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2024 Buyer’s Guide: The Best Shoulder Holsters

You don’t hear much about shoulder holsters anymore because many believe that they're outdated there's no place for them. But they are wrong.

Shoulder holsters, or “underarm” holsters, are another excellent option for convenient carry in many different scenarios.

As you may already know, an underarm holster is a type of holster rig designed to be worn with the pistol on either side, although under the non-dominant arm is preferred.

In this article, we're going to review a handful of our favorite shoulder holsters and explain why they made our list. Let's get started! 

Comparison of the Best Shoulder Holsters 

  • Best shoulder holster on our list
  • Modular design with a detachable holster and double mag pouch
  • Soft shoulder pads for added comfort while wearing for long sessions
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  • Shoulder holster runner-up
  • Made from cordura nylon for comfort and suits medium and large-size revolvers
  • Fully adjustable shoulder harness and a self-centering back piece
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  • Shoulder holster second runner-up
  • Ambidextrous shoulder holster with adjustable double-thumb break straps and horizontal alignment
  • Also includes a double mag pouch and extra material on shoulders
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  • Best shoulder holster for deep concealment
  • Extra padding for sweat resistance and comfort. Strap distributes weight all over
  • Unique holster fits most handguns and has a velcro-based design
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  • Best vertical shoulder holster on our list
  • Innovative holster fits pistols, MP submachine guns, and even Uzis
  • Modular and ambidextrous design and well-padded shoulder holster for max. comfort
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  • Best leather shoulder holster on our list
  • Durable and comfortable leather design with holes for strap adjustment
  • Snap-button retention and also includes a double-mag pouch
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  • Best revolver shoulder holster for small frames
  • Nylon design with four-way size adjustment for max. comfort
  • Wide shoulder pad and belt attachment help with stability while moving
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Benefits of Using a Shoulder Holster

Shoulder holsters are sometimes seen as gear for old-time agents and detectives as they make carrying and concealing a service size gun easier, but there are a growing number of gun enthusiasts who prefer them.

A well-designed, well-fitted shoulder holster is an excellent option for concealed carry of a long-barreled or a full-sized handgun because it offers better weight-bearing abilities required by heavier guns.

Actually, proper shoulder holsters spread the weight of your firearm and spare ammo over a larger area of the body, and distribute it evenly across your shoulders. "Underarm" holsters typically have pouches for high-capacity, double-stack magazines counter-balancing the handgun found on the other side of the harness.

Shoulder Holster Rig (Source)

A shoulder holster allows fast access to your gun while you are seat-belted in a car, or if you find yourself at a desk for most of the day due to work. Besides, since the cross draw is frequently utilized with a shoulder holster, you will be able to get your hand on your firearm in a natural-looking, an inconspicuous manner just crossing your arms.

Another hidden advantage to that design is its self-sufficiency, due to this type of holster, shoulder rig offers complete systems keeping your weapon, spare magazines, speed loaders and/or flashlight all in one convenient portable package ready for any emergency.

Considerations to Keep in Mind When Looking For New Shoulder Holster

An often-overlooked advantage of the shoulder holsters is the versatility: they accept and work with several different pistols conveniently and safely.

However, you should keep in mind that these holsters do not go well with small handguns.


Shoulder holsters are available in a variety of materials such as ballistic nylon, leather, molded plastics (like Kydex) or cotton-canvas combinations. Keep in mind, that the stronger the material, the higher the durability and the heavier the handgun it can accommodate. However, holsters made from cloth are not so durable, but they are easy to conceal and more pleasant to the wearer's body than other materials.

Exchange Policy

Designed to be customizable, shoulder holsters are probably too complicated for the average end users, and they take time to get accustomed to. Therefore, good advice is that it might be best to try the item on before buying, and check the possibility of a money back guarantee or exchange policy.


Because shoulder holsters are often mentioned in negative context, as they are relatively low-security arrangements, you should check if your potential holster has a hidden retention device to prevent anyone other than you from removing their gun.


Another problem with shoulder holsters, particularly for first-time buyers, is ensuring that your holster and gun are concealed beneath your cover garment at all times.

The shoulder holster requires you to wear your jacket at all times when in public view. For instance, this may be somewhat inconvenient when you find yourself in a relaxed social situation where you will need to take off a jacket or relax at a restaurant.

It should also be mentioned that flexible shoulder holsters would require the use of two hands to reholster so the better choice for speedy reholstering of your gun would be a rigid holster.

Are All Shoulder Holsters The Same?

For gun owners who regularly wear jackets, blazers, and vests, shoulder holsters are a favorite, but they are a bit more polarizing than standard holsters.

Typically, shoulder holsters are not tied to one specific make and model gun, but they are compatible with several similar size handguns.  

Besides classic shoulder holsters designed for concealed carry, there are shoulder holsters adapted for military personnel (pilots or drivers) as well as for hunters.

Hunting with a handgun is a fast-growing sport and it requires a field-type shoulder holster, which has a strap running across the chest to help stabilize the scoped handgun.

Generally, the concealed carry shoulder holsters can accommodate weapons with the barrel pointed in three main angles - vertical, horizontal, or 45- degree.

The horizontal shoulder holsters are the most commonly available but also the most problematic for concealment, so they are most suitable for weapons with shorter barrels and smaller frames.

The more serious concern is the barrel muzzle that pokes out at the rear horizontally and points at someone behind the shooter making it a target in case of unintended gun discharge.

Review of the Best Shoulder Holsters

In the next chapter, we have prepared a mix of top-sellers and a buyer's guide of the best shoulder holsters.

Best Overall:
UTG Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster


  • Fully adjustable
  • A good beginner holster, for experimenting
  • Very cheap, ideal for buyers on a serious budget
  • Padded Shoulder Harness for Maximum Comfort
  • Universal form fits most popular pistols and revolvers
  • Inverted Dual Magazine Pouch with Hook-and-loop Closures
  • A complete system that includes the weapon, ammunition or other accessories


  • It is not the easiest rig to conceal
  • The retention is inconsistent because it is universal
  • Shoulder padding does not extend all the way the harness

What Recent Buyers Report 

This shoulder holster was a perfect fit for most users who were looking for something that provided easy adjustments for a comfortable fit. They were also quite happy with the fact that it could fit so many pistols of various sizes. One user said that he uses it for the purpose of carrying a secondary pistol since he already conceal carries a primary pistol. He added that there is no such thing as being over-prepared when it comes to prepping for danger.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This holster not only will allow for carrying a pistol, but it’s got the pouches that you can use to carry extra magazines. That might be worth using if you are in a concealed carry situation or if you are in a competition and have extra rounds to work with. Regardless, it’s a holster that will be best used when SHTF or while you are spending the day at the range. With quality straps like this, it can hold up its end of the bargain and be a really reliable holster for as long as you use it.

Leapers UTG Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster is the comfortable and affordable solution for a beginner and anyone who wants to experiment with a shoulder rig.

This black, "underarm" holster features a modular design to justify the "Universal" word from its designation. It means that the UTG holster is fully adjustable to fit most body types matched with hook-and-loop strap system for different pistol slide lengths.

Also, using the quick release latches this completely adjustable horizontal shoulder holster and will enable you to swap the holster and the two magazine pouches from the left to the right arm, making it suitable for both left- and right-handed users.

It is also possible to change the cant of the holster that allows you to carry in a more vertical position.

The black, padded Deluxe Horizontal Shoulder Holster is constructed out of PVC material with a soft lining which ensures that your firearm finish will not be damaged.

Although the UTG claims its Deluxe Universal Horizontal shoulder holster is compatible with most handguns sizes, it is not the easiest to conceal full-size pistols, but it works the best with mid-size pistols or as a winter carry rig.

Who Will Use This Most 

If you are planning on carrying a secondary weapon or if you plan on carrying it at the range during competition while you are waiting for your turn. Either way, this is a holster that can be easy to fit for most shooter sizes. And you’ll have plenty of pouches to work with in case you need to store some additional magazines. 

Bottom Line

The UTG Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster will probably be an odds on favorite for so many users. It will give you a good amount of support, plus the ability to get a good fit-out of the whole deal. For the best in reliability, the ability to work with most pistols and excellent comfort this could be your best possible option. 

It is a great carrying system for the price featuring padded shoulders to absorb the weight of heavier handguns. As one of the most basic shoulder holsters, this easily adjusted model will keep your handgun securely in place.

Uncle Mike's Black Kodra Nylon Sidekick Vertical Shoulder Holster


  • Vertical style
  • Good retention
  • Flattened profile
  • Wear inside or outside your jacket
  • Fits large autos and long barreled revolvers


  • Firearm angle not adjustable
  • Fits large autos and long barreled revolvers

What Recent Buyers Report 

Since this holster was available in both right-hand and left-hand orientations, new users chose their holsters that best benefit their dominant hand. One user (a left-handed shooter) said that he was able to get a quick draw out of the holster without having to deal with the use of his right hand like he was forced to do at one point with his previous holster. He said that aside from the holster being so accommodating to left-handed shooters, it was easy to strap on and provide a good amount of comfort. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This holster is a perfect fit for those who happen to be a larger size. This can fit up to a 48-inch chest with maximum comfort. It’s a holster that you can use for either open carry at the range or under your jacket if your job depends on it (i.e.--security). This is made from high-quality nylon that doesn’t rip part nor does it fray. These straps are easy to adjust and will certainly make sure that every shooter is able to strap this on without having to deal with any slack. 

The Uncle Mike's line of Sidekick holsters consists of several carrying platforms types made to meet the needs of all kinds of firearm owners.

This Uncle Mike's shoulder holster is vertically oriented with muzzle down pointed, meaning it can accommodate very substantial guns with longer barrels.

Actually, the rig is comfortable to wear even with 6 - 7 1/2" barrel single action revolvers. The Sidekick is not a concealed carry holster by any means, but it is a good choice for hunters and sportsmen since its 2 1/2"- wide nylon web shoulders straps distribute the weight of your full-size handgun.

The holster holds good retention with the help of a strap, with a combination adjustment buckle, and snaps, that keep your gun in place.

The Sidekick Vertical Shoulder Holster is built of Kodra Nylon, a material very similar to Cordura Nylon, but it is made in Korea. Like Cordura, you will need extra work to make it waterproof.

The Kodra Nylon Sidekick features the fully adjustable shoulder harness with a self-centering back piece that fits everyone. While the onside, self-adjusting belt loop keeps holster close to your side, the offside tie-down anchors harness to your belt and let you carry a magazine pouch or speed loader vertically or horizontally.

Who Will Use This Most 

If you are a professional security guard, you may want to consider using a shoulder holster that will make sure you have a really comfortable fit regardless of size while being able to carry the service weapon that is either issued to you (or something that is your own). If you want no fuss adjustments and super simple concealability, look no further than a holster like this to get the job done. 

Bottom Line

The Black Kodra Nylon Sidekick Vertical Shoulder Holster by Uncle Mike’s is a pretty cool holster that will be useful for many security personnel and even civilians that plan on conceal carrying in cold weather conditions (or year-round if they are carrying a secondary pistol). It’s got the adjustments to ensure a better fit for the big guys and excellent concealability for when you need to keep it under the radar. 

The holster body has a smooth nylon lining and a high front to protect your gun, yet making it easy to draw and reholster. This fully adjustable shoulder harness from Uncle Mike's Sidekick series is also available in a version for Scoped handguns in several patterns and colors.

Best for the Money:
VISM Ambidextrous Horizontal Shoulder Holster with Double Magazine Holder


  • Good value for the price
  • Includes two magazine pouches offside
  • Adjustable thumb break for various pistol sizes


  • May requires some modifications
  • Not recommend for duty or daily carry
  • The adjustment straps are not long enough for some

What Recent Buyers Report 

This was a holster that most users were happy with because of its ability to work with a wide variety of pistols. Whether they owned a Glock, a Smith and Wesson, or a SIG Sauer they were quite satisfied to see their pistols fit like a glove. They were also quite happy with the inclusion of additional magazine holsters, making the holster an odds on favorite for concealed carry users and even target shooters as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Nothing makes preparing for danger like being able to strap on your favorite pistol along with a few extra magazines. Or you can use it for your next competition or practice session. Either way, this shoulder holster is pretty versatile. And it might be the closest thing you can get to a universal holster. If you have a compact or full-size pistol that will be perfect for whatever intent or purpose you use it for, get a holster that will keep it under wraps while you are wearing a jacket or something that will give you quick access if you choose to open carry (where legal). 

A budget-oriented ambidextrous shoulder holster from VISM by NcStar is designed with the price-conscious buyer in mind to use as a training holster.

The NcSTAR Vism carry rig is a horizontal shoulder holster constructed of lightweight, but tough PVC material (less than 9 ounces), and intended for a concealed carry alongside jacket or a heavy coat.

Also, the ambidextrous horizontal shoulder holster comes with double magazine pouches connected to the shoulder harness.

Featuring multiple adjustment and attachment points, this VISM shoulder holster is adjustable for right- or left-handed draw and will ensure a secure and balanced fit to a lot of size pistols.

For added security, it is fitted with adjustable double thumb break snaps and tie-down straps for securing the rig on your belt or belt loop.

However, this cheap holster has some design flaws, such as lack of adjustable cant or a small amount of Velcro stripping for proper adjustment.  

Who Will Use This Most 

This is a multi-purpose shoulder holster that will be worth every penny to invest in for a few reasons: one, the straps are sturdy and won’t fray or rip. Two, it’s easily adjustable for various sizes. And finally, it can fit a lot of holsters and magazines regardless of size. If you want to be prepared for just about any situation where the use of a pistol is warranted, it requires a good holster that can keep it close by. This might be the holster for you if you want something that can handle all kinds of pistols no matter the size or the brand.

Bottom Line

The NcSTAR VISM Ambidextrous Horizontal Holster can be really hard to beat when going up against competing holsters. That’s because it’s durable, can fit so many different sizes, and works with a wide range of pistols. Why on Earth should you worry about whether or not certain holsters will fit your pistol or not? Just get this one and you’ll be set to carry it at any given time. 

The VISM ambidextrous shoulder holster is undoubtedly great value for the cost offering better quality than you would expect from such a low-cost holster. However, buyers need to be aware of its limitations and suitability size of handguns.

Best Shoulder Holster Third Runner-up:
Yeeper Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster Right Hand Draw


  • Adjustable with elastic strap
  • Allows you to carry while not wearing a belt
  • Protects your gun better than other methods
  • Include a handgun retention strap for holding the gun right
  • Made of premium material for utmost comfort and usability
  • Gives excellent concealment without having to wear layers of clothes or a jacket


  • Not ambidextrous design
  • Can be more difficult to draw
  • During summers or when perspiring, it tends to irritate the skin due to chaffing

What Recent Buyers Report 

A lot of users were in search of a pistol that was comfortable and allowed for easy and quick drawing from the shoulder position. They got their wish with the help of this holster. They were also happy with the snug and comfortable fit that didn’t feel so tight around their chest. And it made right-hand drawing so much faster compared to even some hip holsters. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

At this point, we’ve looked at shoulder holsters that deal with straps that adjust for certain sizes. But this one looks pretty simple to wear. Just wrap it around your chest and the holster will rest near your shoulder. The holster is in the best position possible for shooters to quickly draw and get a good aim on their assailant or range targets. The extra padding is an added convenience since it will allow for the best in comfort and also will resist any kind of perspiration. If you want the kind of shoulder holster that won’t give you any slack, you best believe this is the holster that won’t cause such a fuss. 

Unlike other shoulder holster rigs, Yeeper Deep Concealment shoulder holster is designed to conceal the gun even without having to wear layers of clothes or jacket.

This holster type is the epitome of concealment without much layering as it will conceal your weapon properly without any prints. Because this shoulder holster is made almost entirely of elastic, it is an excellent option for someone looking to carry a handgun while jogging, or to the gym.

While its universal design fits most popular pistols, Yeeper Deep Concealment holster is primarily designed as a means to carry a small, single stack gun.

As an ingenious carry method, Yeeper features a fully adjustable strap to wrap around the chest to position the holster as per your comfort without attaching it to the belt. This deep concealment holster has compatible and flexible retention strap to hold the gun in place while it distributes the weight of your weapon to your shoulders and across your back for a comfortable, all day carry.

Who Will Use This Most 

Are you looking for a right-hand draw shoulder holster that is comfortable, affordable, and just downright awesome to use? If you answered yes, then you might be getting this holster for your own concealed carry or range shooting uses. Thankfully, it can fit a handful of pistols as well so you won’t have to worry about whether or not your pistol is compatible or not. 

Bottom Line

The Yeeper Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster will probably be one of the dark horse candidates for the top spot on the list of best shoulder holsters in the not so distant future. Because it’s comfortable, allows for a universal fit, and gives you quicker drawing it won’t be a surprise if you see this selling like hotcakes in the future. 

The idea of this holster type is to position the handgun as it would be in a shoulder rig. However, the maximum concealment has the other side of the coin, an issue with a draw-ability. It is apparently not the quickest access for concealed carry, as it takes more than twice as long to draw from this rig as it would from any other holster.

Best Vertical Shoulder Holster:
UTG Deluxe Vertical Shoulder Holster


  • The premium synthetic material
  • Designed for ambidextrous use
  • All components are fully adjustable
  • Double Mag Pouch with hook and loop
  • Universal design for fully equipped pistols and MP sub-machine guns


  • It is not great for concealed carry
  • The adjustment straps are just not long enough; their size will not fit a lot of adult males

What Recent Buyers Report 

New users say that the holster provided amazing comfort while giving them the added convenience of extra magazine pouches. The holster was able to handle pistols that were made for concealed carry and made sure that none of them bulged and exposed their carry position. One user said that he wears this under his jacket during cold weather months and not once did his pistol bulge or allow for an uncomfortable fit. He added that the adjustments were “stupid simple” and were able to fit him and his wife when she borrowed it at one point. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

We’ve taken a look at horizontal holsters. Now, we take a look at vertical shoulder holster. It’s got all the makings of an accessory that any given prepper would be happy to have (assuming they intend to conceal carry on a regular basis or in dire situations. Regardless, this holster will be compatible with a number of pistols. Along with the holster is two magazine pouches so you have extra shots handy just in case the magazine in your pistol is empty or for some strange reason it malfunctions. Not bad for a shoulder holster that is perfect for multiple applications.

Leapers, Inc. /UTG, a trusted gear company, have released the whole line of holsters including horizontal and vertical lightweight shoulder holsters as two of the most purchased models on the market today.

Like horizontal, the vertical model is universal and modular, meaning its design will fit most popular large frame pistols, revolvers and even sub machine guns such as MP5 or UZI. The reversible thumb break system will allow for both left and right-handed use too.

The UTG Deluxe Universal Vertical Shoulder Holsters is made of an extremely rugged synthetic material  and features a soft lining and adjustable straps for a custom fit.

All Leapers UTG Series Shoulder Holsters consists of a padded shoulder harness, a holster, and two mag pouches. Each rig is fully adjustable and includes Velcro straps attached to web belt for holster/pouch tension.

Keep in mind that this is a tactical holster, meaning besides a thumb break, it has some Velcro safety to make a very secure holster hold.

However, like any other shoulder holster, this UTG features significantly slower draw than a hip carry, and it takes a lot of trial and error to adjust everything for the wearer to feel comfortable.

Who Will Use This Most 

If you need a holster for target shooting or tactical purposes, this shoulder holster will come through in the clutch. All you have to do at this point is get a couple of extra magazines that are compatible with your pistol and make sure they are fully loaded and ready for action just in case you need to use them. This holster will certainly not disappoint, especially if you are looking to use it for target shooting or self-defense. 

Bottom Line 

The UTG Deluxe Vertical Shoulder Holster could be a concealed carry user’s dream holster since it has the ability to handle most pistols along with a couple of extra magazines. They say you can never have too many or too little amounts of ammo. If you want a holster that will get you through the day or through any dangerous situation where survival is paramount, this will be diligent in getting the work done. 

Considering the UTG Vertical shoulder holster price and practicality, combined with an innovative design, we get a professional low-cost solution and a good spare holster that can successfully be used in your everyday and outdoor activities without hesitation.

Best Leather Shoulder Holster:
Gould & Goodrich B804-G17 Gold Line Shoulder Holster


  • Horizontal style
  • Fully user adjustable
  • Good for concealment
  • Double ammunition carrier
  • Durable leather construction
  • Supports various pistols types


  • All the hardware is plastic
  • It doesn’t come with belt keepers, but it can be used without them

What Recent Buyers Report

New buyers were mostly owners of Glock pistols. Regardless of the type, they were able to get excellent concealability and easy adjustments among a handful of benefits. One user said that he was looking for a holster that fit his Glock 19 while wearing it during the winter months. So far, this holster was able to fit him perfectly with a little adjusting. Plus, adding that it was great to wear for around the clock carry.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Glocks are by far one of the most reliable pistols you can find anywhere else. If we haven’t said it before, we’ll say it as many times as we need to. They are known for having excellent firing power, unstoppable reliability, and a quality that is second to none. Civilians, law enforcement, and even military members around the world depend on it for the purpose of self-defense. This holster is made from high-quality leather that won’t rip or fray and will ensure that your concealed carry needs are met.

Gould & Goodrich is a well-known brand known for making a full line of the finest holsters, belts, and accessories.

Made from beautiful genuine leather, the Gould & Goodrich B804- G17 series is intended for Glock series; but the company also makes Gold Line holsters for other handgun models.

While this shoulder holster is entirely adjustable to enable great comfort, it holds your gun horizontally, providing for a fast draw.

Designed with plastic screws, clasps and keepers, this shoulder holster is equipped with a back swivel to help straps lay flat for even better concealment, allowing you comfortably CCW while you are driving or sitting.

With storage space for a pistol and two extra magazine pouches, the Gold Line gives you the best combination of functionality and value for a shoulder holster.

Who Will Use This Most

Obviously, Glock owners will benefit the best from this shoulder holster. It will be the perfect fit for pretty much any shooter across many sizes. So if you are small in frame or a bit on the large side, this shoulder holster will find a way to fit you. And with the leather material included, it’s designed to last you a good long time.

Bottom Line

The Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Shoulder Holster will be the go-to shoulder holster for many Glock owners. And there is no denying that they’ll enjoy the excellent quality and snug fit that this holster offers. If you want a reliable shoulder holster that best fits one of the most reliable pistol brands in the world, this might be right up your alley.

The overall look of the Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Shoulder Holster is conventional and very receptive for the law enforcement officers because its functionality defines comfort, even w. As a higher-grade leather holster with an outstanding design, G&G Gold Line still comes at a reasonable price.

Best Revolver Shoulder Holster:
Federal Vertical Shoulder Holster for 2" Revolvers 5 & 6 Shot


  • Sturdy Nylon Construction
  • Wide Stay Flat Shoulder Pad
  • Four-way adjustment system
  • Snap Release Thumb-break Strap
  • Horizontal carry helps your easy reach


  • Fits only 2” revolvers
  • Will not work with hammerless or shrouded hammer models

What Recent Buyers Report

As expected, lots of new users were able to get a good fit with this holster. All of them were owners of one revolver or another. Aside from the fitting of both their shooting frames and the revolvers they used, they reported the holster being super strong in overall strength and also added that it could also fit and handle some of the heavier revolvers. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

If you own a five or a six-shooter, this holster might make you the fastest gun in the West (well, not really). But it can and will allow for quick and easy drawing since you will be able to access this pistol from a place that is far from your hip but much closer to your hand. The holster is made from sturdy nylon, which isn’t weak and flimsy like some other types that cause snagging. Also, it does something that some nylon holsters fail to do: it doesn’t snag. 

This traditional styled Federal shoulder holster is intended for right-handed cross draws with vertical muzzle orientation since it has a compartment for 2” revolver on its left side.

It is constructed of nylon, that is more precise, and the offside straps are made of a soft-lined Cordura for all-day comfort. The holster itself is padded with closed cell foam moisture barrier.

Constructed of two layers of Cordura, the wide shoulder straps are very similar in width to backpack straps, so these shoulder pads will stay flat and won’t slide around.

The Federal shoulder holster for 2" revolvers features a four-way adjustment system, so the entire rig stays completely secure allowing for all-day comfort without feeling heavy, itchy or painful.

The holster includes a reinforced stop for your thumb, a poly slide sight channel that protects sights, and a tie-down strap to attach to the belt.

Who Will Use This Most

This holster will be useful for those who are searching for something that will best fit revolvers of any caliber. Whether you use it for concealed carry or target shooting, this holster will give you the best concealability bar none. It will probably last you through the winter or year-round depending on the situation. Regardless, you get excellent bulge free concealed carry that is well-deserving for any revolver user.

Bottom Line

The Federal Vertical Shoulder Holster is the best holster that you can find for any compact-sized revolver. That means you get excellent concealability and the best in durability no matter how often you wear it (or for whatever purpose). With adjustable straps that fit most sizes, you’d be crazy to pass up the opportunity to give this holster a closer look.

The Federal holster offers plenty of value in one small package but you should keep in mind this option is made explicitly for the revolvers with traditional hammer and 2" barrels, so the hammerless models or 6" or 4" barrels won't work here. 

8. Under Control Tactical Ultimate Double Shoulder Holster


  • Affordable
  • The military-grade material
  • The ability to carry multiple items
  • The comfortable double gun shoulder holster


  • Lacks a thumb break
  • Needs adjusting to fit properly

What Recent Buyers Report

This holster was a hit with many users who intended to carry not just one, but two pistols. The fit was snug and fitting with so many different sizes. And of course, they were satisfied with the fact that it was a universal holster that was compatible with numerous pistols. But one user said that he was able to carry a SIG Sauer in one holster and his Glock 19 in another. He added that with a holster that is comfortable and allowing him to carry two of his favorite pistols, he hit the jackpot. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

One holster might seem like enough, but two? While that might sound crazy, there are those who want to carry both their primary and secondary pistols at the same time in a single holster. This will be an ideal holster for those who conceal carry in cold weather or normally carry two pistols at once (with one of them attached to the hip or close to it). But let’s not stop there. This has a pouch that allows for the storage of EDC tools like flashlights, extra magazines, and so many other items that become essential to survival. This ain’t a bad holster to have if you hold preparation to higher importance.

For real gun lovers, when one pistol is just not enough, the Under Control Tactical offers their Ultimate Double shoulder holster that accommodates 2 guns and 2 magazines.

It is perfect to fit all popular models including different style 1911 handguns, service pistols, and revolvers.

As one of the best double shoulder holsters, this impressive black holster is made from rugged, lightweight polyester with PVC coating, that's both durable and resilient to even the toughest of jobs.

This vertical carry (muzzle down) double holster shoulder rig features the double configuration attachments that distribute weight evenly compared to single holster systems. This unique  holster includes two vertical Velcro straps that easily attach to a belt too.

With this Under Control Tactical holster, you get adjustable shoulder harness with a quick release buckle, two additional pouches, and universal fit for pistols and revolvers of various sizes. The manufacturer states it is a waterproof holster, but users would say this is rather a water-resistant one.

Who Will Use This Most

This will be the ultimate EDC holster for those who prefer to wear one on their shoulders. So if you want something that will carry two of your most trusted pistols and enough EDC tools that can get you through a temporary situation where you need to evacuate due to disaster, this holster will save your life in more ways than one. Imagine a shoulder holster of all things keeping you alive because of you using the right kind of tools like fire starters, survival blankets, and whatever else. 

Bottom Line

The Under Control Tactical Ultimate Double Shoulder Holster is not the kind of holster you want to underestimate. It will get you out of so many jams that you will give it credit for surviving a dangerous situation (even if you don’t use your pistol). It might be a holster with a little bug-out bag attached if you end up either lost in the woods or have to evacuate somewhere until it is safe to return to your point of origin. 

Without a doubt, leather holsters are much more durable. This highly rated shoulder holster will probably be your best option if the price tag is the critical factor.

Types of Shoulder Holsters

There are two types of vertical shoulder holsters, known as upside-down holsters, and another form where you can put the gun barrel in the opposite direction, with the muzzle pointed down.

The first is easy to conceal, preventing a proper firing grip and limiting the barrel length that can be comfortably accommodated.

The second type holsters are excellent choices for larger framed guns especially those with the longer barrels, but the muzzle is angled up toward the wearer's armpit and the brachial artery.

Vertical Shoulder Holster (Source)


Horizontal Shoulder Holster (Source)

Between those two styles, a mid-solution is to carry the gun at a 45-degree angle with the barrel muzzle pointing up. As a compromise, the 45-degree kind of holster offers more comfortable grip than an upside-down model, while it works with slightly longer barrels than the horizontal holster types.

Regardless of styles and types, your choice of the most comfortable and workable shoulder holster should be based only on your decision made upon through research and testing. Your safety and of those around you should be the top priority.


Choosing the right holster for your activities and body contour is a daunting task and a holster with cool features, but without comfort, is not worth the buy.

Every carrying style platform has advantages and disadvantages, and the shoulder holster has pros and cons, just like any other holster mode of carrying.

However, regarding comfort, it's hard to argue against the underarm holster so you shouldn’t be surprised when you find on the market, shoulder holsters made specifically for smartphones, single or double one. Like in sidearms, in holsters there is no best, the best will be the one you're going to use for an extended period of time. 

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