US Texas LawShield Review (2022)

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August 15, 2023

US LawShield: A Top Pick for Concealed Carry Insurance

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  • Protection You Didn't Think About: Membership offers add-ons for minors, hunting/fishing violations, stolen weapons/IDs, and more!
  • A Phone Call Away, ANY Day:  24/7/365 access to an attorney for emergencies or non-emergencies
  • Stress-Free: No caps, deductibles, copayments, retainers, or hourly rates

Legal defense for self-defense is an inevitable necessity. Since self-defense situations are always unexpected, you shouldn’t actively carry without such legal defense. In these cases, both parties attract legal implications.

US Texas LawShield is one such leading company providing legal defense for such situations across the US. Let’s check out what the company has to offer and why can you choose it. 

Who is US LawShield? 

The company was founded in 2009 in the state of Texas, by a small group of pioneering lawyers to help lawful gun owners defend themselves from unfavorable conditions and disrupting their life due to legal outcomes of self-defense.

The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and has a customer base of 525,000+ firearm owners. It is a Fortegra A-rated company. It offers legal defense for self-defense and is not a law firm. The company has set up a network of independent attorneys across the country who are available 24/7/365 on an emergency hotline for assistance. 

Their attorney service has no caps and they also offer some amazing add-ons to choose from. 

US Law Shield Logo

What Kind of Coverage is Offered By US LawShield?

Coverage offered by US LawShield is quite complete for the price and what it is. They offer an always-available emergency hotline that can be used to contact their attorneys. Their coverage includes only attorney costs of criminal and civil self-defense. 

There are no hourly caps, no limits, no legal deductible for your representation in a court of law via their attorney. This means if you end up getting sued for a self-defense action, all you have to do is call them and wait for legal protection to begin. No money has to be paid for legal protection whatsoever. Plus, the basic membership also covers any re-trials.

Apart from this, the company offers a lot of different add-ons that help you increase your level of protection. Let’s talk about these aspects in detail. 

The US & Texas LawShield insurance covers all legal weapons used for self-defense. That is something not every company out there offers.

There is an emergency and non-emergency hotline for customers. You’ll always be answered by an attorney so you don’t have to wait to get the right advice. The company has a network of third party attorneys in every state. 

Apart from the basic coverage included in every membership, you can also opt for extra add-ons at a small monthly/annual fee for extra coverage. Let’s check these out:

Stolen Gun or ID 

You can opt for a ‘gun owner identity theft coverage’ addon to protect your firearm or ID’s misuse when stolen. The cost of this addition is either $6.95/month or $83.40 for the entire year

Multi-state Protection

Opting in for this multi-state protection covers your self-defense actions in all 50 US States, including DC and Puerto Rico. This service can be availed at $2.95 monthly or $35.40 annually.

Minor Children Coverage

When you opt for this addon, all your dependents under the age of 18 are covered for legal defense. With exact same limitations and exclusions as their parents. The fee is $2 per month of $24 annually.


This add-on is aimed at providing coverage to the member while hunting or fishing. You’ll have legal coverage if you're accused of breaking any sporting laws in your region. The price is $2.95 monthly or $35.40 annually. A great add-on if you go hunting/fishing.

Bail Bond and Expert Witness

This service is only available in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma. It covers bail bonds up to $50,000 and expert witness fees. An obvious add-on if you live in one of these states. The price is $2.95 monthly or $35.40 annually.

What Makes US LawShield Stand Out Against Competitors? 

There is many legal defense for self-defense providers out there, and US LawShield is among the best of them. But it still has competitors. So let’s find out why they're King of the Hill. 

Price and Plan Customization

US LawShield offers the least membership fees you’ll find with any current CC insurance company. This savings is a no-brainer.

While the initial membership offers basic coverage, you have five other add-ons to choose from. These add-ons cover minors, firearm theft, multi-state protection, bails, and hunting/fishing activities (see above). Each of these add-ons is available at a very affordable price. This feature lets you include only what’s required. For example, if you don’t have kids and don’t go hunting, you don’t need those two add-ons. A la carte!

Their membership costs $10.95 monthly or $131.40 annually for a single membership or $21.90 monthly and $240 for two memberships. That’s about $20 savings when you take an annual membership. The cost of other perks is the same per member. 


US LawShield has no cap limit on the number of hours their attorney spends on defending your civil or criminal charges. Neither are you required to pay any fees for legal defense. Many companies don’t offer this. 

US Law Shield Membership Perks

The company doesn’t cover civil damages, but each state has its laws on that.

All payments to attorneys are made upfront, so you don’t have to face delays or hassles which could add fuel to the already blazing fire of your legal debate. 

Education and Offers

US LawShield has a very comprehensive online portal that has a ton of educational content on concealed carry and other related subjects. They also have a self-defense forum which can be accessed by members to spark discussions and find answers. They also have seminars organized at regular intervals. Additionally, you get regular discounts, coupons, and other offers from their associated businesses like gun ranges, stores, and more. 

What Should I Do Before Signing Up For Concealed Carry Insurance?

Planning on buying a concealed carry insurance? Keep these things in mind before you sign up for one. 

Local Laws

Gun laws are not the same across all US states. While states like CA are very strict on their gun policies, states like AZ have very lenient gun laws. If you live in a Castle Doctrine state and your sole intention for keeping a weapon is home defense, you don’t NEED Concealed Carry Insurance, but it would still be helpful.

If you live in a ‘Stand your ground’ state, you may need one since someone will definitely find a way to sue you, even if you are right in your intentions & actions. If you live in a strict gun law state and own a gun, it becomes absolutely necessary. 


If you concealed carry your weapon across many states, you should seriously consider buying CC insurance. As a self-defense situation can arise anytime, even if you're extra careful. It’s better to have your back covered. 

Your Financial Situation

Self-defense suits can cost the defender hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even millions if there’s a civil damage claim. People are often pushed to bankruptcy fighting these cases.

So if you're rich, spending an extra $20 a month won’t hurt. If you’re not rich, spending an extra $20 a month can prevent you from going broke over a miscommunication gone violent. If you have a family to protect, they're depending on you. 


Always compare plans from different companies before you buy one. Just like you compare car insurance. There’s no use of buying what you’ll never need. 

Is US LawShield Worth It?

Everything has its pros and cons. But when we look at the features of the US LawShield insurance program, the cons outweigh the pros. Especially for people who are on a small budget for buying an insurance program.

The program costs only about $10 a month and has no cap on legal coverage for work hours or attorney fees. That exceeds the plan offerings from many other big companies in the industry. 

Another great thing about buying their CC insurance is the level of customization you get for routing out your membership plan. You can always add or remove these extras and save unnecessary expenditure. 

US & TEXAS LawShield has a 24-hour emergency hotline that works everyday. Even on holidays like Christmas. This imparts its members’ peace of mind, that they won’t have to face detention before getting help from an attorney. 


US & Texas LawShield is a budget-friendly legal defense program that has no cap on the expenses for criminal or civil defense costs arising from a self-defense situation. There’ are add-ons to customize the program, and they have a 24x7/365 phone helpline for instant access. 

People Also Ask

Let’s find out answers to some common questions related to the membership of US and Texas LawShield. 

How Much Are US LawShield Dues?

Their membership costs $10.95 monthly or $131.40 annually for a single membership or $21.90 monthly and $240 annually for two memberships. Extra add-ons can be bought at their respective monthly or annual prices. 

When Was US LawShield Founded?

US LawShield was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. 

How Many Members Does US LawShield Have?

US LawShield claims to have 525,000+ active members in their legal defense membership program. 

What States Does US LawShield Have Membership In?

US Texas LawShield covers all 50 states of the US, including Washington DC and Puerto Rico. However, you must be in possession of a legal weapon when involved in a self-defense action. 

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