Best Walther PPQ Night Sights of 2024 – Ultimate Review

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August 4, 2023

Finding the ideal Walther PPQ night sights might be a challenge if you are not familiar with them. If you have used them before on a different pistol, you may have a good idea of what to look for.

Night sights are certainly the kind of accessories that you want to use if you plan on putting your PPQ pistol to good use for the purpose of self-defense. The trick here is that these night sights give you enough visibility to give you the edge against an assailant in any low-light situation.

To help you mitigate any frustration in finding the right PPQ night sights for yourself, we’ve managed to track down the best options on the market. Before we unveil our reviews, we will discuss how these night sights work and talk about the features and characteristics of how you can choose one for your own personal use. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Walther PPQ Night Sights

  • Best overall
  • Made with high-quality tritium
  • Glows in the dark
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  • Runner-up
  • Designed for many Walther pistols
  • Orange and green colored sights (front and rear, respectively)
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  • Best for the money
  • Designed for various Walther models
  • Self-illuminated sights
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  • Designed for battery-free operation
  • Made for various shooting applications
  • Green-colored tritium
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  • Red and black colored sights
  • Fiber optic material
  • High-quality housing
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How Does a Night Sight Work?

Night sights are like regular pistol sights; they come in sets of rear and front sights. Sometimes, you can purchase either sight separately (assuming you are using them for replacement purposes). Night sights will have various materials used to create a “glow” effect so you can see better in during a self-defense situation. Some materials in the sights include tritium (while others use a small LED light). 

What Makes a Great Night Sight For a Walther PPQ?

There are several features and characteristics that will make a quality night sight stand out compared to inferior alternatives. The important thing for you to do is know what they are so you can choose which sight is best for your Walther PPQ pistol. Let’s take a look at what you need to look for in those sights:


The thing with the price is this: it’s not as important as you think. Sure, it might be something to take note of when you are on a budget, but what matters most is the quality and the performance. Better quality will generally have a price that might be more expensive. However, a smart budget shopper can still find excellent quality at an affordable price. You just need to know where to look. Selecting something that is just within your budget will almost always be better than something flimsy at a price that seems too good to be true. 

Walther Tritium Night Sight Sets

Easy Install

The sights that you’ll be looking at in this article will be easy to install. So, if you are looking for something that requires complex installation, you won’t find it here. Installing these will take a few minutes tops (maybe slightly longer if you are a beginner). Of course, it will also take some of the right tools as well. 


The most important attribute to look for in a night sight should be the brightness of the sight itself. You need to find materials that are bright enough for you to see in low-light conditions. It’s important not to overdo it so you don’t risk impeding your own vision (especially in a situation where life and death are involved). A good glow in the dark or bright tritium night sight could be something to look for initially. 

Review of the Best Walther PPQ Night Sights

The following are the very best Walther PPQ night sights currently on the market. As you look at each sight on our list, be sure to take notes of any interesting features and characteristics. You can use those notes as a guide when the time comes to make a decision. Let’s jump right in and start off with the “best overall” choice on our list:

Best Overall:
Walther Tritium Night Sight Sets


  • Many users found them easy to install
  • Housing is really durable
  • Fits on most Walther PPQ pistols
  • Not too bright or dim; just right
  • Visible for those with failing eyesight


  • Some filing may be required
  • Loctite may need to be applied for a tighter fit
  • A few have recommended a professional to install them for you if issues arise

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of new buyers were looking for a good pair of sights that made seeing in low-light conditions a lot easier. They said the glow in the dark tritium was not too bright or dim in the slightest. For most users, the installation was pretty much a cinch with little to no additional fitting needed. One user said that he was thrilled with how accurate they turned out to be in an indoor range session.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These sights are made from high-quality Swiss-made tritium. While a lot of us are gung-ho on all things made in the USA, there are a few countries outside the United States that can do things right when it comes to firearms and accessories. This tritium is bright and visible for all kinds of eyes. If you’re an older individual who is dealing with failing eyesight, you can still be able to see these sights and fire accurate shots.

Who Will Use This Most

This is perfect if you have a Walther PPQ that is your designated self-defense pistol. Indeed, this will come in handy when you come face to face with those things that go bump in the night. Disciplined shooters can certainly put these to good use if he or she has confirmed the threat is real.

Bottom Line

The Walther Tritium Night Sights Set by TruGlo proves itself as our “best overall” selection with its excellent brightness, easy installation, and accurate shooting rolled into one nice little package. Once you tack these on, your Walther PPQ might be one of the most dangerously accurate pistols you’ve ever fired.

Trijicon Walther P99/PPQ/PPQ M2 Heavy Duty Night Sight Set


  • Easy to set up
  • Really visible in broad daylight and low-light
  • Metal body makes it really durable
  • Absorbs a good deal of shock stemming from multiple shots
  • Reliable in any self-defense or target shooting situation


  • None

What Recent Buyers Report

New users claim that they were quite happy with these sights. Both the front and the rear sights co-witnessed with each other perfectly to ensure that every shot taken landed with superior accuracy. One user said that while testing his Walther PPQ, these sights passed with flying colors as he ran through what he called a “gauntlet” of targets that improved his self-defense training.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Trijicon Walther P99/PPQ/PPQ M2 Heavy Duty Night Sights are in different colors so you can tell which is which. The orange and green blend in, which makes co-witnessing the sights a lot easier, way better than working with the same bland colors. These highly functional sights that will make every shot precise, and with their metal housing, you can expect them to be really tough and long-lasting. No rust or corrosion? No problem.

Who Will Use This Most

These sights are great if you are searching for a suitable replacement or upgrade for those factory default sights that are not the best. If you are a concealed carry user who wants a better, bolder, and more accurate pair of sights, these might be the standout choice for you.

Bottom Line

These night sights from Trijicon are no surprise to those familiar with the brand. They are known for making some pretty solid sights that are also bright in any environment regardless of the level of light available. Install these on your PPQ or any Walther pistol and you are pretty much guaranteed tighter shooting groups in both self-defense and target shooting applications.

Best for the Money: 
Meprolight Tru-Dot Front/Rear Night Sight Set


  • Quick and easy install
  • No batteries required
  • Durable body structure
  • Resists heavy levels of recoil
  • No need for additional maintenance


  • None

What Recent Buyers Report

According to most users, these sights were an absolute steal considering their price and performance. The body was durable and resistant to all kinds of recoil, rust, and corrosion. Buyers were thoroughly impressed with how well they delivered pinpoint accurate shots at short distances. One user was confident that these sights would serve him in the long run, particularly if dangerous situations were to arise.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Meprolight Tru-Dot Front/Rear Night Sights really stand out in quality and performance given the price tag. They are definitely the “more than what you pay for” kind of sights. On top of that, they are built with a sturdy housing that is designed to keep the tubing in place and resist the recoil that would otherwise cause sights to come apart. Easy to install and easy to secure, these sights stick with you no matter what the application.

Who Will Use This Most

These sights are probably the closest that you can get to a pair of beginners for those new to the Walther PPQ. Indeed, a starter set will be affordable enough. But why spend a lot more on a pair of sights that will be just as good as any other sights on the market? If you want excellent quality and superior accuracy without costing you an arm and a leg, these are the sights you should consider purchasing.

Bottom Line

The Meprolight Tru-Glo Front/Rear Night Sight set will certainly give newbies an advantage and leave them with a lasting impression. If you have never fired a Walther PPQ pistol before, you’re about to enjoy some of the awesome benefits that come along with it. Try it out with these sights at the range before moving forward and using it in a self-defense application.

4. TruGlo Walther TFX Tritium Sight Sets


  • Durable housing
  • Installation takes a couple of minutes
  • Accurate and precise at close distances
  • Compact and perfect in size for Walther PPQ pistols
  • Easy to see for those with bad eyesight


  • Tubing may slip out at times
  • May need Loctite for a more secure fit
  • Some filing may be needed due to potentially sharp edges

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of new buyers were looking for a sight that was simple, one that didn’t rely on any fancy tech or batteries but still gave them enough visibility to work in daylight and low-light settings. They were not disappointed when they came across these sights. Not only were they very bright, but they were also pretty sturdy even after hundreds of rounds fired.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These sights are simple to install and simple to use. That’s pretty much what you’ll expect from them. Sounds boring, right? They will stick with you for the long term and will stand up to the environmental elements that would otherwise cause rust and corrosion.

Who Will Use This Most

These sights are miles ahead of the game compared to the typical factory sights that come with a Walther PPQ. If you think those don’t perform well (and they probably don’t), you should consider getting a pair of sights that will provide accurate shooting while giving you long-lasting quality.

Bottom Line

If you just want a simple pair of PPQ night sights that will be more useful than those terrible default sights, then the Truglo Walther TFX Tritium night sights will certainly be more useful to you. Just tack them on and take them for a ride. They might wind up being your long-term solution for quite a while.

5. Trijicon Fiber Optic Pistol Front/Rear Sight Set


  • Easy installation
  • Fits on most Walther pistols
  • Excellent for self-defense purposes
  • A bit brighter than expected for most users
  • Visible in both broad daylight and low-light conditions


  • None

What Recent Buyers Report

These sights were really easy to set up and the adjustments for windage and elevation were a cinch. One user said that he expected the adjustments themselves to be a pain in the butt. When his shots were a bit off at the range, he had no trouble doing the slight tweaks needed to make sure every shot was straight and on-target.

Why it Stands Out to Us

To wrap up this article, we take a look at another Trijicon sight. In fact, they are known for making some of the best fiber optic sights on the market. They are quite bright, even visible enough for those who have eyesight issues. If you suffer from such issues like astigmatism or blurry vision, you can still get an accurate shot off with these sights thanks to the brightness the fiber optics tubing provides.

Who Will Use This Most

Whether your eyesight is 20/20 or not in the best of shape, this is the sight that is worth buying for all your shooting needs. It’s a sturdy little unit that will make every shot count from a good 10 to 20 yards out. This is exactly what you need for whenever you need to defend your home at night.

Bottom Line

If you want a sight that can really excel in concealed carry and target shooting situations, the Trijicon Fiber Optic Pistol Front/Rear sight set could be worth the investment. This is the kind of sights that the brand itself is known for. If you want to get in on the action with the use of these legendary sights, you’d be insane to pass up the opportunity to do so.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Night Sights


Night sights have their advantages and even their shortcomings. First, let’s take a look at the advantages:

Visible in Low-Light Environments

If there is one thing these night sights have to be good for, it’s aiding your visibility in a low-light setting. These night sights will mostly glow in the dark or be bright enough so you can see in the dark and still be able to take aim at your target. Your accuracy will be dead on even when the ambient light isn’t in your favor. 

Can Also Work During The Day

Just because they are called night sights, they don’t always have to be useful just for nighttime use. You can use these during the day and still get an accurate shot off depending on the distance. If you are shooting from a good 10 to 15 yards out, you are bound to hit the bullseye or your intended location on the target.

Easy Installation

Indeed, these sights won’t take a ridiculous amount of time to install. You will, however, need the right kind of tools in order to make sure that you can install these properly. For better results, it would help if you had some Loctite handy to ensure a better hold.


Of course, we’re not trying to discourage you from purchasing these night sights. But here are some disadvantages that you should be aware of:

No Help in Complete Darkness

Yes, they work in low light conditions. But in no light conditions? Forget about it. You’re better off using some kind of night vision or thermal scope (assuming you can find one for a compact pistol). However, if you are using anything other than night time sights, a flashlight attached to the pistol will likely benefit you if you are literally in the dark.

They Don’t Last Forever

Think that night sights will last you a lifetime? Think again. In fact, the average tritium night sight will have an average shelf life of up to 12 years. That might seem like a long time, but all good things like a tritium sight will usually come to an end at some point. They will start to dim as they approach their life expectancy as well.


The best Walther PPQ Night Sights for you are out there. When you do find one for your pistol, they will be beneficial to you in so many ways. You can use a pair that will last you for years on end and still be effective when it comes to providing accurate shots in any given application. 

People Also Ask

The following is a list of frequently asked questions that are typically asked by new buyers. Use this section as a guide so you are better informed about night sights and have a better understanding of how they work:

How Long Do Night Sights Last?

Typically, night sights made from tritium will last anywhere from 10 years to 12 years at the max. Fiber optic night sights may last roughly the same amount of time or even shorter. 

Are Night Sights Really Necessary?

Yes, they are, especially when you want to use them in a low-light environment while defending your home or your own life while you are out and about. 

Are Tritium Sights Dangerous?

There is some talk about radioactivity and tritium. Indeed, a large amount of radioactive material is obviously hazardous to your health. But the amount of tritium that is used for night sights is not nearly harmful enough to cause any concern.

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