Best SIG MPX Magazines of 2022 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: December 27, 2021

Are you looking for the best SIG MPX magazine? If so, then you are not alone. It’s important to find the right kind of magazine that will work to your advantage. And let’s face it, you may want multiples of the same magazine once you’ve decided which one is best for you. 

If you are considering the idea of purchasing a magazine, it is highly recommended that you start out with just one. Then, if you like it well enough, you can buy additional units. There is no such thing as having too many rounds at your disposal (especially if you are taking the day to fire them off at the range or during a competition). Still, you want to be sure the magazine you have selected will be functional and adequate. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at our reviews of the magazines we’ve handpicked for the SIG MPX. But first, we’re going to dive in and talk about what size you need for a magazine and how you can choose one for your own use. 

Comparison of the Best SIG MPX Magazines

  • Best overall
  • Made from strong durable polymer
  • Available from 10 to 30 rounds
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  • Best for the money
  • Transparent so you can see the number of rounds inside
  • Polymer follower included for easy loading
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  • Best 10 round magazine for SIG MPX
  • Factory replacement magazine
  • Available in Gen 1 or Gen 2 models (followers will be a different color from each other)
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  • Best 30 round magazine for SIG MPX
  • Constructed from high-quality polymer
  • Reinforced feeding lips for easier loading and better reliability
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What Size of MPX Magazine Do I Need?

This will come down to personal preference and will depend on the number of rounds that you need. Keep in mind that the higher the capacity, the larger the size will be. For example, a 30 round magazine will be longer in size compared to those that can carry up to 10 rounds. And since you’ll be firing off 9mm rounds with an MPX, you’ll need to find magazines that are wide enough to handle them.

SIG Sauer MPX Magazines

What Should I Look For When Buying a New Magazine?

If you intend to purchase a new magazine (or several), then you need to know what you have to look for in order to find the right one. You will need to make the distinction between a great magazine from one that is considered subpar in terms of quality and performance. Here are just a few things that you need to look for:


The price might be one of the most important aspects that will factor into your decision making. But don’t let it be the only reason behind your final purchase. If you are on a budget, the price will be a concern. But, you will need to find a magazine that is excellent in quality and performance. Plus, it is highly recommended that you purchase the best quality that you can afford. Make sure it isn’t cheap and flimsy by any stretch before you make the purchase official.

Your Ideal Capacity

Do you want 10 rounds or 30? Are you using it for casual target shooting or competition? There are some sub-factors that will play a role in deciding how many rounds you’ll need. In the final analysis, you may want to consider more rounds at your disposal if you intend to save yourself some time and get yourself ahead of the curve. If you intend to use your MPX for self-defense, 10 rounds might be enough to get the job done. 

Durability and Reliability

These are not one, but two major factors that deserve their own subsection. For one, you want a magazine that will be high in quality. So, you want to find one that is made from sturdy materials like polymer. These suckers are nearly indestructible, so you won’t have to worry about breaking them if they fall onto the pavement. 

Reliability, on the other hand, is also really important. You want no jamming to happen at all. But in the event that one does for some strange reason, you can have extras handy just in case. All you have to do is switch out the dud and in goes the new mag. 

Review of the Best Sig MPX Magazines

The following Sig MPX Magazines that we have hand picked for review are the best in the business. Before we move forward, we have one thing to disclose: they are very similar to each other. That said, there are some stark differences between them as well. And by the way, you don’t need to adjust your eyes; you’re not seeing double.

Let’s begin with our first choice -- the “best overall”:

Best Overall:
SIG Sauer MPX Magazines


  • No fitting needed

  • Superior quality and durability

  • Light in weight, even when fully loaded

  • Easy to load, be it by hand or speed loader

  • Perfect for target shooting casually or in competition


  • Some have complained about the price

  • Releasing them may be difficult sometimes

  • May be a bit difficult to clean and maintain at times

What Recent Buyers Report

New users saw this magazine as one of the best-performing of its kind. To be more specific, it fits perfectly with MPX guns and it can feed through smoothly and won’t jam. One user said that he had no complaints with his magazine as he blasted through well over 2500 rounds at the range without any malfunctions or jamming. He further added that he purchased extras for an upcoming competition so he could save himself some time rather than reload one single magazine.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The crazy thing about this magazine is that you can choose anywhere between 10 to 30 rounds. So if you want a certain amount of rounds that will work to your advantage, consider your usual application. For example, you may need more rounds in a single magazine if you plan on saving time during a competition where there is no room for error or goofing off. And if you goof off in a competition, you just might find yourself out of the running for another trophy in your case.

Who Will Use This Most 

This magazine was made for those who don’t lollygag. They are time savers that would want nothing more than to blast off a good 10, 20, or 30 rounds and then quickly switch them out with another magazine. Depending on how many of these you will own, it will be rinse and repeat from there. It sounds boring, doesn’t it? Well, firing off that many rounds is quite fun anyway… so the answer to that question is no.

Bottom Line

If you want a Sig MPX magazine that is hardcore in quality and will prove its worth at the range, these magazines will definitely give you the advantage. Once you give the first one a test spin, you’ll definitely want to buy more so you can have them handy. Don’t be surprised if you are impressed by the silky smoothness of the shooting cycle. It’s so smooth it can feel like a nice fabric pressing up against the skin.

Best for the Money:
SIG Sauer MPX 9mm 10 Round


  • Superior quality

  • Smooth, reliable shooting

  • Fits on MPX guns effortlessly

  • Loads up shots fast

  • Perfect for self-defense and target shooting


  • None

What Recent Buyers Report

New users say that this magazine was pretty fun to shoot with. And what really made it great was they were able to fire all kinds of 9mm rounds. It did not discriminate when it came to the brand, according to one user. He said that this magazine worked really well with what he called his “cheap-o” 9mm rounds. Even after firing as many as 1000 rounds, he added that he didn’t deal with a single malfunction like he did with another magazine on a different gun that didn’t like specific 9mm shapes or brands.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This mag is made from a high-quality polymer that has undergone test after test. Somehow it survives the beatings, the torture, and the heat, all while working overtime. After firing many rounds, it doesn’t let up and it won’t buckle or fail on you. That’s exactly what you want in a magazine to begin with. And loading it won’t be a major pain either (much less a time suck). If you want a magazine that handles pretty much any 9mm round and won’t give you a hard time, this magazine will do.

Who Will Use This Most

If you have 9mm rounds from various brands that you are dying to fire off, be sure to give this magazine a close look. This will handle them all because they’re 9mm rounds for crying out loud. How can a magazine somehow malfunction or fail to work with 9mm rounds? If you want to cut the crap and get a magazine that will work well with your MPX and will make 9mm shooting a lot of fun, this magazine should be what you need. 

Bottom Line

If you want to fire off 9mm rounds without losing your shirt or your bank account, the SIG Sauer MPX 9mm 10-round magazines will certainly give you the advantage in any given situation where using an MPX is warranted. It’s high in quality, reliable, and affordable for most budgets. That pretty much hits a whole lot of sweet spots for any budget user who just wants a quality magazine at a price they can afford.

Best 10 Round Magazine:
SIG Sauer MPX 9mm 10-Round


  • No additional fitting required

  • Great for target shooting purposes

  • Easy to load; takes less than a minute

  • No jamming or malfunctions after firing 1000 rounds

  • Follower is really visible to reveal how many rounds are inside the magazine


  • Some say the mags might be a bit pricey

  • Cleaning and maintenance may be a challenge at first

  • Base plates may come off at times according to one user

What Recent Buyers Report

According to new users, they were pretty stoked about this magazine. Not only was it perfect for its class in terms of quality and reliability, but it was super easy to load. One user said the follower was bright and it made sure that he used it to his advantage while loading his magazine with nearly 8 rounds (he doesn’t go up to 10 unless he has to). So far, he hasn’t complained about the functionality one bit. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Wait a minute… haven’t we covered this magazine already? Well, sort of. This is a different version of a SIG Sauer MPX 9mm 10 round magazine. One of the major differences is the color of the follower. This one has a fluorescent green color so it will be easier for loading (especially for newbies to the MPX). You can use it in broad daylight or low light and still be able to load up easily. 

Who Will Use This Most

This is a great MPX magazine for those new to the idea of firing off 9mm rounds with a SIG Sauer that isn’t like the others. It’s a semi-automatic that will allow for smooth shooting using a magazine that is malfunction-free and quite easy to load. Why rely on a dark-colored follower like the other magazines? If you need a follower that is easy to see, this might be perfect for you (or anyone that might have some pretty crappy eyesight to work with). 

Bottom Line

If you want a 9mm 10-round magazine that will have an easy to use follower and smooth shooting that will make it fun at the range or wherever you tend to fire a hefty quantity of rounds, then this SIG Sauer 9mm 10-round magazine will certainly get the nod. Whether you are new to shooting an MPX or are a seasoned vet, you cannot go wrong with 10 rounds at your disposal (be it for one magazine or more).

Best 30 Round Magazine:
SIG Sauer MPX 9mm 30-Round


  • Solid durability

  • Fits on all MPX magwells like a glove

  • Easy to load by hand or speed loader

  • Handles all different kinds of 9mm rounds

  • Made for competition and casual target shooting


  • None

What Recent Buyers Report

As expected, new users were pretty happy with the number of rounds that were at their disposal. Most of them were competitive shooters looking for a large enough capacity for one magazine. One user said that he would much rather rely on 30 rounds to a single magazine compared to 10 because it saves him more time that would otherwise be wasted on loading more rounds or having to switch out magazines constantly because of a smaller capacity. He said the more rounds he had on hand, the better. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Up to this point, we’ve looked at 10 round magazines. If you want to reload or change mags less, then why not get this for yourself? Plus, it has a follower that will make loading easier for those trying to keep count of how many rounds they have in the mag already. Aside from that, it’s a bit larger than the usual magazines you’ll find on an MPX. Well, that’s because it’s long enough to handle more rounds (obviously). 

Who Will Use This Most

If you are in search of more rounds in a single magazine, your search will probably end here. This may be best for competition purposes because you will spend a slightly lesser amount of time switching out magazines because of the additional rounds. But make no mistake, it will give you more rounds to work with. And if you have a whole slew of 9mm rounds that you are getting tired of seeing collecting dust, then why not put them to good use finally with a magazine like this?

Bottom Line

The Sig Sauer MPX 9-mm 30-round magazine obviously gives you more rounds, more of an edge over your competition, and more of a chance to come out on top if and when such a situation allows it. Or, you can shoot targets for fun as a great way to dispose of those 9mm rounds that have been sitting in your gun cabinet. 

Cautious Considerations to Keep In Mind

Before you purchase one of the magazines above, it’s important to know some additional information. This way, you’ll be well aware of some aspects that pertain to using magazines like this. The more informed you are as a buyer, the better the chance you’ll be able to use these magazines properly. Here’s what you need to know:

Don’t Use Any Other Caliber Rounds

These magazines are designed to fit 9mm rounds and ONLY 9mm rounds. This means they won’t be suitable for .22 caliber rounds or even .380 rounds (despite the fact that they are exactly the same size and look alike). So, if you need to play it safe, double to check to see if you are using 9mm rounds before you even load them in the magazine. 

Clean Your Magazines Regularly

Depending on which magazine you choose, they may need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. As a rule, you can fire off at least 3000 to 5000 rounds before you need to clean them (based on a single magazine). Failure to do so may lead to some reliability issues and may cause your shots to be hard to get off. 


Finding the best SIG MPX magazine might be challenging because they might be similar to one another. But you better believe that if you are able to find one that fits all of your shooting needs, you will be set for a long time. Be sure to take great care of them and they will certainly take care of you in the long run. 


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