The Best Springfield XD Holsters – Buyer’s Guide [2019]

When taking into account functionality, accuracy and mechanical reliability for the price, Springfield handguns check all the boxes. These pistols are favorites for concealed carry too. They may not be the fanciest pistols out there, but they are some of the most popular, affordable, and most widely available pistols on the market.

In this review, we're going to take a look at some of the best Springfield XD holsters currently on the market. With this, we'll be taking a closer look at each holster and discussions the top qualities, pros, and cons. We did our homework here so you don't have to. 

Best Springfield XD Holsters Comparison Chart


Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster: fits Springfield XD 45

  • Best Springfield XD 45 holster
  • Easy adjustments, great fit, and extremely comfortable to use
  • Comes in with an adjustment tool and options for other add-ons
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Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster

  • Best Springfield XD 45 holster runner-up
  • Handmade from genuine USA bullhide leather for durability and finish
  • Fits most full-size and compact handguns and sits comfortable while working
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Springfield XD-9; XD-40; XD-45 w/Laser Holster

  • Best Springfield XD 45 holster second runner-up
  • Heavy-duty nylon design with ambidextrous clip and belt combo
  • Holster accomodates gun with ligts and has a large spare mag pouch
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Springfield Armory XD Gear One Piece Paddle Holster Black

  • Best Springfield XD 45 holster third runner-up
  • Compact and durable OWB design for quick draw and holstering
  • Adjustable design to suit different guns of a similar frame size
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ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

  • Best Springfield XD 45 belly band holster
  • Great for use while running jogging or doing any strenous task
  • Comfortable neoprene band with universal fit holster and spare pockets
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BLACKHAWK! SERPA Level 3 Auto Lock Duty Holster - Matte Finish

  • Best Springfield XD 45 holster concealed carry
  • Made of carbon fiber for extreme durability and resistance
  • SERPA Level 3 auto lock release and lockable clamping lever lock
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Safariland 6355 ALS Tactical Holster with Quick Release Springfield XD 45- 4" Holster

  • Best Springfield XD 45 tactical holster
  • Automatic locking system low-ride profile and comfortable for longer durations
  • Standard double strap leg shroud with mounting holes for optional accessories
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R&R Holsters OWB Kydex Light Bearing Holster for Streamlight TLR-3-50+

  • Best Springfield XD 45 holster with light
  • Works with multiple gun models fitted with Streamlight TLR-3 flashlight
  • Multiple mounting holes for adjustment of ride height on paddle
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What Makes the Springfield XD a Great Concealed Carry?

Yes, there are other poly striker pistols out there, but few can compare to the features the Springfield XD offers. The Springfield firearm family comes in original XD and XDM lineup, followed by a new exclusive single-stack, subcompact variant, marketed as the XD-S.

Designed around a polymer frame with steel inserts, all pistols, with the exception of the XD-E, are striker-fired, short recoil-operated, semi-automatic pistols. There are some minor exterior differences between them, but the main differences refer to magazine capacity and barrel lengths.

In the quest for the best-concealed carry firearm, many factors should be considered, but most gun connoisseurs agree the width is the most important.

Currently, the Springfield XD-S takes the crown as the slimmest profile concealed carry, .45-caliber pistol with only 0.95 inches slide width.

A new slimmer design for the single-stack magazine, results in 0.3 inch being shaved off the width, making it easier to conceal.

At 6.3 inches long overall (barrel length is 3.3 in), the Springfield XD-S is not a true pocket pistol, but it is indeed small enough to disappear when carried inside-the-waistband.

Springfield XD-S (Source)

On the other hand, the full-size XD model is not exactly tiny, but at 7.3 inches is not considered large either.

With controls thoughtfully laid out, the Springfield XD is a great starter firearm for someone who is newer to concealed carry. The safety features on this firearm make it the perfect weapon for a novice.

With no frills, this striker-fired pistol sports a trigger safety lever and loaded chamber indicator. It also has an unusual feature for a poly striker gun- an implemented back-strap safety that requires a firm grip to disengage.

As a bonus, the XD models are all double-stack, so they are a bit wider, though not unmanageable. Many people prefer a larger capacity weapon and carry the 4-inch models on a daily basis, proving it is possible, though inconvenient, to carry these bulkier weapons.

In addition to its bigger brothers, such as the Service pistol line, which features a 4.5-inch barrel, and the Competition model with a 5.25-inch barrel, the XD series also includes the XDM 3.8-in full-size model. The XDM is equipped with a shorter barrel, making it suitable for use as a concealed carry pistol.

Undoubtedly, the Springfield XD, with its multiple variations, including compact and subcompact models is one of the best CCW guns. Indeed, it is tough to find a better working CCW handgun.

What is the Best Type of Holster for the Springfield XD?

As far as the physical size of the XD, most gun owners prefer inside the waistband (IWB) and OWB designs over other holsters.  

A variety of factors play into this, however, the most common is their overall comfort, ease of carry, and concealability.

Holsters should combine rugged construction, superior concealability, good retention, and weapon security. They should also be comfortable to carry, even for extended periods.

The inside-the-waistband, or IWB, type of holster is by far the most popular concealed carry choice for today’s gun owners. By using an XD IWB holster that clips or slides onto the belt, you can comfortably conceal your firearm, while still easily accessible.

While your XD pistol in IWB holster can easily be hidden beneath a loose untucked shirt, the hard plastics can rub and irritate bare skin, so you may need to wear a shirt beneath your rig as well.

XDs IWB Holster (source)

Another carrying rig suitable for the XD line, is oldest, most common type of holster, the outside-the-waistband holster (OWB). These are generally very comfortable, can be worn in many positions, and offer easy access to your weapon.

Since an OWB is not as easy to conceal as an IWB holster, this holster alternative requires specific wardrobe choices, especially the addition of longer coats or jackets.

While there are many other options, depending on body size and daily activities, you may prefer carrying platforms such as shoulder holsters, belly band models, or the newly popular clipdraw systems.

Last, but not least, features to watch for are a manufacturer's warranty and a trial period. Along with the above mentioned features, you should practicing drawing and reholstering to get used to your new holster. If you are not completely satisfied, a 30-day money back guarantee is a much-appreciated benefit.

Quick Take - The Best Springfield XD Holsters

Review of the Best Springfield XD Holsters

Now we’re going to take a look at some of the best Springfield XD holsters currently on the market. We’ll be covering what we liked and some things to be aware of before making any final decisions. Let’s get started!

1. Best Springfield XD 45 Holster: Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

9MM/40SW/45ACP-Custom Fit -US Made - Inside Waistband - ADJ. Cant/Retention

The Concealment Express holster is molded explicitly to Springfield XD 45 model for a perfect custom fit. It is made of .08 thick Kydex, a material capable of supporting a minimalist IWB holster design, while adding only 2.5 oz. to weight.

While Kydex is very popular for its ruggedness, it has an integrated Full Sweat-Shield so it will not absorb moisture, enabling comfortable everyday use even in a warmer climates.

This Kydex holster is purpose-built to be worn inside the waistband with an untucked shirt, making it suitable for many carrying options, including appendix, cross draw, hip, and opposite hand draw.

This minimalist IWB holster comes with a fully covered trigger area, adjustable retention pressure, and an audible locking sound when your firearm is secured.

Besides its Posi-Click Audible Retention Lock system, the Concealment Express holster also features an adjustable carry angle, (or cant). It means you can adjust the draw position of your gun from 0-15 degrees to suit your liking and particular needs.


  • Multi-positions Carrying Styles
  • Made of .08" (2mm) KYDEX Material
  • Lightweight Holster Ideal Choice for Concealed Carry
  • Posi 'Click' Audible Retention Lock System
  • Adjustable Retention Pressure
  • Cant (carry angle) Adjustable from 0-15 degrees
  • Integrated Full-Length Sweat Guard
  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty


  • Can Rub and Irritate Exposed Skin
  • times-circle
    Can Scratch Your Gun’s Finish Over Time

Bottom Line

The minimalist look and feel of Springfield XD holsters are entirely appropriate for those who are after a slim, tight fitting model.

Concealment Express Kydex holsters are comfortable rigs, are virtually indestructible, and come with a lifetime warranty.

2. Best Springfield XD 45 Holster Runner-up: Relentless Tactical- The Defender Leather IWB Holster

Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster - Made in USA - for S&W M&P Shield - Glock 17 19 22 23 32 33/Springfield XD & XDS/Plus All Similar Sized Handguns – Black – Left Handed

If you are in the market for a Springfield XD 45 leather holster, then Relentless Tactical offers a mid-priced, inside the waistband (IWB), smooth leather holster made of bullhide. 

This comfortable, form-fitting holster features a sturdy, steel belt clip, and reinforced stitched top that retains its shape when the pistol is drawn, which aids in re-holstering. This gun holder lacks cant adjustment and retention, and relies on on pressure from the waistband for firearm security.

The Relentless Tactica's Defender model is available for over 80 different makes and models of semi-automatic handguns. This includes a custom Defender holster for the Springfield Armory XD 45.

Though it fits most XD style handguns perfectly, it may require some breaking in to achieve a comfortable fit.

Relentless Tactical produces the Defender holster in black or brown leather and both right- and left-hand models.


  • Made of Genuine Bullhide Leather
  • Available for Over 80 Different Gun Models
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Form-fitted for Easy Concealment
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Comes Without a Retention Device
  • times-circle
    No Cant Adjustment
  • times-circle
    Needs Breaking-in Period

Bottom Line

The Defender leather IWB holster brings the perfect blend of craftsmanship and functionality in a low-compact design suitable for IWB and concealment carry.

Furthermore, the manufacturer provides a lifetime, money-back guarantee on all their leather products.

3. Best Springfield XD 45 Holster Second Runner-up: Springfield XD-9; XD-40; XD-45 w/Laser Holster      

Springfield XD-9; XD-40; XD-45 w/Laser Holster***MADE IN THE U.S.A***

Although nylon belt holsters for full-size Springfield XD pistols may seem too weak and bendable, the Ace Case is able to not only to hold a large gun, but also supports an XD with mounted laser sight.

The Ace Case holster is made of robust, black Cordura ballistic nylon, stitched with strong bonded nylon and featuring double stitching at pressure points. The Velcro is completely hidden by webbing to protect against foreign debris and the is fully lined internally to protect the finish on your handgun.

For added security, the Ace Case ambidextrous model is designed to be worn inside the waistband using a 2-inch pants clip and a belt-through-the-loop to ensure a more stable fit.

This laser compatible holster features a Velcro securing strap with an adjustable thumb snap release. The thumb break can be adjusted via the steel shank to allow for weapon removal while obtaining strap is engaged.

As an added bonus, the holster sports a spare magazine pouch that can hold one double stack magazine.


  • Ambidextrous Holster for Springfield XD
  • Suitable for Laser Sight or Tactical Light Attachment
  • Flexible Attachment via 2-inch belt loops or Clip
  • Better in Warmer Climate Conditions Where Leather Holsters Aren’t Ideal
  • Velcro Securing Strap
  • Thumb Break with Adjustable Steel Shank
  • Ammo Pouch for a Spare Magazine


  • Pistol Can be Removed When Obtaining Strap in Place
  • times-circle
    Nylon Generally Won’t Last as Long as Leather

Bottom Line

The universal case fits medium and large framed handguns with an attached light or laser. Because it is intended for a gun with attachment, the holster is considerably wider so usage without laser/light can be a little loose.

4. Best Springfield XD 45 Holster Third Runner-up: Springfield Armory XD Gear One-piece Paddle Holster

Springfield XD Gear, One Piece Paddle Holster, Right Hand, Black

Springfield engineered the one-piece paddle holster with the fewest possible parts without sacrificing quality and functionality. Although utilizing a minimalist design, this universal paddle holster will perfectly fit the XD and all its variations.

The Springfield XD Gear One-Piece paddle holster is built of injection molded polymers with a matte black finish. It provides a sort of rugged simplicity with features that only larger holsters typically advertise.

Springfield XD Gear one-piece paddle holster boasts an audible retention snap, adjustable by retention screw, allowing the trigger catch to be adjusted to a desired level of tightness for retention.

Furthermore, with cant adjustability and paddle mount rotation, the Springfield XD holster allows you to position your gun between 0-15 degrees and find the perfect setting for a proper fit.

As a bonus, the One Piece paddle holster sits on top of your pants and does not require a belt to be worn. It is compatible with all versions of the Springfield XD firearms including 3 inch, 4 inch, and 5 inch XD double stack models. This holster is intended to be used by a right-handed shooter.


  • Compatible with Several Different XD Style Guns
  • Minimalistic, Lightweight Design
  • Made of Durable Polymer
  • Cant Adjustable
  • Adjustable Retention


  • Too Small for Full Sized pistols

Bottom Line

While not as fancy as other holsters, this affordable paddle holster is created to securely hold a gun from the waist with quick and easy access. Draws are smooth and natural, every time.

5. Best Springfield XD 45 Belly Band Holster: ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry | Black | Fits Gun Smith and Wesson Bodyguard, Glock 19, 42, 43, P238, Ruger LCP, and Similar Sized Guns | for Men and Women (Left)

Belly band holsters are the new solution for concealed carrying full-size pistols like a Springfield Armory XD 45.

Actually, the ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band elastic holster will accommodate just about any revolver or pistol, up to a full size 1911 or gun with a maximum length of 7". 

Unlike most elastic bands in the market, ComfortTac is made of soft neoprene, making it comfortable against the skin without pinching skin and body hair. The thicker neoprene provides more comfort and supports gun weight more efficiently.

However, the heavier and thicker material can retain heat and causing sweating in warmer weather. On the other hand, it doesn't require a belt and greatly increases your wardrobe options. This holster will work with jeans, sweatpants, gym shorts, skirts, biking shorts and many other fashions.

Because the ultimate belly band holster wraps around your torso, it can be worn in almost any position, including mid back, behind the hip, appendix, high on the chest, shoulder holster position, and many other positions.

The ComfortTac belly band holster is one-size-fits-all and measures 5" wide x 42.25" long, but is advertised to accommodate up to 46" waists and can be used for left or right-handed people.

This belly band is designed with a flexible holster, one spare magazine pocket, and an additional movable pocket for a knife, money, or credit card. The elastic holster has a retention strap, which uses an innovative metal snap instead of noisy Velcro which enables a silent draw.

One small note, this elastic holster will fit a wide range of guns, however small "pocket pistols" may sit deep in the holster, making quick draw more difficult.


  • One-size-fits-most
  • Works Well for Small Framed People
  • Accommodates Different Sized Guns
  • Allows Multi Carrying Positions
  • Spare Magazine Pocket
  • Additional Movable Pocket
  • Ambidextrous Use
  • Silent Draw
  • Works with Most Clothing Styles


  • Additional Pocket Too Large for Extra Magazines
  • times-circle
    Not Suitable for Smaller Weapons
  • times-circle
    Difficult to Reholster

Bottom Line

Unlike traditional elastic holsters, the ComfortTac Neoprene Belly Band handles the weight of a gun very well and will retain stretch unlike elastic.

Since this fabric is not elastic, tighter is better. By tightening the velcro the band, the closer the XD will be to your body.

6. Best Springfield XD 45 Holster Concealed Carry: BlackHawk Level 3 SERPA Auto Lock Duty Holster

BLACKHAWK SERPA Level 3 Auto Lock Duty Holster - Matte Finish

The concept of security "levels" describes the retention of holsters and a number of security features. Therefore, for uniform carry, at least a Level 3 retention is recommended.

The new SERPA holster from Blackhawk is based on the CQC (Close Quarters Concealment) Serpa holster with three levels of retention that release with proper mechanics. The proven SERPA technology offers the fastest options for duty officers, allowing a smooth, silky draw and an equally natural re-holstering process.

Along with passive retention, Level 3 SERPA for Springfield XD allows the shooter to disengage the lock with the trigger finger during an instinctive draw motion. It also features a full master grip with a secondary thumb-activated Pivot Guard for optional additional security.

The Blackhawk holster is made from durable injection-molded carbon-fiber composite with a one-year limited warranty. This robust and lightweight holster features a full-length body, which protects both front and rear XD sights from damage.

The SERPA Auto Lock System features an automatic locking mechanism that secures the trigger guard upon return to the holster and will not release until the user does so manually. It also features an active detent creates friction to hold the trigger guard for retention.

SERPA holsters for Springfield Armory XD come with the angle-adjustable belt loop slides that fit a belt up to 2.25 inches wide and a paddle platform. It also features a unique jacket-slot belt loop that adjusts for cant and fits a variety of belt widths.


  • Injection Molded Carbon Fiber Composite Construction
  • Level 3 Triple Retention
  • Quick Access and Draw
  • The SERPA Auto Lock System Engages Automatically
  • Manually Activated Pivot Guard
  • Full-length Design Protects Both Front and Rear Sights
  • Unique Jacket-slot Belt-loop Design
  • Passive Retention Detent Adjustment Screw
  • One Year Limited Warranty


  • Low-hanging Position of the Belt Mount May be Uncomfortable
  • times-circle
    Level III Retention Device Requires Much Practice in Weapon Drawing

Bottom Line

The BlackHawk Level 3 Auto Lock Duty is designed to provide professional-grade retention using a natural drawing motion which requires no unnatural maneuvers or complicated sequences to remember. A BlackHawk SERPA is a duty-style holster, which takes a bit of extra practice, especially in relation to trigger finger position when drawing.

7. Best Springfield XD 45 Tactical Holster: Safariland 6355 ALS Tactical Holster with Quick Release Springfield XD 45- 4" Holster

Safariland 6355 ALS Tactical Holster with Quick Release Springfield XD 45-4' Holster, Black, Right

The Safariland 6355 ALS Tactical holster is a drop-leg holster designed for tactical situations. This purpose-built carrying rig comes with an open-top design and quick-release leg strap, ideal for tactical operations.

As the next evolution in retention holsters, the Safariland flagship series 6355 model uses the innovative ALS (Automatic Locking System) retention system, an internal locking device that retains your Springfield XD 45 in all angles instantly upon reholstering.

This patented system is operable with just the thumb, and the weapon can be drawn straight out of the holster without twisting or placing your fingers near the trigger guard.

In addition, Safariland 6355 ALS has a Hood Guard, or external shield, which provides additional safety by protecting the release mechanism against takeaway attempts.

This holster is built for harsh environments, utilizing extremely durable thermal-molded Safari-Laminate and SafariSuede lining to help protect the weapon’s sights and finish. Whereas the soft and brushed suede aid in preserving the XD`s finish, it somewhat slows down smoother draw strokes.

The holster's strategic leg location is a favorite carrying type for both law enforcement and military personnel. The standard double leg strap and leg shroud use silicone gripper strips to prevent slipping and keep the dual elastic leg straps in place.


  • ALS (Automatic Locking System) Secures Weapon Upon Reholster
  • Open-top Design for Quick Weapon Retrieval
  • Hood Guard is Standard
  • Compatible With Several XD Style Guns
  • Suede Lining Protects Pistol Finish
  • Adjustable Belt Attachment for All Belt Sizes
  • Standard Double Strap Leg Shroud with Mounting Holes for Optional Accessories
  • Silicone-backed Dual Leg Straps Minimize Movement


  • Very Tight on Firearm
  • times-circle
    Drawing is Not Smooth

Bottom Line

The 6355 ALS Tactical Holster offers enhanced security and tactical accessibility with a drop-leg design that uses adjustable vertical and horizontal straps with mounting holes for optional accessories.

8. Best Springfield XD 45 Holster With Light: R&R Holsters OWB Kydex Light Bearing Holster for Streamlight TLR-3

R&R Holsters: OWB Kydex Light Bearing Holster for Streamlight TLR-3-50+ Gun Models Available - Black

When it comes to the Springfield XD 45 holsters, we are generally looking for a lightweight holster.

R&R Holsters offers the right blend of size and weight for 50 different gun models. Constructed of .080" Kydex, this OWB holster is large enough to hold your XD gun, but small enough to not get in the way of daily life.

In addition, this  holster has an exciting design intended to accommodate a Springfield XD with a Streamlight TLR-3 flashlight attached. This solid holster lacks retention devices, but the friction fit around the gun holds it tightly in place during a jog or run. Designed to hug the body, the R&R OWB holster is low-profile enough to not leave much of an imprint.

As a well-thought design, this OWB holster comes with a partial sweat backing to protect your skin against chafing and protect the slide of your handgun against the damaging effects of the sweat.

This R&R Holsters come with an adjustable 0-15 degree cant. You can change the cant’s inclination, through the use of four additional rivet points that allow for belt loop re-positioning. The adjustable belt loops fit belts up to 1 ½” wide and come with a one year warranty.


  • Fits Light Attachment
  • Sweat Guard Backing
  • Kydex Construction
  • Adjustable Cant From 0-15 Degrees
  • Adjustable Belt Loops
  • One Year Replacement Warranty


  • Requires the Streamlight TLR-3 to Function Properly
  • times-circle
    Stiff Construction

Bottom Line

Featuring an improved design for larger frame pistols, the R&R Holsters Kydex rig is specially made to be worn outside the waistband, and it is not intended for IWB use.

Designed to be used strictly with the Streamlight TLR-3 attached to the Springfield XD 45, this model is a great choice for your home defense pistol.


The main reason you invest in gun holsters is their capability to accommodate your sidearm securely and prolong gun life.

We hope this review has helped outline some of the top Springfield XD 45 holsters and set you on track to your next rig. Best of luck to you! 

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