist to ensure the most comfortable and snug fit with your hands.

Due to their material and gusseted reinforcement, these gloves can also be used to hold hot barrels and ammo. Without any damage to the glove or the skin. Plus, these gloves can also be used for adventure sports.

Bottom Line

These gloves from Magpul are made from the most durable materials possible. They are touchscreen compatible and offer an extra edge due to knuckle reinforcements.

Best for the Money:
FREETOO Tactical Gloves

FREETOO Work Gloves Men Protection Gloves for Hiking Cycling Climbing Outdoor Camping Sports


  • Breathable holes near knuckles
  • Elastic spandex material fits comfortably
  • Rubber knuckle pad for added protection
  • Adjustable wrist closure with double velcro
  • Gridded PU material on the palm to prevent skidding


  • Not for extremely cold weather conditions

These are by far the most selling gloves on the market. Obviously because of their value for money. The gloves have been made using elastic spandex, which is among the most comfortable and easy to fit clothing material. The fingers feature a microfiber wear-resisting material finish, so you can handle rough and sharp objects with ease.

The palm has been reinforced with anti-skid gridded PU so the weapon doesn’t slip from your hands. For added comfort, these gloves have ventilation holes near the knuckle, to facilitate the exchange of air. Additionally, the molded rubber knuckle is also of some use for basic applications, but not very helpful for strenuous ones.

The adjustable wrist strap has been reinforced with double velcro so the gloves don’t slip out of your hands even under extreme pressure. The gloves seem to be tough enough to withstand rugged use. These are neither too bulky, nor too stiff, so you can use them for a multitude of tasks. Plus, the material is slim enough to let you use even compact guns with ease.

Bottom Line

These gloves are among the most economical choices out there on the market. Spandex fabric is quite comfortable and the PU backing on the palm is an intelligent addition. The gloves are good for range shooting, adventure sports, riding motorcycle, and to some extent- hunting.

Best Tactical Gloves:
PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Delta Utility Gloves

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) - Delta Utility Gloves (Carbon Grey, Large)


  • Exceptionally good fit
  • Bare hand shooting feel
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Inexpensive and offers value for money
  • Breathable and quite comfortable fabric
  • Touch screen compatible design for convenient use


  • Won’t last very long due to thin design

Another very tactical and widely appraised model on our list. The PIG FDT is the best tactical shooting gloves on the market. These gloves are extremely thin and give you a "bare hand" feeling while using your weapon. The slim and simple design of the gloves vastly improves their dexterity. To the extent that you can even tie your shoelaces with these gloves on.

The roll-over fingertip design prevents any jammed seams. Plus the ventilated interior fourchettes add to the overall comfort. The thumb and index fingers have been fitted with a conductive material, so you can operate your smartphone.

These shooting gloves have been used by US Special Forces, which already speaks of its effectiveness and reliability. The silicone grip on the palm and fingers also provides resistance from water and moisture to some extent. Plus a bar-tacked para cord pull loop adds to the function of these gloves.

The elastic grip on the wrist is quite useful and comfortable. The fold-over finger construction eliminates fingertip discomfort. These gloves can be used to perform a lot of different operations other than shooting. Which also adds to its tactical capability.

Bottom Line

As already mentioned, these gloves have good dexterity and are quite useful for tactical applications. However, the use of these gloves are quite limited and only limited to shooting.

Best Leather Gloves:
Bob Allen 313 "Premier" Insulated Leather Gloves


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Impermeable to water and dirt
  • Elastic wristband for better comfort
  • Low bulk insulation for optimal weight
  • Durable leather material used in design
  • Unisex design - fits both men and women
  • Not very fluffy, fits the trigger guard of most weapons with ease


  • Fitting issues may arise
  • Might get sticky at times

Looking for pure leather shooting gloves? Try these from Bob Allen. Leather is undoubtedly the best and most long-lasting material for manufacturing. Leather items are known to last for decades, if not generations. This pair of shooting gloves from Bob Allen has been made using premium insulated leather.

The gloves have a simple yet durable and comfortable design. The flat seams and low bulk insulation offer a smooth fit. Plus, the elastic wrist band helps seal the gloves and insulate your hands against external temperature.

Leather gloves are quite versatile and can be used for a plethora of different applications. Ranging from shooting to farming and much more. Additionally, these gloves have slim fingers and offer a snug fit to the user, so the trigger of the weapon is easily accessible. Unlike other leather gloves which are too fluffy.

Leather gloves work pretty well with handling hot stuff, like barrels and spent cases. Plus you can use them to set up obstacles, handle equipment at the range or even work in rain. Leather gloves are almost impervious to water, dirt, ice and probably any other material.

Bottom Line

Bob Allen leather gloves can be used for shooting, metalwork, construction and probably every other use you can think of. The gloves will last for years to come and require little to no maintenance.

Best Fingerless Gloves:
FREETOO Tactical Gloves

FREETOO Fingerless Tactical Gloves for Men Military Airsoft Gloves for Shooting Cycling Rubber Knuckle Outdoor Touchscreen Gloves (Black Fingerless)


  • Knuckle pads for added protection
  • Too tough to break with minimal use
  • Can be used for a variety of applications
  • Exceptional fitting with optimal dexterity
  • Properly stitched and gusseted for reinforcement


  • Not for cold weather
  • Takes time to break-in

Fingerless gloves are a good choice when you are shooting in humid or hot conditions. Such gloves are light in weight, and allow you to properly touch, feel and use many items. Especially the ones with small dimensions like touchscreen, buttons and radio knobs.

These fingerless gloves from Freetoo have been made using breathable neoprene fabric and have vents at finger edges for proper air exchange. It has a dual-layer synthetic leather palm with anti-skid gridding. This offers exceptional grip over weapons and equipment. The knuckle padding is also quite helpful, especially if you are on a hunting trip.

The heavy-duty gloves protect your hands from abrasion and any sort of hazards. The velcro based adjustable wristband suits all wrist sizes. These gloves were designed for heavy and rugged use, so you can also use them with heavy caliber rifles.

The better advantage of using these fingerless gloves can be seen prominently with handguns. Since your fingers are bare, and your palm offers an even better grip with these gloves on. Additionally, these gloves are pretty inexpensive and widely used by tactical shooters worldwide.

Bottom Line

Fingerless gloves have their own set of applications, and you must understand them prior to buying this pair. These gloves are quite well made and will serve nicely as tactical gloves. However, they are not very useful for cold temperatures.

Best for Cold Weather (Winter):
Hatch Winter Specialist All-Weather Shooting Glove


  • Dual inner lining for insulation
  • Waterproof and works in snow
  • Optimum grip and trigger control
  • Aesthetically pleasing and comfy design
  • Keeps your hands warm in freezing temperatures


  • Not very durable or long lasting

These gloves from hatch have been designed specifically for cold weather. These gloves have been manufactured using a mix of different materials to provide comfort and resistance against cold. The palms of these gloves are made of Synsi-feel synthetic leather, which provides an excellent grip to the weapon.

The dual inner linings of Thinsulate insulation and breathable, waterproof Hipora are what keeps your hands warm and dry. An extra coating of grippy material has also been stitched all over the gloves, except for the index finger to provide better trigger control. The hook and loop closure on the wrists also provides a comfortable fit.

These gloves are comfortable not only on the inside but also on the outside. These can be used as a shooting glove and also as an everyday use glove. According to the recent customer reviews, these gloves work fairly well in temperatures as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, these gloves are waterproof and can also be used in snow or water.

Bottom Line

Hatch Winter Specialist is the best winter shooting gloves on the market. They are extremely comfortable, useful and aesthetically pleasing. These gloves work exceptionally well even below freezing temperatures. Plus, they are waterproof so can be used for fishing as well.

Best for Women:
Mechanix Wear - Women's

Mechanix Wear: The Original Women's Pink Camo Work Gloves - Touch Capable (Medium, Camouflage)


  • Good for rugged use
  • Comfortable and snug fit
  • Specially designed for women
  • Can be used for multiple applications
  • Machine washable and easy to maintain


  • Not very good for extremely cold weather
  • Durability isn’t very good over the long term

Women often face sizing issues, since most shooting gloves adhere to men’s sizing. So we decided to include a shooting glove specifically designed for women. These gloves have been designed by Mechanix. Manufacturer of the best shooting gloves on this list.

The form-fitting trek-dry fabric ensures that your hands stay cool and comfortable. The leather palm has been coated with synthetic leather which helps with the grip as well as dexterity. These gloves also feature an industrial grade hook and loop at the base, which allows you to carry them with ease.

The gloves are durable enough to provide some protection against sharp/rough edges. Plus there are lightweight, tactical, and warm enough to stay comfortable in all weather conditions. These gloves fit snug and eliminate the sizing issues generally faced by women while buying shooting gloves.

The best part of using these gloves is their ability to be used for many applications. You not only buy a pair of shooting gloves, but also a pair for garage work, weight lifting, and other similar chores. Just make sure to choose one size bigger than your original one.

Bottom Line

If you are a woman searching for shooting gloves, these are the ones you should choose. It has all the necessary qualities of an ideal shooting glove, without the hassle of sizing issues.

Best from Oakley:
Oakley Mens Factory Pilot Glove


  • Airprene joint panels for dexterity
  • Can be used for multiple applications
  • Leather grip on the palm and fingers
  • Four-way stretch material for comfort
  • Carbon fiber knuckles for extra protection
  • A mix of multiple elements makes it more durable
  • Works exceptionally well for hot and humid weather


  • Doesn’t work well in cold temperatures

Oakley is a renowned manufacturer of fashion accessories, mainly sunglasses. Following their reputation, they have come up with an ingenious pair of shooting gloves. These gloves have been manufactured using a mix of nylon, polymer, and synthetic leather. All of which combine to create a durable and lightweight pair of shooting gloves.

The full-grain leather palm is good for handling hot or sharp items. The protective knuckle guard provides extra protection against any contingent accidents. All the edges and components of these gloves have reinforced with double stitching, so you can rest assured about its performance.

The unobtanium material surfacing on the palms of these gloves also enhances the grip. Which can be quite helpful while handling weapons with polished stocks. The gloves also have vents at each finger base, to facilitate the proper exchange of air. This makes them ideal for hot and humid conditions.

Bottom Line

These gloves are from Oakley, and it is the best reason to trust their effectiveness. The gloves work very well in hot climates and are durable enough to withstand harsh handling. But on the flip side, you can’t use them in cold weather. That’s the only disadvantage.

Best from Mechanix:
 Mechanix Wear Specialty 0.5mm Glove


  • Suede lining improves dexterity
  • Good protection against hot and sharp objects
  • Thin material makes it easy to handle small items
  • Exceptional trigger finger mobility, even with handguns


  • Grip isn’t too sticky
  • Limited protection against cold and water

Another anatomically designed masterpiece from Mechanix. These specialty gloves have been made using nylon, and trek dry coating which prevents heat build-up and perspiration. The flex joints of these gloves are quite flexible to promote trigger finger mobility. The low profile thermoplastic rubber closure also helps with providing a secure fit to the wrist. Which is also complimented by nylon carrier loops for convenient carrying and storage.

The USP of these gloves is the 0.5mm thick suede leather coating which helps with attaining dexterity. The gloves deliver a natural feel while holding a weapon, and have the optimal grip to let you switch quickly between weapons. These gloves are quite breathable and work pretty well for tactical use.

The fingers are quite slim and conform to the size of the finger, so you can operate compact handguns with ease. The gloves provide exceptional protection against hot objects like handguards. Plus some minimal insulation in cold weather. Other than being useful, these gloves are also low in price compared to their competitors.

Bottom Line

The Mechanix 0.5mm gloves are good for handling small firearms like handguns. These gloves provide good levels of protection against dirt and hot objects. However, these aren’t the toughest gloves on the market.

Best from Bob Allen:
Bob Allen 2066 Deluxe Shooting Gloves


  • Thin and stretchy material on the back
  • Leather design with thick palm padding
  • Works very well at handling hotter items
  • Snug fit with great movement and dexterity
  • Large ventilation port in the rear and perforated fingers for comfort


  • Not for cold weather
  • Prone to snagging with the holster
  • Might face fitting issues, but they can be easily resolved

These Bob Allen 2066 shooting gloves have been made using synthetic leather on the back, and a leather palm for effective resistance against heat. The gloves feature gussets and reinforced stitching all over them, which ensures their build quality.

The fingers have been perforated for proper ventilation, and the articulated knuckles also help with improving the overall flexibility of these gloves. Their usability and dexterity can be known from the fact that you can type a text message on your smartphone with these gloves on (user reported review).

The gloves have a snug and conforming fit. However, you still have to wear them a few times to break them in. The gloves have a hook and loop closure, and a large ventilation port just above it. This improves the overall level of comfort with these gloves. Since these are made from leather, you can expect a long life and a wide range of applications over the long run. These gloves work exceptionally well with handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Plus you can use them for other sports as well.

Bottom Line

These Bob Allen Shooting Gloves are ideal for use with all kinds of weapons you’ll use at the range. The gloves are well built and fit quite snug for optimal comfort. However, you can’t use them in winter.

Best from Browning:
Browning Mesh Back Shooting Gloves


  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Aesthetically pleasing novel design
  • Works exceptionally well for people with small hands
  • Stretchable mesh backing for air circulation and apt fit
  • Suede leather material offers a comfy and premium finish


  • No padded protection

Apart from manufacturing weapons, browning also makes shooting gloves. They have a long product line of gloves, but these are the best in their inventory. These gloves have been made using synthetic suede leather. The same material used for manufacturing shoes. This speaks about the quality and durability of these gloves.

On the rear side, the gloves feature a stretchable mesh backing, which facilitates air circulation and delivers a comfortable and snug fit for your hand. This makes these gloves ideal for use in hot weather or summers. The gloves are extremely lightweight, due to its design and manufacturing materials. The suede backing on the palm delivers an optimal grip for gripping weapons and even shooting while moving.

The gloves feature a hook and loop closure tab for quick and silent donning. The tab also has claymaster embroidery which also adds to the overall aesthetics of these gloves. The trigger finger and hand webbing area of these gloves are also very protective during longer shooting sessions. Additionally, these gloves are fully washable, so you can easily clean them.

Bottom Line

The Browning Mesh Backed Gloves are ideal for trap and skeet shooting. The gloves are best for people with somewhat small hands. These gloves have been specifically designed for shooting, however, you can still use them for other applications.

Editor's Pick:
 5.11 Tactical Tac A2 Glove


  • Extra sweat wipe on the thumb
  • Lightweight and fast drying design
  • Thin fingers for tactical feeling while pulling the trigger
  • Adjustable velcro wrist closure with reinforced pull tab
  • Sensitive fingertips so you don’t have to donn off the glove
  • Synthetic leather grip pads for extra comfort and protection


  • Might feel a little thick sometimes
  • Not sized appropriately for women

These shooting gloves from 5.11 tactical are a feature-loaded package for shooters of every skill level. The gloves have been made using lightweight and elastic neoprene with synthetic leather grip pads to protect the finger and the webbing between index finger and thumb. The palm side has been made using synthetic suede leather which is both protective and resistant to water.

The stretch nylon panels are breathable, and quickly dry if they get wet. The gloves also feature a sweat wipe on the thumb, in case you want to wipe your sweat or clean your eyes from debris flying around.

The velcro based wrist closure has a pull tab to adjust the fit. The tactical touch fingertips allow you to use electronic devices, lift small objects and use your smartphone, so you don’t have to take the gloves off. These gloves have been specially designed for shooting and tactical purposes. The gloves fit exceptionally well and have better sensitivity than most other gloves on the market.

Bottom Line

These tactical gloves from 5.11 are loaded with exceptional features. These gloves are easy to maintain and extremely comfortable. Plus you probably won’t have to take them off for any task, until you’re done shooting. Highly recommended for tactical purposes and training.

Best for Shotguns:
Bob Allen 315 "Shotgunner" Gloves


  • Adjustable wrists for the right fit
  • Keeps hands warm in cold weather
  • Premium design with suede leather
  • Good mix of breathability and weight
  • Unisex design, fits both men and women
  • Great flexibility with both trap and defense shotguns


  • Works only for shotguns
  • Mesh backing may get damaged by snagging

Shotguns are tough to use and are known for their unforgiving recoil. These gloves from Bob Allen have been manufactured using synthetic suede leather and nylon mesh. The leather material on the palm side offers a good grip over the shotgun and protects the finish.

Whereas the mesh delivers good breathability and exchange of air. The elastic mesh body also conforms to the shape of the hands so you get a snug fit. The hook and loop closure on the wrist is quick and silent to operate.

These gloves are ideal for shotguns because of their optimal grip, and durability. The gloves are quite flexible and allow you to make maneuvers with the shotgun. Plus the finger sleeves fit snug on your hands, so you can reload shotgun shells with ease.

Bottom Line

These gloves have been specifically designed to be used with shotguns. The mesh backing is quite breathable and allows you to shoot through longer sessions even on a sunny day. Plus, the durability matches the recoil and rugged use associated with shotguns.

Best for Pistols:
Caldwell Shooting Gloves


  • Touch sensitive fingertips
  • Protects your hand from slidebite
  • Rubberized palms deliver an exceptional grip
  • Sturdy and durable construction using leather
  • Breathable design prevents overheating and promotes comfort


  • Takes time to break-in
  • Cannot be washed, requires special care

Pistols require shooting gloves with a slim and snug fit, along with comfort for hands. These shooting gloves from Caldwell conform to all the norms ideal for being used with handguns. The gloves have padded palms, which protect your hands from fatigue while using a pistol. Whereas the customized padding layout allows for a full range of movement.

The mix of rubber and leather used for making these gloves offers a comfortable and snug fit for the user. The elastic backing of the gloves provide a good grip for the handgun and improves dexterity. Gloves are quite breathable and won’t let your hands sweat even after holding the pistol for a long time.

The webbing has been reinforced with leather patches to protect your hand from slide movement. Plus the touch-sensitive finger allows you to use your smartphone with ease. These gloves are quite sturdy and can also be used for rifles.

Bottom Line

The Caldwell Shooting gloves provide a good grip over the weapon due to their rubber backing. Plus prevent overheating due to the breathable design. The gloves are also touchscreen compatible. These gloves work very well for training, practice and self-defense situations.

Pros and Cons of Training With Shooting Gloves

Shooting with gloves at the range is mostly associated with giving away a ‘tacti-cool’ impression to the fellow shooters. However, there are still some worthy pros and cons associated with it. 


Readiness and Weather

If you are a military or police guy, you’ve got a big reason to practice with gloves. Since on most missions/duty, you’ll be wearing gloves. So it is better to practice with them. 

For civilians, practicing with gloves can be helpful, since you can get caught in a self-defense situation during winters or while riding a motorcycle. Additionally, if you’re practicing in the winter season, shooting gloves will protect your hands from cold. 

Protection and Sore Hands

Many people complain about their trigger finger getting numb or painful after a long shooting session. Having a good pair of shooting gloves during such sessions will prevent this from happening. Additionally, some weapons have a very expensive finish, so using gloves prevents it from getting damaged by sweat, or rubbing. Such gloves are also helpful for problems like ‘glock knuckles’. 

Looking Cool

Yes. Shooting gloves make you look cool at the range. In Fact, a lot of dudes out there, wear tactical shooting gloves just to look cool. This might be a pro for you if you’re more into boasting about your gear.


Interfere With Trigger

Some shooting gloves can interfere with your trigger. Plus, there’s quite some difference between the feel of bare hands and fabric. Gloves might also interfere with drawing or holstering the weapon, which can be a deadly consequence if you haven’t practiced with your gloves. 

Affect Real Accuracy

Shooting gloves affect accuracy to some extent. At Least they change your accuracy while you wear them on your hands. These things can be overcome with practice and persistence though. 


Shooting Gloves are a fairly useful part of gear for most shooters. These gloves find special use in tactical operations and hunting. A good shooting glove must be durable, comfortable and have a good grip over the weapon. 

Josh Lewis the managing editor at Gun Mann and when he isn't writing about guns he is more than likely tinkering with them. He also enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors. As a lifelong gun owner he knows his stuff!

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