Best Shotgun Cleaning Kits of 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

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September 30, 2023

Cleaning your shotgun, or any other firearm for that matter is quite imperative to ensure flawless operation and long service life. A very comprehensive and deliberately designed tool for the maintenance of shotguns is a cleaning kit.

But with the market crammed with a ton of options, finding the best piece can be difficult. On that point, this review will outline the best shotgun cleaning kits on the market for quick selection. 

Comparison of the Best Shotgun Cleaning Kits

  • Universal gun cleaning kit with a flexible cable
  • Compact soft case includes all important tools
  • In-built organizers to keep things tidied up for quick access
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  • 4 piece internal swivel rod universal cleaning kit from Remington
  • Includes innovative pistol grip rod handle with multiple attachment points
  • Velcro modular panels inside a semi-hardshell case with integrated handle
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  • Comprehensive weapon cleaning kit for bulk servicing and maintenance
  • Durable plastic 'ammo-can' style case with a tool kit box
  • Suitable for events, gunsmiths and people with a large collection of firearms
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  • Micro-polished stainless steel rod is runs smoothly without attracting grime
  • Rugged precision threading for no wobble attachment of rod tip accessories
  • Works with shotguns ranging from 410 bore to 10 gauge calibers
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  • Briefcase like hard shell is protective and looks impressive
  • Well-organized pre-cut foam interiror allows quick access of the tools
  • Universal gun kit works with handguns, rifles & shotguns
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  • Compact universal cleaning kit with memory flex cleaning rods
  • Incredibly compact kit with a secondary small kit inside
  • Perfectly organized kit with a soft shell case
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Can Any Cleaning Products Be Used on Shotguns?

The term ‘cleaning products’ is a bit subjective. For example, detergents also qualify as cleaning products, but they can’t be used to clean firearms. With that said, gun oils and cleaning solvents are fairly common for all firearms. But having a specifically designed kit for the job ensures desired results. Additionally, the size of the bore of shotguns plays an important part in deciding the tools for cleaning your shotgun. 

For example, Hoppe’s No. 9 cleaning oil, CLP-4, or a multi-purpose lubricant and cleaner can be used for lubing shotguns. These are all common lubricants and widely used for servicing firearms. 

Are All Shotgun Cleaning Kits The Same?

Shotguns kits are all the same in their essence, but different in their sizes. For example, you’ll need different sized brushes for different gauges for proper cleaning. Similarly, it can either feature a boresnake or a cleaning rod for sliding patches through the barrel. 

Kits will also differ in their contents and size. While some kits are universal and more comprehensively designed for all cleaning requirements. Some kits are very compact and specifically designed for shotguns chambered in a specific bore. Additionally, kits will also differ in price depending upon their contents and quality.

How Do I Choose a Shotgun Cleaning Kit 

Here's some of the differences between cleaning kits you will find and should consider:

Specific or Universal

A gauge specific kit will work fine for you if you own only a shotgun, or need a kit specifically designed for your shotgun. However, if you own an assortment of firearms and want a more economical solution for cleaning and maintenance. A universal product will be better.


If you field strip and clean your shotgun at the range, you’ll want a very compact and complete kit for easy carry and handling. Probably with a sturdy weatherproof case for countering inclement conditions. However, if you clean your shotguns on a monthly basis or at your home. Size won’t be an issue. 

Contents and Price

It is always better to opt for kits that offer a complete package. Including contents like patches, swabs, solvents, and lube. Since they are a completely hassle-free solution. But, another important factor which comes into play here is the price. So it’s better to go for something that suits your wallet.

Review of the Best Shotgun Cleaning Kits

After absorbing all the stuff mentioned above, in your mind. It’s now time to review the best shotgun cleaning kits on the market. This is a mix of big and small, specific and universal, cheap and expensive kits to offer more options for selection.

Best Overall:
 Real Avid Gun Boss Universal


  • Inexpensive kit
  • Compact and organized carry case
  • Non-marring connectors and adapters
  • Long 34-inch cleaning cable for longer barrels
  • Universal kit for servicing almost every firearm (even a .17HMR)


  • Doesn’t include solvents

What Recent Buyers Report

Being a universal kit, most buyers use it for servicing most of their firearms. The best features of this kit are its low price, compact size, flexible cable, and universal design. The kit doesn’t include cleaners/solvents which is a drawback to some, while an opportunity to choose desirable options for others.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Real Avid product is an inexpensive, universal, and compact firearms item that can be carried almost anywhere with ease. The kit has pre-organized compartments to store the contents while providing easy and quick access. The kit also includes a lot of patches for cleaning (25 for shotgun). Plus the extra mops along with brushes help with cleaning the shotgun.

The pouch doesn’t include any solvents/oils but has ample space to store a small bottle behind the brush compartment. The flexible cable doesn’t mar the barrel and can suit the longest shotgun barrels. The T-handle offers a good grip, and the adapters allow customization for different firearms.

Bottom Line

This is an inexpensive and almost complete kit that can be carried with ease. The semi-hard zipper case is resistant to inclement weather conditions and organizes the tools pretty neatly for easy access.

Remington Squeeg-E Universal


  • Also includes cleaning chemicals
  • Flexible bore cables with handles and brushes
  • Comprehensive universal kit with squeegee bore cleaners
  • Lot of storage space in the middle. With included shoulder strap
  • Includes a velcro backed washable mat pre-installed in the front


  • Not very compact
  • May feel overpriced

What Recent Buyers Report

The contents and usefulness of this kit are its most impressive factors. The fact that it acts as a cleaning kit and a range bag simultaneously is an admirable feature. This kit contains almost everything you’ll ever need for cleaning and is covered by a 30-day warranty. The quality of this bag, however, was under question by some users.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Remington Squeegee kit features an intelligently designed setup that offers quick and easy access to the contents. The mat has been sewn into the front compartment and can be removed for washing. The side compartments have elastic bands to hold things in place. Being a universal kit, it is an overall use product for firearm owners.

The kit also acts as a range bag and has ample space to hold about 6 boxes of ammunition or other accessories. The removable shoulder strap helps with handling the item when carried outdoors.

Bottom Line

The Remington squeegee kit is a universal and multipurpose kit that allows you to carry other items along with your cleaning supplies. The kit includes everything you need, including chemicals, and is a great option for range use or competitions.

Best for the Money: 
Breakthrough Clean Technologies Ammo Can Cleaning Kit


  • Approved and used by the US Military
  • Box comes pre-organized with dividers
  • Convenient, secure and portable design
  • Complete universal kit in hard ammo can case
  • Includes all chemicals and hardware for cleaning


  • Priced on the higher end
  • Heavy and over-designed for some applications/users

What Recent Buyers Report

The kit is amazing and comes with everything you need for cleaning your weapons. The solvents are top-notch and the best in quality you can find. While some people will find the kit out of their budget, it still offers great value for money for what it is.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This kit from Breakthrough clean technologies is the most complete kit you can ask for. It includes bore brushes, cleaning rod sections, patches, solvents, brushes, and everything else that should be included in a firearm cleaning kit. The hard ammo case organizes the contents and is a very durable and convenient mode (with its top carry handle) to move this kit.

The microfiber towel included in this kit is washable and very effective in wiping off dirt compared to normal towels. The set of chemicals included has everything from solvent to grease. This size and features of this kit make it perfect for home use or even competitions.

Bottom Line

This is a large but complete product that justifies its price with its contents. It has a total of 36 items which include high-grade cleaning solvents and oils. All in a protective hard polymer ammo case for easy handling.

Best Shotgun Cleaning Rod: 
Pro Shot Premium 1-Piece


  • Micro polished stainless steel rods
  • Available in lengths of 30 or 42 inches
  • Very durable rod. Doesn’t bend or break
  • Fixed rod handle allows rotation when cleaning


  • None we could find

What Recent Buyers Report

The Pro-Shot cleaning rod has absolutely no negative reviews and is positively rated by users. The stiff non-bending and durable designs are very impressive. The rod is tough enough to last a lifetime and the non-swiveling feature of the handle is liked by many users. Pro-Shot is an American business which is also a point of satisfaction.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Pro-Shot cleaning rod features a tough and impressive design with a micro finish to prevent it from pulling grime. The rod comes packed in a plastic tube and is soft enough to prevent marring the finish of chromed or simple barrel. It doesn’t need any extra adapters for installation of brushes, making operation simple.

The non-swiveling handle is another great feature that allows you to twist the brush inside the bore for better cleaning. The quality construction and sturdy design are its major selling points. Plus it is available in different lengths to suit your taste.

Bottom Line

The Pro-Shot rod is an American made product with sturdy and smooth construction. Its design helps cleaning the barrel with maximum effect while putting in minimal effort.

Best Outers Shotgun Cleaning Kit:
Outers 28 Piece Universal


  • Super inexpensive cleaning kit
  • Universal product for all calibers
  • Brass rods, brass brushes, and mops
  • Sturdy aluminum carry case with latch
  • Perfectly organized case for quick access


  • Rod is prone to bending
  • No carry handle in the case

What Recent Buyers Report

The value for money offered by this product is just amazing. It is a universal kit with a good carry case and all of it at a very low price. The kit is very good and is advised for beginners as well as pro users. However, some users did report the rod to be somewhat flimsy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

You get a metal gun case, padded pre-cut internal compartments, and a universal cleaning set. Costing close to what you’d spend on dinner at an average restaurant. The major hardware (brushes and rod) are made from brass to eliminate the chances of rusting. The case is well organized and convenient to use, with all the tools laid out perfectly for quick access.

The double-ended nylon brush and cleaning picks to make the cleaning job easier. Plus the kit includes about 50 big patches that can be cut to required dimensions for efficiency.

Bottom Line

The Outers 28 piece cleaning kit is the most economical option you can find if you prefer a hard case over pouches/bags. The kit can clean everything from .22 caliber to 10 gauge and has an organized layout for convenient access.

Best Otis Shotgun Cleaning Kit:
Otis Elite Cleaning System


  • Covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Soft black nylon rustproof case
  • Small pouch included for field use
  • Includes a gun maintenance guide
  • Also includes an optic cleaning gear
  • Universal gun cleaning kit up to 10 gauge


  • High price
  • The nylon case gets somewhat askew

What Recent Buyers Report

The kit features a very high quality of components and includes almost everything you’ll ever need. It can service any firearm, including the odd calibers in between. The cables allow you to clean from the breech side for convenience. Plus the included tactical kit is also a good addition

Why it Stands Out to Us

This kit includes all the entire line of the chamber and bore cleaning brushes from Otis along with every other cleaning tool you can think of. The inclusion of optics cleaning gear improves the value of this kit overall. This comprehensively designed kit also has a small tactical kit with 6 brushes and other hardware to be used on the go. So this package is basically two kits in one.

The soft nylon case is well organized to help you pick the right tools without making the space cluttered. The case can be zippered and the hardware is resistant to rust.

Bottom Line

The Otis Elite is the most complete kit you can ever dream of. It not only caters to your firearm but also your optics. The kit can be used at the range, at home, or even on field trips. If there was only one cleaning kit you could buy, this is the one.

Best Hoppes Shotgun Cleaning Kit:
Hoppe's Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit


  • Universal and complete product
  • Affordable, value for money product
  • Includes Hoppe’s o. 9 solvent and lubricating oil
  • Beautiful wooden box with finger joints for strength


  • Limited portability

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers seem impressed with the build quality of this item. The inclusion of solvents, bronze hardware, and a beautiful wooden chest at an unbelievable price make this kit the perfect cleaning package for all weapons in a collection.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Hoppe’s is renowned for making the very popular No. 9 cleaning solvent for firearms. What’s better than having the reliable Hoppe’s solvents included in a cleaning kit manufactured by the same company. This kit includes high-quality bronze hardware (brushes and cleaning rods), which do not bend and last for a lifetime. The contents of the kit are very well organized on pre-cut foam and contained in a beautiful wooden box for safety and aesthetics.

The kit can be taken to the range if needed. However, it is better off at home. Since you won’t be willing to mar the finish of the chest. The pricing of this kit makes it even more amazing and desirable.

Bottom Line

The Hoppe’s cleaning kit is a complete and universal solution for servicing your firearms. The bore brushes are very good in quality and will ensure proper cleaning of residue from every corner of your shotgun barrel. Plus the wooden box and included solvents add to its value.

Advantages of Investing in Quality Shotgun Cleaning Kits

While somewhat obvious, there's benefits to consistently cleaning your shotguns:

Proper Maintenance

A good cleaning kit ensures proper and complete maintenance of your shotguns. It’s not always the barrel that needs cleaning. But you’ll sometimes want to disassemble and clean your action and trigger assembly. A good cleaning kit ensures that you have all the tools for finishing the job. 

Protect Barrels

Some brushes are quite hard and may damage the chrome lining of a shotgun barrel. Which calls for choosing the right kit with appropriate and safe brushes. Additionally, a bending rod can also cause damage to the barrel or injury to the user. Opting for a quality kit is the best way around for such situations.

Overall Solution

All the kits included and reviewed on our list are universal. Which means they include hardware for cleaning almost every handheld firearm ranging from .17HMR to a 10 gauge shotgun. Some kits are so complete and comprehensive that you won’t even need another kit for years to come. Which will also help you save some money.

Real Avid Gun Boss Universal

Helpful Tips When Cleaning a Shotgun Properly

Cleaning a shotgun can be a plain simple task. But having knowledge of some good tips and tricks will make the job easier. Let’s learn about some considerations while cleaning a shotgun

Clean Often

Make sure you clean your shotgun after every shooting session. Especially after rigorous sessions and when you are sure that your shotgun won’t be seeing daylight for another week or so. 

Flaking and Bulging

While running soaked patches through your shotgun. You may find some silver-colored flakes. Don’t worry about them being the chippings from your barrels chrome lining. Instead, they are the smeared traces of lead and nickel deposited in the barrel. You may inspect your barrel using a flashlight to ensure the interior is smooth and free from deformations. If it is not, quickly go to a gunsmith. 


Give a good brush to your chokes as well. Since they face the wrath of the exiting pellets, gasses, and grime as much as the muzzle. 


Once you are done with cleaning your shotgun. Make sure to store it barrel-down inside the gun safe. This ensures that any dripping solvent or oil will not collect inside the action.


Shotguns essentially require cleaning after every shooting session because of the nature of their ammunition and size. A good cleaning kit must include all the necessary hardware and may be compact and portable if needed. 

People Also Ask

Find out the answers to some common queries associated with shotgun cleaning kits. This will help you with understanding the ins and outs of shotgun maintenance and choosing the right kit for yourself. 

How Many Shotgun Shells Can I Shoot Before Cleaning?

About 200 shells will be a good practice. However, you must clean your gun after every shooting session if its next destination is the gun safe. Gas-operated semi-autos need more cleaning than pumps or break actions. 

What Are Shotgun Cleaning Shells?

The Cleanshot 12 gauge shells are one-of-a-kind. These shells are designed to clean your barrel bore when you fire them. The shells have micro pellets followed by faux and cloth linings that push through the barrel and clean it. These shells actually work very well.

Do You Need to Clean Your Gun After Every Use?

While cleaning a gun after every shooting session is the ideal practice. It also depends upon the kind of ammo you shoot. Corrosive ammunition definitely requires cleaning right after shooting. Whereas ones after firing non-corrosive ammunition can be kept off for about a week.

What is in a Gun Cleaning Kit?

A gun cleaning kit is a set of tools combined together in a package to clean a weapon. These kits can either be caliber/gauge specific or universal. Kits universal in nature include suitable hardware (bore & chamber brushes) for almost all firearm calibers in use today. These kits can be small or large in size.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gun if You Don't Shoot it?

If stored in the perfect conditions (inside a gun safe with dehumidifier/desiccants), a good should be cleaned once in about six months. Maybe around a year for the latest firearms with a lot of polymer parts. But, if the storage conditions aren’t ideal, and you have moisture/humidity around. Try cleaning it about once a month. 

What Happens if You Don't Clean Your Shotgun?

The same thing happens to your teeth if you don’t brush. Or to your car without service. Grime will start collecting on the insides leading to faulty operation and chipping of metal components. Sometimes the gun will seem to function normally but will malfunction right in the middle of an operation. So make sure to clean your shotgun after use or otherwise. 

Can You Clean a Gun Without Gun Oil?

Yes, but it's not recommended. Lubricating your gun after cleaning is a good and essential practice if you’ve deliberately wiped the weapon removing the lubricants. Using a gun oil for lubrication is the best and recommended. However, if you don’t have it and are in a dire situation, any mechanical lubricating oil will do.


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