Best Walther P22 Threaded Barrels – 2022 Complete Review

| Last Updated: December 29, 2021

If you’re looking for the best Walther P22 threaded barrels, you’re in the right place. Finding the best fit for your Walther P22 pistol will take some detective work and a little bit of digging around to help you find a barrel that will not only be easy to install but will provide you with a great deal of accuracy each time you fire a shot. Your Walther P22 is not only known for its accuracy, but it’s also known for its concealability as well. The latter is something to keep in mind while you’re looking for a barrel of your own.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of the five best Walther P22 threaded barrels that are currently on the market. Before we get to the list, we’re going to talk about what a threaded barrel is.

We’ll also talk about the characteristics that make a threaded barrel stand out among the pack of other threaded barrels that are currently flooding the market.

Comparison of the Best Walther P22 Threaded Barrels

  • It provides 1/2x28 threads.
  • Comes finished with a matte black finish.
  • Best Walther P22 threaded barrel for the money.
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  • Stainless steel finish.
  • Available in different threads.
  • Made from high-quality materials.
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What is a Threaded Barrel?

A threaded barrel is a type of barrel that you can use if you want to add on a silencer or a flash suppressor to the pistol itself. The “threads” are used to screw on your attachments of choice.

Walther Arms P22 Long Rifle Barrel Set

These barrels will also be more of an upgrade compared to your regular factory default barrels. If you feel that your old barrel is not as accurate as you think, that’s when a threaded barrel can do you some good.

Are All P22 Threaded Barrels the Same?

The answer: no. The reason why is because there are some threaded barrels that can accept some silencers and flash suppressors and some will not. It might be due to some factors like the measurements. Also, some threaded barrels may be good for concealed carry purposes while others might be too long for concealability.

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What Makes a Great Walther P22 Threaded Barrel?

There are some characteristics that make a threaded barrel stand out among the rest of the pack. It is important for you to keep your eye on these characteristics while you’re looking for a barrel for your own use. Here’s what you need to look for:


Yes, as a budget shopper you’ll always be looking at the price tag before anything else. We won’t blame you for that but, keep in mind, there are some things you need to pay attention to like the overall quality and the performance of the threaded barrel. Find the best one you can afford rather than sacrifice quality because the barrel was cheap.


Most threaded barrels will be made from high-quality materials. More specifically, steel will be one of the leading candidates in making a threaded barrel much stronger in quality. Steel is proven to take on many beatings and other impacts. It has the ability to handle multiple episodes of gunfire.


These threaded barrels will be easy to install. This means you won’t have to rely on the services of a qualified gunsmith. After all, the threads on these barrels do make it easier for you to install on a pistol like the Walther P22.

Review of the Best Walther P22 Threaded Barrels

The following is a list of the five best Walther P22 threaded barrels that are currently on the market. As you are going through the list, you should take notes on some of the characteristics and features that stand out.

This way, you’ll be able to determine whether or not you can find a threaded barrel that matches your ideal criteria. Once you find one that’s close enough, that’s when you know that you have a winner on your hands. Now, let’s start off our list by unveiling our pick for “best overall”:

Best Overall:
Walther Arms P22 Long Rifle Barrel Set


  • Improved Accuracy
  • Easy To Install On Your Walther P22 Pistol
  • Easy To Remove For Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Easy To Thread Any Suppressors at the End of it
  • Extra Length Plays a Huge Role in the Accuracy Boost


  • It Might Not Be Ideal For Concealed Carry Users
  • Some Suppressors May Not Be Accepted By This Barrel
  • Some Have Complained About the Shots Being a Little Low

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of recent buyers were able to use this barrel with little to no issue at all with the installation. Most users were able to notice a huge difference in accuracy when compared to their old factory default barrels. Some users were quick to report that the shooting groups were tighter than their old barrels once installed.

Why it Stands Out To Us

This barrel is a little long for a standard Walther P22. However, it’s a little long for a reason. It provides a huge boost in accuracy, which is a huge importance for those who are competitive shooters and even self-defense shooters. The installation is so easy, a newbie can install it themselves.

Who Will Use This Most

This barrel will be used by two kinds of people: those who want a more accurate pistol and those who want to be a little stealthy with their Walther P22. Whether you attach a suppressor or not, you’ll get some pretty good benefits using a barrel like this.

What Could Be Improved and Why

While improvements may not be needed, it might be a good idea for users who hold high importance on concealability to find a holster that might accommodate a pistol with a slightly longer barrel. Yes, a barrel like this will give you better accuracy but, the length is where a sacrifice has to be made. In this instance, it’s concealability.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a barrel for your Walther P22 that is considered one of the best in the business, you won’t be disappointed with the Walther Arms P22 Long Rifle Barrel Set. You can literally add a small, rifle-style barrel to your pistol and watch your accuracy increase almost instantly.

Walther Arms Barrel Set P22 22 Long Rifle


  • The Accuracy Boost is Considerable
  • Assembly is Simple and By the Book
  • Installation Was Really Easy For Most Users
  • Super Durable Construction, It Can Take on Impact and Abuse
  • Best Used For Competition, Target Practice, and Self-Defense Shooting


  • May Not Be Ideal For Concealability
  • Installation Might Be a Challenge For Some
  • Some Looseness After the Installation Was Reported

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of recent buyers were satisfied with the barrel of the pistol. They were quick to notice the instant boost in accuracy once they were able to install it. One user said he test-fired his pistol using the old factory barrel and tried it again after installing this threaded barrel. Comparison wise, the shooting groups were much tighter and consistent with this threaded barrel.

Why it Stands Out To Us

Once again, we look at another long rifle-style barrel for Walther P22 barrels. The only difference is that it is about two inches shorter than the previous barrel we’ve reviewed. Still, it provides a good amount of accuracy. It might look like you’re firing from a rifle rather than a pistol. The barrel takes a few minutes to install for most users with little to no trouble.

Who Will Use This Most 

This barrel will be used for those who are competitive shooters who hold accuracy to higher importance. At the same time, it will be best used for those who are concealed carry users who also like to use this pistol for the casual target shooting sessions. Either way, it’s a barrel that gets the job done when you want consistently tighter shooting groups.

What Could Be Improved and Why 

One of the possible ideas that might warrant an improvement would be to check the threads to see if they are set correctly. This could solve the issue of possible looseness that some people claimed to have experienced. The barrel should remain secure and in place once installed.

Bottom Line

The Walther Arms Barrel is an excellent factory replacement barrel that will get the job done no matter what the application. Especially if you want your Walther P22 pistol to receive a considerable boost in accuracy.

Best for the Money: 
Walther Arms Threaded P22 Barrel Adapter


  • Affordable For Most Budgets
  • It Can Accept Most Flash Suppressors
  • Easy To Install On Most Walther P22 Pistols
  • Super Durable Construction, It Can Take On Abuse and Impact
  • Super Lightweight, It Doesn’t Add On Any Additional Weight To the Pistol


  • Finish May Not Be as Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Installation Might Be a Challenge For Some Users
  • Some Suppressors May Have a Hard Time Attaching To This Barrel

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers were happy with the barrel. Most of them had suppressors that they were able to install so they can be stealthy in some applications like a self-defense situation. One user said he is confident that if a situation was to arise, he can give himself an "unfair" advantage against those who dare break into his house.

Why It Stands Out To Us

This barrel is easy to attach and accepts a lot of flash suppressors. It will definitely prevent night blindness that might occur due to the flash from gunfire. You don’t want that to happen when you’re in a self-defense situation. Needless to say, this barrel will definitely be a lifesaver for you.

Who Will Use This Most

This barrel will be used for most concealed carry users. They intend to use it to their advantage in a self-defense situation. They can hide in the shadows and out of sight of home invaders. Once they’re in a good place, they can use their pistols if they have too.

What Could Be Improved and Why

This barrel might need some adjustments so they can fit more suppressors on their pistols. Again, this will depend on the size of the suppressor itself. Some suppressors that fit won’t work too well, while suppressors that are proven to subdue flash will often not fit.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a Walther P22 threaded barrel that is easy to install and easy on the wallet, the Walther Arms Threaded P22 Barrel Adapter might be what you want if you are a concealed carry user. It’s small enough to fit in holsters and is good enough to fit most suppressors.

4. SilencerCo Delta Adapter


  • Super Durable Construction
  • It Doesn’t Affect Concealability
  • It Allows For Most Flash Suppressors 
  • It Doesn’t Wiggle Around After Installation
  • Easy To Install On Most Walther P22 Pistols


  • None

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of recent buyers were satisfied with the adapter. It allowed for most threaded barrels to be installed on most Walther P22 pistols. One user said he was able to find a barrel that easily attached to the adapter. He said it stayed secure and didn’t wiggle around at all once installed.

Why It Stands Out To Us

This adapter is one of the basic elements you need in order to attach all kinds of threaded barrels to your pistol. Without this, you won’t be able to properly fit one. If you want a boost in accuracy, it definitely goes without saying that an upgraded barrel will be the solution. Especially a threaded barrel that you can easily attach.

Who Will Use It The Most

This adapter will obviously be used by those who intend to install threaded barrels on their pistols. Especially those who intend to install flash suppressors once they’re able to install the barrel itself. As for the barrel itself, it depends on whether or not they want a short or long barrel for their Walther P22 pistol. 

What Could Improve And Why

While there are no obvious cons to point out, we can say that one thing that can be included would be a suppressor that can go quite nicely with the threaded barrel that you’ll eventually choose. This way, you’re getting a heck of a deal without having to track one down on your own. And that can also save you a good amount of money in the process.

Bottom Line

If you need an adapter that will be able to hold most threaded barrels together, you’d be insane to pass up the chance to give the SilencerCo Delta Adapter a closer look. Without a solid adapter, how will you ever replace your old default barrel with a more powerful and accurate threaded barrel?

5. Dead Air Silencers - Thread Adapter Walther P22


  • Super Durable and Lightweight
  • The Finish is Aesthetically Pleasing and Sharp
  • Keeps Barrel Secure and Doesn’t Allow For Wiggle Room
  • Best Used For Short Threaded Barrels For Concealed Carry
  • Fits Most Threaded Barrels That Are Compatible With Walther P22 Barrels


  • May Not Accept Some Threaded Barrels
  • Some Have Not Been Satisfied With the Finish
  • Some Threaded Barrels May Be Difficult To Install

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of recent buyers were able to use this adapter because they had compatible threaded barrels to go with it. They had no complaints and were able to install those barrels with little to no issue. Upon installation, they were able to shoot much tighter shooting groups with their barrel of choice.

Why It Stands Out To Us

This stainless steel unit is durable and has the ability to work with most threaded barrels for Walther P22 pistols. Once installed, the adapter keeps the barrel in place and allows no room for any looseness. It mostly accepts short barrels and makes it more usable for concealed carry users.

Who Will Use It The Most

This will be mostly used by concealed carry users who want to add a new threaded barrel to their pistols. At the same time, they can add on any suppressors as they so choose. Either way, it’s a concealed carry user's best friend when they want better accuracy, better stealth in a self-defense situation, or both.

What Could Improve And Why

The threads on this adapter are mostly compatible with shorter barreled pistols. However, it should accept some long barrels as well (especially those with similar threads that fit this adapter). The longer the barrel, the more accurate the pistol becomes.

Bottom Line

If you want an adapter that is solid in construction and does a good job holding your threaded barrel in place, the Dead Air Silencers Thread Adapter will be something that’s right up your alley. This adapter will guarantee the security of your barrel provided that you install it properly on your pistol.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Aside from the characteristics that make a threaded barrel stand out, it’s important to consider some additional aspects that will factor into our decision of finding the best P22 threaded barrel. You should carefully ponder these aspects as you look for a barrel of your choice. Here’s what you need to consider:

Which Threads Are Better For Me?

This will depend on the kind of suppressor you’re looking for. Your Walther P22 pistol can accept most silencers but, it should also depend on the threaded barrel that you choose. This means finding the best barrel that can match the threading your suppressor comes equipped with.

Short Barrel or Long Barrel?

Will you be using your pistol as a concealed carry pistol? Are you looking for better accuracy? Do you seriously want a suppressor added on? These are the questions you’ll be asking yourself while looking for a threaded barrel. If you intend to keep your pistol concealed, a barrel in a smaller length will be sufficient. However, longer barrels might not be suitable for most concealed carry holsters but, they will provide you with even better accuracy in the long run.

Do You Need a Suppressor or Not?

One of the main reasons why a suppressor is needed is to give shooters more of a stealth-like advantage over their attackers or home invaders. It will considerably reduce the risk of night-blindness that is associated with gunshot flashes. If you are seriously considering using your Walther P22 pistol for self-defense, a suppressor could be helpful. 

Pros and Cons of Threaded Barrels

Investing in a quality threaded barrel might have its set of advantages but, don’t think they’re free from its own share of disadvantages, because they do have some. Here’s what you’ll need to expect when you have a threaded barrel:


Best Used With Suppressors

Of course, you know that this is one of the obvious advantages. A suppressor will definitely be accepted by threaded barrels rather than non-threaded types. It will be able to hold the suppressor in place and suppress any flash or loud noise that might occur in some applications.

Best Used In An Indoor Setting

Circling back to the use of suppressors, you’ll most likely find yourself indoors in home defense situations. Having a suppressor equipped will ensure that no loud noises will deafen you, even for a temporary amount of time. 

They Can Be Used as Compensators

Want better accuracy? Want recoil reduction? You can achieve both with the use of these threaded barrels. In fact, most of them will reduce muzzle jump considerably and give you more control over your pistol. As a result, you can shoot better and with even sharper accuracy.


Some May Not Be Conceal Carry Friendly

This depends on the length of the barrel. They may not be able to fit in a handful of holsters. So it might compromise some concealability because the long barrel makes the pistol stick out a bit further. Unless you can find a holster with much more room, this might be a common issue.

Some May Not Boost Accuracy at All

Some threaded barrels that you install may not even boost accuracy at all. In fact, it might be used just for the sake of adding on a suppressor. Don’t let that discourage you. It’s further proof that not every threaded barrel was made to be the same. 


The best Walther P22 threaded barrel is out there. Finding the best one that fits your pistol is going to be key. Consider one of the five above as one of your best possible options. If you need an adapter and already have a threaded barrel, be sure to take a look at the two listed above. Once you have a threaded barrel installed, you’ll be able to experience better accuracy, better stealth (depending on whether or not you use a suppressor) or both.  

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